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  • Published on May 11, 2016
  • What is the most fundamental aspect of our survival and wellbeing that we most commonly overlook? In this inspiring talk, Joe DiStefano reveals the importance of getting back to fundamentals through our own breath.
    Joe DiStefano is a lifestyle and fitness expert who solves chronic health problems with simple lifestyle adjustments. Over the past five years, he has lectured on coaching, training, nutrition, lifestyle, and obstacle race preparation all over the world, to experts and professionals from over 30 countries. He is currently the Director of Sport at Spartan Race, the world’s leading obstacle racing company. Joe is also the founder of RUNGA, an eight-day retreat in Costa Rica designed to help busy people unplug and unwind.
    Joe’s philosophy of health revolves around simple lifestyle changes that anyone can make at any time. His simple method, which he first used to recover from a traumatic brain injury, revolves around the optimization of breathing, movement, and sleep patterns. He has used it to help several thousand clients, and his work has been featured in several print and online publications such as Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, Outside, and SELF.
    Joe currently lives in Boston, MA.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • trickie502
    trickie502 Day ago

    that was fantastic, thank you. Going to try this from now on....will get back to you in a month with an update.

  • Michal Viktorin
    Michal Viktorin 2 days ago

    Sorry but beer is healthy. That is not the thing I would stop using to get heathy, just not overuse it.

  • LionTheHeart
    LionTheHeart 3 days ago

    We take so much for granted!

  • B James
    B James 4 days ago +2

    Breathing, along with grounding thought saved me from a few panic attacks.

  • Sandra Remolina
    Sandra Remolina 7 days ago +3


  • Shafiul Abid
    Shafiul Abid 26 days ago +4

    Its cal anulom bilom...... I love sir ramdev........ Allah bless all

  • Shafiul Abid
    Shafiul Abid 26 days ago

    Ramdev sir is great..... Allah bless all

  • Maksims Ivanovs
    Maksims Ivanovs Month ago

    Anuloma pranayama

  • Patty J. Ayers
    Patty J. Ayers Month ago +8

    Just keep in mind that just *knowing* about breathing does nothing for you. 🙏🏻😊

  • JoshQun Benal
    JoshQun Benal Month ago

    Can't breathe through my nose and you want me to do it with one. That's making me dizzy!!?

  • kathleen Wharton
    kathleen Wharton Month ago

    +Duane..Thank you for your comment. I am feeling better already..But I have to think about breathing Alot. I know now when I get light-headed that I am forgetting to breathe. That is such a weird thing..that a person coud make a habit of..or just stop breathing! I do it at night too. But purposeful thinking about it a helping and maybe someday..breathing will become my habit!!

  • Duane
    Duane Month ago

    Such a cool talk!!

  • pallavanimator
    pallavanimator Month ago +5

    2500 year old pranayam by patanjali

  • pallavanimator
    pallavanimator Month ago

    I stopped the video and start the timer for three min and hold my breath I m alive

  • Donald Amaele
    Donald Amaele Month ago

    Autonomous Atomicity requires you activate it before 100%

  • kathleen Wharton
    kathleen Wharton Month ago +2

    I have been very stressed and breathing very wrong..been Very Sick..anxiety, panic, migraine, fainting etc. for the last 30 years. I have been given many medications..none of which worked! This is my problem..I will now be able to fix myself. Thank You so much for this!

    • Duane
      Duane Month ago

      Great Luck for You Kathleen Wharton .. Let us know how your progressing.

  • Sishi Uvonsekash
    Sishi Uvonsekash Month ago

    i want to measure those phyjological reactions

  • GOAT ish
    GOAT ish Month ago +2

    There are plenty of people dry fasting for 7 to 10 days. That 3 weeks, 3 days, 3 minutes thing is outdated!

    • Stephen StaysClean
      Stephen StaysClean 8 days ago

      He's talking averages. It takes a high level of mental and even spiritual focus to surpass those levels. If someone was not intentionally passing those markers they would most certainly die.

  • Tony Robinson
    Tony Robinson Month ago

    Im going down to the beach now, sit on the point and breathe in the ocean. Thank you : )

  • chris plusplus
    chris plusplus 2 months ago +7

    Why he did not credit pranayama...

