Linux Distro Hopping Tips and Tricks

  • Published on Jul 15, 2019
  • We hop from Ubuntu to Linux Mint in this video...
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Comments • 96

  • William Vazquez
    William Vazquez Month ago +1

    awesome - great attitude and very concise - useful - and informative. looking for someone like this. This may help me move to the next level of understanding terminal and scripts .Thanks Joe....Linux mint and Ubuntu are my favorites. loved the dig on the guys who just talk about superman's distro...

  • ItzMichaelPhillips
    ItzMichaelPhillips Month ago

    You've been... gnoooomed!

  • Jonathan Plumber
    Jonathan Plumber Month ago

    Your key board is a Microsoft Windows software key entry my PC laptop got Trojan D DOS attack twice through hacking the mouse and Keyboard dongle they take over the Bluetooth and WiFi WiDi

  • janglestick
    janglestick Month ago

    any chance you could summarize these tips? Ive been back a couple times and im having a hard time compiling them all from the full hour.

  • janglestick
    janglestick Month ago

    If youre connecting to realtime devices that talk on real buses, or if you need to use system interrupts a lot and in sync, or just if you need to get direct access to the system clock, Virtual Machines can be not the same as real machines.

  • IamSonoma
    IamSonoma 2 months ago

    .local/share seems like a good place for saved games. Found out the hard way with some games like Baulder's Gate.I also believe my saves and config files for Skyrim were in here too.

    DAVID GREGORY KERR 2 months ago

    I don't know what is going on as I have had my copy of Linux Mint CINNAMON (Sylvia) 64bit edition running for almost two years now, I also have a machine setup for my father which is Linux Mint 19.2CINNAMON (Tina) 64bit edition might run a little slower as it is running on the AMD PHENOM II X3 Stepping III but that is nothing as it is running perfectly.

  • jefferyrlc
    jefferyrlc 2 months ago

    I recently installed Mint on my friend's computer that was so old it was unable to boot from a USB stick, so I had to burn the image to DVD.

  • Sunshine Kid
    Sunshine Kid 2 months ago

    Why do you MOVE files? Wouldn't COPY be a better option?

    • Sunshine Kid
      Sunshine Kid 2 months ago

      @Joe Collins OK, that makes sense. In my case, I use external hard drives for my backups. Currently, I have a total of somewhere around 40 TB in data storage. My main desktop computer has three 1 TB drives and a 128 GB SSD system drive. I've been at this for a few years - like from 1980, going from a TRS-80 Model 1 to Apple //+ all the way up to the Apple //gs in 1987 before switching to MS-DOS in 1991 and going from Windows 3.0 all the way up to Window 7 (the last Windows operating system I bought before getting into Ubuntu). :)

    • Joe Collins
      Joe Collins  2 months ago

      If you have many GBs of data A) you may not have room to make copies. B) it would take a really long time and it doesn't have to. :)

  • Sunshine Kid
    Sunshine Kid 2 months ago

    Don't laugh at DVDs. I still have a lot of 360 kilobyte 5 1/4" floppy disks! If you ever run across one, keep it. Taking the media out of it and using it as a CD/DVD holder, it's much more durable that the paper holders you sometimes get stuck with. Moreover, the inside of the floppy is lined with an anti-static medium that is a very effective CD/DVD cleaner. I'm not saying I'm old, but my first computer was a Radio Shack trash 80 (TRS-80) model 1 with sixteen kilobytes of memory and data cassette storage. And I was in my 30s when I bought it.

  • Sunshine Kid
    Sunshine Kid 2 months ago

    Searching for files is easy. Instead of going up to the menu bar, simply press the Control-F key combination. I believe it is nearly universally used everywhere. I'm not sure when I got into Linux, but I believe I started with Ubuntu then switched almost immediately to Linux Mint Mate 8 or 9. That version was also using Gnome, if I remember right.

  • Fubar AlAkbar
    Fubar AlAkbar 3 months ago

    Too much work to do simple things--I remember feeling that way during my trial stint with Elementary. Having to access my settings panel to change the wallpaper was just the last straw.

  • Richard Adams
    Richard Adams 3 months ago

    I just wanted to put in a note to say thank you for your tutorial videos. I have JUST come across them and man, they are SO useful and easy to follow. Microsoft dropping support for Windows 7 has given me the final push to switch over. I’ve installed mint on my ssd + hdd machine and your partitioning scheme and moving /home tutorials have been super useful. Thank you sir. You have a new dedicated subscriber!

