Top 10 Controversial Commercials That Didn’t Get Banned

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
  • Anyone who thinks all publicity is good publicity has clearly not seen these commercials that somehow didn’t get banned. We’re looking at controversial adverts that somehow were allowed to go public, even if nearly all of these commercials were eventually and often quickly pulled from the air. We guess the TV censors were taking a day off. WatchMojo ranks the most insane commercials that somehow didn’t get banned. Are there any commercials you were surprised to see make it onto the airwaves? Let us know in the comments!
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Comments • 958

  • jeremy144713
    jeremy144713 9 hours ago

    I love how people get offended over race and if that race isn’t offended it’s okay all the PC snowflakes will get offended FOR YOU. The dove commercial was completely fine

  • Multi_Fandom_Queen
    Multi_Fandom_Queen 20 hours ago

    6:00 Baby soft - WHAT THE HELL AD IS THAT?!

  • Tulcey Lee
    Tulcey Lee Day ago

    James Dreyfus! God I love
    Him. Ok maybe not throwing fake kids at things

  • Slugger O Toole
    Slugger O Toole 2 days ago

    You Americans are FAR too sensitive

  • Luke Yacono
    Luke Yacono 2 days ago

    Who cares if they’re all black in the lineup? Mostly blacks go there

  • Luke Yacono
    Luke Yacono 2 days ago +2

    That first commercial isn’t racist

  • Dumby’s Stuff
    Dumby’s Stuff 3 days ago

    Rascism Bad

  • Darren & Elizabeth Moore


  • Skylar Klebold
    Skylar Klebold 5 days ago

    The Nationwide one was actually my favorite. So emotional and gut wrenching yet it puts out a simple message. That's what I like in a PSA. We don't get those in America anymore. Because people complain too much. But you see, reality is scary. Accidents and catastrophies do happen. We can't shelter ourselves from it forever. It's just inevitable.

  • turner pike
    turner pike 6 days ago

    I remember the mountain dew ad with the goat. It kinda did mess me up.

  • Peanut Butter
    Peanut Butter 6 days ago

    i honestly hate your voice

  • Tamiya Tyro
    Tamiya Tyro 6 days ago

    Liberals cry “racism” for everything. It’s about time we start telling them to sit down and SHUT UP!

  • Neutral 69
    Neutral 69 7 days ago +1

    That lemmings ad is like trump supporters.

  • Jena Sparks
    Jena Sparks 7 days ago

    “Offensive” isn’t the word I would use for some of these.. some of these are just sick or weird.

  • Kamfam Gordon
    Kamfam Gordon 8 days ago +3

    The lemmings thing scared the living daylight out of me I can’t sleep tonight

  • Dolphin Blue
    Dolphin Blue 9 days ago

    If my umbilical cord was still attached to my mom when she eats skittles, I would want her to give me a lime skittle for me to taste inside my stomach when its transfer to my mom and my umbilical cord but never she should never eat green apple skittles because that flavor is so gross it doesn't belong in Original Skittles package at all but you can get lime skittles in the Darkside Skittles package to get your lime flavor in them.

  • Curissa Deal
    Curissa Deal 9 days ago

    Jesus Christ #6 is weird who allowed that to happen?

  • melissa cortes
    melissa cortes 9 days ago

    Omg that Loves baby soft one... GROSS

  • Catty Krazy
    Catty Krazy 9 days ago

    The dove one isn’t racist, they’re using a commonly used transition

  • what the heck am I doing here

    I think the dove and was nice because even your Black, White or any color of your skin, your skin always be very smooth and plus you have confident that you can shine no matter what you made of.

  • Amarachi Ogoke
    Amarachi Ogoke 9 days ago +1

    I can't get over how white the woman in the Dove ad's teeth were. They are flawless

  • Happy Horse
    Happy Horse 10 days ago

    Lola is so gorgeous

  • Scotty-h
    Scotty-h 10 days ago +1

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with that dove ad, people are just overly sensitive and have to make everything about racism

  • Danus89
    Danus89 10 days ago +1

    Huh... Do Americans see rasism everywhere?

