Top 15 Scary Teacher Stories

  • Published on May 14, 2019
  • Narrated by Chills:
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    In this top 15 list, we look at scary Reddit stories involving some pretty bad teachers. While everyone has been taught by at least one kooky person, at least they didn't do the things these teachers did. Enjoy our analysis of these entries.
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  • Top15s
    Top15s  7 months ago +285

    *This video was narrated by Chills.*

    • Kasha hawthorne Hawthorne
      Kasha hawthorne Hawthorne 3 months ago

      Top15s what movie is that. On #2 where the teacher grabs the student and she almost cries. Plz lmk ty

    • The rc Guy
      The rc Guy 3 months ago

      11 waterboy

    • GamerTheGalera loves mcsm
      GamerTheGalera loves mcsm 3 months ago

      Licky rock

    • Fred Pepe
      Fred Pepe 3 months ago

      Chills and I know this may sound creepy, but it’s true, when you narrate the video you make it sound cool, you really do a great job, never stop being great

    • Parallel Lines
      Parallel Lines 6 months ago

      We know

  • Colorful Guy
    Colorful Guy 2 hours ago

    I call big oof moments

  • Bob Johanson
    Bob Johanson 18 hours ago

    My 4th grade teacher kidnapped a kid and tied him to a chair and beat him. Kid jumped out window to escape.
    My 8th grade teacher murdered a teenager and ate his genitals.
    Also went to college with a serial killer.
    I ain't afraid of these teachers.

  • Mr Moe
    Mr Moe 20 days ago

    In my country Saudi Arabia if teacher harass us we all gather up and beat the creap out and call the police

  • Abby Jennings
    Abby Jennings 22 days ago

    6th grade math teacher was Ubsesed with touching my shoulder and gingimg me parts either on the head or shoulder and even said I was acting like his daughter witch was kinda creepy.... And he ended up asking me if I had anxiety which was true... But it thought I never showed it.

  • Muresan Constantin
    Muresan Constantin 26 days ago


  • Piggy Pug
    Piggy Pug Month ago

    If it wasn't for his narration, I would be fine..

    But no, I watched this now I'm terrified..

  • Gaming with Pro killer

    2:34 the rock andy griffith. 🤣

  • Irene Cvietkovich
    Irene Cvietkovich Month ago

    I've had a manager lie about me I wish I went to hr because she was an idiot

  • alistor hazbin hotel

    I tell them that my mind is already broken any manipulation will end in failurethen I tell them to have a nice day with the creepy look on my face and smile and walk off walk more like skipping off

  • khajiit
    khajiit Month ago

    3:15 that 12 tho

  • tazzman bees
    tazzman bees 2 months ago

    Just out of curiosity why are the letters and numbers in the video backwards thank you

  • joel Nava
    joel Nava 2 months ago

    3:16 number 21 you mean?

  • Gocolas
    Gocolas 2 months ago +1

    A female Hispanic teacher at my school opened the door because I was locked out and said “go in my love” in a very deep accent
    It was very uncomfortable

  • Gocolas
    Gocolas 2 months ago +1

    Andrew Lincoln without a beard really does look like a teacher

  • judy Radin
    judy Radin 2 months ago

    I had 8

  • in h
    in h 2 months ago

    Dumb question but what movie is that at 7:32?

  • Ryan Oglesby
    Ryan Oglesby 2 months ago

    This kid sounds like a speaker from wish

  • Jordan Jardine
    Jordan Jardine 3 months ago

    I had a similar situation about the kid who's teacher said he never turned in his work. I had one do the same to me. Saying I never did my work or turned it in. So my mom had my sister turn it in at the beginning of of the day. A week goes by and the teacher still said I haven't turned any work in. Once my mom realized she had it in for me. She pulled me and my sister out of the school. And to this day I hate that teacher. Oddly enough her husband is a local sheriff. He's very nice and respectful.

  • Mari Acosta
    Mari Acosta 3 months ago

    3:17 umm......

  • RMC
    RMC 3 months ago

    that name on "bkackwards" #12 john doe was a hacker on robox it did happen on 2017

  • Andrewtheantivirus
    Andrewtheantivirus 3 months ago

    12 scares me.

  • Jessie Avina
    Jessie Avina 3 months ago

    You put the 12 weird

  • p a n p a n p e a c h y

    Jianhao tan 1:30 who subscribed

  • New Bubbachan
    New Bubbachan 3 months ago

    Number 12 is messed up

  • Biglo 48
    Biglo 48 3 months ago

    it’s is illegal for teachers to keep you after the bell.