  • Mike Greer
    Mike Greer 4 months ago

    I heard your comment about RU-cliprs using improperly small fonts in their videos. I agree, but, another of my peeves, is using dark themes during their videos. Sure, when you're coding or using your computer for personal reasons, dark theme to your hearts desire. But, when sharing your screen with the general public, use a theme that makes your content actually visible. Ya heah, "thenewboston"? Oh, great. You choose a dark theme. It's not that I can't stand them, it's that I can't see them. Not in a RU-clip video.

  • My Reviews
    My Reviews 4 months ago

    Same here. I love KDE, but it is so customizable that I keep messing with it and break something then reinstall everything. I'm done, gnome is my final destination. I'm tired lol

  • Javis Johnson
    Javis Johnson 4 months ago

    Can you make a video on enabling hibernation? And how to make a swap file in doing so?

    • Joe Collins
      Joe Collins  4 months ago +1

      Here's how to make a swap file:

  • Steve Fox
    Steve Fox 4 months ago

    Tip #1 Install Manjaro

  • david jackovino
    david jackovino 4 months ago

    i have gnome and mate on my Linux mint-de thy working good

  • Ikhwan Arif
    Ikhwan Arif 4 months ago +2

    I actually use 3 different Desktop Environments; Gnome, Mate and XFCE. I've just started to get into KDE again, which was awful for Casuals and Normies 2 years ago but got a lot better in 2019. In any case, Gnome is solid. Mate is solid. XFCE is good but needs a bit more polish. KDE is beautiful but it needs to be simpler.

  • Andrew Erwin
    Andrew Erwin 4 months ago

    My drive is partitioned with separate EFI, root (/), var (/var), opt (/opt) , and home (/home) partitions. If I want to hop, I really just have to deal in the root partition. And I have a shell script that will install all of my main software. I can have just about any distro up and running with all of my personal settings, as if nothing happened, in an hour or less.
    Another important thing is to make sure that you import all of your configs to the /home partition (they usually default to either /etc or /usr).

  • iamthelegendguy dude
    iamthelegendguy dude 4 months ago

    Sad that they dropped the KDE desktop environment 😔

  • dwbsovran
    dwbsovran 4 months ago

    I am with you about being set on a distribution and its desktop environment. LM Cinnamon with Nemo is wired exactly as I am. It was like I had always used it when I switched. It requires no thought to get it done. I run two other distros on my extra computer and while they are fun and also run flawlessly, they do not work the way I do and slow me down - I have to think about what I am doing and where I am going.

  • Electrowave
    Electrowave 4 months ago

    Always learning something from your videos. Thanks :-) (I still use DVDs a LOT)

  • Johan B.
    Johan B. 4 months ago

    I've been Peppermint since 2017;) Why Chrome instead of Firefox?

    • Qt
      Qt 4 months ago +1

      chrome joe collins recommends

  • Retro Ninja
    Retro Ninja 4 months ago

    I have that same problem! Thanks for pointing that out. 2:10

  • Kyran DM
    Kyran DM 4 months ago

    I have been hoping around for a few months no but now i've tried debian 10 and im loving it and i finally got wifi working too by using the non free edition because of realtek drivers for wifi

  • Ian Magee
    Ian Magee 4 months ago

    I do something similar to this for distro changes and rebuilds, but I've automated a lot of the steps with shell scripts. A couple of things I do differently - I use the same UID for every installs and I use YADM (yet another dotfile manager) to manage my customizations from an external git repo. The main advantage of this approach is that you can maintain config settings for different desktop environments that persist across multiple rebuilds.

  • Egotistical Giraffe
    Egotistical Giraffe 4 months ago +1

    Rice is life. btw, I use Gentoo

  • Kuhluh
    Kuhluh 4 months ago

    Can you look at openSUSE someday, please?

    • Joe Collins
      Joe Collins  4 months ago

      I have... I won't be looking at it anytime soon again.

  • Man M
    Man M 4 months ago

    I have solved your and my problem by installing Gnome3 in Linux Mint (followed Switched to Linux Video). I also need to switch between programs very fast. Gnome is the best for multitasking and accessing files and programs.

  • Ron B
    Ron B 4 months ago

    I'm Lost Gnome 2 Is Mate, Gnome 3 is cinnamon why is Gnome an issue with linux mint?

