Korean Street Food - GIANT EEL Sashimi Hotpot Busan Seafood Korea

  • Published on Jun 22, 2019

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  • 강지원
    강지원 2 days ago

    으어 지린다

  • Yosafat Galih Mahendra

    Sharpen your knife, madafakah

  • hamam adzkia
    hamam adzkia 17 days ago +1

    dimana mana harus ada orang indo 😊

  • rajesh katta
    rajesh katta 18 days ago

    Says eels give shock in high voltages.. why no shock here ?

  • Travis JB
    Travis JB Month ago

    I wonder how traumatized or startled people would get if allasudden a butchers knife just sliced it's head at 1:20 lmao 😂

  • 毘にゃ門
    毘にゃ門 Month ago


  • 寺田下心
    寺田下心 Month ago


  • Jill Vlog
    Jill Vlog Month ago +1

    Tu est un gros caca

  • Jill Vlog
    Jill Vlog Month ago +1


  • Jill Vlog
    Jill Vlog Month ago +1


  • Aroldo Montt
    Aroldo Montt Month ago

    North Corea or South Corean food? Anyway congratulations

  • Usuario y tal
    Usuario y tal Month ago

    Joder, qué ganas de comer anguila me ha entrado.

  • Nel P
    Nel P Month ago +1

    11:51 pm good stuff!

  • المرعب Rd
    المرعب Rd Month ago

    يمكن راح اكل الانقليس هههه

  • IE B
    IE B Month ago

    No good 😡

  • Georges Axel Opely
    Georges Axel Opely Month ago

    Ces anguilles sont tres difficile à tuer

  • E.v Zhu
    E.v Zhu Month ago

    with towel fiber flavor

    MAYZE Month ago +1

    Este es el primer comentario en español

    DA RAMGOOD Month ago

    13:43 Oh dear... that can't be true... thats just too much wasabis... that will do a lot more than just stinging your nose out of the shit. You should add wasabis carefully by tasting it every time you add a bit. Or you burst to tears, both eyes and nose.

    DA RAMGOOD Month ago

    12:38 that's a sesame oil with salt in it. Koreans use it as a sause for any kind of barbecued stuff. It really adds a rich flavor to the dish. I'm so glad that at last there are things that I know a bit more.

    DA RAMGOOD Month ago +1

    Well, me being a Korean for decades, never knew we ate that snakey fish(don't know the name in English) as a sashimi. I recommend you guys eat them by barbecue. And if you guys get to have a chance to try them... please let me in... I haven't ate those for years...

    • PixellPython
      PixellPython 27 days ago

      K TM hi they’re called eels in English and, cool! What’s barbecued eel like? I live in an area where there isn’t really much quality seafood/fish, so I don’t think I’ll ever be able to try it :’ ) It looks really good tho!

  • GhostlierMars
    GhostlierMars Month ago

    Exquisito!!! 🤑

  • luca1 cricenti
    luca1 cricenti Month ago

    Almeno uccidila subito. Sta soffrendo perché possiate fare le riprese.😤😤😤😤

  • andika xspeed
    andika xspeed Month ago +1

    larak lain eta boss

  • Hakim Adda
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  • Phum Phong
    Phum Phong Month ago

    Is this the same species as the Japanese's eel ?

      DA RAMGOOD Month ago

      As far as I know both countries use that kind of eels

  • 슈프림이미지
    슈프림이미지 Month ago

    뱀장어가 아니라 붕장어네요.

  • ESTD Gaming
    ESTD Gaming Month ago +1

    Thats a cute eel 😢😢😢😢

  • Lillyen_ _Phoenix
    Lillyen_ _Phoenix Month ago +21

    Other people: Awww poor animals, how can you be so cruel to the animals!
    Most of us watching the vid: ohhhhhh that looks good I wonder if I can find that in my town?

  • 요리연구가대령숙수 3000가지요리강좌

    정력에 좋아요~~^^

  • عثمان النمش عربي

    When GOD PUT you in LAVA of hell here you FEEL التعذيب الي تسويه ياحمار تحط البرقي فيه عين السمك المسكينه لما الله يضعك بحمم براكين جهنم ونار السعير والجحيم لما تسبح فيها تحس بؤلم السمك طريقتك خطء لازم تنتضر خروج روحها كاملن

  • Alcohoel
    Alcohoel Month ago

    손질하고 조리할때 같은 장갑좀 안썼으면 좋겠네

  • Ggg Jokejoke
    Ggg Jokejoke Month ago +1

    I... It Like Godzila 1Form

  • hub3rcik yt
    hub3rcik yt Month ago +2

    Don't click1:03

    You are killer

  • farhad bakhshi
    farhad bakhshi Month ago

    Iran like this very good food thanks kore

  • Metalmachine467
    Metalmachine467 Month ago

    Looks yummy


    Can u give adress where you video this?

  • Aiza Valenzuela
    Aiza Valenzuela Month ago +3

    I'm just a random teen age girl commenting using my mothers acc... btw that knife is sharp luv it

  • No sweat it's dirty water

    Sashimi is just sliced raw fish? So I can make my own sashimi.

  • Bekir Tosman
    Bekir Tosman 2 months ago

    yazık laa balığa

  • Jay Yoo
    Jay Yoo 2 months ago

    야 샠끼야. 피부터 씻어. 횟살에 피가 베면 제맛이 나냐?

  • Tristan Marquez
    Tristan Marquez 2 months ago +5

    I really don't know why I love watching this kind of video

  • yamato1943
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  • teddygoodgoo
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  • Midnight Ke
    Midnight Ke 2 months ago

    1:41 why do you have to show the screwdriver in the eyeball.

  • Kill Them All
    Kill Them All 2 months ago

    Çince konuşuyorlar. Kore degil burası

  • po lo
    po lo 2 months ago

    Sashimi looks like argentina flag

  • Marianita leal
    Marianita leal 2 months ago

    I love south korea

    • 兪정연
      兪정연 2 months ago

      what about north one 😎

  • Muflih Al Hady
    Muflih Al Hady 2 months ago

    That so big!! Normally the size of normal eel that you can found in rice field just like one finger🤤

  • HuluLand CookiDoo
    HuluLand CookiDoo 2 months ago

    Drecksvolk. Verrecken sollt ihr wie das arme Tier 😡

  • pubg ÇOKYANMIŞ
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  • pubg ÇOKYANMIŞ
    pubg ÇOKYANMIŞ 2 months ago +1

    Ben türküm japonya kore değil

  • Алек N.jeros
    Алек N.jeros 2 months ago

    Класс заибала ебаная реклама

  • irviana husnul
    irviana husnul 2 months ago

    Siapa suka belut (*・x・)/

  • 강재호
    강재호 2 months ago

    손질 잘하네욤

  • Thien duc Tran
    Thien duc Tran 2 months ago

    Lươn Hàn quốc sao nhon bang lươn vn

  • 김두환
    김두환 2 months ago +1

    붕장어가 반쯤 맛이 갔네

  • hisam supir HR05 VANENO
    hisam supir HR05 VANENO 2 months ago +8

    Indonesia like🇲🇨

  • Ilton Iorio
    Ilton Iorio 2 months ago

    São enguias elétricas?

  • Shenzhen Yu
    Shenzhen Yu 2 months ago