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Seattle is Dying | A KOMO News Documentary

  • Published on Mar 18, 2019
  • KOMO Anchor Eric Johnson takes an in-depth look at the impact the drug and homelessness problem is having on our city and possible solutions in "Seattle is Dying," a news documentary that aired on KOMO-TV in March, 2019. You can read the full story and watch at KOMONews.com: komonews.com/news/local/komo-... .
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Comments • 102 739

  • Rob B
    Rob B 2 years ago +2397

    Watching those smug city council members smile or shake their heads when those frustrated people are expressing their frustration made me sick. They shouldn't be allowed to ever hold any public office anywhere. How people vote these hacks into office is beyond me.

    • Denny Taylor
      Denny Taylor Day ago

      @Brian Walker It cerainly has neen fraudulant voting for years controlled by the left. The working people are neither right or left. They vote forr the best candidate, nowelections are ontrolled by te Geotrge Soros liars.

    • Fred Ferd
      Fred Ferd 2 days ago

      It's not that the council doesn't want to help, it's just that they don't know what to do. Any actual, practical solution will involve huge amounts of money and will be draconian in nature. To "solve" these problems, they would have to put their very careers on line and go to the edge of legality, and perhaps beyond. Better to let the "status quo" exist, and just soldier on. A politician thinking of herself, himself, whatever, will just mouth pretty phrases, say the right words, salute the flag, whatever it is, and continue on - useless glittering generalities, all of it. ANSWER: STRIP the politicians of ALL of their money, give them ONE set of crummy clothes, take away their homes, their cars, everything, and then deposit them in camps, and leave them there permanently. Then point out what you've done to the NEXT set of politicians.

    • Denny Taylor
      Denny Taylor 2 days ago

      Voter fraud that we now have the mail in vote since Rossi and Gregwar.

    • Timothy Thompson
      Timothy Thompson 2 days ago

      Have you all forgotten what we used to do with traitors of this country in the very beginning? I hate to say it, but I don't have a problem reenacting Tsar Nicholas Romanov on the council members and the drug cartel people. I mean a message like that wouldn't be laughed at.
      "Lessons not learned in blood are easily forgotten!" Cpl Butterwick USMC

    • Francis LeDuke
      Francis LeDuke 3 days ago

      What about the people on the streets. Do you think they want to be there ? The people in the homes are not human.

  • drumcorps0junkie
    drumcorps0junkie 2 months ago +64

    I lived in Everett and use to take the 510 to Seattle to skateboard and sightsee around Seattle from 2003-2010. Things weren't too bad and enjoyable, but I just went there for a few days for my daughter's 14 birthday and saw everything that is happening currently.
    This is a sad world we're living in unfortunately.

    • Patriot
      Patriot 9 days ago

      How many people noticed when all this madness started happening?
      It happened right after Obama took power and promised people "change we believe in"!
      Instead, Obama left this great country with 20 TRILLIONS debt and absolutely NOTHING was build!?

    • Josef R Bidenski
      Josef R Bidenski 10 days ago

      Blame democrats. Tent sites, free needles, decriminilization etc.... all democrat policies.

    • 03 Greedo
      03 Greedo Month ago +5

      I was looking into the city because i was offered a job at paypal in the city complete with relocation. I think after seeing your two comments and 6:28, I am going to ask for another city or pass on the offer. I am absolutely disgusted by the cities in the United States.

    • 03 Greedo
      03 Greedo Month ago +2

      Yuck 🤢 🤮

    • Sean D
      Sean D Month ago +9

      I spent most of a year working and living in downtown Seattle back in 2000. The city is nearly unrecognizable today compared to then. 22 years ago, Seattle was still exploding due to dotcom growth, software and aerospace, the city was mesmerizing, people were getting wealthy, suburbs were exploding. It's a shame what they've allowed to happen, it's a shame that they let it go.

  • Ginny Headrick
    Ginny Headrick 2 months ago +19

    SO SAD. I left Seattle in the 90's for four reasons: drug use was prevalently causing cray cray problems surrounding me, petty theft break-ins to my car and break-ins to my home were escalating weekly, homeless were becoming aggressive daily, and traffic problems were not being resolved by planners for every minute spent sitting wasting time stuck in traffic. I MISS my beautiful home. Breathtaking beauty of nature in PNW gave me succor during my childhood and teenage yrs into my 20's. I can no longer afford to live in Seattle (Thanks Amazon), and I am PISSED that my once-beautiful home is no longer the sanctuary of beauty. I WANT my peaceful refuge in nature BACK. Seattle City planners can plan better. Be creative, thoughtful, and patient. You are paid to make a difference. So do it.

  • 07Giddyup
    07Giddyup 2 months ago +218

    🇨🇦I have lived in Vancouver Canada for most of my 77 years and I would say that this excellent documentary applies equally here. It’s tragic, it’s disgusting, our society is disintegrating.

    • 火雲財神
      火雲財神 2 days ago

      Defund da police they said

    • Francis LeDuke
      Francis LeDuke 2 days ago

      The only thing that matters is money, first time in human history. Last 3 or 400 years. It's the demise of humanity if you can call us that. I've seen more compassion in animals.

    • Timothy Thompson
      Timothy Thompson 3 days ago

      Unfortunately, not only was this planned... We're ahead of schedule.

    • Trouper1399
      Trouper1399 4 days ago

      @Garion Porter What changed? The internet, social media. Both gave corporations and the government massive influence.

    • Trouper1399
      Trouper1399 4 days ago

      @imacmill Get out of the big cities and old folks do much better

  • Lonnie
    Lonnie  Month ago +15

    This breaks my heart, I grew up just outside Seattle (Kent) I was young and didn't see anything like this. The world has changed so much, it's so sad.

  • Paul Berry
    Paul Berry 2 years ago +142

    Excellent documentary, this explains why Seattle is where it is today.

    • kcototheyoyoyo
      kcototheyoyoyo 7 days ago +1

      @JEGFL85 I totally agree! There needs to be diversity in politics and someone to challenge political decisions. If not, you get a bunch of people saying yes.

    • Steven Michael
      Steven Michael Month ago

      @JEGFL85 Detroiter here, you're an expert on Detroit hm? Really do consider what you understand before you point fingers.

    • Lisa Smith
      Lisa Smith 3 months ago

      Agreed. Now if only the Los Angeles City Council would see it. 🙏

    • JEGFL85
      JEGFL85 2 years ago +5

      @Hue Huehie Seattle is where it is at due to 100% liberal governing and policies for several decades. This is the end result liberalism. Businesses and taxpayers are going to relocate due to little/police presence/ lawlessness and the city will be the next Detroit.

    • Go Jump
      Go Jump 2 years ago +4

      @Hue Huehie I cannot imagine, but it seems that the current situation is only the beginning. I fear for Seattle. And since NYC will be defunding its police force, we may be heading in the same direction.

  • Jen McPena
    Jen McPena 2 months ago +231

    Watching in 2022. I was raised on the east side. I don’t understand… If the residents are mad at the situation, why do they keep voting in the same people? I’m so sad for Seattle. It used to be a wonderful place to visit. Now I avoid it at all costs. Breaks my heart to see things this way and I know it’s only gotten worse

    • Josef R Bidenski
      Josef R Bidenski 5 days ago

      @Passing through democrats are the worst you are correct. Seattle and washington state are corrupt to their democrat cores.

    • Oni-One
      Oni-One 5 days ago

      @Passing through Looks like he figured it out guys. Time to pack up, go home. This man's home country has no problems.

