Who Is Megara’s Ex-Boyfriend? | Hercules Theory: Discovering Disney

  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
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    For years of Megara’s life, she was broken and depressed, for she had relinquished her soul to save a man she loved who did not love her back, but who could have been so selfish and manipulative to Meg? Who could’ve ever left her alone after she gave up everything for them? Well today we are going to dive into this long running mystery to attempt to discover the identity of this boorish, cruel, jerk of an ex boyfriend!
    Hercules Playlist: ru-clip.com/video/h3Ueer86n50/video.html
    Megara’s Full Story: ru-clip.com/video/h3Ueer86n50/video.html
    How Hades Turned Hercules Mortal: ru-clip.com/video/rWR0aDNOPqQ/video.html
    Hercule’s Fate Explained!: ru-clip.com/video/GWR5UObe1HY/video.html
    Hercules: amzn.to/2rrqyNf
    I’m happy Disney forged the story of Meg in a different direction than the mythological beings she’s based off of for she shows people that it’s okay to have relationships not work out. That sometimes strong, independent and good people can’t see the badness in others and there’s no reason we need to bear the burden of those mistakes for our entire lives.
    Along the way to happy endings there are a lot of mishaps that change our lives, and that’s a reality of living. Meg is fierce, but allows herself to be open to love and acts selflessly for those she cares for. I think at one point though that love, kindness and generosity was taken advantage of by the Prince of Thrace: Adonis.
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    Wotso Videos  2 months ago +609

    I hope you enjoyed today's video on Meg's jerky ex-boyfriend! 😊 If you support my message, consider telling someone in your life who you think will enjoy the channel too! And of course, as always, have a magical day! ✨✨

    • Sean McMenemy
      Sean McMenemy 24 days ago

      Sounds reasonable considering Persephone doesn't exist in Disney's version of Hercules and Aphrodite is actually loyal to to her husband as far as we know in it as we know.

    • Ida- Dimas-Kim
      Ida- Dimas-Kim 25 days ago

      @Sonia Kernel Yes Hera drove him mad but apparently that bit was " nevermind " to the Greek's sense of justice because either the Furies or Nemesis would have come for retribution anyway

    • Sonia Kernel
      Sonia Kernel 25 days ago

      @Ida- Dimas-Kim to be fair, Her drove him mad first.

    • Sonia Kernel
      Sonia Kernel 25 days ago

      Someone didn't watch the Hercules TV show because they actually tell us. It's Prince Adonis.

    • Vincent Mack
      Vincent Mack Month ago

      Where could I find that tshirt man it's dope

  • Tom Bane
    Tom Bane Day ago

    Why did hades make a deal for megs soul wait a few decades at most and she’s his slave anyway? Seems like he’s paying for something he was gonna get anyway and that doesn’t seem like something hades would have done

  • Victoria Unicorn

    This is weired.but what about prince na been here did say he dated a lot of woman

  • Pilar Cuervo
    Pilar Cuervo 2 days ago

    Adonis is a jerk. Never liked him

  • NerissaMoon
    NerissaMoon 4 days ago

    I always felt like Megs ex boyfriend is the same guy that killed The corpse bride girl.

  • Ruby Durrell
    Ruby Durrell 6 days ago

    This doesn't make sense because the movie Hercules is the same as the mythological story of him really as his real name is actually Heracles and once he became a god his Roman name became Hercules also there are so many things that happen in the movie that aren't true meaning Megs story could and I think is in fact not true??? Do you get what I'm saying?

  • Jarred Audije
    Jarred Audije 6 days ago

    Meg’s Ex boyfriend is a little bitch, how about dat?

  • Lisseth Flores
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  • Andrea Smith
    Andrea Smith 8 days ago

    Isaac: And it was the result of-"

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    "It's all because of!!"
    Ad: "The vet!?"

  • Raymond Davis
    Raymond Davis 9 days ago

    You and screen Rant should make a video
    Because He knows back storys!

  • Ruby Sapphire
    Ruby Sapphire 9 days ago +1

    Wotso videos! Answering questions you didn’t realize you needed answered!

  • Briannah La Belle
    Briannah La Belle 10 days ago

    I do! I guessed it was him!

  • Madalynn R
    Madalynn R 10 days ago

    Wait so if Adonis was her love does that mean the babe was Persephone?
    I guess mythology it could also be Aphrodite but if it was Persephone that means both Hades and Meg were left in the same moment and would explain why she isn't present on Olympus or in the underworld. Or Meg is taking on the role of Persephone and Adonis leaves her for Aphrodite and gives an extra meaning to the comment Hades makes to her while on Olympus

  • Matthew Riddle
    Matthew Riddle 11 days ago +3

    Issac: And it's ALL BECAUSE OF
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    Me: Really? That phone company screwed you too?

