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$10,000 Jewelry Cleaning! 🤩💎

  • Published on Jun 6, 2022

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  • M S
    M S  +712

    Might wanna take a second look at the audio

  • mangulica moravka

    You can have money but you most certainly can't buy taste 🤢

  • Gina Jalovec

    Let's stop for a moment and discuss that piece of jewelry itself... 🤣

  • Richard Mcclaine

    Looked cleaner before you cleaned it. The loop looks very close to titanium. Also the diamonds are not vs so over all a very low quality charm.

  • pistol80
    pistol80  +67

    It's an ultrasonic bath. I have one. The high pitch frequency is being picked up by the mic and causing distortion.

  • xun
    xun  +66

    That water sounds deadly the way it’s beaping like thag

  • Kartier Owten

    10k for that😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂

  • KST Winchaster

    Now you need to clean my ear

  • KorradoXan

    pave is passe. but if you can't afford bigger stones i suppose. kinda cons trashy w how dirty they let it get.

  • G S
    G S  +3

    Yea exactly how I clean mine!

  • BrittyJo87

    Gotta love that ultrasonic👌

  • throw his head

    Drop that money gang!

  • rodos

    thank you for cleaning my pet rock

  • Debra Punda

    The line is very beautiful

  • Yosh G
    Yosh G  +1

    Your crazy an it looked better before you put it in that solution? 😂

  • Divinity

    It's looks like something from a dollar store coin machine

  • Ирина Лукьяненко

    Хочу себе такое чудо!!! 🙏🤩

  • Dustin Mullinax

    Looks the exact same 👀

  • Usha Singh

    Aqua Regia do not clean....it dissolves some of that metal😭😵‍💫

  • B Bodziak

    Seriously, the pendant looked better and more shiny before the cleaning.