Top 15 Mysterious Riddles That Will BLOW Your Mind

  • Published on Jan 2, 2018
  • ► Narrated by Chills:
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    Original riddles by beautifulandmystery:
    Edited by: Daniel Corr (
    Written by: Shel Schillings
    Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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  • Top15s
    Top15s  Year ago +138

    *This video was narrated by Chills.*

  • Bethy Prescott
    Bethy Prescott 5 months ago

    MY SON.

    • Bethy Prescott
      Bethy Prescott 5 months ago

      I had to logic it out mathematically for my dyslexia brain.

  • The Somber Entries
    The Somber Entries 5 months ago

    Anyone else on a Chills binge?

  • Logan Pike
    Logan Pike 5 months ago

    Lol jacksepticeye hacked a computer

  • user 0909
    user 0909 6 months ago

    If you say you got number 15 right you are lying

  • Story Time
    Story Time 7 months ago

    1st riddle is kinda racist considering the woman is wearing a hijab which means shes Muslim.

  • TH3 N3TW0RK
    TH3 N3TW0RK 8 months ago

    I only solved 4

  • Silly•Best•Friends!
    Silly•Best•Friends! 8 months ago +1

    For the last one, I think the man killed himself somehow. Like maybe he hanged himself, coughed out blood, and his pants went down? Idk :/
    Edit: *Oof. I failed.*

  • Ahmad and skeleton
    Ahmad and skeleton 10 months ago

    1:33 is this from undertail??

  • Masker Raid
    Masker Raid 11 months ago

    None of these blew my mind

  • Jimmy Cables Int3rs3ct10n 00

    6 is Fucked up.

  • Don
    Don 11 months ago

    wow, number one was absolute garbage, the point of a riddle is there are things within the riddle to allow you t solve it. the fact that number one didn't means you could say anything. The massive amount of blood wasn't his, he died from strangulation. He beheaded and sprayed chicken blood everywhere before dying of a heart attack. So many possibilities. but hey, lets go with self healing after death wound and a razor in his belt that cops cant find. fucking brilliant.

  • Nina Williams
    Nina Williams Year ago

    *M i n d b l o w n*

  • E M
    E M Year ago

    These are the types of questions the CIA and FBI probably ask their potential employees before hiring

  • Fahmi Othman
    Fahmi Othman Year ago

    wow female toilets are male serial killer proof

  • t0ff is_me
    t0ff is_me Year ago

    In number 12 u didn't tell use that the officer did say that he didn't tell anybody about the case

  • ChuckmoneyVevo
    ChuckmoneyVevo Year ago +1

    Use the power of the thumbs down button 👎.

  • Groody Gamer
    Groody Gamer Year ago

    I only got 3 right

  • Gerardo Moreno
    Gerardo Moreno Year ago

    first one is 4

  • Faken Name
    Faken Name Year ago

    The light bulb one would take YEARS to finish because it'a 1/100 chance the off person will be picked that day and the odds grows that a prisoner that has already been to the room would also be chosen.

  • Leon Hager
    Leon Hager Year ago +1

    Because the elevator was on the ground floor.

  • TD'J IM.
    TD'J IM. Year ago

    Who got all of them right

    UNLOLS Year ago

    some of the riddles are easily solvable because some detail just obviously dont add up or is just out of line but others seem impossible to me to solve in 10 seconds

    • UNLOLS
      UNLOLS Year ago

      and some of them are like wtf

  • Elliot Lovgren
    Elliot Lovgren Year ago

    Number 15 burger king foot lettuce

  • Elliot Lovgren
    Elliot Lovgren Year ago

    I Hate your voice so much

  • Carlos Santos Roque

    I liked this one for a change, no creepiness... :) Do more...

  • Damien Bui
    Damien Bui Year ago

    I got number 2 right. It took me 3 minute

  • GintokiKreuz1
    GintokiKreuz1 Year ago

    BS on no 1. How can they not find they wound if there is blood? It would of stained the pants and showed where the blood came from....

  • Katous
    Katous Year ago

    I feel smart

  • ImmuneCookie0
    ImmuneCookie0 Year ago

    I suck at answering riddles

  • Shat Million
    Shat Million Year ago

    I'm not a Muslim but in number 1 that's pretty offensive I like Muslims I have a friend who is a Muslim and he's a good friend.

  • Random Garbage Uploads daily

    look at dislikes

  • michael augustus
    michael augustus Year ago

    Good video

  • L3M0N5 4R3 BLU3
    L3M0N5 4R3 BLU3 Year ago

    number 15 burgerking foot lettuce

  • jsngallery
    jsngallery Year ago

    how can #1 be the muslim if she still has a knife next to her plate?

  • FuzzyKnigt3232 Gamer

    I got most of all of them including Margaret

  • Chase Dietrich
    Chase Dietrich Year ago

    4 or 5

  • Luca Luisk
    Luca Luisk Year ago

    I solved 2 riddles.

  • Grace Lambert
    Grace Lambert Year ago

    I got two correct haha

  • Daisha seamster
    Daisha seamster Year ago

    Surprisingly I got 6 right

  • Donald Warren
    Donald Warren Year ago

    10 seconds? **pauses video**
    I beat the system!
    **gets every riddle wrong**

  • Metom99
    Metom99 Year ago


    NINELINER CDN Year ago

    theres another answer to number 11 the was already in prison and his wife to while in the prison yard he killed his but he cant go 2 prison if hes already in prison.

  • Rebecca Hullah
    Rebecca Hullah Year ago

    *ground floor not grand floor 😂

  • WoW Such Furry
    WoW Such Furry Year ago

    I don’t get why he uses spooky music for stuff that’s not even spooky

  • FateMissedDeath
    FateMissedDeath Year ago

    I couldn't do any of these riddles because there was just too much information that I was too lazy to process. Great video nonetheless though.

  • LemonsAndLimes2
    LemonsAndLimes2 Year ago

    I got 4 right, including the first one that was a "warm up". They were really good riddles!

  • Kenitic animal jammer

    Boo this was supposed to be Chills

  • Mr1Broke1Acid
    Mr1Broke1Acid Year ago

    These are dumb as fuck because there's a bunch of shit they leave out.

  • Angel Of Heaven
    Angel Of Heaven Year ago

    I can,t go to Twitter and Instagram 😔

  • Angel Of Heaven
    Angel Of Heaven Year ago

    I no them all yes I did it

  • Bone Sauce
    Bone Sauce Year ago +1

    In engLAND tHE fIRSt fLOOr IS knOWn as tHE GrAnd fLoOr
    oh no.

  • Melki Mainol
    Melki Mainol Year ago

    I can solve hardest ones but not the most easy riddles...and I only have low IQ... is that weird?

  • Cpl. Sprayer
    Cpl. Sprayer Year ago

    #15 my psychotic brother

  • Kuon Yuu
    Kuon Yuu Year ago

    The only one I got correct immediately was number 6 and that's scary :

  • Pixnut
    Pixnut Year ago


  • Mr. Friendship
    Mr. Friendship Year ago +1

    What was the best things happened in Top15s? You got 10 seconds.

    *Times up*

  • Dev Studios
    Dev Studios Year ago

    On the 3rd the clip is from a hindi movie called sarabjit based on a indian man who was captured in pakistan and was thought as a spy from india and he is still in prison even though he was not a spy

  • Green_Darkness 98

    Number 15