    • Passing through
      Passing through 6 days ago

      Cause americans are generally clueless simple people coupled with corrupt politic!ans whom mock their intelligence

    • Josef R Bidenski
      Josef R Bidenski 7 days ago

      @Oni-One Its funny how one side can be for self protection and not letting someone murder a baby and you can be in the middle on that. THe problem is democrats infiltrated our education system and convinced the greatest nation on earth that we are evil and all men are evil and that women are equal to or better than men. Democrat mentaliity is a hippie peace pipe smoking fairy tale. Conservative men maintain the functioning society that welfare homeless druggie democrats use. I haven't met a democrat that i liked in years, they are all protestors blcoking freeways and burning down police stations for racisst BLM. You democrats make me sick the way you are grooming children to cut their private parts off. Just disgusting child abusers. If you are anywhere near the middle of that your disgusting dude kids shouldn't be taking steriods and cutting off their genitals.... but they are thanks to liberal democrats the immoral disgusting filth of the nation.

    • Oni-One
      Oni-One 7 days ago

      @Josef R Bidenski Mmm. This is why this country is fucked and why this system doesn't work. It's red vs. blue, nothing more. I literally heard someone the other day put up the same life/death argument you just made, except with the right at fault. How the right is so morally bankrupt and how they are racist, religion kills, etc. I personally am stuck in between both of you.
      You cry about babies right to life, but probably are pro death penalty. Life is about survival, the strong survive, babies take second. Get over that and you may actually stop losing elections. Otherwise, embrace Seattle because it's coming to you soon.
      Don't shoot the messenger. I personally voted more R than D this year locally because D hasn't been working for the past 10 years.

  • S Young
    S Young 21 day ago +9

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Where I live, these people go to jail or to an institution. That sounds harsh but you have to get them away from the drugs if you are going to help them. It takes strong leadership and a willingness to do what must be done.

  • Donna Cook
    Donna Cook 2 months ago +16

    Really good documentary. Rhode Island....great job! You can be strict, strong and compassionate at the same time, and SAVE lives by breaking the cycle. It's a life-saving program, and isn't that the real societal goal? 👏👏🥰🙏

    • Alexandra Stark
      Alexandra Stark 6 days ago

      Why don't other cities set up what Rhode Island has???

    • Donna Cook
      Donna Cook Month ago +1

      @Willie Cooper Thank you! 😍

    • Willie Cooper
      Willie Cooper Month ago

      Best comment I've heard so far.

  • Mtn Soul
    Mtn Soul Month ago +16

    Wow, this is THE most incredible documentary I’ve seen on this issue. Well done. I’m sending it around to several people who are attempting to stop the same thing from happening in their town and city.

  • GoGetta49
    GoGetta49 2 years ago +366

    Imagine if more local news actually did reports like this.

    • zerosoma33
      zerosoma33 2 months ago +1

      Michael did you pop into the 4th street Starbucks to use the wifi on the hiring kiosk again?

    • colin bickford
      colin bickford 2 months ago

      No kidding!

    • BJ Gray
      BJ Gray 2 months ago

      Sure a lot of bad reports and videos of that City! That's What happens when you have prosecutors and City councilors with weak knees and the linguine spines and are afraid of their own shadow.

    • Jim Cason
      Jim Cason 2 months ago

      This was forced on KOMO to make by its incredibly right wing owners. Does Seattle have problems? Sure. Is there crime? In a big city? Of course there is. But this is the most exaggerated hit piece with an agenda you'll ever see about a city.

    • Michael Pipetap
      Michael Pipetap 2 months ago

      @Michael Meliambro 😊😊😊

  • John Field
    John Field Month ago +16

    This breaks my heart. I was a Doorman at the Olympic Hotel from 1982 to 1994. I built a home in Port Orchard. I loved beginning and ending every day riding the ferry. I loved Seattle so much. I remember the first tent city and the controversy. Some said if we make it too easy for "these people" more will come. Others, like me, said we MUST help them because its the right thing to do. I felt the NIMBY's were heartless. at least this video suggests a solution. i wonder if he got through.

    • Jennifer Romero
      Jennifer Romero 13 days ago +1

      Most homeless choose to be. Tent cities are not a solution.

    • justsomeguy
      justsomeguy 22 days ago

      They can't be helped or housed...free will exists.
      They will leave the oven on, never clean, make loud noise all hours, bring in any drug users making the place a den. The list goes on.
      It's wrong to give them literally any money yet people do. The need to have a better option, but inflation and societal cohesion are making doing drugs seem more fun of an option.
      It's not like marriages are working...or paying off a house ...or really anything. Social media has made everyone a fake dweeb now, better to keep it real and live on the streets.

  • G. W. Hampton
    G. W. Hampton 2 months ago +12

    I visited Seattle before all this started and it was a very pretty safe feeling town... I have to say I am seriously lacking in sympathy for these people. Crimes should be punished and the punishment should be so severe that no one would want to experience it twice. Isn't there a state that has a miserable outdoor boot camp style jail?

    • G. W. Hampton
      G. W. Hampton 28 days ago


  • Jason K
    Jason K 2 months ago +17

    "I'm a law enforcement officer that is told not to enforce the law."
    -A Seattle Police officer

    • Gman Jordan
      Gman Jordan 24 days ago

      So you basically get a welfare check of tax payer dollars for doing nothing? I would not be able live with myself!

  • Maverick  Reviewed
    Maverick Reviewed  Month ago +7

    They need to do a follow up “part 2”. I’m betting it’s much worse now. It sickens me for many reasons but kids were born and raised there for 5yrs in Greenlake area back in 2004 and the e loved it. Seeing the trash in this video on the Birkman trail we used to walk on regularly is disheartening. It was pristine and most of downtown Seattle was enjoyable to walk around. Homeless was there but it was very spotty and never saw tent setup. Pretty nuts, never going back to visit.

    • Joe Schmoe
      Joe Schmoe Month ago

      DC is becoming like that too. The amount of "wokeness"and white guilt in DC is so high, they're ignoring the rampant crime and homelessness...but some people are getting really fed up with the soft-on-crime council.

  • colin5021
    colin5021 3 years ago +194

    I visited Seattle (from England) in 2000 and it was a fabulous week - this film was so sad to see. First class journalism, keep it up. I hope the residents vote out the City Council as soon as possible. Good luck, looks like you need it.

    • nothingreally1234
      nothingreally1234 Day ago

      @Weslie RossMal I grew up in what's considered one of the greatest cities in the world. New York City. I just lived for a couple months in a fairly rural suburb in Oregon and you saw homeless people and tents everyday. In the suburbs. It's become such a pervasive problem. It is hard to pinpoint overally poverty and crime on a particular party, yes. There are plenty of poor red regions. But the homelessness crisis that's displayed in this piece is definitely linked to dem. policies...

    • David Smith
      David Smith 5 months ago

      They’re too stupid to vote for a Conservative, so they keep voting for the Liberal Left. They’re getting Exactly what they voted for, they’re just too stupid to realize it.

    • zaghi alberto
      zaghi alberto 7 months ago

      @Gus I grew up in a socialist regime country and we would be called every Sunday to clean the streets and apartments with soap and it was so clean. NO GARBAGE!!! If you don’t pick up your ciga butts, you’ll be blamed and it happens often people would knock your door and tell your parents…..hahhahahah…you might think “no freedom or mind your business, but looking back, it wasn’t wrong at all!! I have NEVER seen this “ugliness, this garbage and especially these crazy, mentally ill people in my country!!! so, stop blaming socialism!!! I’m shocked to see how in a city or country, there are sooooooooooooooooooo many crazy, mentally ill people living on the streets right by your side! I would be terrified and scream for help even on a bright day light if a man like these people approach!!! I will def-ly call police!!! I think this is one of the biggest problems in America that almost everyone uses drugs!!!! Brrrrrrhrrhrhhh…..how do you walk on the streets???? For me it’s impossible to look at them!!!

