The way we think about charity is dead wrong | Dan Pallotta

  • Published on Mar 11, 2013
  • Activist and fundraiser Dan Pallotta calls out the double standard that drives our broken relationship to charities. Too many nonprofits, he says, are rewarded for how little they spend -- not for what they get done. Instead of equating frugality with morality, he asks us to start rewarding charities for their big goals and big accomplishments (even if that comes with big expenses). In this bold talk, he says: Let's change the way we think about changing the world.
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  • Rotary Club Of Great Neck

    Nailed it.

  • BADsMANs
    BADsMANs 6 days ago


  • Pamela Homeyer
    Pamela Homeyer 11 days ago

    Charities are mostly being held back because so many of them are crooked or used by Crooks to launder money when you fix that in which you will be able to advertise or use more for advertisement. It doesn't take much to taking to figure out how my mother's generation and my generation or discouraged by the Red Cross and some of the other problems that exist now like the Trump organization charity. Fix that and you'll fix your problem

  • Catherine S. Todd
    Catherine S. Todd 12 days ago

    Ask about what they have accomplished, not just "their dreams." Correct about overhead for bringing in more money, though. We just don't need 'overhead" to include limousines and private jets!"

  • Catherine S. Todd
    Catherine S. Todd 12 days ago

    Donating to breast cancer research is futile as long as cancer-causing agents were "grandfathered" in by the FDA into all our health and beauty products, including birth control pills, hair dye, makeup, underarm deodorants (aluminum right by your breast: any wonder why?) and more. And lobbyists for Revlon and more got their dangerous cancer-causing ingredients IGNORED. What a waste!

  • CoachellaValley CopWatch

  • Adha Ujang
    Adha Ujang 19 days ago

    As someone who works at a non profit sector, I understand this as much, and this is very saddening

  • boson96
    boson96 Month ago +3

    It's strange to see people demonise the most effective engine of prosperity aka capitalism. Socialism sounds good on paper but only capitalism has the skill and the will to solve the world's greatest problems.
    Sure it can go a little out of hand at times, but that's why we have checks and balances on the way.
    We should celebrate our entrepreneurs, because they are the only ones who are willing to risk it all for their dreams. Kudos to this man.

    • Alvin Lui
      Alvin Lui Month ago +1

      I couldn't agree more. Up till the last 20 years we looked up to people who were successful. Today that is demonized. But that makes sense, if young people strive to create and earn, they can't be manipulated to vote for socialism.

  • Arturo Ferrer
    Arturo Ferrer Month ago

    This is true when successful but money can be thrown in high salaries and advertisers of "my friend-relative" company as I saw in many ONG's

  • adventure informative videos

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  • George G. Smith
    George G. Smith Month ago

    Lutherangranrs ,com actually helped us with a grant of $250,000

  • Collective Change
    Collective Change 2 months ago

    Anyone recommend any feel-good charity videos?

  • Robert Pearce
    Robert Pearce 2 months ago

    Excellent talk. A lot of points in there about how we perhaps rethink how charity works.
    I am not without my reservations though, with my biggest one being the proportion spent on overheads: When a charity gets a donation from someone, it generally comes at the expense of a donation to another charity. So if you are going to increase the proportion you spend on overheads, and take donations away from charities with smaller overheads, then you should ensure that you are either inspiring new generosity where there was none before, or working that money harder to provide more results per dollar, so as to offset the loss to other charities. Not impossible, but I think important to consider.

  • Malcolm Berry
    Malcolm Berry 2 months ago

    Hands down the best TED talk I’ve seen thus far

  • yassin farid
    yassin farid 2 months ago +1

    This is one of my lovable TED talks of all time.

  • Siedah Robinson
    Siedah Robinson 3 months ago +1

    80% of the people in these comments missed the point. Bottom line: Nonprofits are limited in its effectiveness because systems are not set up to allow nonprofits to reinvest or compete for talent.

