• Published on Jun 19, 2019
  • 4/10 experience.
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Comments • 9 059

  • shayna billett
    shayna billett 3 hours ago

    when you bu a tent but never use it and t was like $1000000000000

  • Kenz Lee
    Kenz Lee 3 hours ago

    emma ur #2 on trending!!!

  • Nadia's channel
    Nadia's channel 3 hours ago

    Holy crap, you're not even seeing this I wish you were but you're on trending hashtag two

  • Instructions Unclear
    Instructions Unclear 3 hours ago +1

    I tried that once. It didn't end well. I was in someone else's balcony.

  • Adrian Rodriguez
    Adrian Rodriguez 3 hours ago

    How to make a RU-clip video: act dumb. Curse. Dumb challenges. :P

  • Adrianna C
    Adrianna C 3 hours ago

    ok but number 2 on trending ? GO OFF

  • HiTaahir
    HiTaahir 3 hours ago

    i thought she drunk out the same cup she spit in

  • Yoshida Eru
    Yoshida Eru 3 hours ago

    3:10 😂😂😂

  • Jasmine Eve
    Jasmine Eve 3 hours ago

    the teeth brushing segment

  • Leslie Silva
    Leslie Silva 3 hours ago

    her negativity in this video is so annoying .

  • Shaunalove wow
    Shaunalove wow 3 hours ago

    does any1 know what face stuff she uses cuz her face looks so clean b4 she woke up & ive noticed her face has seemed clearer lately

  • Official Beast
    Official Beast 3 hours ago

    Reminds me of Mr Beast 24 hours challenges

  • Tajjali Fatima Binte Arooj

    Emma be looking like a girl for the first time ever istg

  • Angelo W
    Angelo W 3 hours ago

    Prissy bitch for every thing you need to survive one night and your still complaining be greatful for what you have already and people get RU-clip checks this stupid shit

  • Victoria Rodrigues
    Victoria Rodrigues 3 hours ago


  • I need subscribers
    I need subscribers 3 hours ago +1


  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith 3 hours ago

    yo she really made herself look like that balloon from Phineas & Ferb

  • Lauren Baumgartner
    Lauren Baumgartner 3 hours ago

    Why is she my favorite RU-clipd to watch while I poop lol not a joke

  • I’m just commenting Yo

    #2 on trending. A trending queen 👸

  • Byakuya Diaxz
    Byakuya Diaxz 3 hours ago

    #2 on trending??!!!How!!

  • Adam V.
    Adam V. 3 hours ago +1

    Okk but why did Emma calling EVERYTHING a suitcase make me laugh so hard...??? 😂💀

  • JosueCardona18
    JosueCardona18 3 hours ago

    Emma and I have the same drawing skills

  • Iprefer Notosay
    Iprefer Notosay 3 hours ago

    as a camper her kicking the tent hurt me a little inside

  • kelly montiel
    kelly montiel 3 hours ago

    Next do the sleeping in your car for 24 hours lol

  • Douglas Kite
    Douglas Kite 3 hours ago

  • Margaret Placencio
    Margaret Placencio 3 hours ago

    Who watches this crap

  • Brian Montes
    Brian Montes 3 hours ago

    Mr. Beast?

  • Kayleigh Crabb
    Kayleigh Crabb 3 hours ago

    Pause the video at exactly 17:03! :)

  • Deja Mirage
    Deja Mirage 3 hours ago

    That picture looked just like you 😂

  • LucKie Break
    LucKie Break 3 hours ago

    Is it just me or did the alien look like Ethan

  • Eve Kelso
    Eve Kelso 3 hours ago

    Don’t throw it out , donate it! And learning how to put up a tent is a valuable life skill 😌😌😗😗

  • Lukas Guerra г
    Lukas Guerra г 3 hours ago +1

    Commenting on trending videos to gain attention

  • Angry jalapeño
    Angry jalapeño 3 hours ago +1

    I won’t use a tent either

  • Kaylan McGinnis
    Kaylan McGinnis 3 hours ago

    “that is not a fkin suitcase” bro i died 😂😂

  • Aleah sanchez
    Aleah sanchez 3 hours ago

    Man Emma is on a role getting trending

  • Shanna Ens
    Shanna Ens 3 hours ago

    #1 on trending!!