    • Alpha Predator
      Alpha Predator 7 months ago

      Don't mind them bringing politics into this. Their choices caused the demise of the environment since Manifest Destiny. Mentally ill, shallow gene pool, whyte supremacy, pseudo sophisticates, and drugs. By far the weakest State in the Union!!!! Built by loggers and prostitutes killing the Natives that lived there first. No luck needed...this is Karma

    • Weslie RossMal
      Weslie RossMal 8 months ago +3

      @Pinhead Larry this is such a dumb statement to me. Pretty much every major city in the United States is run by democrats/liberals. Every major city in the US has higher rates of homelessness than most Republican-run suburbs. It has nothing to do with the leadership, but with the fact that major cities always attract homelessness and crime due to the high density.
      How can you say “this is what happens when you vote for the democrats” when democrats are literally always in power and republicans rarely even have the chance to deal with this issue?
      It has nothing to do with party affiliation, but changing policies and a changing economy.

  • Mike Park
    Mike Park Month ago +24

    We lived in Seattle and loved it. This is a brilliant piece - well researched and even offering a solution. We're gone now, but Seattle deserves to emulate the results of Rhode Island.

    • Carlo Conopio
      Carlo Conopio 14 days ago

      Can i ask a question whose power to enforce law? Mayor or city council? If mayor has the power solution vote the other candidate or find a candidate who prioritizes peace and order.if im the mayor its easy .seatle is beautiful city.

    • Rob Gun
      Rob Gun 16 days ago

      @Aden - Med Assisted Treatment 45:59

    • Aden
      Aden 17 days ago

      Wondering too.

    • justsomeguy
      justsomeguy 22 days ago +1

      What'd they do in Rhode island?

    • fosterpainter
      fosterpainter 27 days ago +1

      If Rhode Island is the example of a well run place we're doomed.

  • thePorchAssassin
    thePorchAssassin 2 months ago +5

    Well done and eloquently stated documentary. Eye opening and passionate,, bringing solutions. I'm a Washington resident in Yakima, which has its own reputations.. but here, by leaps, are ahead of Seattle when it comes to positive change combating tough issues.

  • heather costello
    heather costello 2 months ago +5

    Wow everything you say in this video is on point.. your voice needs to be heard. I'm worried for the future of America this is happening every where in every state and it's getting worse. The gravity of this situation is massive . How will America fix this ..??I'm trying think how is this going to be fixed.

  • калифорнийский

    Phenomenal, nuanced, humanistic perspective on the demons of hard drugs and the realities of homelessness.

  • Marty Van Datta
    Marty Van Datta 3 years ago +270

    Just when I had lost all respect for modern journalism, I watched this piece. Very well done. A lot of work went into giving the viewer an honest assessment of the current crisis, and then offering a sound path forward. This is exactly what is needed to drive real change.
    It also shows a staggering amount of incompetence from our elected officials. If any of the Seattle city council, city mayor, or state governor still hold office after the next election cycle, then we only have ourselves to blame for the continuation of ineffective and downright idiotic policies. The purposeful inaction and disregard of current law is a disgrace.

    • Blitz Zen
      Blitz Zen Month ago +1

      The new Seattle is Tulsa Oklahoma, go there, you will see what I mean.

    • itcantbetruebutis 77
      itcantbetruebutis 77 3 months ago

      @Dave Hasenford That's not even remotely what I said. You must not have read my comment. I'm saying they are owned by the big 5 media companies. Your local news that is.. not fake at all, Seattle is a landfill 100%

    • Dave Hasenford
      Dave Hasenford 3 months ago

      @itcantbetruebutis 77 ​ So you think the Seattle story is fake news?

    • itcantbetruebutis 77
      itcantbetruebutis 77 3 months ago

      @Dave Hasenford your local news is owned by the major media companies. CBS fox NBC cnn and the content is local to your area but they follow the disinformation script. And they push the agenda and narrative. Don't be naive to think they are just reporting factual non biased stories cuz they are not 100% guaranteed my friend

    • Dave Hasenford
      Dave Hasenford 3 months ago +1

      Only local news is real news. It's been that way as long as I can remember. There has always been great TV journalism on local news stations. Too bad it can't be that way with national news and cable news, except for maybe 60 Minutes.

  • Algie Blackmon
    Algie Blackmon Month ago +2

    I remember living in Federal Way and Fife from 2011-2014 while stationed at JBLM. I enjoyed my time in Seattle, but I never knew that things had gotten worse in Seattle. I always thought it got better once I left, and Amazon moved there. It's sad 😢

  • VeryExcellentNiceGuy
    VeryExcellentNiceGuy 21 day ago +3

    I spent my childhood on the West Coast in Norther Cali. When I finished high school, I wanted to go back out west but not to California. Visited Seattle and Portland to scope things out and a few years later here I am on the East Coast instead. Tragic what has happened out there due to naive idealism.

  • Bobby Vaught
    Bobby Vaught 28 days ago +1

    This was so good. Awesome. I pasted it to my Facebook page. Hopefully more people will watch it. What is not understandable is how the leadership in a place like Seattle can look at their city and think their ideas are working. According to what precisely? They are stuck in their SOCIOLOGICAL ideology.

  • Mary E. Magney Rush
    Mary E. Magney Rush 2 months ago +2

    I lived in Seattle, then Bellevue for 40 years. I'm shocked at the apathy by the City Council and government that they would allow these conditions to exist in beautiful Seattle. And fund the police and give them their power back. Hire a professional mental health squad to rescue the addicts dying a slow death on the streets. No excuses for these conditions. FUND THE POLICE. THERE'S LAW AND ORDER IN BELLEVUE AND SURROUNDING AREAS. DON'T LET SEATTLE BE KNOWN AS FREEATTLE.

  • EliMakesDo
    EliMakesDo 3 years ago +135

    I live "on the other side of the water" from Seattle, and I recently went to the downtown for the first time in a few years. Was shocked to see the meadows along the highway leading into the city now covered with tents. At the base of one skyscraper, I saw police break up a turf war between two homeless groups who wanted to claim a storefront as their squatting zone. One group got to keep it, the other was sent away. There has always been some level of homelessness (as there is in every big city) but it was mainly limited to Pioneer Square (which was always the designated homeless zone since forever) and one or two other streets. Now it's spilled out and it's everywhere. To say it's a kindness to let these people keep living like this, is frankly delusional.

    • El Zippo
      El Zippo Month ago

      @Anime Janai The sooner the better. Stick a fork in it, it's all done. Democrats.

    • Ruben Valdez
      Ruben Valdez 2 months ago

      @Anime Janai OK, what your saying makes sense.

    • Anime Janai
      Anime Janai 2 months ago +1

      @Ruben Valdez Rights activists would sue the city on behalf of the homeless for big money. So the city police has to at least do something because the taxpaying store owners keep the city afloat. If the businesses all pack up and move to Bellevue, Kirkland, or Tukwila, then Seattle is screwed due to all their money-spending scial projects.

    • jjberg83
      jjberg83 Year ago +4

      @David Southwell "Even poor Red States like Mississippi and Louisiana have safer cities than the West Coast" Uhhhh that is not true at all.

    • David Southwell
      David Southwell 3 years ago +7

      Blue State Blues? I feel bad for you and your area, really I do, but: The solutions are simpler than you think. For one vote out the loser council members. How is it that those states with rampant homelessness (druggiez) always seem to be Democrat? & Why do Red States get a pass? Even poor Red States like Mississippi and Louisiana have safer cities than the West Coast. Imho it must be due to Democrat control with help from their pals the MSM news outlets.

  • Mark Adams
    Mark Adams Month ago +4

    I visit Seattle about once a decade. It has really collapsed since the '60s. When last there, 2018, I decided I didn't EVER need to return. It would seem that much of the problem is that Seattlers don't know what to do about their problems. Every person there should begin by examining themselves first, then try to "fix" the community.

    • Luisa Cleaves
      Luisa Cleaves 12 days ago

      Well said! Thank you

    • LRN_News
      LRN_News 17 days ago +1

      I've seen Seattle once in 2006 or 2007 and it looked fine at the time. I haven't been there since

    • Jimmy Bee
      Jimmy Bee Month ago

      That would be Seattleites not Seattlers.