  • Coffee Cup
    Coffee Cup 11 days ago

    All because of!!!
    commercial comes on

  • Screw The Net
    Screw The Net 11 days ago +1

    Bah, meg...*smfh * Do somebody more interesting like the lives lost because of that frost magic from that dumb elsa bitch, or one of the top "antagonists" in disney, like Jafar. Seriously Jafar has the saddest backstory of all: Aladdin was just a tale about the system and its generational system of corrupt elitism, and likely Jafar was once a street rat that had his wife stolen by the young sultan . She died, secretly giving birth to jasmine, and Jafar spent years learning magic and seeking a way to revive her, but became lost in his vengeance and sorrow, eventually working his way into the palace when he returned to Agrabah. But because jasmine grew to resemble his wife so much, JAfar fell for her. BUt the irony is he became the same powerful figure that misused power, not realising Aladdin was just like he himself once was. And thus he was undone in the end. Same with the original tale of 1001 nights, Jafar was just a man lost in his quest for vengeance and could never restore his lost family/clan, and with too much magic exposure became a wicked sorcerer. *shrugs *

  • Screw The Net
    Screw The Net 11 days ago +1

    Except for the fact that meg might not have been the perfect catch herself, and her boyfriend at the time might have died with regret that he could have done better, or at least not been with a chick that had so many problems. So he was revived, and with a new lease on life, traded up. Yup, shite happens *shrugs *

  • grasiela gaytan
    grasiela gaytan 11 days ago

    As soon as he was about to say who it was. The ad popped up....
    Darn u ads!

  • chainstar X7
    chainstar X7 11 days ago

    I think you right that Meg ex-boyfriend could be Adonis cuz the way you just figured out that she forgot her past with Adonis would clearly give him another advantage to break her heart again

  • Haley Goodwin
    Haley Goodwin 12 days ago +1

    Poor Meg.I feel so bad for her, because she was in love, & he broke her heart 💔, as well as, hurt her so Bad, & caused her to be Severely Depressed.

  • Judas Jones
    Judas Jones 12 days ago

    "And it was all because of... AD"

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    ツSugarrush 13 days ago

    And it was all because of
    Dang, thas sad man

  • Alaura Mercereau
    Alaura Mercereau 13 days ago

    Meg is my favorite Disney female heroine/princess.

  • jessie fabillar
    jessie fabillar 13 days ago


  • alise Scott
    alise Scott 13 days ago

    Yes it is good to fall in love even if it does end bad or good.


  • Acey Kay
    Acey Kay 13 days ago +2

    And it was all because of...? Tik Tok!
    Damn right.

  • Just another Rant
    Just another Rant 14 days ago

    I just wanna know why they made meg orange in the cartoon

  • Just another Rant
    Just another Rant 14 days ago

    And it's all because of-
    Condom Ads: Trojan maaaan

  • Joel Rodriguez
    Joel Rodriguez 14 days ago

    People fast forward 7mins to not waste time.

  • Laughable Panda
    Laughable Panda 15 days ago

    Day ahn ee rah

  • Danielle Musella
    Danielle Musella 15 days ago

    I wouldn't be surprised, if he was secretly unfaithful to Meg, as well.

  • Tigerfire75
    Tigerfire75 15 days ago

    You seem jealous of Adonis's looks or maybe hot for it. In mythology Adonis wasn't bad.

  • ThePaganSun
    ThePaganSun 15 days ago +1

    Didn't they state in Hercules: Zero to Hero that her former boyfriend mentioned in the movie was Adonis? The pretty boy prince that's like the King Bee of Hercules' school?

  • piratelady451
    piratelady451 16 days ago

    My name is meg - she is my favorite - my grandfather and I saw this in the studio before it came to the big screen. At Disney Studio - my grandfather said she was so like me to a tee so to speak - beautiful and has a good heart

  • Elena Patey
    Elena Patey 16 days ago

    Didn`t Heracules (greek) Kill Megara

  • Salty Sugar Plum
    Salty Sugar Plum 17 days ago

    I always thought Meg was just a modern day representation of Persephone. lol oops

  • ostrich jacket
    ostrich jacket 17 days ago +1

    The fact that I never knew the identity of Meg's boyfriend never really bothered me but what did bother me was that they got a lot of Greek mythology wrong... but you know it's okay I guess

  • Lillian Grizzle
    Lillian Grizzle 17 days ago +5

    It was all because of....
    Razor ad: Shick Intuition

  • Nicholas Alicea
    Nicholas Alicea 17 days ago

    If the tv show is cannon that means meg and Hercules knew each other b4 the movie

  • Madam Pomfrey
    Madam Pomfrey 18 days ago


  • Mike Mikhail
    Mike Mikhail 18 days ago

    Or it could be that Adonis was working for Hades and things went south so he used Meg to trade his soul with Hades. Having no longer bounded by the Underworld God, he left Meg at Hades' disposal. Scorned and betrayed, she became a manipulative woman until she finally met the pure-hearted Hercules (in the animated movie).
    PS: This is just my point of view though. :)

  • Strawberry- Infused water

    That add was perfectly placed

  • Lost in Thought Chained in Pain

    Him:"And it's all because of..!"