  • Abby Erickson
    Abby Erickson 3 hours ago

    I had the same rash under my arms. Organic deodorant helps it.

  • The Canning Factory
    The Canning Factory 3 hours ago

    So homelessness tourism is a thing now?

  • Savannah 1967
    Savannah 1967 3 hours ago

    Emma: I'm sweating bc it's 80 degrees
    Texans: Smh

  • Poetic Starlight
    Poetic Starlight 3 hours ago

    Tell me why her drawing wasn’t the worst shit and pretty descent

  • Allie Kelly
    Allie Kelly 3 hours ago

    why do u sleep so much...

  • Ujala Sahar
    Ujala Sahar 3 hours ago

    omg your #1 on trending

  • Izabela
    Izabela 3 hours ago

    I wonder where she 💩

  • Kenzie Creates
    Kenzie Creates 3 hours ago

    *its number 1 on trending sir, hope it was worth it*

  • Adam V.
    Adam V. 3 hours ago +1

    “I’m actually trying hard rn”
    - Emma in every video

  • ah ha gotteem
    ah ha gotteem 3 hours ago

    i lost it when you farted 😭😂😂💀

  • Nerdy__ __Pineapple
    Nerdy__ __Pineapple 3 hours ago

    #2 on trending let’s goooo

  • Unicorn Lover
    Unicorn Lover 3 hours ago +1

    I should do 24 hours in ur car

  • Roxyyy !!
    Roxyyy !! 3 hours ago

    9:42 what about her sleeping bag lmao

  • No one,nobody NOTHING
    No one,nobody NOTHING 3 hours ago

    “I feel like a a cocoon” wow so is that a bad thing or a good thing

  • YB
    YB 3 hours ago +1

    She has patio furniture and didn’t even think to use it 😂

  • Angry jalapeño
    Angry jalapeño 3 hours ago +1

    10 likes and I’ll do this on my channel

  • Quentin MacNeil
    Quentin MacNeil 3 hours ago

    You did not!

  • kyleigh brewer
    kyleigh brewer 3 hours ago

    omg emma your #2 on trending no wayyy

  • miranda walker
    miranda walker 3 hours ago +1

    bro at 9:10 when she pulled out that alien drawing i immediately thought of ethan and his bicycle seat shaped head... deffffinitely stretch but ethma?

  • Yazmin Martinez Palacios


  • Alexis Thompson
    Alexis Thompson 3 hours ago

    There's probably a lot of helicopters because there's a fire here in Arizona

  • aliejha cullick
    aliejha cullick 3 hours ago


  • Natalia Carter
    Natalia Carter 3 hours ago

    6:03 remember when emma used to eat cheezits lmao

  • Torie Spann
    Torie Spann 3 hours ago

    emma’s art

  • bking 7733
    bking 7733 3 hours ago

    Emma not showering for 24 hrs straight

  • RatedN
    RatedN 3 hours ago

    Emma: worried about bugs and rain
    Also Emma: might have ringworm and doesn’t take showers

  • Riley Frost
    Riley Frost 3 hours ago +1

    Has anyone noticed Emma’s been losing weight?

    • Nija
      Nija 3 hours ago

      Riley Frost she soul cycles everyday itsbound to happen😂

  • Angelo W
    Angelo W 3 hours ago

    Try living on the actual streets for 4 years strAight and out that on RU-clip 24 hours ain't shit rookie

  • Sturm Vogel
    Sturm Vogel 3 hours ago

    Holy sh1t neck yourself please

  • Daisy Campos
    Daisy Campos 3 hours ago

    Wow look at our Emma getting on trending

  • Adam V.
    Adam V. 3 hours ago +2

    Your balcony is HUGE

  • XO Haneefah
    XO Haneefah 3 hours ago

    being stressed isn’t a mental breakdown who’s gonna tell these teens

  • 1009wilmer
    1009wilmer 3 hours ago

    What the fuck is wrong with these stupid people sit on my dick for 24 hours you dumb bitch

  • Layla Maciejka
    Layla Maciejka 3 hours ago

    Eeeeewwwwwww... I’m sick but it’s finals weeeeekk so I have to go to school. But it’s nothing compared to living on your balcony

  • Kayla Sayari
    Kayla Sayari 3 hours ago

    VIDEO IDEA: emma and the dolan twins go camping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Holly H
    Holly H 3 hours ago

    Who actually likes her?