  • Trai Ball
    Trai Ball 9 days ago +3

    Happening all over the world, I live in Australia and the leniency towards criminals is insane.
    We need hard laws like Singapore in the western countries to bring civility back

    • Trai Ball
      Trai Ball 9 days ago +1

      The left are elitists

  • Mr Mediocre
    Mr Mediocre 18 days ago +1

    On a vacation to Seattle, I expected to see the beautiful city skylines and clean, busy streets you come to expect from the media's portrayal. Driving to our rented house, we drove through an absolutely run-down, dysfunctional neighborhood. Every other home was boarded up, had holes in the walls, broken windows, ruined yards, stolen shopping cars, litter, etc... Going into the tourist attractions and corporation-owned areas was a complete divergence from that. Nobody is winning but the people running the game.

  • Tratios
    Tratios Month ago +1

    I saw the homeless down in Austin... they fell into three groups 1) drugs 2) mental illness 3) everything failed. For that third group for example they had a former college professor who got sick, medical bills piled up even with insurance, 2008 housing crash and they lost the house.. then lost the job due to no house and still sick and ended up on the streets. Lucky never saw any real crime, most of the crime that heard of the police scanner was domestic violence.. I swear news had SWAT at someone's suburban house weekly about someone taking their family hostage.

  • 5Minute Major
    5Minute Major 3 years ago +3131

    The only thing that isn’t going downhill in Seattle is the cost of living. Absolute insanity.

    • Patriot
      Patriot 9 days ago

      How many people noticed when all this madness started happening?
      It happened right after Obama took power and promised people "change we believe in"!
      Instead, Obama left this great country with 20 TRILLIONS debt and absolutely NOTHING was build!?

    • Mon Ember
      Mon Ember 16 days ago

      Godless, unwise, liberalism that creates a vacuum for the outright leftist to step into and finish the destruction.

    • A P8riot
      A P8riot 20 days ago

      Who cares and so what? The people of Seattle killed it. Have a drum circle and weep about what might have been.

    • Zoot Rollo
      Zoot Rollo 22 days ago

      @Rob Vega Further to your point, Democrats and Liberals think giving away YOUR money will solve the problems, not their money.

    • Zoot Rollo
      Zoot Rollo 22 days ago

      @Phil Farrell So have you given all your money away to the poor then? I didn’t think so. Taking money from the rich and “giving it away” would accomplish NOTHING. Put your Bible down and go out and do what it says in the Bible, then you may begin to understand how things work in the real world.

  • Ben B.
    Ben B. Month ago +8

    I got very emotional watching this , very sad to see all those poor soles suffering ,
    Great to see those who got out of this hell and seems to get a life , hang on never give up .
    Thanks for this great program !

    • Judy Rau
      Judy Rau 22 days ago

      Get rid of the democrats

    • Blitz Zen
      Blitz Zen Month ago +1

      The new Seattle is Tulsa Oklahoma, go there, you will see what I mean.

  • Tom Weald
    Tom Weald Month ago +2

    Travelled through Seattle in 2019 and we could see the filth and degradation from the train ride in. It shocked us. I’m so sad for you. Suffolk, United Kingdom of Great Britain.

  • Karen Knowles
    Karen Knowles 2 months ago

    This is happening all over CA (and countless cities all over the US), in small towns and big cites. We don’t have enough prisons and mental health facilities to treat the vast numbers of addicts and homeless. If they are arrested off the street there is no place to send them.

    • Michael Brower
      Michael Brower Month ago

      Because we spend trillions on unnecessary wars and bailing out banks.

  • Micster07
    Micster07 12 hours ago

    Wow, this is so upsetting and heartbreaking. I see the exact same situation unfolding in my community (Kitchener, Ontario, Canada) - we hide behind the label of the "homeless crisis". My question for those of you from Seattle - given that this video is 2-1/2 years old, is the situation better or worse, and why?

  • RIchard McArdle
    RIchard McArdle 2 years ago +940

    “The government you elect is the government you deserve.”
    - Thomas Jefferson

    • Josef R Bidenski
      Josef R Bidenski 10 days ago +1

      Yup. Don't be depressed when you vote for democrat policies that enable this sort of behaviour.

    • k oala
      k oala 13 days ago

      @YIBING WU Authoritarian dictatorships usually don't have those issues that is true.

    • Jack Jines
      Jack Jines 2 months ago

      @YIBING WU hell No! They are told what they can and can not do.

    • Isabelle El Khoudri
      Isabelle El Khoudri 3 months ago

      Absolutely 🤗

    • neal baker
      neal baker 3 months ago

      @clnsr You just like Biden because, he gives you food stamps and a free phone.

  • Derrick Kemp
    Derrick Kemp 2 months ago +3

    I visited Seattle 4 years back for 3 days. This documentary is absolutely true, I was shocked at what I saw there. The homelessness and open air drug use. I've been to many major cities and have never witnessed anything like it. It's a shame because it is a beautiful city, just on the surface level it seemed as though the dregs of society had been given free reign to do as they pleased with no intervention whatsoever.

    • Stephen Tinius
      Stephen Tinius Month ago

      Derrick Kemp, what is your solution? What do you think the city council, the police, etc. should be doing instead? How would you fix this?

  • Paul KWAN
    Paul KWAN 2 months ago

    I feel heartbroken to see this images 😢
    Some longer, deeper and farther visions and realistic policies have to be built for our next generations. (Sorry that my English is not good enough)
    I wish the homeless people can be safe and survive the coming winter!! God blesses you and have peace!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Robert Seltzer
    Robert Seltzer 2 months ago +2

    I am.so.disheartened by this report. I was born and raised in Seattle. My fami!by had a business on 1st Avenue for over 50 years and my fondest memories from childhood are in Seattle. I can't imagine returning.

  • Faustaao
    Faustaao Month ago +2

    This documentary touches on so many important points that most city councils and mayors refuse to acknowledge. The drug problem being the most obvious elephant in the room.

    • tom ruth
      tom ruth 2 days ago

      Faustaao, I think the drug problem is much worse than ever, the drugs are a different breed now, much more addicting and deadly.

  • Cathie Lund
    Cathie Lund 3 years ago +120

    If you aren't outraged, you aren't paying attention! Bravo, KOMO and Eric Johnson!

    • James Sidaway
      James Sidaway 3 years ago +1

      You don't realize it is the agenda. From the ashes AI rises to the top of the triangle or pyramid watch "I, Pet Goat II" where (AI)lucifer rises from the working class... it is the agenda for the "profane."

  • Thomas Legg
    Thomas Legg 2 months ago +1

    The city council should be held accountable for this

  • Marilyn Virella
    Marilyn Virella 2 months ago +4

    So sad what people are doing to themselves.

  • Jewls Orr
    Jewls Orr 27 days ago +2

    Excellent well done. Awareness is the key. Thank you.

  • Kristie Mosher
    Kristie Mosher 26 days ago +10

    I recently visited Seattle after living there 20 years ago. It made me so sad to see the state of the city. I witnessed open drug use while walking downtown. People shooting up, smoking crack. The blinders are on. Shocking to me to see the openly criminal activity and no consequences for the crimes. I went to a Target and saw laundry detergent locked behind glass cases. The theft is apparently out of control. My beautiful city, now an ugly, unsafe, horrible place to live and to visit.

  • Pandora Spox
    Pandora Spox 2 years ago +469

    Its not just Seattle - the entire west coast is a homeless encampment. It sucks.

    • p.reciousx •
      p.reciousx • 2 months ago

      @John.R C. Incarceration do you mean public funded tax paid housing? So there is some social responsibility to other people that you agree exists. The initial challenger suggested that there are no existing human rights and that the persuit of food and shelter is what motivates society instead of human nature

    • John.R C.
      John.R C. 2 months ago

      @p.reciousx • Of course "shelter" is a basic human right and incarceration would provide that if and when necessary.