  • jorge Rodrguez
    jorge Rodrguez 3 months ago

    In 8th grade i had typing yeah wayback inthe day 1st period. He would have chalk in the growing area and play pocket pool during leture.And when he wasn't in his pocket he would be in the corner of his desk rocking back and forth rubbing his croch. Nothing was ever done and he was a teacher for many years. Mr. FEALDSTEAD I WILL NERVER FORGET!!

  • Ollygoldenore
    Ollygoldenore 3 months ago

    Does anyone realise that number 12 is upside down and back to front

  • Usernames 1337
    Usernames 1337 3 months ago +2

    Yea the files just john doe from roblox

  • Cheyenne Buckman
    Cheyenne Buckman 3 months ago

    What movie is that with the blonde teacher and that brunette student?

  • Nick The Noob
    Nick The Noob 3 months ago +1

    am i the only one who saw this? but the number 12 was backwards

  • cool fun things
    cool fun things 3 months ago

    i rather have suger rocks XD LOL witch is soled suger sticks

  • cool fun things
    cool fun things 3 months ago

    the licky rock XD

  • YellowBirb
    YellowBirb 3 months ago

    6:50 wtf is this footage

  • Blackbutlerfan UWU
    Blackbutlerfan UWU 3 months ago

    I have a really creepy caretaker who once kissed me... I absolutely hate him..

  • banana butt cream
    banana butt cream 3 months ago

    12 was backwards

  • Vampire King
    Vampire King 3 months ago

    I’m happy me and my teachers are friends and it was not in a creepy way like we would just talk during classes

  • sushi-chan kawaii
    sushi-chan kawaii 4 months ago

    I'm kind of a bit scared because summer is about to be over...I hope my new teachers won't be like dis

  • Ms. M's World
    Ms. M's World 4 months ago +1

    So the student never told her parents that she was locked in the classroom?

  • Ayaan Noabu
    Ayaan Noabu 4 months ago

    The amount of rick grimes in this video 😂

  • Ultra Knight
    Ultra Knight 4 months ago

    Are these stories real?

  • Rylan Heff
    Rylan Heff 4 months ago

    Is that Steve Carell 6:35

  • Derpy Pac-Man
    Derpy Pac-Man 4 months ago

    “...whose antics will curl your toes.”
    Also, did anyone else notice that the 12 was backwards? Please tell me if that was intentional or not.

  • Totenkopf ßänß
    Totenkopf ßänß 4 months ago

    The story of teacher hating kid because he hates his father hits close to home. I had one teacher like that, she disliked me because she disliked my mother.

  • GoNz0r3tUrNs
    GoNz0r3tUrNs 4 months ago

    Have you ever listened to your own videos? New narrator please!

  • Kim Keziah
    Kim Keziah 4 months ago

    Are we gonna ignore that the file said John doe?

  • Napoo V1
    Napoo V1 4 months ago

    #2 lowkey ain’t that creepy

  • Rachel Kern
    Rachel Kern 4 months ago

    His voice makes it so much creepier

  • AstronauX
    AstronauX 4 months ago +1

    12 is backwards...

  • shark studio's
    shark studio's 4 months ago

    Why is number 12 backwards? That's kinda wierd 🤨

  • little_jilly_jelly
    little_jilly_jelly 4 months ago

    Haha! I heard #11 on Planet Dolan too! But none of the others sounded familiar

  • Charmander Bro Gaming
    Charmander Bro Gaming 4 months ago +1

    My friends moms old high school teacher once tried to throw a kid out of the second floor window

  • Fenrir
    Fenrir 4 months ago

    I had a creepy teacher in 5th grade he would call the female student's good baby's

  • Anime House
    Anime House 4 months ago

    After so many years...... He still sounds the same. Creepy and entertaining

  • SuperGirl Family
    SuperGirl Family 4 months ago

    3:16 the twelve is backwards

    Edit: I got a like! Wait does liking my own comment count?

  • Ghost_rider0915 T. Guy
    Ghost_rider0915 T. Guy 4 months ago +1

    I heard him laugh when he said mouths

  • Jersey Bound
    Jersey Bound 4 months ago

    i had a teacher throw out my assignments and finally when they found out nothing happened i got pulled from the class and held back a semester to re take the course. wtf school system.

  • Ava Johnson
    Ava Johnson 5 months ago +1

    actually snow is blue when there are shadows and if it's frosty and cold out :P

  • Jetwing
    Jetwing 5 months ago

    #16 I didn't see anything

  • Jetwing
    Jetwing 5 months ago

    I legit saw a ghost on #16