    • Ron B
      Ron B 3 months ago

      @Mitch Coté xfce is usually used on raspberry pi. But you can even run Windows 10 on the rpi so it's whatever you like and need. I.will stay with mint cinnamon or try mate again. I really didn't get to use mate long enough to judge it
      I got locked out of my mint 16.3 password issue. Now there are many newer versions to use.

    • Mitch Coté
      Mitch Coté 3 months ago

      GNOME Shell (GNOME3) is a very different beast than GNOME2. So as far was MATE goes, that’s why. As far as Cinnamon goes, it took the base of original GNOME3 which was not well received at the time and made it into something with at least a workflow that people could pick up and go. I know GNOME Shell came out around the time I left Linux for a while (filthy gamer, had a computer that could game finally and at the time it was not worth the headache), and it was awful, yet coming back over the last year, GNOME3 works so blood well and is so intuitive that I makes it too much easy to nitpick every single minor issue when I use another environment. I want to like Plasma, but every time I use it I hate it within minutes. MATE is nice but too old, same goes for XFCE. Cinnamon feels nice and would probably be my DE of choice if I hadn’t got really into GNOME Shell.

  • Victor Cozhuhari
    Victor Cozhuhari 4 months ago

    Are you Gnome hooked? Install KDE and set it up to look and work like Gnome + get tons of other KDE super-stuff

  • Sami Ordning
    Sami Ordning 4 months ago +1

    DVDs rule! If I use dvd, so what? It doesn't take anything from anyone.
    I even use Cds. To those who complain about these things I say, use what you want, I use what I want and like.
    Great video, once again. Keep going!

  • eznix
    eznix 4 months ago +2

    Hey Joe... Whenever I have changed distros, I just boot into a live system, mount the /home partition and delete all the dot files and folders (except for .mozilla and .thunderbird) in my /home folder. I never had any problems with weirdness transferring from one desktop environment to another this way. If I know I am using the same desktop environment, I just install over the /home with the same username and do not format the /home partition. Great video. :-)

  • Michael Cowman
    Michael Cowman 4 months ago

    Might be a stupid question... but I'll ask it anyway lol. Can you simply rename your original 'joe' directory to say 'joe-backup', then do your re-installation (without formatting your home directory), then delete the new 'joe' directory, then rename your 'joe-backup' back to 'joe'? This is probably too simple in some way... but I still have to ask :)

    • Michael Cowman
      Michael Cowman 4 months ago

      @Joe Collins I kind of noticed weird things happening when I installed different versions of Ubuntu one after the other when I did manual partitioning with a separate Home partition that I hadn't formatted. Everything still worked, mostly anyway. I might try this sometime just for fun and see how badly it turns out :) But I have saved the link to this video as well just in case :)

    • Joe Collins
      Joe Collins  4 months ago

      You can just leave it as is... You may get all kinds of conflicts and weirdness, though. This way you start with a clean install.

  • Axel Werner
    Axel Werner 4 months ago

    Hahahahaha. I just love it, when you do the stupid nerd voices.

  • Jack Tanner
    Jack Tanner 4 months ago +1

    Dude, this is amazing! I was just about to try making a hop to a new distro and try to preserve my data for the first time. I've distro hopped before but didn't do it in any kind of sophisticated way. (Just back up to whole damn drive and manually put stuff back) I really appreciate this video. Subbing and bookmarking this vid. Also, I'll be emailing you for a copy of that script to customize. Thanks, Joe!

    • Joe Collins
      Joe Collins  4 months ago

      Thanks. I'm glad the vid helped. :)

  • dFox
    dFox 4 months ago +2

    Awesome dude ty for sharing and showing how to do this stuff, linux mint rocks! Best distro for new users

  • Orca Flotta
    Orca Flotta 4 months ago

    Come on guys. And come on Joe! Computering machines are cheap af these days. Particularly in the US, where obviously a lot of you alls are dwelling. Go to your closest by thriftstore, pay 10 buckaroos and leave the shop with 2 or 3 new old putaz. On them you can install all kinds of Linux distros directly on the metal. No stupid virtual machines neccessary. Distro hopping doesn't have to be hard and complicated.
    I got two small form factor Lenovo ThinkCentres for ultra cheap and I can tell you those are great. They swallow everything I throw at them and never complain. Right now Deb10 fell through my personal test routine since I found it clunky and uncomfy. And all that without it even touching my main rig, which remained save and sound and ready for work.
    Oh, btw, one of the Lennies even came with a DVD burner. Never even used it. What for did the dear god give us USB sticks?