    • Stephen Hensley
      Stephen Hensley 3 months ago


    • All Things Harbor
      All Things Harbor 5 months ago +1

      It is ALL major cities in any area where the weather is temperate enough to support tent life year 'round.

    • Frank Moreau
      Frank Moreau 7 months ago +1

      @p.reciousx • It's pretty simple, even the founding fathers recognized that our rights are limited to life, liberty and the PERSUIT of happiness. If you consider shelter a basic human right, then wouldn't you also consider food a basic human right? The how about clothing too. So now shelter, food and clothing are being provided, so what is the incentive to work? Who is going to pay for all these "basic human rights"?
      The problem with this equation is it ignores the other part of human existence, responsibilities. We as citizens of society have basic rights, but we also have basic responsibilities. Our primary responsibility is to provide all of the basic human rights through our own effort. Societies responsibility is to fill the gap for those who CAN'T provide for themselves, not those who WON'T provide for themselves. If you watched it all the way through, Providence's response is all we should do.

  • Cory Vaughan
    Cory Vaughan Month ago +1

    That's just crazy, it has dramatically changed since I was there in 2019.

  • Health Expert
    Health Expert Month ago +22

    This breaks my heart. I grew up in Washington and loved visiting Seattle. When I moved away I always wanted to take my kids back there someday to show them the history and fun activities Seattle use to have to offer. That someday will probably never come now due to this city being so unsafe.

    • Health Expert
      Health Expert 22 days ago

      @BrawlStars SPONSORSHIPS I use to love going to Pike’s Place Market. And I loved outdoor activities.

    • BrawlStars SPONSORSHIPS
      BrawlStars SPONSORSHIPS 23 days ago

      What activites in paticular? Have you checked to see if there still open?

  • finnegan williams
    finnegan williams 3 days ago +1

    Amazing writing with the dialogue. Quite poetic. The film demonstrates compassion to all perspectives and does not demonstrate any biases. Implications are fairly distributed.

  • Megan Greene
    Megan Greene Month ago +11

    I grew up in west Seattle and moved away in 1996 during high school. I cannot believe how different it is now. It’s so sad and more resources should be available.

    • Josef R Bidenski
      Josef R Bidenski 10 days ago

      Resources is how it happened. You can't give free everything to drug addicts and expect them to get clean. We need tough love, starve them and freeze them until they choose that being high isn't as important as being alive.

  • Irene Helenowski
    Irene Helenowski 3 years ago +98

    Been to Seattle twice (and to San Francisco once) -- so sad to see both beautiful cities deteriorating like this :(

    • Ask Remy
      Ask Remy 3 months ago

      democrats have become efficient at destroying everything that is good

    • Sneakerz Outkastz
      Sneakerz Outkastz 3 months ago

      Yes just like the Black neighborhoods when the whites were bringing Crack there but only thing there was not any compassion 😕

    • eternal_napalm
      eternal_napalm 3 months ago

      Democrats causing rot.

    • Mark N
      Mark N 3 years ago +2

      Yeah, my wife walks around feces, homeless and needles on walk from Bart to work in S.F.

    • Joe Fekete
      Joe Fekete 3 years ago +2

      Don't forget about New York

  • T McLean
    T McLean Month ago +1

    You have to remember that there are so many groups in charge of a State that operate in and out of the area. You have to find the root cause of who holds the power in your State to make change. You also have to look at human health organizations in your State and ask if there is enough to help and can they cope. Then you have to decide to what extent do you want the law to go to to distinguish the atrocities caused by the economy, inflation, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, gang control and corruption. Until someone can show these to what it is and the full extent it has on humanity, only then can this problem be addressed. Since social media advertising started, America is starting to look like a third world country yet, what the problem is its all about race and the law and no fault of those that are trying to protect.

  • Stephen Troup
    Stephen Troup 2 months ago

    As a Georgian, looking at the West Coast mess from this part of the country, the best thing I am taking away from this so far (I'm only 12 minutes in) is that there are actually people in Seattle passionately fighting to save their cities & communities and bring common sense back to community policies. Honestly, at times, it has appeared like the whole coast has gone crazy, I'm very happy to be wrong about this. If there were something the rest of us could do to help many of us would. But y'all got to stop electing Dem leaders at every level. They actually hate you, have you not figured it out yet? Peace & LOVE & Best Wishes to you!

  • Bryan Drewry
    Bryan Drewry 10 days ago +1

    I remember taking a trip to Seattle & taking my girlfriend for an evening walk through the fish market. That was in the late 90s. Wouldn't do the same walk myself unless armed now. A once beautiful city is now like a third world shithole.

  • Ralph L
    Ralph L Month ago +1

    Would be nice to see a follow up story on this. How has CHAZ, covid, etc. affected things?

    • LRN_News
      LRN_News 17 days ago +1

      Got way worse, look at LA since covid lol

  • Rutiger Sampson
    Rutiger Sampson 3 years ago +178

    Thank you for doing the right thing and showing people the truth.

    • Doug Lucas
      Doug Lucas 3 years ago +4

      Rutiger Sampson where are they to go?! I'm homeless nurse. Jobs went to sexist women and immigrants

    • Mr Lopez
      Mr Lopez 3 years ago +9

      Liberals ruined your city.

    • Steadfast Grexis
      Steadfast Grexis 3 years ago +19

      They forgot the big truth that it is democrat politicians allowing this to happen and even encouraging it.

  • Brian Jacobs
    Brian Jacobs Month ago

    One of the highlights of this tremendous documentary is at 38:13, when a group of construction workers completely shut down Kshama Sawant, a member of the Seattle City Council, who is in her own words, a 'rank and file member of the workers party.' She is an immigrant from India who was able to leverage her Immigrant Person Of Color status, and expertise with political jingoism to insinuate herself into a position of power on the Council in 2014. She spearheaded the efforts to cripple the police, including calling for a 50% reduction in police funding, which resulted in Police Chief Carmen Best resigning. Sawant is largely responsible for the mess this documentary highlights. She is now complaining because the same police were unable to solve the crime of poop being thrown into her front yard.

  • Charles Foreman
    Charles Foreman Month ago +1

    That guy Travis at 14:38 was so proud of being on the list of criminals, the whole system not just in the USA is a complete joke, as it's the same in the UK. It all goes back to parents when they have kids who were not allowed to discipline kids when they were naughty. The do-gooders in society give all the rights to kids to be able to do what they want when they want and to have what they want when they want it. Back when I was a kid, I was disciplined when I was being naughty, I can honestly say that I have never ever been in trouble with the law any time in my life. I brought my daughter up the same way, If she did something naughty she would have had a tap on the back of the legs. She has turned out to do us proud, with her own house, good job, enjoys holiday etc, & has worked for everything she has. Some of these council leaders are sitting smug on high wages, doing good for only themselves and the wealthy. The police need the powers back & to have the backing of courts and all justice systems too, and give the right sentences for crimes. If that means building more prisons then get it done, as we need these people locked away from honest folk so they can get on with their lives in peace. My guess is that people will be still saying the same in 5, 10, & even 20 years' time, as nothing will get done. What a sad world it is today.

  • Astarte Bogota
    Astarte Bogota Month ago

    As a Canadian from Vancouver I enjoyed visiting Seattle in the 70s, 80s, doing the sorts of things Canadians do there...shop at Nordstrom's, etc. But this is appalling, and it's not just Seattle, and it's not just Portland. Vancouver, too. The changes in the downtown eastside of Van in recent years is just as bad. Policing isn't the answer, obviously. It doesn't work, and throwing more resources into that won't work. Maybe a regional taskforce, Pacific Northwest and B.C. too. The problem is bigger than any one city or neighbourhood or country...

