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Rock Hounding ⚡️ Fossils, Crystals, & Dinosaur Tracks in Texas Hill Country


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  • Electric Universe Eyes

    I found out the first one is called Amber Honey Calcite :)

    • Wendy Starr
      Wendy Starr Month ago

      Hi, I was wondering if it willing to tell me how to get to this location in ur video where u found them crystals in the bedrock at? Ever since I saw ur video I hadn't been able to get this place out my mind. The crystals are calling me, lol I've never commented on RU-clip before so I hope that u get this one. I've loved rocks all my Life and I've recently attained all of the power tools and equipment that I need to cut grind and polish and start to do something with these crystals I have already. If I can get this location u were at I promise u that if I found anything I'd put one into a piece of jewelry and send it to u or of u live in San Antonio I could meet up w u too give it to u. Would u be so kind as to give me the location. If not, I do understand. I've been to llano and just not every everywhere in that direction but never saw the one u were at, I don't think. I hope to hear from u soon so that I can hear out that way as asap, like tomorrow lol. Thank you and God bless you and ur hunts for gems.

    • William Mullens
      William Mullens 7 months ago

      @Big Red is that spot in the same park? Where if heading out of cave?

    • casseld73
      casseld73 Year ago +1

      I just found some of this today.

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  Year ago

      Big Red Awesome!!!! I would love to see your finished art when it’s done 😎

    • Big Red
      Big Red Year ago

      @Electric Universe Eyes thank you! I will be sure to check out some those spots you have, your not lying about being shot for trespassing! That’s always on the back of my mind. Now that you have said what you found, I don’t think I found amber honey :/ but most likely yellow also. I have over 100 shards of this yellow calcite about an inch long, my plan is to use these to make sculptures :) I’m currently sculpting up what I call the “cristol pistol” it’s exactly what the name is! And I know how to spell crystal haha. About 70 hours into this project and am not even half way done, it’s such a pain having to clean every crystal by hand with a toothbrush to remove the dirt! But it’s fun I love making artwork. Thanks for the advice and tips you earned a sub!👍

  • Mad Maxx
    Mad Maxx Year ago +5

    That's an incredible find. I have done a lot of rock Hunting in my day here in the gem state of Idaho and I have never found something that competes with that! Thats a real beauty my friend

    • Mad Maxx
      Mad Maxx Month ago

      @oldgamerchick No way I live in Mountain Home not too far! Do you ever go rock hunting out here?

    • oldgamerchick
      oldgamerchick Month ago +1

      Hey Mad Maxx I was born and raised in Idaho. In Nampa. What town are you from??🙃☕❤

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  Year ago +1

      max A million I found out it’s called Amber Honey Calcite :)

  • Dongtao Jiang
    Dongtao Jiang Month ago +1

    Amazing adventure. I am learning through your eyes. There is so much in the rocks the mainstream geologists don’t dare to change their traditions. It seems like you are on the edge of something explosive in terms of reshaping the scientific thinking. Keep rocking on!

  • Du5tin the Wind
    Du5tin the Wind Year ago +2

    Yep those crystals are effecting more than we realize! Did you know that many of the mysterious missing 411 events happened in locations with large quartz crystal deposits?!

  • Rachel Dawson
    Rachel Dawson Year ago +1

    This is it! The little broken round formations are so pretty. I’ve been trying to find one that looks like mine! I have a fossil imbedded in mine too I think.

  • Alicia Evans Underwood Productions

    Somebody get this man a hammer!
    What a great video!
    This makes me want to show you all the cool rocks and crystals and petrified things I’ve found along my excursions🤓.
    I love that we have confessions of wild speculations from shadow you.😂

  • Lance Hall
    Lance Hall 10 months ago +2

    I bet the bedrock with the holes represent limey sands exposed near shore or low tide. The holes would be worm holes. There's a very similar layer at the Springtown city park in the creek and that layer contains theropod and sauropod dinosaur tracks. Also look a bit higher for a possible clay layer that capped off the layer and protected it. Dinosaur tracks there would be an important find.

  • IfISayItThenIMeanIt
    IfISayItThenIMeanIt Year ago +1

    What if any gems or precious metals can be found here in Glen rose texas area? If you don't mind me asking your opinion as you seem to be a hobbyist not just a hunter so i value your input, thanks ahead of time

  • Agromonious Munk
    Agromonious Munk 2 months ago +1

    If you're in the San Antonio area, I recommend going to Leon Creek, at the southern end of O. P. Schnabel Park. The east side of the creek has a huge limestone cliff. There are caves, calcite outcroppings, and literal walls of fossils. The Creek itself has a lot of fossils to be found, mostly exogyms and a few amobites. The biggest plus is the whole area is forested, you don't have to cook in the sun

  • Christopher TheCarpenter

    Brother I would love to bring a flat bar, and a wrecking bar out on that hike you went on and pry apart some of those layers. You are most certainly my kind of company, great video thank you so much for sharing your finds. ⚡♥️ when you went through the dry river bed and came upon the mud with limestone to shale to sand I would love to pry apart some of that. I wish we had somewhere like that in northern Illinois. 👍🏻 oh yeah water moccasins will always scare me I was a kid and got chased by one lol, guess that memory still creates fear, my heart raced when I saw that little fella lol.

