Heaven's Window - Peter Kater

  • Published on Mar 3, 2015
  • Elements Series: Etheria by Peter Kater
    Song: Heaven's Window
    Thank you for watching ♥

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    God looks into ur Heart open it lkes open Windows in Heaven Tkx and Glory to God Amen and Amen

  • jorge ulpiano vasquez morales

    excelente muy relajante .... excelente pieza para conectarse a la tranquilidad.

  • Denis Ramsey
    Denis Ramsey 4 days ago

    beautiful and emotional we have many lives and many guides love peace and distant healing to all who need and except this thank you

  • Anneke Chardon
    Anneke Chardon 4 days ago +1

    Deze muziek raakt me diep in mijn hart.

  • Robert Ras Groeten uit Rotterdam

    Dit raakt mijn hart! Zo fijn gevoel........................

  • PJ Shel-Touzinsky
    PJ Shel-Touzinsky 4 days ago

    A song for one of my clients that was so dear, may she rest in peace! She was such a breath of fresh aire, and dear to chat with about our different generational times. Bless her family, and may she have met with her mate from yonder years. bless bunny!

  • Pierre BASQUIN
    Pierre BASQUIN 4 days ago

    L'harmonie est Lumière, la Lumière est une harmonie qui enfante les sons, nous sommes ce temple relié à la cathédrale céleste.

  • Andrei Bondarenko
    Andrei Bondarenko 5 days ago

    we are here not for long ...

  • Gimena Garcia
    Gimena Garcia 6 days ago +1


  • Manuela Rosso
    Manuela Rosso 6 days ago +1

    Musica bellissima che entra nell'anima...

  • Tera Mangala Meditation Music

    Rather than rowing your own boat, take action by setting your sails and stepping into the wind.
    Sail on

    ALESSANDRO MARCHINI 8 days ago +1


  • L o T o
    L o T o 8 days ago

    Gracias... Escucharlo me hace SENTIR en lo más profundo de mis emociones..♥️
    Namaste 🙏

  • cosmic voyager
    cosmic voyager 8 days ago +8

    We are apart of EVERYTHING that ever was, that now is and ever more shall be. We are all connected. 💫

    • Andrei Bondarenko
      Andrei Bondarenko 5 days ago +1

      We are A PART of EVERYTHING that ever was, that now is and ever more shall be. We are all connected.

  • Stephanie Noirot
    Stephanie Noirot 9 days ago


  • Tony H
    Tony H 10 days ago +1

    there was a song years ago called i am the great pretender i never realised
    that one day i too would be a great pretender my lovely june died 10 years ago this year my children and my 14 grand children 9 great grand children think i'm a great guy and the life and soul of the party, they don't know and will never know i am in fact the saddest person they know

    • Tony H
      Tony H 4 days ago

      @Forget Family ....hello you! kind words thank you....tony H

    • Forget Family
      Forget Family 4 days ago

      :) Find the love inside you and remember the sweetest times in your life. Your soul aches now but you're deepest desires will come true. Love all around you and forgive and let go of the pain.

  • Palm Tree Delights
    Palm Tree Delights 11 days ago

    God oh God why must you do this to me? Have I done something to anger u? Please let me change for my own good.

  • Cards nMe85
    Cards nMe85 11 days ago

    Can some1 please tell me what the lyrics of the choir are? it would be very much appreciated🙏
    I'm not sure but it sounds like. "...I will stay...."

  • Al ma
    Al ma 12 days ago +1

    Jesus is the way, the truth and the life

  • linpiao111
    linpiao111 12 days ago +2

    My granddaughter died a week ago, this is beautiful music

  • Monika Zeun
    Monika Zeun 12 days ago +2

    I like 🙏🕉🙏💞

  • Jose Antonio
    Jose Antonio 14 days ago +2

    Maravillosa melodía que eleva mi alma a lo más alto ... hasta el infinito, donde los ángeles vuelan cantando a mi alrededor !!.

  • CJ Godley
    CJ Godley 17 days ago

    Singers are saying 'Agnus Dei' = Lamb of God. Which is Jesus, Son of the Living God.
    Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy upon us.
    Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy upon us.
    Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, grant us peace.

    Know Jesus = Know peace No Jesus = No peace

    (only thing I will say is image appears to be of St. Michael the Archangel/angels, when they are singing about Jesus. correct this and the video will be right!)

  • Claudia Bejarano Arias


  • Nancy S
    Nancy S 19 days ago

    There is a solo oboist playing in this piece as well as the "Water Ballet." Many people may not recognize the sound, but that is part of the emotional content. They should give a name.

  • de cura Música
    de cura Música 21 day ago

    It's good music

  • Only Music Dream
    Only Music Dream 21 day ago

    Fantastic music..!!
    Congratulations .

    JAMES THOMSON 22 days ago

    god bless dad

  • luis marrero
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  • Weird.Cookie :P
    Weird.Cookie :P 22 days ago +1

    I heard this somewhere. It took years, but I finally found it. Thank you.

  • Zebra
    Zebra 22 days ago


  • katrina browne
    katrina browne 23 days ago +2

    Most beautiful.
    As I meditate to this my room is filled with angelic golden light.the energy begin to circulate around me and the highest vibrational feeling of oneness. Love enters my heart centre.