  • Emil
    Emil 9 days ago +1

    I lived in Seattle in the 80's and loved it and thought I would retire there. No way now. San Francisco looks just like Seattle. This is what being liberal looks like. Just let people do what they want.

  • breezyvibe
    breezyvibe 3 years ago +317

    You are rocking the reporter/documentary producer thing, Eric Johnson. Explained unpretentiously and perfectly, so all can understand, KOMO is lucky to have you.

    • Cam montreuil
      Cam montreuil 7 months ago

      I'm surprised fake news allowed this..

    • redkos
      redkos 11 months ago

      And there it is>>> @simrdown mon another leftist imbecile unable to fight a battle of wits because he has none. Educate yourself & know some facts before you post such moronic drivel, Einstein.

    • simrdown mon
      simrdown mon 11 months ago +1

      @redkos I've never seen a smiling person in a Mercedes. Could that be why you're so unsympathetic, you're extremely unhappy?

    • redkos
      redkos 11 months ago +2

      The, "extremely simple, misguided person", @simrdown mon is someone who thinks that Seattle's decades of extreme leftist, "leadership" allowing degenerates to retaliate against law-abiding taxpayers by setting fires, breaking windows, shootings & all out anarchy is a, "healthcare issue". Absolutely moronic.

    • simrdown mon
      simrdown mon Year ago

      He's an establishment propagandists. If think this is a policing issue, you're an extremely simple, misguided person. This is a mental healthcare issue.

  • Nirupama Sharma
    Nirupama Sharma 7 days ago

    I work in Seattle, and I see people injecting themselves with drugs in corners almost every day, it's horrible to watch and scary too, I don't feel like it's good to allow this in the open, kids see them, depressed souls see them, it's damaging. Why can't the government send them to rehab?

  • Stephen Tinius
    Stephen Tinius Month ago +1

    34 minutes into this presentation and I still haven't heard anything like a solution. Lots of frustration, disbelief, indignation, condemnation, but no solution. I have no idea myself how to solve this problem, which will only get worse and worse and start to affect more cities and communities. Do *you* have any ideas? Is sweeping the streets and parks and schools clean, locking up the hopelessly mentally ill, addicted, repeat offenders, who * by definition* are law-breakers, is that the way to fix this? Make them someone else's problem? I don't know. But I think it's patently unfair to ridicule and condemn the public servants at every level without offering an alternative, at least an image of a solution. Tsk, tsk, cluck, cluck. Good Luck.

  • Tonya Duvall
    Tonya Duvall 16 days ago

    No matter how many times I watch this it still blows my mind. I'll be brutally honest as a mother of an addict I don't call this anything close to compassion. Compassion is helping people in crisis not enabling them to do the very thing slowly eating away at their soul and mind. This approach is disgusting. It has left family members with nowhere to go to get real help for our family member. Even here in my city in Florida they don't do this but they put up stupid laws like the only way to get into drug court is to commit a felony. What kind of thought process is it to wait until someone is so desperate they have to commit felonies! By God let's not help them at the beginning of the addiction like I tried with my child. System failing in different ways in different states.

  • stacey dunlap
    stacey dunlap Month ago

    Today I have been watching many of these videos. I am an addict in recovery thank you Narcotics anonymous. I have heard many things but not a soulotions. I wish I could change the world with my little voice as I understand the insanity of the disease. I often wonder why we have so many prisons and not enough rehabs. We put addicts in jail send them to prison that teaches them nothing but how to do time. We house feed an take care of them for a crime they committed to get there next fix. Just a thought build rehabs sentence them there for their prison or jail term teach them a different way to live job skills. We ate not addict because we choose it it steams from our living envorment a trauma we experienced what ever the case we can recover an we find out that we do have a choice not to use and we can have a good life.

  • Joseph C.
    Joseph C. 3 years ago +114

    Thank you KOMO, this is astounding. Your reporting is appreciated!

    • p misa
      p misa 3 years ago +1

      Asian money and drugs at work. The housing bubble needs to pop, like yesterday! All these beautiful cities and people hijacked by foreign money. But if you're a property owner, just keep on keeping your head in the sand.

  • Phi Beta
    Phi Beta 11 days ago

    It’s amazing that how bad it was when this documentary was made, it’s gotten much worse. Seattle used to be a beautiful city and it’s become a cesspool. Wear boots if you’re walking downtown so you have less chance of getting pricked by used needles and pack a gun for your own protection because the police can’t help you.

  • CDXX
    CDXX 2 months ago +2

    The main problem everywhere around the world is *Wages* never go up with *Inflation.*
    Wages have been stagnating for decades, while house prices keep going higher.
    Companies (private or public) care more about profit, and keeping their shareholders happy, than their workers fed and well taken care of.

  • G. W. Hampton
    G. W. Hampton 2 months ago +3

    What about that thing of holding people until they rolled over on their supplier and then that person is "encouraged" to roll over on their supplier and on and on until you reach the tap root and yank it out?? As many times as it takes. All those drugs come from somewhere and someone would lead you to them.

  • Ted Morgan
    Ted Morgan Month ago +4

    Well, we don’t treat the addicts, we jail them. We don’t provide enforced rehab, we jail them. We don’t lift up the most disturbed, crazy or stoopid among us, we disparage them. Change the system or expect these same results

    • I Coroa
      I Coroa Month ago

      Precisely. End stage capitalism.

  • Mr. King Kitty
    Mr. King Kitty 3 years ago +68

    Much respect for KOMO. Great research and journalism.

    • C. R. K.
      C. R. K. 3 months ago

      @Milk Manson yeah I don’t really get why this documentary is getting so much praise. I’m not refuting it’s claims but not particularly impressed by the production either. There are plenty of important factors they’ve completely ignored.

    • Milk Manson
      Milk Manson 3 years ago +1

      Wouldn't great research and journalism include some mention of the public defenders office current/max caseload instead expecting us to believe that prosecutors and judges don't want to throw people in jail? You know, the prosecutors and judges who get promoted for throwing more people in jail than other prosecutors and judges. And you know, the max number of cases a public defender can take on as mandated by the wa state supreme court.
      And wouldn't great research and journalism include some mention of the king county jail current/max inmate population?
      And wouldn't great research and journalism compare Seattle to a similar sized city instead of to an entire state with half the population... and zero growth (Seattle has been dealing with double digit growth for how long)?
      Seattle wanted more cops, Seattle got more cops. This should be a lesson in unintended consequences, but that doesn't give us our villain. A hit piece does.

    • trublgrl
      trublgrl 3 years ago +2

      Once upon a time, you would see journalism like this from the networks. 20/20 on ABC and 60 Minutes on CBS would do reporting like this. Now all they do is propaganda, where every story has a slant concerning national party politics. The real news has moved onto the internet, but I'm starting to see local news stations like KOMO step up and do the job that the mainstream media won't do. I know it's hard when the local stations have affiliate status with the big networks, but quality journalism will win in the end. The networks fall from grace need not ruin the local stations, if they truly serve their communities.

  • Robbie Smith
    Robbie Smith 2 days ago

    I used to fly into Seattle often in my younger days, and I was amazed at what a beautiful city it was. What happened to it? These liberal dems have destroyed it and turned it into this. I used to tell people it was the prettiest city I had ever seen, but not anymore.

  • almartinez23
    almartinez23 Month ago +2

    AMAZING documentary. Spread this all over the country (watched it in Oct 2022}

  • R J
    R J Month ago

    I lived in Seattle for 17 years and got out in 2019. I have traveled 50 countries...Seattle was one of the most beautiful places..on earth! Seattle will go down as one of histories greatest tragedies. Its the text book example of how NOT to run a city. Didn't used to be. Sad.