    • Qt
      Qt 3 months ago +1

      @Orca Flotta
      I'm like you

    • Orca Flotta
      Orca Flotta 4 months ago

      @Qt Awesome! But ... whaaaaaaaaaaaaa........?

    • Qt
      Qt 4 months ago +1

      Oscar Flotta
      thank joe collins me linux today me linux 2moreO

  • PrivateEyeYiYi
    PrivateEyeYiYi 4 months ago

    Ubuntu isn't the only dist that runs Gnome. Wouldn't one of them work as well as Ubuntu for doing things that you like about Gnome?

    • Joe Collins
      Joe Collins  4 months ago

      @Dick Bosman I remove a few of the utilities in snaps because they don't integrate well into the rest of the desktop. Ubuntu has developed there own plug-ins that make gnome act a bit like Unity. They are more stable than regular GNOME extensions. :)

    • Dick Bosman
      Dick Bosman 4 months ago

      Joe Collins And also, do you remove ALL snap packages?

    • Dick Bosman
      Dick Bosman 4 months ago

      Joe Collins can you be a little more informative on what Ubuntu does better with gnome than another distro?

    • Joe Collins
      Joe Collins  4 months ago +2

      No. It's Ubuntu's spin on GNOME that I like. Pus, Ubuntu has the best software base and I write software for Ubuntu. Not moving on to anything else. :)

  • D3V
    D3V 4 months ago

    very useful info

  • RockawayCCW
    RockawayCCW 4 months ago +2

    I did most of my distro hopping ten years ago. There days I mostly stick to Xubuntu and Debian.

  • Tax Action
    Tax Action 4 months ago

    Would you be so kind as to put ADVANCED some where in your title? I can't do this at my stage of GNU/LINUX Joe. Dam man, go easy on your noob subs like me, please 🤯😱🤕.
    From the beginning to the end of this vid I'm scratching my whole body lol 👍🏾 🇬🇧.

  • TN Frank
    TN Frank 4 months ago

    Half the fun of Linux is trying out different Distros so you can cull the gold nuggets from the turds.
    I feel the same way about KDE as you do Gnome. I was an Xfce guy for quite a while until KDE got their act together with Plasma 5 now KDE is my desktop of choice. I've been running Kubuntu for about 6 months now and love it but being somewhat ADHD I get bored and want to try something else. I tried 5 different Distros (see the video on my channel) and didn't care for any of them. Flash forward to yesterday when I gave PCLinuxOS KDE a try and it turned out to be a golden nugget.
    As for DVD's, when I give a copy of a Distro to someone I'll normally give them a DVD because they're cheaper than a USB stick. Any, sorry for being so long winded, great video, thanks.

    • IrishCarney
      IrishCarney 4 months ago

      My only beef with XFCE is that window minimization is jarringly instant. Not even a couple of frames of a wireframe outline shrinking down. I don't need a wobbly genie effect that continues to play live video distorted in real time or anything super fancy, just a few frames of movement for my eyeballs like the freakin 1984 MacOS had. It's annoying to have to install Compiz to get that, especially if you can't do it from a GUI friendly app store but have to use Synaptic or even the command line to add an external PPA.

  • Abdul Hussain
    Abdul Hussain 4 months ago

    On the contrary, I'm hooked to Puppy Linux, even though AntiX is reportedly much better than Puppy Linux, especially due to its portability, and its easy-to-restore setup (it's just one savestate-based .sfs file - back it up and you're done), so distro-hopping is something that isn't common to me here... yet.

  • banjoperator
    banjoperator 4 months ago +1

    Mr. Collins, another fine video and somemore info gleaned, thank you sir..hope your feeling much better if not completely well by now.. take care and it was awesome to hang out withyou today..makes the day just a little better...cheers

  • Vinsu Karma
    Vinsu Karma 4 months ago +1

    KDE for the win whatever the distribution

  • Dave Leitz
    Dave Leitz 4 months ago +2

    I used Mint XFCE for years. More recently I was on Kubuntu for about 6 months. They're both great for what they do. However, now I'm using default Ubuntu with Gnome. It took some time to line up the extensions I need to make Gnome usable, but now I'm quite satisfied.
    I highly recommend the Unite extension together with Ant Slim themes. Unite gets rid of those useless window title bars on maximized windows for applications that use traditional menus. Ant Slim also saves screen real estate by slimming down Gnome's fat title bars.
    More recently I discovered another Gnome extension called CPUFreq which gives me the ability to set my processor's performance mode in a couple of clicks. I'm not aware of any similar add-ons for other desktop environments, so I'm sticking with Gnome. I never thought I'd say that. :)