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  Year ago +2

      John Pershing I definitely want to get a metal detector!

    • Christopher TheCarpenter
      Christopher TheCarpenter Year ago +2

      @Electric Universe Eyes awesome good luck and I hope you find some nice crystals for the Mrs. And some cool specimens for yourself, be safe I can't wait to see what you find.⚡♥️😁

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  Year ago +2

      Christopher TheCarpenter I’m actually in route back to this spot as we speak! But with proper tools ⚡️⛏⚡️

  • Mya Rachelle Zuniga
    Mya Rachelle Zuniga Year ago +1

    I think the "glass" you found is Selenite. I found a seam in a crack of a creekbed in North Austin. It may not be impressive straight out of the ground but polished it is amazing. If I remember correctly they used sheets of selenite as windows back in the very olden days. Mother Nature is awesome. Love the Texas Hill Country.

    • Mya Rachelle Zuniga
      Mya Rachelle Zuniga 15 days ago

      Hahaha somehow I stumbled across this video again and didn't realize this was my comment. I'm so excited about the Celestine/Celestite find. That is awesome! IDK why but I love rocks and crystals [shiny stuff YAAAAAY]. Was any of it selenite? Now I must see more of your videos. Thank you for sharing 😊

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  Year ago +2

      I found some selenite in North Texas a few weeks back, however the clear mineral I found was in fact Celestine(Celestite). It passed all the test including gravity test. It's HEAVY! =)

  • Bobzilla 956
    Bobzilla 956 6 months ago +2

    Is this a public trail? And if so where? I would like to venture it and rock hunt. 😁

  • Duplicat
    Duplicat Year ago +3

    " ROCK OF THE DAY " !! ( you knew it was coming). Man , that 1st piece was surely keeper.
    And, wth is a hardened, steel reinforced, 3ft of concrete walls, BOMB BUNKER,, with a hole blown out the wall,, doing out in the middle of nowhere ?? Only in Texas I guess, lol..

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  Year ago +3

      Duplicat Wait until you see what I went back for today! Just got back... whew! 3 hours there, 2 hours extracting, and 3 hours back! Your next Rock of the Day is as big as my face, but a whole lot prettier! 😂

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  Year ago +3

      Duplicat Remember the Alamo! 😅

  • Bonnie Underwood
    Bonnie Underwood Year ago +2

    some of those "filament" type structures look like stromatolites

  • mysticalsheller2021
    mysticalsheller2021 Year ago +3

    I saw dino tracks back after the start of your video. Both 3 toed and round like an elephant track. 👍🦕🦖🌞💗

  • jarmyvicious
    jarmyvicious Year ago

    Great crystals!

  • Ben Winter
    Ben Winter Year ago +1

    Quartz = high current channels in the mantle from the holy mountain times . . perhaps , quartz is associated with gold . . an transmutation electric effect maybe

  • Du5tin the Wind
    Du5tin the Wind Year ago +2

    Northern water snake. Not poisonous but they will bite if you try to grab em.

  • Sreebus zeebus
    Sreebus zeebus Year ago +3

    Recommend Mudfossils University on RU-clip for anyone interested in rocks and physics

  • John Andrew
    John Andrew Year ago +1

    Sorry if I missed it in the video but is this the Llano river?

  • UniBomber Bear
    UniBomber Bear Year ago +1

    You need one of those hammers like prospectors have.

  • Bertren
    Bertren Year ago +1

    Can I ask what river this is?

  • The Good Vibrations
    The Good Vibrations Year ago +2


  • Ben Winter
    Ben Winter Year ago +1

    E Z water . . that self organises into hexagon sheaths of electric potential . . water electric = life aka homeostasis

  • Julzee
    Julzee Year ago +2

    You really need to check out Mud Fossil University youtube channel.

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  Year ago

      Yes, I've been in chats with Roger for a few years. We agree on some, and disagree on others. =)

  • stephen scurlock
    stephen scurlock Year ago +1

    What river or creek. I'm a rock hounder from east texas

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  Year ago

      It’s my belief any and all rivers/creeks were primarily part of the Lichtenberg system that was formed in antiquity. These are generally where you will find rocks you are seeking. These Dino track layers are exposed both in the Paluxy and the San Gabriels

  • Jake Luker
    Jake Luker Year ago +1

    Not a water mocasín... diamond back water snake.. non venomous

  • Ben Winter
    Ben Winter Year ago +1

    An double layer small z pinch . . trying to get in on the act . . the sneaky devil

  • Ben Winter
    Ben Winter Year ago +1

    Frank Herbert's (scientology) + 'Dune' & the 'spice' & the water . . whats in our water mmm

    SHOCKWAVE Year ago +2

    its not wild bro ur on track

  • Akhenaten Amarna
    Akhenaten Amarna Year ago +1

    Ancient Dinosaur Butthole....Nice find

    SHOCKWAVE Year ago +3

    stop !!!!! that blue stuff might be solid oxygen in rock form
    noooooooooooo u broke it up,,,, look up solid oxygen its a deep blue stone

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    Petrified turtle