  • Don Quixote
    Don Quixote 18 days ago

    The best solution is to prevent society from delivering "lost souls", which stands for frustrated naive, trustful people who did not know how to lie and cheat and sell themselves. They just need dignifying opportunities

  • Kathy Garner
    Kathy Garner Year ago +625

    Two years after this aired, Seattle is worse than ever

    • Val Lee
      Val Lee 7 months ago

      @venomTang yes, it is much worse now. Road rage violence on the freeways. Shootings & murders. Police don’t even come out for robberies, shoplifting, vandalism or trespassing. It’s awful.

    • Arturo Camaney
      Arturo Camaney 7 months ago

      Seattle is full of violent mask nah-zees who assault customers who stand up to mask mandates

    • Jason Price
      Jason Price 8 months ago

      @Weslie RossMal LOL.... Imagine being uneducated enough to think that no Republicans run cities with more than a million people.......

    • Weslie RossMal
      Weslie RossMal 8 months ago

      @Jason Price Because conservatives never get the chance to run any major US city. All of the US’ metropolis’s are run by democrats. There is no way to compare the two. You can’t compare Republican leadership in a small town or suburb to a city with over a million people. Give me one major city with a republican mayor and then we’ll talk lol

    • Weslie RossMal
      Weslie RossMal 8 months ago

      @Cal W Major cities will always have high crime and high poverty. Not because they’re run by dems, but because they are high-dense cities and that’s common fucking sense. The reason why people affiliate democrats with this is because republicans can’t even get elected in major cities. Major Cities (1 million or more people) are usually run by democrats and rural areas are run by republicans. Suburbs can be either or.
      Making republicans run major cities and democrats run rural food deserts isn’t gonna change shit. It’s weird to blame changes on party affiliations rather than actual policies and a changing economy.
      If seattle was great 20 years ago with Democratic leadership, and now it’s shitty with democratic leadership, the problem isn’t the party but the individual’s policies.

  • blessednhm
    blessednhm 14 days ago

    I agree with the police. Jail or Treatment. I live in Orlando and though our homeless population is not as big it is definitely on the rise. I have done outreach programs in the city before, and I would say 75-80% or more, of the homeless I met were also drug users. Whether it be alcohol or other substances. The best help you can get them is rehabilitation or jail. It will literally save lives.

  • 222Lightning
    222Lightning 2 months ago +2

    I expect myself to be homeless one day if I am still alive ten years from now. Its not that I have low self esteem its that everything just keeps getting more and more expensive yet the pay stays the same. I don't expect any handouts or inheritances that amount too much. The funny thing is that my Father actually won the lottery! When my Father died I thought I'd inherit enough to take a year or to off and just travel and be like.......OK this is where I want to live.....get a house.......transfer all my college credits and finish out a certificate in something that could support me for the rest of my life. I GOT TENK dollers when my father died because he gambled it all away and spent it on dumb shit. I have 30k something in savings now which really isn't much that couldn"t evaporate in about a year and a half. I see a pizza box abandoned w two slices left and it looks fresh and untouched.......I eat it.........not because I don't have the money.........its a way of preparing myself for that day I lose it all.......except my life, health. I've had worse things happen but losing all my possessions is something that horrifies me more than actually ending up homeless. I'm very nifty and find places even now I no one would know a person was camping out at. I do this also to prepare myself for the day this might happen to me. I've known homeless people and they have told me about the criminality of other homeless people. You don't hear about this but being homeless is very dangerous....its not like you have a phone to call for assitance when someone threatens you at knife point where you sleep for whatever little you might have. If I won the lottery like 50 million......I swear I would to do something for the homeless.........maybe a large homeless city camp in the middle of nowhere........and get them out of the city or for the ones that could work....programs to help them earn room and board.

    CARL HOLTTUM Month ago +1

    Seattle use to be one of the cleanest city, when i was a kid in the fifty’s and sixty’s. But by the 90’s I could see thing’s were going down hill and no intervention. So the only thing to do is move to another state that what I did, in 2000.

  • FooBar Maximus
    FooBar Maximus 2 months ago +1

    At the end ... No Eric, maybe you all just forgot how to care about people. SMH I cannot believe how much effort was spent on this, and how far off the mark you landed. Clearly, Seattle is Dying - but it's not a homeless problem. It's because you represent how people in Washington State really are. Therein lies the true illness that is killing your town.

  • Dark Islander
    Dark Islander 3 years ago +586

    The Seattle city council and the state legislature have obviously confused compassion with stupidity.

    • Easy Life
      Easy Life 5 months ago

      @Gottiline Ace The OG that’s why Seattle is democratic, it poison to society

    • PraxePI PI
      PraxePI PI 6 months ago

      @Mr Cheese I love your response! People here believe that drug addicts and people with mental illness actually vote. How stupid is that? LOL.

    • Val Lee
      Val Lee 7 months ago

      That has to be best, most accurate summary I’ve heard!
      KuntShama Sawant, council member, wants to recreate the slums of Mumbai from her childhood. She’s succeeded.

    • Wey Runner
      Wey Runner 9 months ago

      Stupid people are voted in by stupid people. As long as you pay the stupid to breed the more stupid people are born and are encouraged to vote for other stupid people. Stupid people are advanced through the education system, cannot reason yet believe that because they've been given an education that they somehow know what's best for the rest of the world outside their own fantasies, and their views are even supported and spun by the news media and entertainment industry, who were also advanced without the sweat of their own brow..

    • V Y
      V Y Year ago +1

      @Lawrence Duff Stop feeding them, accommodating them, spending money on them, enabling them, not arresting them, releasing them, for starters. People have a strange way of behaving once they're not allowed to misbehave. Visit your nearest kindergarten for reference.

  • Jason Woodward
    Jason Woodward 2 months ago +4

    Intervention in 1999 is what got me off meth and off the streets of Phoenix Arizona it was sober up and get help or go to jail\prison and I realized that If I was going to survive then 😳 I would have to go through with it.. I'm still sober roof over my head food to eat and I now help others to get sober and stay sober, employment and housing.. it works..

  • CVArts
    CVArts 26 days ago +1

    I'm visiting Seattle this week from Los Angeles and staying at a downtown hotel, and LET ME TELL YOU downtown L.A. is 50x worse. I feel safe walking around downtown Seattle, to the piers, Space Needle, Belltown, and REI Store from my hotel, seeing very few transients and no homeless encampments like in L.A. I see a lot of new constructions going on in a vibrant, thriving modern city. Seattle is far from dying.

  • Stealth Fighter
    Stealth Fighter 17 days ago

    We used to go to Seattle every summer to visit family. We loved it. It was so beautiful. But the last time we went it was like visiting a 3rd world country. A year later, my family that lived there moved to Texas because of these problems. I’ll probably never go back to Seattle again.

  • Charlienothere
    Charlienothere Month ago

    Just watched this very sad and tragic documentary, I wonder what it is like today given this was made in 2019. I used to enjoy visiting Seattle and these days don't plan on returning, same with San Fran. Just watched a documentary about "Vancouver is Dying". Maybe Vancouver will change with a new mayor who is going to try to address the many problems. What is needed is a coordinated plan with leaders who address key issues, starting with getting a plan to address the drug issue, followed by mental health issue and poverty. It will take significant dollars to fix these problems. You may not know about a situation in Canada regarding assisted suicide (also called MAID- which I refuse to use) where a person is living in poverty and is demanding assisted suicide- another is young individuals who have mental issues and also want assisted suicide. The sliding slope is happening- just maybe in the future someone will determine to put old people to death as they are not needed. We live in a world without hope/faith and a major lack of leadership.

  • Brian Bees
    Brian Bees 2 years ago +246

    This was a disturbing documentary to watch. While focused on Seattle, unfortunately a problem in most major cities across the US. Compliments to KOMO's Eric Johnson, for an excellent piece of professional journalism.