  • animal16365
    animal16365 23 days ago +3

    I imagine when I hear this music. It plays when a person has come to there end. Not when they die but when everything collapses both physically and mentally. And as there lying there. The Lord Jesus comes and sits down and cradles them. He cradles them as a parent cradles there child. For the love of our father knows no bounds and his grace if we are willing to accept it. Will make us stronger.

    • katrina browne
      katrina browne 22 days ago

      During a recent healing of a soul crossing over I was so blessed to witness the part of life that so many fear but is extremely beautiful.
      The death occurred.the body froze and yet the soul light up gold like no light ever on this world.
      2 beings assisted the soul to disconnect and the family ancestors in the hundreds were there to meet .
      And they all walked off like flowing angels.
      It's was beautiful.
      Death is another experience we are taught to fear.there us no heaven and he'll
      There is light

  • Kanchan Singh
    Kanchan Singh 23 days ago +1

    It is Beautiful music 😴😴

  • Claire Garrett
    Claire Garrett 24 days ago +2

    Found this when searching the net for something calming to help with the passing of my Mother-in-law. I also cried reading the comments and yes there are still souls that feel and care for others even if they are few and far between. Peter Kater this video composition is absolutely beautiful and has helped me enormously deal with the loss of my fiancéés Mother. Peter it has helped me by putting in my head that this is how it will be when Ii have passed - sounds selfish - but I have always been scared of dying. Thank you for helping people manage their losses with you inspiring and incredible sensitivity you video is AMAZING. You have a huge heart. God Bless you - thank you x

  • Laia Molet
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  • S.
    S. 26 days ago


  • Carmen Lehnert
    Carmen Lehnert 26 days ago +4

    Beautiful music from heaven that touches everybody soul in a special way💖

  • Divine Energy Love
    Divine Energy Love 28 days ago +1

    Love Light Harmony

  • Luz Breezy
    Luz Breezy 28 days ago +1

    Thank you for sharing this loveliness. May we all Be Happy Be Peaceful Be Liberated

  • richard quick
    richard quick Month ago +1

    this is logical in what i am saying.. a man appears like out of Norway with gifted charms like hes the answer for all people. there is no guru on earth folks. the music is beautiful but deceiving , why do this to the people of earth?.
    you can use your magical music on mars.. . oc blue eye imposter

      RUSSIAN ROBOT 26 days ago +1

      INCORRECT. The music is beautiful and if the video is not to your taste, then listen but do not watch. Pretty simple.

  • Bruno Santoro Epic Music

    Beautiful Music, God bless you...All!

  • Sanghamitra Pal
    Sanghamitra Pal Month ago +2

    reminds of thy loved ones who are deceased

  • AnayaMusic Kunst
    AnayaMusic Kunst Month ago +2

    Dear Peter i enjoyed very much your Heaven side. It is so touchimg and really beautiful.❤️Anaya

  • Jeimi Cato
    Jeimi Cato Month ago +2

    I live in a house filled with 10 women. I shove my ear buds in my ears and have my own piece of heaven which takes me away from all the drama and dysfunction that projects in the negative energy around me. therefore this music keeps me safe In my own little bubble. peace love light. thank you.

  • Les Naturales
    Les Naturales Month ago +1

    We are just a cloud in the sky!

    WORLD PLANET Month ago +2


  • Luna B
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  • Betty Aguirre
    Betty Aguirre Month ago +1

    Gracias ❤️

  • Amor - Positividade
    Amor - Positividade Month ago +2

    Gratidão infinita 🙏🌳🌹 paz luz e amor ❤

  • M.E. Cornelis
    M.E. Cornelis Month ago +1

    Stunning ,,exept...Boeddha???

  • Manash Baruah
    Manash Baruah Month ago +2

    Which language is this..??I can't understand the lyrics..

  • Solange Holme
    Solange Holme Month ago +5

    • "Janela do céu" •
    A ternura nos coloca debruçada em uma das muitas olhando o tempo passar...
    •ᔕᔕ ઈᎧɭaຖɠᏋ அᎧɭ൯Ꮛ ᔕᔕ•

  • Stella Kristo
    Stella Kristo Month ago +1

    Beautiful music

  • valariesusan52
    valariesusan52 Month ago +1

    Beautiful.I cried with Joy

  • Robert Hartley
    Robert Hartley Month ago +2

    Angel Blessings , So Angelic, Much LOVE.................

  • marlene west
    marlene west Month ago +1

    Beautiful! www.inricristo.org.br

  • David S
    David S Month ago +2

    This came on during a mix while I was writing a paper...aaaand now I'm crying. What an absolutely wonderful piece of music. I'm both happy and sad, I can't even describe it.

    • Ronald Hill
      Ronald Hill 22 days ago +1

      you have touched on the lightlight

  • Elena Posoxina
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  • Sunna Oksala
    Sunna Oksala Month ago +1

    Samuli my heartlove soul, i allways allways miss you. You died 22.3.2017 and i was near death. I Asked why, why me. I know now. Samuli you wouldnt stand it, this horrible pain. You wouldnt never stand it. That why i accept this, you saved from this pain. This pain it is longful, deep and neverending