Who Is Megara’s Ex-Boyfriend? | Hercules Theory: Discovering Disney

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    For years of Megara’s life, she was broken and depressed, for she had relinquished her soul to save a man she loved who did not love her back, but who could have been so selfish and manipulative to Meg? Who could’ve ever left her alone after she gave up everything for them? Well today we are going to dive into this long running mystery to attempt to discover the identity of this boorish, cruel, jerk of an ex boyfriend!
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    I’m happy Disney forged the story of Meg in a different direction than the mythological beings she’s based off of for she shows people that it’s okay to have relationships not work out. That sometimes strong, independent and good people can’t see the badness in others and there’s no reason we need to bear the burden of those mistakes for our entire lives.
    Along the way to happy endings there are a lot of mishaps that change our lives, and that’s a reality of living. Meg is fierce, but allows herself to be open to love and acts selflessly for those she cares for. I think at one point though that love, kindness and generosity was taken advantage of by the Prince of Thrace: Adonis.
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    I hope you enjoyed today's video on Meg's jerky ex-boyfriend! 😊 If you support my message, consider telling someone in your life who you think will enjoy the channel too! And of course, as always, have a magical day! ✨✨

    • Amy Musa
      Amy Musa Month ago

      She's older than most Disney princesses! She's 20! XD

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      Nicole Higgins 3 months ago

      Wotso Videos ur hot

    • Michael OConnor
      Michael OConnor 5 months ago

      Hey Wotso Videos, What if hades made Meg’s boyfriend left her because Hades had caused him to love another to gains megs soul, and emotionally raw so she could be manipulated in his coming plans

    • The gamer With out a gaming video
      The gamer With out a gaming video 9 months ago

      Wotso Videos have no clue right now but maybe guestaun? (I have no clue how to spell his name)

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  • Kira Halvorson
    Kira Halvorson 5 days ago

    Meg was queen still is she should be a princess she’s amazing and her personality is so realistic

  • PurpleProse
    PurpleProse 14 days ago

    It’s an interesting theory, but I don’t think those tv shows are canon.
    That being said, Megara’s ex could be anybody; we don’t really get much information about him. So there very well could be and off screen character named Adonis, that broke her heart. We can basically make up our own headcannons.

  • Adam Lossen
    Adam Lossen 15 days ago

    How did Hades know Hercules was still alive during the animated series? Aside from lazy writing lol

  • Shelvy Keglar Jr.
    Shelvy Keglar Jr. 20 days ago

    Ex boyfriend are jerks why did her ex boyfriend abandoned her is Hercules her ex boyfriend or Hades Victoria out

  • ania rose
    ania rose 21 day ago

    Hercules is my favourite film ever! !!!!!!

  • Team Weird
    Team Weird 26 days ago

    Well, whoever he was, he's a jerk.

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    Thanks for loooong explanation but this question only need one word to answer

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    This is a really interesting video!
    Maybe, do you think in a future video, you could go over 101 Dalmatian Street if you want?

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    Someone else feels Meg was older than Hercules? Nothing wrong about it, it's kinda refreshing!

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    Narcissus: Am I a joke to you?

  • Samuel Lev Khusidman

    I believe that Meg's ex-boyfriend could be either Adonis, Narcissus, or Jason. As mentioned in the video, Adonis is a selfish, arrogant, and mean-spirited prince who most likely manipulated Meg into being his girlfriend for her pleasant qualities. Greek mythology portrays Narcissus as being a very egotistical hunter who falls in love with his own reflection when he looks down into a waterhole. Jason is portrayed in Greek mythology as being a user. An example of this quality is when he fell in love with a sorceress named Medea and ordered her to murder his evil uncle, Pelias, but afterwards, he apparently proposed to a princess from some kingdom and Medea was not happy about that. In this case, he probably used Meg for his own benefit in something, leading her to break up with him. In my opinion, I don't think we'll ever know explicitly who Meg's ex-boyfriend is. Adonis being him is just the theory of the video.

  • Samuel Khusidman
    Samuel Khusidman Month ago

    I believe Meg's ex-boyfriend could've been Adonis, Narcissus, or Jason. Jason is portrayed as a user in Greek mythology, so it's possible that he probably used Meg for his own benefit in something. Narcissus is portrayed as being selfish and uncaring. As a matter of fact, the personality trait, narcissism owes its namesake to the mythological character. I don't really have any knowledge of Adonis in the original myths, but it seems like he is not portrayed as a very good character in the Disney version.

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    Great vid

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  • Flare The Wolf
    Flare The Wolf Month ago

    My theory on Herucles is I think meg's ex boyfriend was Hercule's father, who left for Hercule's mother. That's my theory- I might be wrong ^^"

  • Pooter Head
    Pooter Head Month ago

    "Who could of been so selfish And manipulative "
    You here that David? Why did you leav-

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    this isnt for kids..