  • Mornieluvya lastname
    Mornieluvya lastname 3 months ago

    Let's put our money towards nonprofit organizations. For a greater purpose of loving humanitarian sakes. Your donations makes a differences. Live a life full of purpose, love and lights.😁👍I’d rather see a bigger nonprofit organizations then the other way around.😁 Thank you Ted.

  • Krista
    Krista 4 months ago


  • Ronar Prefect
    Ronar Prefect 4 months ago +1

    This talk completely missed the truth. Normal people don't give to charity because they don't have money to give to charity due to capitalist jerks like this one exploiting them so heavily by paying them so much less than their work is worth so they can profit off of the sweat of others. Normal people are struggling just to keep bills paid and are giving most of their money to necessities--the prices of which have been jacked up by the out-of-control government and "federal" reserve devaluing the currency and causing inflation while their wages don't go up commensurate with that inflation. This means that--even if the number of dollars they get paid went up a little--the actual buying power they receive from their jobs went down. Normal people--who might barely be able to spare something for a charity because of the shitheads stealing from them via low wages and the other shitheads stealing from them via the unconstitutional printing of our "money" by an international banking cartel called the "federal reserve" instead of by our congress--don't want any of that money going to people just like those shitheads. They want it going to the people they were actually trying to help. 70% overhead is too much. 30 or 40 percent of donations going to the actual cause is ridiculous. Finally, people who care enough to donate aren't doing it because of fucking advertising so a huge advertising budget doesn't actually make sense. If you want donations from normal people to go up--and that is where donations would mostly have to come from--then raise the wages of normal people to actual livable levels and stop robbing them of most of the value of their work just so some CEO can make several hundred million a year.

  • Robert St. Estephe
    Robert St. Estephe 4 months ago +1

    There not just two sectors: Market; Non-profit; Government. Non-profits in NYC are packed with people who are dedicated to Process and are against productivity, truth-telling, imaginative problem-solving, and thinking in general.

  • Dumitru Langham
    Dumitru Langham 4 months ago


  • Pody Mouths
    Pody Mouths 4 months ago

    We discuss what charities are good and which one's aren't and how to make an educated decision on this weeks episode of, Pody Mouths :

  • audsims16575
    audsims16575 4 months ago

    Calvinism will be the fall of America.

  • Rebekah Levy
    Rebekah Levy 4 months ago

    This is SO sad. Yes, it makes huge sense in our current mutational form of capitalism (which is only a form/bandwidth of consciousness concerning collectively-attributed "value" to things and to time)...but it completely skirts the enormous "elephant" crowding the room, which is capitalism itself, which is relentlessly commodifying EVERYTHING, now including generosity and lovingkindness. In the same way as our current president, who experiences politics as a mere series of deals to "win" at, while somebody else has to "lose." The minute we make CONSCIENCE (Intellect+EMOTIONAL consciousness) a commodity we label ourselves permanent adolescents who refuse to grow up ("Oh, the Market will make everything okay"--i.e., Mommy and Daddy will save us when we drive stoned and crash the car.). So this nice smart talk is just symptomatic of our collective hypnotic state IMO, while the REAL problem to solve--which needs much smarter minds--is how can we make ourselves into a truly sustainable species in which we ALL get to live decently if we put in a day's work...

  • Aleksandra Ratushniak
    Aleksandra Ratushniak 5 months ago

    Hello guys! Did you know that actiTIME is helping dozens of nonprofits around the world to manage time, projects and volunteers in the most efficient way? Check it out:

  • Hygge Musings
    Hygge Musings 5 months ago

    I am in road safety, if motorists failed to pay their parking fines or had a conviction, for speeding, would this be likely to be refused?

  • BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising

    This single video changed our way of thinking. The problem today is that charities act in a way that is completely counterproductive to their growth and especially their fundraising activities.

  • Pat Pollute
    Pat Pollute 5 months ago

    Charity Starts At Home Just donate directly..and CUT out the greedy management/administration.