  • Belind a
    Belind a 3 months ago

    I love ted talks videos

  • Belind a
    Belind a 3 months ago

    Living in cities doesn’t help either

  • Belind a
    Belind a 3 months ago +1

    Some ppl are very highly strung ppl naturally too they’re more prone to this sympathetic overdrive

  • Belind a
    Belind a 3 months ago

    Good video though

  • Belind a
    Belind a 3 months ago +1

    So how do Free divers do it for 20 mins I’ve seen it on a program where a free diver was underwater and went deep for 20 mins or is there a reason

  • andrew chung-gon
    andrew chung-gon 4 months ago


  • Nubian Ra
    Nubian Ra 4 months ago

    This guy is a beautiful eloquent phenomenal Speaker. I feel great it works wow!

  • Unnikrishnan T Nair
    Unnikrishnan T Nair 4 months ago +18

    Plagiarism is scourge of internet world. Couple the ancient knowledge with a few medical terms and you are ready for an inspiring talk.Regret this gentleman does not credit the source of his knowledge-the yogic methods from Vedas , which quantum physics and Neuroscience is slowly evolving to approve.

    • motosana1
      motosana1 5 days ago

      Vedics had/have no MONOPOLY to breathing techniques. Every civilization has had these for eons!

    NICK COIN 4 months ago +1

    That is not true that we can survive only 3 days without water . I (and many others )have been on therapeutic fasting (without water) for 5 days .i dont follow that method any more, but it can be done ,it is not so hard...

    • Stephen StaysClean
      Stephen StaysClean 8 days ago

      He's talking averages. I've held my breath for 7 minutes and people have gone more than 3 weeks without food and yes 5 days without water. An average person not purposely willing themselves past those limits wouldn't survive.

    • zuminaguzuki
      zuminaguzuki Month ago

      sounds awful

  • Kinga Gorski
    Kinga Gorski 4 months ago +1

    Alternate nostril breathing - Nadi Shodhana. It's amazing!!!

  • B30pt87
    B30pt87 5 months ago


  • Michael Wilder
    Michael Wilder 5 months ago +1

    I thought lions lived in the Savanna biome...

  • C_ Farther
    C_ Farther 6 months ago +2

    For energy in the afternoon, I hold my breath with my cheeks puffed out and hold that breath as long as I can. Just a couple of times, energy is renewed.

  • Chris Grobler
    Chris Grobler 6 months ago +24

    excellent .... I have been breathing through my nose in bed and find it slows down my heart rate and breath intake dramatically ... I am a very healthy 72 year old .

  • V.S. Gopalakrishnan
    V.S. Gopalakrishnan 6 months ago +1

    The speaker, for some reason, has avoided the mention of yoga and pranayama.

    • Clark Kent
      Clark Kent 5 months ago

      Bc Adiyogi is the originator, and not everybody likes India.. so how to reach new souls? leave out the Cosmic law and order;-)

  • James Breitenstein Productions

    this is so amazing, but most people don‘t understand yet sadly...

  • Dan R
    Dan R 6 months ago +1

    99 spirits disliked this video.

  • nature2rule
    nature2rule 6 months ago +7

    You do not die after 3 weeks without food nor do you die after 3 days without water. People have fasted for months without food (water fasting) and can also survive without water after 3 days. In fact it's called dry fasting. Do the research.

  • Proitalian anthony
    Proitalian anthony 6 months ago +8

    Sorry but we can go months without food.
    You might want to change you data on this.

  • Duc Nguyen
    Duc Nguyen 7 months ago +2

    One of the most useful talk ever

  • mate werner
    mate werner 7 months ago +1

    David blaine held his breath for 16 minutes

  • Anicca 007
    Anicca 007 7 months ago +3

    Heart math technique and buteyko breathing

  • project10bball
    project10bball 7 months ago +1

    perspective: this is mind-blowing. He's talking about making radical change

  • Nitin Shah
    Nitin Shah 8 months ago +1

    Stolen technique from indian yoga

  • Mohammed Merahi
    Mohammed Merahi 8 months ago +1

    amazing talk .. thank you

  • Bolivian Billionaire
    Bolivian Billionaire 8 months ago +4

    unfortunately, this guy comes across as a con-man of some sort..........

