Kyrie Irving Signing With Lakers & Joining LeBron James - Leaving Boston Celtics?

  • Published on Jan 31, 2019
  • In this SportHub video, we take an in-depth look at the breaking news surrounding Kyrie Irving & the Los Angeles Lakers. With Anthony Davis recently demanding a trade from the New Orleans Pelicans and being fined for $50,000 for doing so publicly, it's covered up the recent story of Kyrie Irving & LeBron James.
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  • Nicholas Mbaiha
    Nicholas Mbaiha 20 days ago

    Kyries in Brooklyn

  • leonard forbes
    leonard forbes Month ago

    kyrie and lebron are so great together

  • Maricel Sacasan
    Maricel Sacasan 2 months ago

    hanamichi sakuragi and rukawa will also join lakers . ;) hahahaha

  • Blaze Gutierrez
    Blaze Gutierrez 2 months ago +1

    Kyrie on Nets

  • Next TIME Crossfire
    Next TIME Crossfire 2 months ago

    O god please make irving lakers

  • Tom Bot
    Tom Bot 2 months ago +2

    He's in Brooklyn

  • Justine Ramos
    Justine Ramos 2 months ago

    i bet they will still lose

  • Damejr Lyngdoh
    Damejr Lyngdoh 2 months ago

    Yes we want

  • Joyes Thomas
    Joyes Thomas 2 months ago +1

    Kyrie is going to the nets

  • Zachary Sherouse
    Zachary Sherouse 2 months ago

    Maybe the lakers will sign me I’ll take 4 million for 2 years

  • Jaquavious Jackson
    Jaquavious Jackson 2 months ago


  • Marcus W
    Marcus W 2 months ago

    Omg back at it again

  • Marlon Darang
    Marlon Darang 2 months ago

    Lakers 2019::james curry thomson durant green hahahahaha

  • Ace Feeley
    Ace Feeley 2 months ago

    Thus ought to be the biggest clusterf*** ever!

  • James Mccolley
    James Mccolley 2 months ago

    Lake show let's go

  • Henry Greene
    Henry Greene 3 months ago +1

    To win championship takes more than starters must have a good bench also

  • Henry Greene
    Henry Greene 3 months ago

    Glad they got rid of ball

  • the David and Jason  show

    That would be a good trade Kyrie going to the Lakers LeBron James in him a good together but I'll miss him because I am a Boston Celtics fan but I wish them all the best and I hope he's happy wherever he goes I miss you buddy good luck

  • John Raven
    John Raven 3 months ago

    That would be good

  • Carol ramos
    Carol ramos 3 months ago +1

    finaaally pro lakers again

  • Carol ramos
    Carol ramos 3 months ago +1

    finaaally pro lakers again

  • Allan Escabusa
    Allan Escabusa 3 months ago +1

    Sign up all Superstars... Let's GO!!!

  • Pat Franklin
    Pat Franklin 3 months ago

    I heard Mr Pringle is gonna join the Lakers

  • Malachi Johnson
    Malachi Johnson 3 months ago


  • Isaac Taylor
    Isaac Taylor 3 months ago +3

    Lakers could win next year!

  • Andrew Rochlaeu
    Andrew Rochlaeu 3 months ago +1

    Trump is teaming with LeBron, sources say.

  • Osuntuyi Michael
    Osuntuyi Michael 3 months ago +3

    Lakers will become the city of champions 😎

  • Cyd Li
    Cyd Li 3 months ago

    Manny Paquiao Join To Lakers 😆😆✌✌

  • Jhyacee Cortez
    Jhyacee Cortez 3 months ago

    Thompson foe last pick

  • Jhyacee Cortez
    Jhyacee Cortez 3 months ago

    Lol.... kyrie irving now you realize you need king james at your career.....

  • Christian Peter Philipsen

    This fanbase is just Lakers fans

  • Memer Geralla
    Memer Geralla 3 months ago +1

    LeBron James Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis Lakers championship let’s go

  • Dennis Miller
    Dennis Miller 3 months ago

    ahhh man!!!!!!! yes suhhhh

  • MosMoneyENT
    MosMoneyENT 3 months ago


  • Zach Paymyloan
    Zach Paymyloan 3 months ago

    “Sick League...” - Ryan Whitney

    MONTENEGRO Land 3 months ago

    After KD injury he has to come to the lakers

  • Boss Hog Zoomer
    Boss Hog Zoomer 3 months ago +6

    Kyrie is crazy if he doesn't go to LA

  • The OverLord
    The OverLord 3 months ago


    WWF SUPREME 3 months ago

    Sources say that the whole nba is joining the lakers

  • tommy RTE
    tommy RTE 3 months ago

    RIP cavs

  • Michael Adolfo
    Michael Adolfo 3 months ago +2

    Klay left the GOLDEN STATE
    Klay Thompson joined the lakers

  • Elroy Hatchett
    Elroy Hatchett 3 months ago +2

    I like the Lakers lineup......they should give a chance and get the chemistry.......could be an awesome team

  • Kanards Tenoso medilo
    Kanards Tenoso medilo 3 months ago

    Can i join the lakers too? my pen willing to sign.. hahaha

  • Jun Paguio
    Jun Paguio 3 months ago

    Pacquiao also trade to team up with lebron

  • Justin Farmer
    Justin Farmer 3 months ago

    .Imagine Kyrie with golden state🤔

  • allen lepon
    allen lepon 3 months ago

    Kyrie is a puppet

  • The University squad
    The University squad 3 months ago

    Good job Kyrie Because

  • Rapha Alpha 12
    Rapha Alpha 12 3 months ago +3

    What if, Bradley Beal, Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis go to Lakers.... Hmmm

  • Cliff Lawrence
    Cliff Lawrence 3 months ago

    He would be Good for the Lakers but I don't think this is the smartest thing he could do

  • Ellen Palomado
    Ellen Palomado 3 months ago

    Anthony Davis is the missing piece for lala-land

  • Ellen Palomado
    Ellen Palomado 3 months ago

    klay won't sign with 'em

  • John Petite
    John Petite 3 months ago

    Mga uhaw magchampion😝putek

  • deronah casiano
    deronah casiano 3 months ago

    pikeeeee nanaman.. papansin ka lang

  • juan swopes
    juan swopes 3 months ago


  • Christopher Blasingim
    Christopher Blasingim 3 months ago

    Free to

  • Riza Asuncion
    Riza Asuncion 3 months ago +1

    Michael Jordan and black mamba join Lakers too

  • Antonio Leos
    Antonio Leos 3 months ago

    Cause kawai wants to go to California and play but nobody sees him joining the warriors if kd leaves gust me

    JENIFER MINGGITO 3 months ago

    Recruit mj too.

  • Ruler 7
    Ruler 7 3 months ago

    Every team has a last second shooter, is Lebron still that guy ?

  • jerome8823
    jerome8823 3 months ago

    Another one "to be blamed" by Lebron James if necessary.. 😂😂