  • Donna Ortiz
    Donna Ortiz 19 days ago

    In the movie I say the .. air ? In the form of Gaston ??

  • A Corner of The Internet

    Deep in the vaults of Disney, where no one can even reach, the name of Meg's ex can be found scrawled on a scrap of paper.

  • Emily Ushry
    Emily Ushry 20 days ago +5

    “And it was because of...”

    Ad: Butterfinger

  • Pan EternalMoonFlower
    Pan EternalMoonFlower 20 days ago +1

    "After Meg passed.." Umm....don't you mean after Herc murdered her....?

  • Saleina {Bisexual-Elemental-Demon-Neko}

    It was all because of *Random ad* COME ON!!!

  • Roxy Steven
    Roxy Steven 20 days ago +1

    “For many years, she just couldn’t summon the courage to love again, and it’s all because of-“ ad: Plan B 1 Step

  • Thomas Johnson
    Thomas Johnson 20 days ago

    Will you do the story of Cassandra 😂😂😂 I doubt it because it's dark

    • Grace Wilbourn
      Grace Wilbourn 17 days ago +1

      Which one? Hercules's high school friend or Rapunzel's handmaiden?

  • Roman Sanders Appreciation Squad

    And it's all because of-!
    All Tyson chicken

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    Adrian Munoz 22 days ago

    Wotso:it was all because of-
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  • Alyssa Smith
    Alyssa Smith 22 days ago

    I'd like to think it was Theseus, who's a demigod like Hercules (Son of Poseidon vs Son of Zeus) and abandoned Ariadne in the myths.

  • Animefairytail 22203
    Animefairytail 22203 23 days ago

    Interesting, Persephone of the underworld (Hades wife) was in love with Adonis?
    Also related to Hercules and Aphrodite?

    Why didn't she make Hades save him then if she secretly loved him instead of Meg giving up her life that Aphrodite could had restored to another so Meg would back off?

  • GoldenMan1002
    GoldenMan1002 23 days ago

    If you watched the animated series it is actually Hercules, a memory erasing water.
    Course I am saying this before watching the video.

  • Andrew Frew
    Andrew Frew 23 days ago

    Me/lexi:haha she actully died cause of...Zeus yeah his farther

  • Andrew Frew
    Andrew Frew 23 days ago

    Issac:what are you doing
    Issac:you sure
    Hercules: *stabs meg*
    Meg:ahhhhhhhhhhh i shouldnt of maried you *dies*
    Shazam: now whats happpenind Hercules
    Hercules: nothing
    Shazam: there is you stabed meg a*$#h$#*&

  • ThatRandomGuy161
    ThatRandomGuy161 24 days ago

    No one lives like Gaston
    Quickly Dies like Gaston
    Get recked by the beast like Gaston

  • Sam Beck
    Sam Beck 24 days ago

    Bro i just wanted a name, not her whole life story. Like wtf.
    E; i had to skip like 60% of the video just to get to the point. Spoiler - her ex was Adonis.

  • Katy Chit
    Katy Chit 24 days ago

    You mean after Hercules killed meg

  • Hannah Stahl
    Hannah Stahl 24 days ago

    Meg’s ex boyfriend made me think of Dante from Dante’s inferno where if he was faithful to his lady then she’d be alive and they’d live happily ever after but he fucked up.

  • Vicky Staehler
    Vicky Staehler 25 days ago

    And it was all because of:
    Ad: chic

  • Julie V
    Julie V 25 days ago

    It was all because of ....Colgate

  • Rdskinsfan27
    Rdskinsfan27 25 days ago

    Why didn’t they change Meg’s name to Deianira if they were so similar?

    • Grace Wilbourn
      Grace Wilbourn 22 days ago +1

      @Rdskinsfan27 no I only have RU-clip (I had musically but deleted it when it turned into that tik tok crap) I'm not allowed to have anything else

    • Rdskinsfan27
      Rdskinsfan27 22 days ago

      Grace Wilbourn Is there any other place I can follow you?

