DRAW THIS, NOT THAT! [How to Draw Beautiful Backgrounds]

  • Published on Jan 7, 2018
  • backgrounds were the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE for a long time, so today I'm going to share some of my best tips for making them more fun to draw and better looking. ^^
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  • Char Wardingley
    Char Wardingley 14 days ago

    Your art style gives me an adventure time vibe

  • Xx_internet _idiot_xX
    Xx_internet _idiot_xX 19 days ago

    LavenderTowne, stop. Don’t tell people how to draw! It blocks out their creativity and If enough people draw like this, they’re won’t be any difference between drawings or original ideas like there is today.

  • cracker borealis
    cracker borealis 19 days ago

    thank you so much!! i'm struggling a lot with backgrounds but the thumbnail thing is a great idea and i'd never done that before, i'm definitely gonna try that :D

    KAMBAM THX U MAM 21 day ago


  • Mozzy's Studio
    Mozzy's Studio 24 days ago +1

    Super helpful! Thank you!

  • •Marie The Minty Fox•

    Pfft,you can't tell me what to do your not my mom.

  • BluYu
    BluYu 27 days ago

    People tell me they love my backgrounds, and then I end up hating everything because backgrounds take 0 skill to draw :D

  • Ali_ Lovatic
    Ali_ Lovatic Month ago

    Your style reminds me of a mixture of Adventure Time and Star and the forces of evil😁

  • Really gabriela? UWU

    This helped me so much ty owo

  • Megan
    Megan Month ago

    I love your drawing videos. They're so helpful, and your personality is so sweet and gentle yet holds authority as you explain what to do. I came in this video after watching some guy who was being a condescending jerk the whole video and left a bad taste in my mouth. Your videos are always so refreshing!! Thank you!

  • DragonFan 2045
    DragonFan 2045 Month ago +1

    i really needed this

  • Michael Lakoudis
    Michael Lakoudis Month ago

    Very well explained. Thank you.

  • Blossoms and Cherries
    Blossoms and Cherries 2 months ago

    Notice me on TikTok pleeeeeseeeeeeee

  • Blossoms and Cherries
    Blossoms and Cherries 2 months ago

    Lavender town what app do you use please

  • Eevee Legion
    Eevee Legion 2 months ago

    Your "draw this not that" series is really helpful I'm learning things that I completely forget to do

  • Reagan Noelle
    Reagan Noelle 2 months ago

    nah i be going transparent

  • Astroid To Earth
    Astroid To Earth 2 months ago

    What editing app do you use?

    • Alice Gacha
      Alice Gacha 2 months ago

      If i'm right, she use photoshop.

  • Philip Neves
    Philip Neves 2 months ago

    Does anyone always draw a character and no background?

  • Sarah B
    Sarah B 2 months ago

    What is the name of the artist that she is referring to? Is it Hiroshige? How do you spell his name? I want to look him up.

  • Percival Fallas
    Percival Fallas 2 months ago

    You just gave me a class about backgrounds noone gave me before. Most guys I know that draw are kinda pedantic nerds who want to purposedly get tou lost in their explantation in order to Boost their ego. But you just got to the point and showed me how it was done. Thanks.

  • Studio-Stirko
    Studio-Stirko 2 months ago

    Could you do a video on how to draw on a tablet and on paper I can only use physical pens and pencils WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME AND HOW DO I FIX IT!?? (You probably can't fix that problem...)

  • Eva
    Eva 2 months ago

    When the 'dont side' is literally better than your backrounds

  • Sunshibe
    Sunshibe 2 months ago

    Thank yoy so much, I suck with backgrounds!

  • Angelmoongal Alien weirdo

    Yes. I have shiZzY backgrounds in my art.

  • Julianna Farley
    Julianna Farley 3 months ago

    I like how you talk quiet, so when an ad comes on it kills my ears. Fun

  • Space DessertYT
    Space DessertYT 3 months ago

    Can you draw good backgrounds?

    Me: good question

  • Ticci Toby
    Ticci Toby 3 months ago

    All the illustration is really detailed and the mountain is just a curvy triangle lol

  • The Gay Atheist
    The Gay Atheist 3 months ago

    I can do backgrounds, but I can't do characters, so it doesn't matter anyways.

  • The Gay Atheist
    The Gay Atheist 3 months ago +2

    I kind of want to give advice for the sky which you were struggling with, but I'm too afraid to because I'm not an artist, so nothing I say would matter anyways.

    • The Gay Atheist
      The Gay Atheist 22 days ago

      @Wylde Fyre my latest video may also help you if you're a digital artist. It's on fixing when you draw on the wrong layer.

    • Wylde Fyre
      Wylde Fyre 22 days ago +1

      The Gay Atheist Great advice, thank you!

    • The Gay Atheist
      The Gay Atheist 23 days ago +1

      @Wylde Fyre alright. Always start with the sky. It's much easier then adding it in later. Also, the sky isn't a single shade of blue. It's a gradient. If the sun is present, there should be warm colors around the sun. Finally, clouds have a flat base.

    • Wylde Fyre
      Wylde Fyre 23 days ago

      Why are you afraid? It will really help us.