  • s sfido
    s sfido 9 months ago +1

    just tell us what a proper breathe is....takes forever to get to it

  • Taylor Elliott
    Taylor Elliott 9 months ago +1

    coherent breathing is how you optimize your breathing

  • Bat WomanXVII
    Bat WomanXVII 10 months ago +5

    What are we 70% water? Still water left to sit will stagnate. Going to go and breathe properly now to clean up my river!

  • Bryant Tanner
    Bryant Tanner 10 months ago

    Well put my friend

  • Maria Tobe
    Maria Tobe 10 months ago


  • Gurmukh Ghuldu
    Gurmukh Ghuldu 11 months ago

    Excellent information. Transforming !!!

  • Praveen Kumar
    Praveen Kumar 11 months ago

    Excellent !!! thank you

  • Chary P
    Chary P Year ago

    One of the best Ted talks I've watched.

  • Sonia Valero
    Sonia Valero Year ago

    Thank you! Such an amazing talk 🙏

  • Neeraj soni
    Neeraj soni Year ago +4

    It's ANULOM VILOM, but motivational speech & excellent method to communicate the message.

  • Cindy Mulvey
    Cindy Mulvey Year ago

    Is there a reply?
    I had a response, that my statement was liked, but, no response to my question?!
    I don't, understand why?

  • Cindy Mulvey
    Cindy Mulvey Year ago +5

    I agree great speaker, having had a traumatic brain injury in 1981--82 , and having a harder time speaking now, after relearning to speak better, so i thought i have a to re-learn to do everything differently, so i can better my life at soon to be 55 before old age sinks into my thought life.
    So here I am with many theorys i read and listen to and thinking i will get it, but, am i?
    Nose breath, breath deep, to Patrick Mckowen who says breath less or Feldenkreis that says the same as you, it easy just dont think about, just breath, and i am still lost, how to help myself?

  • Steve Donald
    Steve Donald Year ago +7

    Some good info in this talk, if a bit over-simplified. Nose breathing: crucial, can't be overemphasized. The function of heart rate variability and sympathetic/parasympathetic balance is best understood as a function of respiratory sinus arrhythmia and the vagus nerve. But the the most egregious mistake: that deep breathing will enhance parasympathetic tone. Soft gentle breathing is the key. It's a contradiction to say that we can calm sympathetic tone with deep breathing.

  • porkyo123
    porkyo123 Year ago +1

    Dr. Andrew Weild on breathing exercise.

  • Koushik Paul
    Koushik Paul Year ago +16

    knowledge is everywhere and nowhere.....depends on you

  • Zaheer Hussain
    Zaheer Hussain 2 years ago +1

    Absolutely awesome!

  • sudhakudva2
    sudhakudva2 2 years ago

    Thank you so much, will share with my friends

  • Sushil Kumar
    Sushil Kumar 2 years ago

    Excellent. Wish it was longer. I do anulom vilom pranaym quite often.

  • mouhsine yhemouh
    mouhsine yhemouh 2 years ago

    great to you ... but how about IBS ?? deep breathing cures IBS ?

  • Deborah Ferguson
    Deborah Ferguson 2 years ago +2

    Great talk !!!!!

  • Santosh Pawar
    Santosh Pawar 2 years ago +35

    He is talking about nadi shodhan pranayama, thousands of year old technique from India, search youtube and you will get more details, I wish he could have said that somewhere...

    • Patty J. Ayers
      Patty J. Ayers Month ago

      William Walsh - No

    • William Walsh
      William Walsh 5 months ago

      You clearly didn't understand the points he made. I've been practicing Prana breath since 1994... this talk explains the relationship of breath to our nervous system, parasympathetic & sympathetic. In teaching Yoga I incorporate much of what this man says so students UNDERSTAND. Cheers, you might want to watch it again, when you're not in your no it all attitude...?

    • Clark Kent
      Clark Kent 5 months ago

      Bc Adiyogi is the originator, and not everybody likes India.. so how to reach new souls? leave out the Cosmic law and order;-)

    • Michael Morrell
      Michael Morrell 5 months ago +2

      The Indians didn’t invent breathing techniques.