  • Helen Alford
    Helen Alford 5 months ago

    I think he makes some great points but it assumes capitalism isn't problematic in the first place and can easily be applied to the charitable sector. For example, should any CEO be paid millions annually when it's workers (who put in 40 hours of hard work a week or more) are living hand to mouth? I suppose we expect that the CEO of a charity will show good standards.

  • Jerry VanNuys
    Jerry VanNuys 5 months ago

    When you start talking about "Overhead", I got it. It takes money to run any organization.
    But when you google the 1000 worst charities in america, they all use 99% to 100% of the donations received for "overhead".
    They justify this by claiming their mission is to bring "awareness" to the issue, and not actually rectify it.
    You've got to get almost 10,000 charities into the list before it breaks the 50/50 point between overhead to actual dispersion of money and materials.

  • Anon Mason
    Anon Mason 5 months ago

    Isn't this the CSI guy?

  • Angie Absten
    Angie Absten 5 months ago

    All fundraising should be how to detox our planet as that is the reason we are ill. Pharmacy & vaccines are sabotage & disease promotion due in part to pollution. Cholesterol, osteoporosis, steroids, antibiotics, psych drugs all chemicals are inflammatory as all artificial.

  • Calys Agora
    Calys Agora 5 months ago

    This talk could have been titled "Why socialism never works" xD

  • Hugh Moore
    Hugh Moore 6 months ago

    His numbers couldn't be right . . .
    If they were the infrastructure would not be in such horrible shape ! ! !

  • bigcapra
    bigcapra 6 months ago

    Lost me at "I'm Gay."

  • Bruce Jayasinghe
    Bruce Jayasinghe 6 months ago

    Great talk

  • Moussa Sarr
    Moussa Sarr 6 months ago

    Interesting. Here is a blog that is mostly about charity

  • Mark Stewart
    Mark Stewart 6 months ago

    Ah shucks, this dude is trying talk to the face of GREED economics that hides behind a Jesus mask. His proposal is brave and novel in its appeal to GREED. At best GREED allows the slightly less greedy do something, but why take the risk when Economic Eugenics is so close to completing its mission.

  • Just DO it DO it Now
    Just DO it DO it Now 6 months ago

    it is a beautiful thing! Congrats!

  • Rubina Merchant
    Rubina Merchant 6 months ago +1

    The way we think about charity is wrong because we don't actually understand the meaning of charity!!!
    Charity is every human beings duty and should be part of everyones daily life.
    No one should have to "ASK" for charity via fancy events and advertising. It should given daily (deeds, assistance, even a smile, money, goods etc) good deeds should not be boasted about, they should be done solely to obey and please our Creator and distributed and managed by 100% volunteers to the needy. An excellent example is The Edhi Foundation. Proof it can be done without overheads.

    • Hugh Moore
      Hugh Moore 6 months ago

      Right On Sister
      Excellent example of Karma . . . Also

  • Wahid Hage
    Wahid Hage 6 months ago

    Leadership in non profit, it's relevance and impact.

  • Wahid Hage
    Wahid Hage 6 months ago

    Another great piece.

  • John Dave
    John Dave 6 months ago

    If a charity spends 80% of the money on overhead in the first half of the year and brings in 10 times more money in the second half, wouldn't the overhead be lower than 10%?
    This guy here is probably trying to deceive us by encouraging us to not looking at the overhead. Because if it really brings in the money, the overhead would be relatively low due to the huge influx of donation money.

  • Boyde Greenaway
    Boyde Greenaway 7 months ago

    Practical ideas. What organizations are working on developing these ideas?