    • Luna Kelly
      Luna Kelly 10 days ago +1

      Pretty much. I've talked about my skin getting lighter because i haven't seen the sun in a while and I've been called racist by Americans.
      I'm Asian.

  • Envy Strife
    Envy Strife 10 days ago

    Why do you talk about a commercial then show a completely different commercial? It’s really annoying.

  • Lucia Jimenez
    Lucia Jimenez 11 days ago

    The skittles one is absolutly discusting

  • Joseph Schmoe
    Joseph Schmoe 11 days ago

    People who complain about the Dove ad really need to pull their heads out of their asses. After the black woman "becomes" white, the white woman "becomes" Latina. Seriously, why do SJWs cry about every fucking thing they see?

  • Nader Sabet
    Nader Sabet 12 days ago

    The fact that Tyler the Creator did that goat commercial makes it one of the best commercials lol

  • Emma Melton
    Emma Melton 12 days ago +7

    the felicia the goat ad wasn’t racist... it was created by a black man and it featured his own friends...

  • Bethany Hanna
    Bethany Hanna 13 days ago

    Supporting BLM was the problem with the Pepsi ad.

  • Tony Ruby
    Tony Ruby 13 days ago

    That test baby ad was hilarious

  • Natalie Moore
    Natalie Moore 13 days ago +1

    Some people are way too sensitive 😒

  • Jos Fault
    Jos Fault 13 days ago +7

    I think we just accidentaly kissed...

  • Joe Mills
    Joe Mills 13 days ago

    Oh My Lord and Lady. seriously, pple today are Butthurt WAY to easliy. Ive seen most of those and I took them as they were, pple need to learn that . not every thing is personal or racists, seriously. grow up pple. if you Snowflake butterflies had your way you would take away Americas RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH AND EXPRESTION. No I dont care if this puts yall panties in a twist. Grow up You idiots.

  • Olivia Roderick
    Olivia Roderick 14 days ago

    Honestly I vote to ban all Skittles commercials they're either sexual or just downright uncomfortable to watch I haven't seen one that didn't feel like a mini pornographic Acid trip

  • Davis O'Brien
    Davis O'Brien 14 days ago

    The groupon ad is atleast less insulting than the Tyffany Haddish ones,
    I don't wanna be yelled at, im trying to watch terraria tutorials

  • amalia guerrero
    amalia guerrero 14 days ago

    The Skittles comercial... WTF?!

  • Zachary Fleming
    Zachary Fleming 15 days ago

    That pepsi one didn't warrant all that outrage. Felt like people were projecting on that one. Couple of these were just the fact that the audience couldn't take a joke. Some just marketed to the audience and some was just weird. Very few offensive ones here

  • antonio zarate
    antonio zarate 15 days ago

    not a chubby and pasty fan, sorry love, wtf is Rebecca??

  • Nyktelios Sol
    Nyktelios Sol 15 days ago

    I think that the real problem behind those commercials is that everyone gets offended by anything these days. ITS A JOKE, it doesn't mean anything.

  • jennybean
    jennybean 16 days ago

    Loves Baby Soft was definitely made by pedos

  • Aubrey Bartlett
    Aubrey Bartlett 17 days ago

    That trans commercial was genious. And not offensive in any way. Its a fact transgender people have to spend money to get the surgerys they neeed. Its not like they are making fun them... eveeryone just needs to be less biased when it comes to entertainment and take it with a grain of salt. Unless it really is obviously offensive.

    • Aubrey Bartlett
      Aubrey Bartlett 17 days ago

      And omg the baby add????? Get over it. Its a fucking doll and just because it triggers uncomfortable feelings for some watchers that doesnt mean you can censor somes art

  • Wikeni
    Wikeni 18 days ago

    Wow that Love's Baby Soft one was disturbing

  • Lulu Louise
    Lulu Louise 18 days ago

    I had a bout of insomnia years ago and Those panda ads used to come on in the early morning. No believed me when I told them a company actually thought it was A good idea to air that lol.

  • yolanda Kikou
    yolanda Kikou 18 days ago


  • Kaylor And Khaos
    Kaylor And Khaos 18 days ago

    Loves Baby Soft ads were creepy even then!