  • Tim Lira
    Tim Lira 2 years ago +13

    Amazing talk. He is describing a form of yogic breathing called pranayama. Wicked effective!

    • Shang Hunter
      Shang Hunter Month ago

      Ah, the word wicked. You must be from Boston.....everything is wicked there.

  • Hugo Ortiz
    Hugo Ortiz 2 years ago +30

    I enjoyed the talk but the soeaker never mentioned the word Yoga, Asana and Pranayama, which were the main topic and I guess it would make it more accessible to the general public in the west. Thanks for sharing

    • Coach Joe DI
      Coach Joe DI Year ago

      Thank you!

    • DePeaceHunter
      DePeaceHunter Year ago +2

      Joe DiStefano
      you're right....Yoga nowadays are mentioned everywhere that it sounds cultish for some people it put them off. I feel that way too despite me acknowledging it as something useful so Im glad you didn't mention yoga at all. It's a wise move

    • Coach Joe DI
      Coach Joe DI 2 years ago +17

      hi Hugo, 100% with you. I did this intentionally as I personally "found" Yoga, and became a believer in it, after my own journey through hard times truly showed me the power of breath. In other words, I entered the world of yoga backwards and I believe there are many people out there that may put up a certain guard to the term "yoga" or meditation, perhaps believing those are things reserved for other "types" and not them, but are hopefully less, shall I say, close-minded, to the simple notion of breathing a tad better to kick things off.... metaphorically
      this talk could be interpreted as a Crawl....Walk....Run approach, where we Breathe better....Move more.....and finally suspect Yoga could be a terrific avenue to explore with that foundation. Hope this makes sense. Thank you for the feedback, Hugo!

  • Sudarshan Murthy
    Sudarshan Murthy 2 years ago +58

    It's the oldest Indian breathing technique called Pranayama. There is lot of materials and videos on net how to do pranayama .

  • Tom Knapen
    Tom Knapen 2 years ago +2

    I really love breathing!!! and these methods make it even better thank you !!!

  • Krittin Kalra
    Krittin Kalra 2 years ago +51

    The more I watch TED, the more I learn. Awesome job guys, you are the modem Wikipedia for me. Great presentation. I just loved it, it's implementation time now!!

    • It's me but who am I?
      It's me but who am I? 21 day ago

      wait so the wikipedia was already not modern in 2016, dang kids

    • PianoGesang
      PianoGesang 2 months ago +3

      Question everything and do your own research. Especially on vital topics like health and politics. Also stop using Google and opt for an uncensored search engine like duckduckgo or startpage. There is much more but that’s a good start.

    • Greg Lopez Jr.
      Greg Lopez Jr. 2 months ago +2

      @PianoGesang So what would you recommend, if you don't mind me asking.

    • PianoGesang
      PianoGesang 6 months ago +4

      Wikipedia is a censored, intransparent, undemocratic tool of propaganda for the elite and their mainstream ideologies mixed with a lot of truth and many lies.

    • Harald Schmitz
      Harald Schmitz Year ago +1

      Krittin Kalra kemsl sunal

  • Prashant Mavani
    Prashant Mavani 2 years ago +8

    one of the best one i have ever seen so far from Ted

  • Tom Tinker
    Tom Tinker 2 years ago +4

    good presentation but we have been taught to breathe through the mouth and heart not the nose is that correct

    • Coach Joe DI
      Coach Joe DI 2 years ago +3

      Nostril breathing is a great way to balance the nervous system!

  • AbdulPaul
    AbdulPaul 2 years ago +2

    Thx for the Upload:)

  • Laina Lee
    Laina Lee 2 years ago +2

    Awesome! Love this information !

  • Conscious Life Hacks
    Conscious Life Hacks 2 years ago +13

    Such a great speaker! Really enjoyed this 🙏

    • Coach Joe DI
      Coach Joe DI 2 years ago +1

      Thank you so much! Sincerely appreciate it.

  • ZoroXLuffy
    ZoroXLuffy 2 years ago +7

    brilliant talk 😊

  • MrUpload
    MrUpload 3 years ago +4

    Finally, I was waiting to watch this! :)