  • Nicola Shapiro
    Nicola Shapiro 7 months ago

    Here is an article about the personal benefits of charity



  • Tiffany M
    Tiffany M 7 months ago

    A charity is a business. We evaluate a business by its profit. That profit comes from strategic marketing and efficient distribution and low operational costs. But it also depends largely on producing quality goods and services. That guy who earns $50 million from a video game wouldn't make squat if that game didn't work or if he couldn't get it to market. I can't speak to Mr Pallotta's charities as I have never heard of either of them. But, I just binged watched several videos about the failed relief efforts in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake despite $1.4 billion in aid through charity. The larger charities were inefficient and ineffective. Several videos showed how the workers had expensive meals, lodging and cars while a year after the earthquake, tens of thousands of Haitians were still without clean water and restrooms.
    Show me that your charity is efficient. Show me that it is effective. Show me results! Do that and I'll show you my donation dollars.

  • firerabbit811
    firerabbit811 7 months ago

    Quality talk!

  • Scott Foradora
    Scott Foradora 9 months ago

    Umm naw

  • C C
    C C 9 months ago

  • 48 laws
    48 laws 9 months ago

    The Rockefeller Foundation. Rockefellers initial idea to set up a large-scale tax-exempt foundation occurred in 1901, but it was not until 1906 that his famous business and philanthropic advisor, Frederick Taylor. All of this while pending court decision to break up Standard Oil. They applied for a federal charter for the foundation in the US Senate in 1910( pay attention people here's where the dates are important and Tall telling) with at one stage John D Rockefeller even secretly meeting with President William Howard Taft, through the aegis of Senator Nelson Aldrich, to hammer out concessions. God dammit people do your fucking research. These people are instructed by lawyers and advisors in financieras 2 start so called nonprofit organizations. If bankers and lawyers to tell you to put your money in a foundation call it a non-profit and the laws of the land can't touch you then that is clearly money washing at its finest

  • Porschen Hund
    Porschen Hund 9 months ago

    Despite his eloquence, his proposal will only make situation worse. People don't trust charity because they are opaque. The donation people invested has never paid back when seeing problems persist if not deteriorate. and they always ask for more without declaring achievable, cost-efficient solution like all other for-profit startups. Historical records has shown most charity are incompetent and inefficient regardless their size. Charity is a dull, wasteful and failing model, and I would rather pay for-profit social enterprise like SpaceX, Tesla, Hyperloop to solve problem or pay higher tax because they don't wave the moral high flags to shame me when I try to watch TV after a long day.

  • Eric Tino
    Eric Tino 9 months ago

    please help me

  • Rob Schwartz
    Rob Schwartz 9 months ago

    Just give the people in need direct cash transfer no strings attached. They know what they need better than anyone else.

  • Vedas ForReal
    Vedas ForReal 10 months ago

    1. Making money under any non profit or NGO is a question of ethics specially if they are taking donation from people or organizations to run the NGOs. If the intent is to pocket money from Donner, it will raise concern. As a Donner, I want to see at least 92% -95% of my donation towards the cause and 5 -8% towards admin. If that because a low priority or not even in equation, why should any Donner pay. When charity takes money, they are are answerable to people whom they take money from.
    2nd - it is hard to differentiate who is truly working for a cause and who is using cause to put money in their pocket.
    See this CNN report about fraud in charities -
    3rd - If I take vedic view (e.g. Bhagavad Gita) / Spiritual recommendation from Gita - We need to ask what is the result of the charity work. If it results in more sense gratification vs focus on the purpose of life, from vedic science perspective it becomes a negative karma for all. It recommends to use all resources including intelligence, knowledge, money very wisely specially in this era where many cheaters are disguised as social workers, reformers, spiritual leaders , charity leaders etc.

  • We Not Me
    We Not Me 10 months ago

    Oh my goodness, this talk has changed my life!
    I have been ruminating for a long time about this issue, and I really needed someone to actually throw down like Dan Pallotta has done.
    Everything that we have ever learned about marketing, organisation, management and so on are all there, and should be available to us. It has always puzzled me why anyone can use it to do evil, and nobody says a word, yet the minute that you use it to do good, you are immediately denounced as a sell-out.
    We have made a cult of poverty, and a virtue of being handicapped. There was an old saying I remember as a teenage, "Why should the Devil have all the good music?" Well why should "the Devil", the Sociopaths in otherwords, have all the good technology?
    This has truly changed my life. I understand the cultural cringe that Dan explained, and I agree with his analysis. I believe that since we all seem to perfectly accepting of crass consumerism and rampant capitalism in the service of greed, we ought to be able to explain to people why it is essential that we avail ourselves of every tool available in service of humankind. And if we can't communicate that, then we are simply doing something wrong.
    I'm inspired! Thank you Dan!

  • Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling

    ABSOLUTELY DO NOT GIVE ANY MONEY TO CHARITY. Why? Until their accounts are FULLY transparent and VIEWABLE just like a limited company, ALL charity is a money pit for swindlers. For example:-
    BAD CHARITY:- Chairman or Executives have Mercedes, BMW or Audi company cars wasting tax payers money - when a Ford or Japanese Car would be half the cost and just as reliable.
    BAD CHARITY:- Adverts laden with famous people who 9 times out of 10 are paid loads for the advert. Also charities who BLANKET the TV with adverts. Spending money that could be used for good causes.
    BAD CHARITY:- A charity who keeps MILLIONS in the bank.
    BAD CHARITY:- A charity that does NOT disclose EVERY financial dealing and accounts.
    WORST OF ALL IS THE HIDDEN CON. When a council runs a tender for contract - it is PUBLICLY viewable on request. A Charity is not. So for example - you have a charity that needs transport. Lorries or Vans etc. You open the contract bidding. But you have a friend (or even your own company) in the transport business. So you give your friend insider information enabling him to gain the contract. At the same time, you increase the amount he gets paid, and at the same time he gives you untraceable money or assets as a thank you. NONE OF THIS IS VIEWABLE TO THE PUBLIC OR IS ACCOUNTABLE. And you could do the SAME rip off scam with Food and any other supplies. THERE ARE NO VAT OR TAX CHECKS MADE.
    Charities ARE rip offs. And do NOT fall for those 'websites' which say 96% of the charities money goes into good causes. As shown by the con above - it is very VERY easy to rip off charities for your own means.
    *Untill ALL the wages / company cars / perks of the top staff are made public - DO NOT GIVE. Until ALL contracts made for the charity are made public - DO NOT GIVE. Until charities are audited as STRICTLY as councils or limited companies - DO NOT GIVE.*

  • Blob Dragon
    Blob Dragon 11 months ago

    i think the problem is that people associate "overhead" with "corruption", they dont realise that ecuipmet is needed, manpower, growth, and of course advertising is needed for them to actually help people.

  • Chris ibarra
    Chris ibarra 11 months ago

    So how does my small nursing home raise money to get goods and services provided for the ones that can't get it themselves?
    What about the small markets?

  • Steven Busic
    Steven Busic 11 months ago

    And a lot of misconceptions about the industry

  • Steven Busic
    Steven Busic 11 months ago

    This explains the industry so well...

  • Anelisa Rwexu
    Anelisa Rwexu 11 months ago

    My name is also Anelisa 🙋🏾‍♀️

  • kath david
    kath david Year ago

    Mmmmm... Dont like this, dont like him.. he's a fraud... so good when you can spot them. Absolute bullshit.

  • navarra1969
    navarra1969 Year ago

    Good info. Solutions? Let's wait for the next talk...

  • Ahmet Bek- احمد بك برهان الدين

    watch waht happend wehn we went with resla to fayum🤤😱😰

  • brett bono
    brett bono Year ago +1

    charity is for poor people lol lol lol lol lol

  • Debbie Crouse
    Debbie Crouse Year ago

    Great talk that seems spot on to me. However, your suggestions are not actionable. We need to go after the organizations such as Charity Star and others who give the charity ratings. Yes, individuals can change but it will be much more effective if we could drive change through the influencers of giving.