  • Khalid .D
    Khalid .D 4 months ago +1

    Love your videos

  • Abe PlusEqualOne
    Abe PlusEqualOne 4 months ago +1

    Whats up Joe :)

  • Nokkie
    Nokkie 4 months ago +1

    I did ALLOT of distro hopping berfore finally settling on a distro .. I don't see anything wrong with it. Hell, I'm thinking about using my spare 1TB HDD as a distro hopping drive xD

    • Nokkie
      Nokkie 4 months ago

      @IrishCarney at first it was Ubuntu-Budgie .. then just plain ol' Ubuntu gnome

    • IrishCarney
      IrishCarney 4 months ago +1

      Uhh so what distro did you settle on?

  • Mike or Jimmy
    Mike or Jimmy 4 months ago +13

    Don't throw stuff away, I still have tax records stored on a Zip Drive.

    • TN Frank
      TN Frank 4 months ago

      LOL, I still have my 100mb Zip Drive from 1999. Not good for much today with file sizes what they are but I have it if I ever need it.

  • Stacey Alexandria
    Stacey Alexandria 4 months ago +2

    Oh my God....I distro hopped so much that my old iMac couldn't hang anymore
    well...that and that it was probably 10 years old running on a dual core processor. I ended up getting a Mac mini. I don't think I'm gonna distro hop anymore and just stick with macOS for the sake of preserving my SSDs and my sanity XD
    Distro hopping almost made me insane, Joe. I wish you well :D

    • Stacey Alexandria
      Stacey Alexandria 4 months ago +1

      @Shaffan Mustafa Very true...other than the way updates are handled and the package management system...not much is different.

    • Shaffan Mustafa
      Shaffan Mustafa 4 months ago

      I used to distro hop a lot, but after a while, the differences between distros doesn't matter as much

  • Hosein Mohamadzadeh
    Hosein Mohamadzadeh 4 months ago +1

    Exactly why I'm not on Mint right now. Gnome!

  • mansour alqasem
    mansour alqasem 4 months ago +1

    Thumbs up before start watching :)
    thank you so much and keep up your great job

  • flhrci1
    flhrci1 4 months ago +4

    You are funny! I loved your Tech nerd DVD impression. Love your videos.

  • TheUnknown67
    TheUnknown67 4 months ago +4

    Enabling UEFI in Virtualbox keeps it as UEFI for me. Probably because I'm using Virtualbox 6... idk.
    You have a unique computer, Joe.

    • Misiek T.
      Misiek T. 4 months ago +1

      Same here. I set up distro in EFI mode on physical partitions in VBox and then booted it on hardware EFI.

  • benriful
    benriful 4 months ago +2

    That find file / program / whatever thing for me is KDE. Just start typing already - the search bar pops up at the first key you press. Want keyboard shortcuts to your own specifications - no prob, each and every program can be set right there in the menu.
    Don't get me wrong, KDE out the box tends to have a bit of tweaking necessary to make it ideal "for me". But it's the only one I can in fact tweak to the extent I wish. Gnome is "nice" out the box, but very far from great - every time I attempt modifying it to suit "me" I run into breakages, especially those extensions. Worse when an update breaks a previously working extension. As for others, my second favourite is a tie between Xfce and Mate, followed by Cinnamon in 4th - due to the amount of tweaking can enforce on them to make them exactly to my liking. Gnome actually falls into "the rest" camp due to its near incompetent customization abilities in relation to those, but that's me.

  • Paul Borchardt
    Paul Borchardt 4 months ago +2

    Also, I just used this method to change my main OS from Mint 19.1 to Debian 10. Debian came up and is running flawlessly. Better than I've seen before and being a major distro hopper, I've seen a few OS installs. Most of my distro hopping now is using Virtualbox though. Keeps me satisfied.

  • Casual2020
    Casual2020 4 months ago +3

    LOL......You still use DVD's? haha......Yeah man, I still do too. Also smart enough to know how to use USB bootables if need be too. Just like Joe does as well.