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    I bet Adonis wore women's underwear

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    Can you do a video about Ariel's sisters

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    I can only hear Rose Quartz

    It’s a joke (though they do share the same Voice actress {Susan Egan})

  • Cailinn L
    Cailinn L 2 months ago

    I study mythology for fun so as much as I love Hercules, it drives me insane. Like, if you want it in Greece say Heraclese and Hera was not his mother, she hated Heraclese. 🙄😫💪

  • Dawn B
    Dawn B 2 months ago

    What if it was Barkis Bittern from Corpse Bride😂

  • Victoria Palferez-Siri
    Victoria Palferez-Siri 2 months ago

    Definitely magic was use on her.

  • Frredomfromjunkscience
    Frredomfromjunkscience 2 months ago

    What happened to Anonis ? Yes , It seems likely. That Adonis was the selfish moron who used. Megara

  • Miya Smith
    Miya Smith 2 months ago

    ik im late but i think megs ex boyfriend was apollo the god of healing because first i am reading a webtoon story called Lore olympus and Apollo is the biggest jerk at the moment and i think when he went to the Mortal realm he got a relationship but idk how he died cause they cant but Persephone did live in the Mortal realm with her mother Dimeter soo maybe thats who megs ex boyfriend was

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    It was adonis because in the movie movie hercules meg asked Hercules if she knew him from somewhere

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    i didn't know there was a series-

  • L wolfcat
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    If you look at Hades smoke man when mag told him Herc was different. The smoke guy looks like the the god therac. ( did I spell he's name right? ) the smokey man looked like therac the god.

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    Nicely placed Ad

  • Cheesecake
    Cheesecake 4 months ago

    What if that 'some babe' was either Aphrodite or Persephone and he wasn't really 'running away' but kidnapping disguised as 'running away'. Because in Greek mythology, he stayed in the underworld with Persephone (and then out of it with Aphrodite) when he was resurrected. Imagine Hades planned that because Persephone, after all, was in the Underworld with him and he knew she liked Adonis and maybe Hades thought it a good idea to have another pawn. In the myth, he was resurrected for Aphrodite and Persephone, except it was done by Zeus. Although this one would be with Hades, and he did it not for Meg, but for Persephone and never told Meg he revived Adonis not for her, but for Persephone. Meg had to sell her soul to Hades so Hades could keep her in his grasp as a pawn like Pain and Panic and give her that excuse that she couldn't leave because she sold her soul.

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  • denny dj
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    Meg sold her sole to the devil and the devil will do anything to keep your sole. Heracles, born Alcaeus or Alcides was a divine hero in Greek mythology, the son of Zeus and Alcmene, foster son of Amphitryon. He was a great-grandson and half-brother of Perseus.

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    Deianira is also pronounced like the name Dayanara, which sadly is my name

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    wait, I know this is not possible but....

    What if Meg dated Johnny Bravo

  • Jacqueline Sarricchio
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    I know Megs pain. I once loved someone who I thought would of been my first bf. And I was abused and I was nothing but the side piece. He really damaged me where I can no longer trust

  • roguedbliss
    roguedbliss 4 months ago

    *I'll never forgive Disney for making Hades the bad guy in this story and glorifying that mf Zeus who didn't do anything but impregnate mortal girls*

  • roguedbliss
    roguedbliss 4 months ago

    *I'll never forgive Disney for making Hades the bad guy in this story and glorifying that mf Zeus who didn't do anything but impregnate mortal girls*

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    Idk why but The first character to come to mind wasn’t even a Disney character. I thought of Lord Barkis from the corpse bride.

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    I’m pretty sure that Adonis could have been the one. After thinking about it. It makes a lot of sense.

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    I always figured it was Narciss. That said Narciss could only love himself.

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    Yeah at the end she married Hurc but Hera is so mad at Herc and made him real furious that Herc accidentally killed meg alongside with thire give children.

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    Tell us about about all Greek Mythology characters in Hercules series. About Icarus Cassandra Helen Adonis Medusa and all Gods and Monsters can you make a rumor story mix together in you RU-clip videos please.🙂

  • Graphic Cherry
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    Only real Greek mythology buffs know it’s HERA-cles, not HERC.
    Hercules is Roman, Heracles is Greek.
    This has been an announcement, thank you.

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    Why do you have black lips

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    Adonis from the TV show they had an episode with Herc and Meg meeting as teens then they forgot about each other from the water they got from the underworld lol

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    Oh plz tell me.. who is her ex boyfriend? 😭😭😭😭 i cant understand

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    That prince being the ex-boyfriend makes sense to me.