  • Michael
    Michael Year ago +1

    I'm skint and living on jobseekers allowance, if anyone could help me with a little bit of money it would go a long way, please please please donate me some Bitcoin Cash so I can pull myself out of this vicious poverty cycle:

  • Al Garcia
    Al Garcia Year ago

  • Smutler
    Smutler Year ago

    Interesting but...
    Does advertising make the donation 'pie' bigger or just help that individual charity get a larger slice of existing pie (minus the advertising costs)?
    Here's an idea. How about 1 million bake sales raising the same size pie with 35% saving (24.85M) in overhead costs and spreading that 'magical feeling' around, and everyone who donates gets a cake? Works for me.
    Please do a follow up on the Clinton foundation, Red Cross and Haiti and how higher administrative costs would have improved the outcome for Haitians.
    "Philanthropy is the market for love", seriously? I thought that was the red light district, just ask Oxfam.

  • silvia cristina silva

    Carnival of Bahia full of violence

  • silvia cristina silva


  • Pranx
    Pranx Year ago

    The problem isn't that charity bosses are paid too little (they are paid too MUCH), but that the private sector allows people to be paid too much too. Some people being paid too much (whether in for-profit or non-profit jobs) is WHY there IS NEED in the first place. A BAD distribution of resources. This guy is a moron.

    JAY BATISTA Year ago

  • Toni Kemppainen
    Toni Kemppainen Year ago

    Charity should be mandatory in big business.

  • Mary Loch
    Mary Loch Year ago

    Betty-the Kidney:_ being born disabled + becoming disabled thru negligence of another person Are entirely different notions financially, when I refer to "Certain Expectations".

  • Work Coin
    Work Coin Year ago

    Hat's off, wonderful speech!

  • Ken Holec
    Ken Holec Year ago

    Very thought provoking and overall I really appreciate Dan Pallotta’s thinking in this video.
    I have always thought about what a disadvantage charities are at when it comes to attracting the best talent based on limited compensation opportunities. But I never really thought about the other macro goal that Dan talks about which is the scale of the money charities can raise and put to work being a primary goal. I am almost embarrassed about that. Current thinking about charities really does hold them back from huge potential for delivering goodness to society.
    However, my quandary with this perspective lies in the huge potential for abuse. In the business world, you have to strike a balance and accountably produce results for your customers, employees and investors, or your business fails. So you have lots of market pressures or eyes on how you operate. While this three way balance is not 100% perfect for accountability, it has proven to be very good and stood the test of time. In a charitable world as Dan describes, employees probably act similar to the business world and stay committed to the cause as long as their personal situation is fair and they see organizational success, so that could be one accountability pillar. But the balance gets tipped over as the “customers” would likely be pretty silent as they really cannot vote by going elsewhere, and also investors being highly accountable to their stakeholders would be very skeptical and probably take an awful long time to ramp up. Government is not a viable potential balance force either in my opinion as too many of them are very inefficient or even corrupt. An African charity which I helped raise a lot of money for, and the Haitian government are just a couple of thousands of examples.
    For Dan’s vision to become a reality at least one or hopefully two more market accountability forces in addition to employees would need to be brought into play. I am not sure what they would be at the moment. Hopefully others have some good ideas on this.

  • Cheryl Williams
    Cheryl Williams Year ago

    Totally changed what I think about charity fundraising!!! Thank you, Ted.

  • noruega gåte
    noruega gåte Year ago

    would be no need of charity, if this 3rd rock from the sun was "funking" 👍

  • Laurent Colli
    Laurent Colli Year ago

    Thank you very much for this amazing eye opener. It has inspired me to try to create a new "business/charity" model (25 years of experience in finance) in Switzerland where the laws are favorable for charity organisations. If it becomes alive I will definitely let you know and explain it to you, if you are interested of course.

  • veena
    veena Year ago

    Its a bit confusing. I stopped donating for big charities when I learned that their CEOs were earning millions of $$$. Unlike corporations, charities are not taxed.

  • Cattus Malum
    Cattus Malum Year ago

    Charities organizations are naught but professional beggers! There is no such things a free lunch! Jobs, tech solutions, researchs, investments... No charities! Ever! Not even leftover food!