  • SpikeTheWolf
    SpikeTheWolf 19 days ago

    Did that Japanese chick put him in the washer?

  • Gustavus Adolphus
    Gustavus Adolphus 19 days ago

    No Autism Speaks’ “I am Autism” ad in which having autistic people are explicitly compared to the modern version of Polio?

  • seanpat27
    seanpat27 19 days ago

    creepy ppl call ppl creepy ~

  • Lisa Bever
    Lisa Bever 19 days ago

    Commercials we're so much better before political correctness took over the world. Now everybody gets offended at every little thing

  • picknbeansmamma
    picknbeansmamma 20 days ago

    I guess it would've been ok if a "white" woman turned into a "dark" woman???

  • Jacob
    Jacob 21 day ago

    People honestly need to harden the fuck up and stop being a little bitch about things

  • Spooky Sammy
    Spooky Sammy 21 day ago

    People are just getting soft. Stupid snowflakes.

  • Ruby Winchester
    Ruby Winchester 22 days ago

    As someone who had a run in with a goat I feel qualified to say Goats are violent little shits

  • SilverArrow Gaming
    SilverArrow Gaming 22 days ago

    The irony of the last one for Apple is that their users are mindless drones these days 🤣🤣

  • Solomon McQueen
    Solomon McQueen 22 days ago

    Test baby was awesome.

  • Alicia Morgan
    Alicia Morgan 22 days ago

    Omg. The dove commercial was not racist. I'm so sick of these whiney SJWs

  • Heather Payne
    Heather Payne 22 days ago

    The Nationwide "dead kid" ad sucked all the oxygen out of our Superbowl party.

  • humnaset
    humnaset 22 days ago

    20 million subscribers, only 239k views in 5 days. Seems like most subscribers are ignoring the releases, like me.

  • Joanne Green
    Joanne Green 23 days ago

    Why have there been two ads in a video about ads. So poorly placed too

  • lauracrimson
    lauracrimson 23 days ago

    I kinda missed the Rape Whistle ad here, and the diet candy called Ayds

  • Christy Stewart
    Christy Stewart 23 days ago

    I think this would have worked better if we saw the entire ad or close to it without filler video.

  • Alexis Berry
    Alexis Berry 23 days ago +1

    Who the hell thinks blm is a good thing? They riot, kill ppl, destroy their own neighborhoods. Over justified justice. The police aren't your neglective parents. They don't have to coddle you; their job is to enforce the law and protect themselves and the non- criminal community.

  • Jak Bec
    Jak Bec 23 days ago

    The test baby was hilarious! Wtf?

  • bronlokis
    bronlokis 23 days ago

    oh the irony. nowadays, most apple fans are looked upon as lemmings.

  • Samantha Fisher
    Samantha Fisher 23 days ago +2

    People r so over sensitive

  • NintendoNerd4Life
    NintendoNerd4Life 23 days ago

    People that say black lives matter are racist. All lives matter

  • MrCookieMonster
    MrCookieMonster 23 days ago +5

    Putting the black man in the washer was by far the worst, and it only got a honorable mention...

  • manly man
    manly man 23 days ago

    she is fatter than her voice lets on.

  • Shawnee Séguin
    Shawnee Séguin 23 days ago


  • Open Minded
    Open Minded 23 days ago

    Wow ya Sales genie crazy racist

  • sklort mcfungus
    sklort mcfungus 24 days ago

    with the dove advert, i feel it would’ve been taken differently if it were an ad for like, tees from target. unfortunately, soap ads have had racist campaigns from the beginning which is prolly why people were too quick to judge the dove one.

  • Astro Punch
    Astro Punch 24 days ago +1

    I’m Asian and I still haven’t met anyone named Ling Ling

  • ssestakhch
    ssestakhch 24 days ago

    Every adult was once a child.

  • MforMovesets
    MforMovesets 24 days ago

    So transgenders have a problem with sexy transgenders? Or is the problem that she's played by a woman?! And that panda ad comes off like a Drawn Together joke. "Only black suspects" - what about the white guy right at the moment you said it at 9:57? I'm rather wondering what the goat did to traumatize her.