  • Artist 128
    Artist 128 3 months ago +1

    Can you please do a “DO THIS, NOT THAT” on drawing eyes?

  • sumiko mak xze xin
    sumiko mak xze xin 3 months ago +3

    The one on the left looks like a children's drawing while the one on the right looks like it's from a children's storybook.

  • Midnight Chan
    Midnight Chan 3 months ago

    Got an ad about an artist why died

  • Sui-Kun
    Sui-Kun 3 months ago

    The thing I like about LavenderTowne art is that the lines aren't perfect.
    Nobody is perfect.
    Everyone is unique.

  • Cat YT
    Cat YT 3 months ago

    Finaly something i absolutely need!

  • -Dino ChickenNuggets-
    -Dino ChickenNuggets- 4 months ago

    "The longer you work on something, the longer you have to work on it, y'know?" *No I DoNt KnOw*

  • ErinDaniels13
    ErinDaniels13 4 months ago

    The don't character looks like Juvia from Fairy tail or is that just me?

  • Lps Universe 500
    Lps Universe 500 4 months ago

    I feel my style itself never matches the background:(

  • peacon 3434
    peacon 3434 4 months ago

    "Don't draw the character first" fffffuuuuu-

  • Kerry Campbell
    Kerry Campbell 4 months ago

    I draw in pen and also I’m getting realistic

  • Døg Łover
    Døg Łover 4 months ago

    It’s hard when your character is filling the entire screen because they were SUPPOSED to be the center of attention

  • Watercolor Artist
    Watercolor Artist 4 months ago +1

    The bob ross is coming through

  • Ultimate Potato
    Ultimate Potato 4 months ago

    ur channel is the best thing

  • Floofy Chill
    Floofy Chill 4 months ago +1

    Stop picking on beginner artists

    • Wylde Fyre
      Wylde Fyre 23 days ago

      She’s not, she’s just giving advice.

  • Otaku Turtle
    Otaku Turtle 4 months ago

    Bob Ross: I'm the best art tutorial person in the world
    Lavender Towne: Hold my beer

  • a4aa4 theprince
    a4aa4 theprince 4 months ago

    Hello, I noticed you were having an issue with your blending brush. I noticed that atleast in the softwares I use, using a mask layer fixes this

  • Ima Kiwi
    Ima Kiwi 4 months ago

    The thing is I usually do traditional sketch then put it in digital, and I’m not sure how to do backgrounds traditionally

  • ty Ty
    ty Ty 4 months ago

    Is it okay if i take that drawing as a reference?

  • Rosey Blueberry
    Rosey Blueberry 4 months ago +1

    Ive got a tip for you! If when u want to blend in the background and its like smudging all over well i suggest u use the airbrush tool if u have that on ur app!

  • E a r l
    E a r l 4 months ago

    Step 1: Photoshop A Background In

  • Ti Spoopy Edition
    Ti Spoopy Edition 4 months ago

    Don’t drawing. She should have been eating the trees.

  • Why do We exist
    Why do We exist 4 months ago

    How I Draw Backgrounds
    1. Sketch it out
    2. Realize i can't do it
    3. Cry
    4. Realize my toaster is also dirty
    5. Plug it in so it dosnt fall asleep
    6. Bathe it.

  • CyanMint 117
    CyanMint 117 4 months ago

    love the tips, only thing that I would like to add is that marshes and swamps don't really have any mountains or even really large hills :/

  • Nicotheniner
    Nicotheniner 4 months ago

    So I’m making a comic and sometimes ill have the characters either facing the camera or at a 3/4 view, but I usually only do that when the two characters are talking to each other and i want it to be more expression oriented rather than focused on dynamic poses (both of the characters are sleep deprived detectives, i doubt the poses would be very dynamic in the first place lol) and so far most of the scenes just have taken place in a very spartan apartment building

  • Nik Fury
    Nik Fury 4 months ago

    So Helpful. thankyou

  • Isabelle Haggard
    Isabelle Haggard 4 months ago

    I’m a traditional only artist, I suck butt, but that’s beyond the point. I am normally too lazy to draw backgrounds, in fear that I’ll mess it up erasing the area the character will be in.

  • Fawn Productions
    Fawn Productions 4 months ago

    Napkin sketchessssssss
    From RossDraws

  • Carlon Tollette
    Carlon Tollette 5 months ago +1

    what do u use

  • Jinx Jones
    Jinx Jones 5 months ago

    I was gonna start drawing while listening to this video
    and I started to get lined paper out of my bad
    Then I got so excited when I realized I had my sketch book with me

  • Wandomnessh
    Wandomnessh 5 months ago

    i learned more than skool....

  • SpaceCat Scribbles
    SpaceCat Scribbles 6 months ago

    Hey Haley! I think I have a solution to your blending brush problem. (I use sai though so this may be different for you)
    Basically once you have the space filled with your chosen colors, you set the layer to preserve opacity and then you can blend without worrying about picking up the white outside of your selection.
    I've found that what the brush is doing is trying to blend the edge of the layer instead of the colors inside the layer and the white splotches are actually the background layer showing through.
    Hopefully this helps! :D