Ramping our way up the ladder [Artifact Constructed]

  • Published on Jan 12, 2019
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    #Ramping our way up the ladder [#Artifact #Constructed]
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Comments • 18

  • Epic TrapCard
    Epic TrapCard 4 months ago

    this game sucks

  • Boril
    Boril 4 months ago

    Dear Swim,
    Please add chat on the side of your videos.
    Much love,
    a fan of your content

  • Argumemnon
    Argumemnon 4 months ago +5

    That mouse pointer is big enough to kill any hero in one click.

  • Jon Crespo
    Jon Crespo 4 months ago +2

    yo when this game comes back you're gonna be huge keep it up swimmy

  • Bas Oppe
    Bas Oppe 4 months ago

    Lol, that axe phase boots

  • monster coockie zero
    monster coockie zero 4 months ago +1

    Nice feeding lol

  • AberrantBot
    AberrantBot 4 months ago

    omg play Rix ramp already

    • AberrantBot
      AberrantBot 4 months ago

      +Thmyris his sig card is definitely on the weak side, however it is good vs blue/annihilation. I play Rix and ramp and think he is very good

    • SwordsDanceQwilfish
      SwordsDanceQwilfish 4 months ago

      +Thmyris just put like 10 more good cards in your deck so you never draw rixs card

    • Thmyris
      Thmyris 4 months ago

      isnt rixs card just terrible?

  • Koshana
    Koshana 4 months ago +2

    Hey man! Hope you're still loving Artifact. Thanks for keeping the community alive.
    Love your vids!

  • Patrick Kopp
    Patrick Kopp 4 months ago +12

    Strategic feeding isn't only for blue it turns out.

  • soneangel012
    soneangel012 4 months ago +9

    Sick misplay 😂😂

    • soneangel012
      soneangel012 4 months ago

      +Marc Zwander Yup, thats why i said it was sick. Ofcourse it was a misplay at that moment but, it turned out it won him the game later on.

    • Marc Zwander
      Marc Zwander 4 months ago +2

      It certainly looked like it but that play actually won him the game in the end. He calculated how many turns the game would take and then denied the drow spawn while deploying his own axe to finish his opponent off. Doing this subconsciously is what I call genius ;)

  • barfing
    barfing 4 months ago +1

    im on my way to 2/8 with these videos

  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 months ago +17

    Hey Swim, I hope you feel nice because you're a nice, lovable guy. Take care, bye-bye! 🍄

  • Nasty Bone
    Nasty Bone 4 months ago +5

    Hi swim why no more decklist?