    • Grace Wilbourn
      Grace Wilbourn 22 days ago +1

      @Rdskinsfan27 It's on paper and still being written but since I want it to be made into a movie, the script is also in development so when it's done I'll probably post the link (it'll take forever tho cuz I'm lazy af but whatever. Btw thanks for subscribing!!)

    • Rdskinsfan27
      Rdskinsfan27 22 days ago

      Grace Wilbourn I would like to read it.

    • Grace Wilbourn
      Grace Wilbourn 22 days ago +2

      if it makes you feel better, they have 3 kids in my fanfic and the youngest is named Deianira (just to clarify, no children were murdered in the making of this fanfiction.) She is 11 years old and the younger sister of Hebe (the 18 year old main character) and Ophitus (the 14 year old comedic relief character)

  • Missy Barbour
    Missy Barbour 26 days ago

    "I Won't Say I'm In Love" goes OFF.

  • altarush
    altarush 26 days ago

    I thought it was that idiot who caused the Trojan war : Paris who left Megara for an adulteress of Helen. Talk about dumb men.

  • Christina Lopez
    Christina Lopez 26 days ago

    Who was Meg's exboyfriend!? 😒 I am not interested in an 11min lecture on what a relationship is and blah blah blah! Did he ever say who the guy was??? #FindOutNextTimeOnTheNextEpisodeOfDragonBallZ 😴💤🛌

  • Keiluseu
    Keiluseu 27 days ago

    when you were handsome and has a buff build but it was 4 inches

  • Kambyl Mattke
    Kambyl Mattke 27 days ago

    Right when he was about to say the name an add popped up on my screen and I screamed at the top of my lungs that my whole family thought I was in danger

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    That add before the "reveal" got meh tight

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    I’m not crying you’re crying 😢

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    Dee-an-eye-ra. is the way to pronounce that name.

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    It’s pronounced day-en-r-a

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    blarshy _ 28 days ago

    At 4:12 and ad came up and I was about to die.

  • Camphalfblood Productions


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    Reina_ Studios Month ago +1

    Who's Megara's Boyfriend? Easy! A *-Douchebag-*

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    Z E U S

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    Shade_NightmareTB Month ago

    does he ever notice the fact that he keeps focusing and unfocusing the camera slightly every time?

  • Justin Hodgdon
    Justin Hodgdon Month ago

    Wow mind blowing, well there's my thought, i believe that Achilles is megs ex-boyfriend cuz i think before mag, Hades had another girl to serve him and that girl is the girl how took meg ex-boyfriend and i bet she's the reason why Achilles Was defeated.
    I think the girl wanted to be free from Hades and Hades want Achilles to be defeated so he makes a deal with her, then he had pain or panic look like Achilles and act like he was dying and that's when meg made the deal.
    Then later on after the girl took Achilles away from meg the girl found Achilles weakness then told Hades Achilles weakness and Hades sent a monster or warrior to beat him and the rest is history

  • a crystal clod from Hufflepuff

    Meg's BF is Buzz light-year

  • Queen Ratigan the First

    Honestly, I've always theorized that Adonis was Meg's ex.

  • gg fatale
    gg fatale Month ago

    Adonis and Hercules should be a couple. And, have an open Relationship.

  • Sheila Holder
    Sheila Holder Month ago

    Wish it would have gotten to the point quicker. 😅

  • Hannah Wiebe
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  • Rose
    Rose Month ago

    Wow, I am meg....

  • LPS PurplePAWS
    LPS PurplePAWS Month ago

    I'm like Meg because I have issues trusting people and I'm scared of getting hurt. It takes me a while to open up to people. Great video Isaac!! Keep up the great work!!

  • Two bros Chillin in a hot tub five feet part

    And it was all because of

  • Kyrie Tatsumi
    Kyrie Tatsumi Month ago

    I’m kinda glad Hercules didn’t actually use the real myth. Because I’m the myth he murdered his wife and children and almost his nephew because he was driven by Hera who hated him because he was the son of Zues. Then he did the 12 labors because of an prophecy from Apollo. Later he murdered a son of a king because the king did a contest and his daughter was the prize. Hercules won but the king went back on his promise. Hercules left but when he left someone killed the kingdoms cattle. The king thought Hercules killed the cattle but the son who was pretty smart went to Hercules to try and clear his name. Hercules was enraged and killed him. He went to the oracle who made him a slave to a queen. There’s more but this is getting to long.

  • Sophie Younger
    Sophie Younger Month ago

    Disney makes Hades seem like this terrible ugly beast of a god, but in some myths his wife Persephone falls in love with him and goes down to the Underworld for her own consent. This awesome god is really underrated, and btw he can't do that "sell your soul to me and I'll give you what you want." thing, that's the devil only.