Upcoming Cryptocurrency Events (end of June) - VeChain, Stratis, AppCoins, Wanchain, Ambrosus, Omise

  • Опубликовано: 7 июн 2018
  • Upcoming Cryptocurrency Events (end of June) - VeChain, Stratis, AppCoins, Wanchain, Ambrosus, Omise
    26-28th of June
    TRON (TRX): Super representatives for the Tron mainnet will be elected (26th)
    Mooncoin (MOON): hard-forking to a new codebase (27th)
    OAX (OAX): openANX (OAX) prototype release (28th)
    Gulden (NLG): PoW² launch (28th)
    at the end of June
    VeChain (VEN): Testing & Code Open, Mainnet Launch and THOR staking
    OmiseGO (OMG): Honte update (network preparation for plasma)
    Ethereum Classic (ETC): Emerald Wallet release
    Zcash (ZEC): Network Upgrade 0 (making future network upgrades safer)
    ICON (ICX): ICX/ETH Decentralized exchange launch
    Dent (DENT): DENT Exchange trading desk webapp launch, Launch Korean operators and first mobile virtual network operator partners, mobile prepaid top-ups
    Lisk (LSK): Custom tokens & dApp registration
    Pundi X (NPXS): Expanding To Markets (Canadian , US market)
    eBoost (EBST): new exchange listings
    DigiByte (DGB): listing on Artis Turba exchange
    Stratis (STRAT): Full Node Mainnet Beta, The Breeze Wallet with Privacy Protocol release, Academy Courses
    Telcoin (TEL): expansion to 10 Mobile Networks and Mobile Money Transfers
    Verge (XVG): Verge social network release
    NaPoleonX (NPX): recieving a receive an asset management licence
    DIMCOIN (DIM): HYBSE (hybrid stock exchange) listing
    XGOX (XGOX): Coin Burn (Approx. 75% of coins)
    Blockport (BPT): Blockport 1.0 full release and 2.0 beta release
    HTMLCOIN (HTML): Poma project release (free webshop for companies, and freelancers)
    FunFair (FUN): Gambling License in the UK, Malta and Gibraltar and publishing API Docs
    WAX (WAX): delegated proof of stake implementation
    Dash (DASH): Dash Evolution v1 on main network (a lot of upgrades)
    SALT (SALT): Launch of Credit Cards
    Espers (ESP): Xnodes, Sidechains and Mailing System
    CampusCoin (CMPCO): Beta Launch, proof of stake implementation and new exchange listing
    Zilliqa (ZIL): Testnet v2.0 release
    AppCoins (APPC): Rollout of AppCoins on Aptoide App Store
    WaBi (WABI): Walimai Masternodes, Mobile App Launch V3
    Matchpool (GUP): Match making Japan and new partnership
    Ontology (ONT): Mainnet release
    DigitalNote (XDN): Extra layer of security, scalability and resistance update
    Wanchain (WAN): Wanchain 2.0 - Integration with Ethereum and Multi-Coin Wallet
    ETHLend (LEND): Bitcoin lending added to DAPP, discounts, penalties and refinancing
    Simple Token (OST): ostWALLET
    Credits (CS): Mainnet Launch
    DeepBrain Chain (DBC): integration of DBC AI Testnet with blockchain, Alpha+Beta Reward System, Testing DBC Network, and partnerships
    QLINK (QLC): Q2 Product Releases (SMS/Wi-Fi SDK, mobile date and content distribution MVP)
    HempCoin (THC): Masternodes & Hard Fork
    Elixir (ELIX): Mobile App Beta Test
    High Performance Blockchain (HPB): HPB MainNet Release(v1.1)
    Metaverse ETP (ETP): Hardfork
    QASH (QASH): Official LIQUID Launch
    Phore (PHR): Segwit Launch
    Vsync (VSX): ad campaign and listing on exchanges
    Selfkey (KEY): Integration work beginning and re-use of KYC Components
    Dragonchain (DRGN): commercialised dashboard
    LBRY Credits (LBC): A Coinbase Buy Widget in the LBRY app
    InvestFeed (IFT): FEED Token Rollout, Exchange Intergration, Trending Assets Signals
    Radium (RADS), Stratis (STRAT): switch to Stratis codebase
    Crypterium (CRPT): Mobile App Launch
    Monetha (MTH): Public App Release
    Lamden (TAU): clove BETA Launch (atomic swaps) and Whitepaper Addendum
    ReddCoin (RDD): websockets, wallet, tracking webpage and creation of the foundation
    Ontology (ONT): Test Network Launch, Ontology distributed identity framework (ONT ID) and Verifiable claim protocol release
    ELTCOIN (ELTCOIN): new exchange, wallet and beta programme launch
    LoMoCoin (LMC): Wallet, Explorer Upgrade and fiat pairing
    EOS (EOS): Everipedia IQ token airdrop
    Stakenet (XSN): StakeNet Lightning Update, Segwit and launch of StakeNet.io
    Aigang (AIX): MVP development v2.0.
    MediBloc (MED): MediBloc Platform Alpha
    Enigma (ENG): Testnet launch
    Ambrosus (AMB): Marketplace Launch
    Pure (PURE): Puredex.io launch, platforms for Pure and atomic swaps
    Flixxo (FLIXX): Platform Launch
    Lunyr (LUN): Iphone and Android App
    SyncFab (MFG): Unsold Token Burn Phase 1
    FunFair (FUN): Games Developer annouced, First Operator, Original Slot Games
    Arcblock (ABT): Launch the first decentralized consumer application
    Aeternity (AE): Mainnet launch
    WePower (WPR): Breeze v1 public release
    CargoX (CXO): Smart Bill of Lading dApp

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  • Jamaal Gill
    Jamaal Gill Месяц назад

    Digipulse’s (DGPT) completed platform is set to be released July 1st with a 30-day free trial. Definitely something to look out for as we get closer to SEC regulation, which will lead more investors to the crypto market.

    ETN ETN Месяц назад

    Love Appcoins, hope these guys will achieve mass adoption! Another promising project is bezant, would be nice if you could make a review

  • Luca Mehrow
    Luca Mehrow Месяц назад

    You should look in to $GCC . It has a lot of things coming up for it on coinmarketcal!
    It's only on cryptopia yet with a 4 million MC.
    Dedicated team of around 20 people.
    Whitepaper released last week and also in the whitepaper masternodes where announced.
    The exact amount needed for a masternode will be released this week or next week.
    Also iOS and Android wallet this month.
    Let me know what you think if you decide to check it out!

  • MDemZ
    MDemZ Месяц назад

    How many tokens for vechain node

  • FrankenFoods
    FrankenFoods Месяц назад

    Good Coverage, so many things happening in the space. Seems like the tech is starting to catch up to prices.

  • Tim Kuefer
    Tim Kuefer Месяц назад

    OAX is actually pretty under the radar IMO. Its trading on Binance lmao. Will be a good DEX on ZRX!