    • Luvlabso
      Luvlabso 10 months ago

      Democrat run cities

    • George In S.C. 4
      George In S.C. 4 Year ago +2

      @Some Other Dude Democrats

    • George In S.C. 4
      George In S.C. 4 Year ago

      Keep electing democratic spend all bleeding heart socialist communist

    • Chris Oliver
      Chris Oliver Year ago

      It's that simple. "Vote blue no matter who", this is what you get.

    • D
      D 2 years ago +2

      @Mark Smith exactly ! the trashy dirty Democrats are created the poor and Brainless people , Democrats =communism .

  • Merry Larsen
    Merry Larsen 24 days ago +6

    It’s a sad situation for sure. It’s also sad that these inmates are able to get medication to treat their addictions for free but a law abiding citizen who has a life threatening illness has to pay for their medication and if they cannot afford it or have insurance they could die.

    • Josef R Bidenski
      Josef R Bidenski 10 days ago

      honestly we need to cut off these junkies until they choose to not get high 24/7

  • Doc America
    Doc America Month ago

    If homelessness is caused by drug addiction and it's killing Seattle, then Seattle should fight back against the *source* of what's killing Seattle before it kills Seattle. It's fine to use the word "killing" to describe this situation, but it's not fine to use the same word to describe what must be done to stop what's killing Seattle. That's what's killing Seattle.

  • Bob Caddock
    Bob Caddock 2 days ago +1

    It's 2022: Just asked my son who just moved out of Ballard: In the lat 4 years have things gotten better or worse? He said, "worse a lot worse."

  • Sid Sed
    Sid Sed 22 days ago

    10:04 the police is working hard and the judiciary system is doing very well as well ! In the worst case, if somehow a cereal killer is caught, the judiciary may give him a life sentence of 327 years with probation of about 173 years, with early parole possibility for 149 years!

  • MeatBallBoy23
    MeatBallBoy23 2 years ago +118

    I can't express enough how real this documentary is. Bravo, bravo!!!!

  • Bryan Drewry
    Bryan Drewry 10 days ago +1

    I keep thinking "this will all get fixed next election cycle, the cutizens of Seattle are fed up with it all". That was over ten years ago. This must be what Seattle wants. I just don't get it.
    It's almost like Seattle needs a dictator brought in from the outside to come in & restore this once beautiful city.

  • mjcoronel61
    mjcoronel61 20 days ago

    Very good documentary. This is happening all over tha USA and I always wonder...why not get to the basic and simple question? Namely, why these people fall into drug abuse, homelessness...it would be a good thing to go to the politicians and ask them why they let the government spend amazing sums of money in warfare weapons instead of using that money to solve the real problem...opportunities. to study, to have programs like those in Rodhe Island early in people's lives, psychiatric and/or psychological help in schools, accessibility to student loans, more job opportunities...I could go on and on. Stop the spending in war/death and spend more on people/life.

  • Janelle Parsons
    Janelle Parsons Month ago +2

    This documentary is one sided. I refuse to believe with housing cost being what they are, that only addicts are homeless. This is happening all over the US because of drugs and lack of affordable housing. Locking up drug dealers who are often addicts theirselves or just trying to make it due to lack of skills and education, is not the answer. The bottom line is just because you use drugs doesn't mean you should live in the street, so to me it is a housing issue. It is proven that harm reduction works best. Get people housing and some rap around services they are more likely to get clean and stay clean. If you don't having anything to lose it makes it easier to keep using drugs, but when you get people housed, drug treatment and mental health services they begin to have something else to live for other then drugs.

  • entropyandme
    entropyandme 3 days ago +1

    As a former drug addict and west coast resident, I have but one nugget of advice or experience which seems to gel with this program. For the vast majority of addicts, the only way to become clean is to either force yourself or be forced into a situation where you cannot use for however long it takes. After that your willpower and reason is much more readily able to dissuade you from making poor decisions like relapsing (which of course still happens, hence why addiction is one of the most important and complicated issues of our time). My heart goes out to the people of Seattle and my hometown of Fresno; some tough love will in fact get you there

  • Arthur Schipper
    Arthur Schipper Year ago +213

    Whenever I have to drive through Seattle or Portland, I am utterly disgusted and disappointed. The politicians who run these towns are directly to blame.

    • Friend of Tellus
      Friend of Tellus 5 months ago

      Hear, hear, hear !!!!

    • Weslie RossMal
      Weslie RossMal 8 months ago

      @Charles Wallerdiemont Show me statistics and facts instead of making generic statements about the downfall of ALL U.S. major cities in the last 60 years. That's such a long time frame with a huge variety of data. Understanding the highs and lows of human prosperity and the economy requires context and nuance. It's like you're saying in the last 60 years, democrats have made ZERO progress in the development of cities (which is obviously false).
      Nothing that you are saying is factual, you're just showing your bias against urban areas and liberals.
      Also do you know how recessions work? Every eight years or so the economy crashes and then we have to build it back up again. And then that cycle literally continues forever and ever. It has happened throughout all of American history and has occurred under both Democratic and Republican leadership. When the entire COUNTRY is experiencing a recession or depression, cities are the first to mirror that. They draw in the homeless because of the geography of cities, not the politics of them. This is so much deeper than democrat vs republican surface level politics. That's capitalism baby.

    • Charles Wallerdiemont
      Charles Wallerdiemont 8 months ago

      @Weslie RossMal you nailed it. The democrats run all of the larger cities in the US. That is so true, my question is why in hell have these democrats after 60 years in charge, not been able to improve the schooling standard , the working standard and even the living conditions for these people.
      They are living in gethos, unemployment is high , the schooling sucks,
      There is just no will or determination for the democrats to change the status quo.
      Under Trump the unemployment rate was the lowest for blacks and Latinos , ever .They had prosperity. They had jobs.
      Even under Obama they were forgotten.
      So tell me again why.?

    • Weslie RossMal
      Weslie RossMal 8 months ago

      @Charles Wallerdiemont Every major city in the US is democrat run and has a long democratic history. You can’t call it a red vs blue issue when red has literally never run these places. These places have more problems because they have more people there and the problems of society are multiplied.
      That’s like saying, “name one rural community in the middle of no where run by a democrat without terrible public transportation, a shitty education ranking, and high obesity.”
      Cities have different problems than suburban towns and rural communities. They trend towards different leadership too. You can’t compare them.

    • Paul Kern
      Paul Kern 11 months ago

      @Charles Wallerdiemont - Fresno, CA, Mesa, AZ... there are plenty of others. this isn't a conservative vs liberal problem, it's a sickness at the heart of our society itself.

  • Vicki Westerfeld
    Vicki Westerfeld Month ago

    I was in Seattle for 2 months for work in 2020. It was vile, disgusting and dangerous.
    I told my company l would never go back and l tell everyone Seattle is a 3rd world cesspool.
    The filth everywhere you turn is beyond vile.
    Every single park was a homeless encampment...no where a child could play!

  • positivelybeautiful1
    positivelybeautiful1 26 days ago

    So disappointing! I used to love Seattle & felt safe. Law abiding citizens need to be prioritized & protected first. They work hard & pay taxes to help the community. Quit wasting taxpayers money on protecting criminals. Book them, process them, make them work to pay back for the crimes they commit. Offer those who want rehab, job training , and support (drug rehab, job placement)to help them help themselves. For those who do not want rehab, recovery or the right path. Then, book them & throw away the keys. The long term criminals, whether mental or not need to be off the street period! Why should any law abiding citizens be at risk to be harm or killed by these repeated offenders. Also, police & first responders need the proper support, training, mental support & more tax exempt benefits to increase recruitment. It’s a tough job. In an emergency, I know I would be be super relieve to see cops & emergency personnels.

  • AlainA
    AlainA 12 days ago +1

    Todd you're amazing to bad Seattle lost you

  • Kathryn Kenyon
    Kathryn Kenyon Month ago