  • Anime Lovers in Jordan

  • Eva V.
    Eva V. Year ago

    Great talk !!! Very educational! Love it !

  • maryjane a
    maryjane a Year ago

    please help the cause, even if you just read the story it'll be greatly appreciated :)

  • maryjane a
    maryjane a Year ago

    Please help the cause

  • Indrid Cold
    Indrid Cold Year ago

    I know a director of a charity that makes 750K a year. What is this idiot talking about?

  • Jamie Ashton
    Jamie Ashton Year ago

    A great Ted talk and I agree some changes do need to be made in the charitable sector and the way society thinks about charitable donating.

  • Matt Scrop
    Matt Scrop Year ago

    This is a very frustrating comment section. I encourage everyone to watch it again, because his point here felt very a-political and seemed to have lots of logic. For anyone saying that they would be upset if CEOs of non-profits were being payed large wages, you entirely missed the point of the video. He addresses this point very well! haha idk I trust the private sector to effectively solve problems more than I would some random department of government. With the private social entrepreneur groups they could be heavily financially incentivized and be more likely to want to solve the problem! Maybe I'm naive or off base, but I like what he's sayin here

  • Barcode ##
    Barcode ## Year ago

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  • Steven Williams
    Steven Williams Year ago

    This is a fantastic TED talk - accurate and really inspiring.

  • Ester ProCPD
    Ester ProCPD Year ago

    highly manipulative coming not from an expert. He talks about previous growth and on the other hand presents social problems as stagnant, what social/medical/other change did your growth achieve? the sad truth is that no organisation is motivated to actually solve problems, the ngos are making money as long as the 'cause' exists. People that donate money, are interested not in your growth and not in potential world peace promises, they want you to be humble, they want you to channel most of the money donated directly to what it was given for. And the way he is trying to make the audience guilty for all the people that lost their jobs.... hilarious

  • Taylor Oliphant
    Taylor Oliphant Year ago

    It's weird to me you want to emulate the for-profit sector which is the source of problems the charities are trying to fix. If the for-profit sector wasn't BS you wouldn't need charities cleaning up its mess constantly.

  • Louise Jones
    Louise Jones Year ago

  • MrMhtmht
    MrMhtmht Year ago +1

    Two problems with charity orginisations for Africa:
    a) Most people, as you say, only donate because they FEEL PITY and want to make themselves feel better
    b) These orginisations are directly responsible for:
    - Destroying the local infrasctructure by making it impossible for local farmers to make profit
    - Directly causing overpopulation, currently the african birth rate is 10 children per family
    - This causes starving children, because there is not enough food imported, and at the same time the importet food destroyed the local infrastructure
    - Massive overpopulation leads to starvation and therefore refugees fleeing the country, bringing unrest and diseases into other countries(as we see in europe atm)
    Conclusion: If you took the propaganda FEELINGS-pill from all the starving kids ads and donate to a charity organisation which intervenes in africa, you are simply dumb and should rethink before acting like a self centered fool.

  • Scott Ashley
    Scott Ashley Year ago

    You want to fix the world? Fix yourself and stop avoiding yourself be giving $ charity scams

  • Josué Maldonado
    Josué Maldonado Year ago

    This is just what I needed to hear and see.
    Dan, thanks for inspire us to dream and for show us a way to support those dreams.

  • sks mart
    sks mart Year ago

    if you want to charity go to this link ---->

  • Allen Ramon
    Allen Ramon Year ago +1

    #1 argument gay men give to those who hated them over the years is that 'ITS NATURE -I WAS BORN THAT WAY".
    kinda funny gay men find a logic to make it ok for them to have kids....UN NATURALLY !
    people are hypocrite and gay men have the biggest double standard wanting t have the cake and eat it. with kids and with their so called open relationships and on and on.
    hes not in a position to talk about double standards. people give when they get something back. people RUN for cancer only after it affected some people they know. its human !