  • editsbytori
    editsbytori 3 hours ago

    10:55 “I’m a really big sucker for blankets.” Big mood 😂

  • Wakland
    Wakland 3 hours ago

    Mr Beast 2.0?

  • durand harris
    durand harris 3 hours ago

    I actually liked all your drawings

  • Ibetonme
    Ibetonme 3 hours ago

    Awesome! Any youtubers want to grow together! 🔥 💰

  • Myah Nicole
    Myah Nicole 3 hours ago

    Literally my favorite human being ever. I thank you for all the laughs you give me when I'm down, you're actually the only person who can make me happy ahah

  • Megats11
    Megats11 3 hours ago +1

    emma ur just getting boring

    • Nija
      Nija 3 hours ago

      Megats11 tikes

  • Carly Christo
    Carly Christo 3 hours ago

    Why did I smell that fart 😳😳

  • DEVILangelplays Games
    DEVILangelplays Games 3 hours ago

    A blanket made her happy

  • Darianny Diaz
    Darianny Diaz 3 hours ago

    Omg when she said “the weather has been really good recently” I got a flash warning alert 😂😂

  • Megan anderson
    Megan anderson 3 hours ago

    Why does the alien only have 1 eye.. just wondering.. I don’t think I’ve ever thought aliens had only 1 eye..

  • Weird World
    Weird World 3 hours ago +1

    Omg bringing a tent is so extra 😂😂

  • Game Changer
    Game Changer 3 hours ago +1

    This has to be the most idiotic thing on RU-clip. Like this is some challenge or some crap. Ok, 2nd most idiotic. the 1st was the he/she james charles BS

  • Sunshine Space
    Sunshine Space 3 hours ago

    1:33 lol my sister has that right now

  • Josephine Villagomez
    Josephine Villagomez 3 hours ago

    why did those drawings look good tho

  • Pickles Rick
    Pickles Rick 3 hours ago


  • Tessa Johnson
    Tessa Johnson 3 hours ago

    Did you stop using Curology?

  • Cheshire Cat1
    Cheshire Cat1 3 hours ago

    HEY EMMA FIRST THINGS FIRST I LOVE YOU. AND by any chance have you heard of....MELANIE MARTINEZ....????

  • Lauryn Williams
    Lauryn Williams 3 hours ago

    You know the have like $20 air mattresses 😂😂 if only I could’ve told you earlier

    JAWAHER TT 3 hours ago


  • AnnieOrlando Text stories

    This is the content from miss Chamberlain I want.

  • Nasheet Ahmed
    Nasheet Ahmed 3 hours ago +1

    I'm not trying to be "that" person but it wasn't 24 hours... Its was just 12 hours or a little more but idt it was 24

  • Jessenia Luna
    Jessenia Luna 3 hours ago

    Please make a video camping with the Dolan Twins!! That will be fun!!

  • Mariah Ravelo
    Mariah Ravelo 3 hours ago +1

    “ i have to fart “ 😂

  • Maya Kay
    Maya Kay 3 hours ago

    I don’t understand how she tans with a necklace on

  • felix navidad
    felix navidad 3 hours ago

    u changed the title 😂💀

  • Allegedly Tea Sis
    Allegedly Tea Sis 3 hours ago

    *camping? next video should be with the dolan twins then!!!!*

  • Sayaka Gillham
    Sayaka Gillham 3 hours ago +1

    #1 ON TRENDING!!

  • Mary Mccrary
    Mary Mccrary 3 hours ago

    Only 80? That’s like winter for where I live