iPhone XR: iOS 13!

  • Published on Aug 17, 2019
  • iPhone XR iOS 13! - Hello there and welcome this iPhone XR iOS 13 Beta experience video. In this video you will learn many details about what is like to use iOS 13 on the iPhone XR. The intentions of this video is to discuss the experience on the latest iOS 13 Public Beta 6 so that you can learn what to expect if you're not a beta tester when the official software arrives. If you have been running the iOS 13 Beta on the iPhone XR, please consider sharing your experience with the community below! As always, thanks for watching and stay tuned for more content :)
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Comments • 473

  • Nick Ackerman
    Nick Ackerman  Month ago +83

    iPhone XR: iOS 13! In this video, I share with you the experience of using iOS 13 on the iPhone XR, so if you have an iPhone XR this will be a beneficial video for you! If you are already running iOS 13 on iPhone XR or any other iPhone, please consider sharing your experience with the community below!

    • Alberick Arrindell
      Alberick Arrindell 2 days ago

      Nick Ackerman which screen protector is used for this IPhone XR?

      ZACHEUS MAGGETTE III 24 days ago

      Nick Ackerman do you know if Portrait mode will still only work on people on the XR under iOS 13?

    • BuickGeek24
      BuickGeek24 Month ago

      Have you had any issues with "non apple stuff"?

    • Money Sniper
      Money Sniper Month ago

      I wish the iPhone XR have Touch id 🤦🏽‍♂️💯

    • Gian Singh
      Gian Singh Month ago


  • JoseDaniel Lozano
    JoseDaniel Lozano 14 hours ago

    So is it me or my Xr is getting hotter and warmer than before the update?

  • karri karthik
    karri karthik Day ago

    Apple, a dedicated gaming mode please.

  • Breyanna S
    Breyanna S Day ago

    My iPhone XR Memoji isn’t working and I did the update half this stuff isn’t showing up what do you do?

  • Asmaario اسماريو

    You forgot the live wallpapers

  • Cindy Yusliani
    Cindy Yusliani 3 days ago

    Can XR do peek and boo to chat like 3D touch ?

  • Yanal Umar
    Yanal Umar 4 days ago

    Heyy Nick !! Does the dark mode look too much washed out?

  • Kshitij Sharma
    Kshitij Sharma 4 days ago

    Does it adds other portrait effects on rear camera?

    • Sed The Ted
      Sed The Ted Day ago

      Stop asking silly questions when there’s literally videos of reviews of each different iPhone. Don’t be ignorant of the sources around you

  • powerlinkers
    powerlinkers 4 days ago

    what is the point of dark mode on LCD?
    confident ignorance.

  • nagesh raju
    nagesh raju 4 days ago

    Hai Nick... my iphone XR is running with 12.3.1 so should i update my mobile ????

  • Ajmain Faieq
    Ajmain Faieq 4 days ago

    You deserve at least two million subs

  • wkssuh
    wkssuh 5 days ago +1

    Google has a dark mode with there app, which is RU-clip

  • Mighty Murph
    Mighty Murph 5 days ago

    I never even knew about shortcuts i tried it and its the stupidest thing. Youre typing in all these steps for something u can just tell siri to do? Am i missing something?

  • Ernest Porter
    Ernest Porter 5 days ago

    what's your daily driver

  • Carmiris .
    Carmiris . 5 days ago

    How do you put iOS 13 on the iPhone XR? Because I have the iPhone XR but it’s iOS 12.4.1

    • Berno Pultrum
      Berno Pultrum 4 days ago

      Carmiris . same, i havent got the update yet

  • Slley
    Slley 5 days ago

    They should do that shorter "long press" works as 3d touch and longer one lets you move stuff around. I think that would be the perfect solution to this

  • m m
    m m 6 days ago +3

    Did they fix the snapchat camera?

  • Judy Strauss
    Judy Strauss 6 days ago

    I have a xr so I really appreciated this video! Thanks much!

  • Ragnvald David
    Ragnvald David 13 days ago

    “I wanna talk about... I wanna talk about... ok guys I wanna talk about..”
    I despise Americans and their nauseatingly disgusting accent and illiteracy

  • Cristian19
    Cristian19 13 days ago +6

    Upgrading from a british Mark l Tank from 1916 to iphone Xr cant wait guys

  • Kofi Max
    Kofi Max 15 days ago

    We would appreciate it if u could do a free giveaway for some of us one of these days

  • Lahari Manda
    Lahari Manda 15 days ago

    Watching on my car product red

  • JPT
    JPT 16 days ago

    5 days before iOS13 boys

  • Skill Pizza
    Skill Pizza 16 days ago

    Whats with Live wallpapers on xr?

  • mrsmrs
    mrsmrs 17 days ago

    still no portrait mode for non-humans? i want the xr but kinda leaning on the xs because of that dual lens

  • KaYoZz
    KaYoZz 19 days ago

    7 plus army like

  • RANG3Rtv
    RANG3Rtv 19 days ago

    i have iphone xr but i cant download ios 13.1

  • Tiam Mohamed
    Tiam Mohamed 20 days ago

    You can enable dark mode from RU-clip settings

  • Christian Gaxiola
    Christian Gaxiola 21 day ago +1

    Lol I just downloaded the beta and didn’t feel like reading the updates for my Xr so here I am btw we got the same color red and black are my favs

  • Harmandeep Singh
    Harmandeep Singh 21 day ago

    Is android devices secure?

  • Tom Liu
    Tom Liu 22 days ago +7

    Holding my XR, so excited!!!!!! XR is very powerful so it should handle iOS 13 with zero problem

  • Heman Israel
    Heman Israel 24 days ago +4

    iPhone XR iOS 13.1 is the Boss.

  • David Tallent
    David Tallent 26 days ago

    Dark Mode is the coolest on Ipad OS 13 just skeert to run it on my iphone XR but if its anything like IPad os your gonna love it

  • unturorum
    unturorum 26 days ago +1

    Great video, I have an XR myself and it's sadly hard to find footage of iOS 13 on the XR since most people use an XS Max (or XS) in iOS 13 previews. Anyway, I was really wondering what do the settings for 3D touch on the XR look like and if it's possible to adjust the required duration to trigger 3D touch. Not having an actual pressure sensitive screen is a disadvantage, so it would be awesome if the duration could be adjusted to like 0,5 seconds because literally no one actually holds an icon that long when they just want to open an app. Even if that would be too fast for someone, they could always make it longer. Having options is always better than not having them because everyone has different preferences. Also, I know that a Feedback app comes with the iOS 13 beta, but since I only have my XR which is my first iPhone, installing the beta would be a huge risk that I'm not willing to take. Is there any way to give feedback about iOS 13 without actually downloading the beta? I really see no reason not to make the duration of 3D touch around 0,5 seconds because it only requires editing a number in a line of code which is something that everyone with zero knowledge about programming can do.

    • Marco Almonte
      Marco Almonte 26 days ago

      unturorum ios 13 on iphone xr is alright, the haptic touch is similar to 3D Touch and it’s more useful than it originally was since iOS 12. Live Wallpapers can now be placed as a lock wallpaper

  • jerry vincent
    jerry vincent 26 days ago +2

    Great video. I like my XR and Update will make it even better!🇺🇸

  • Popcorn xD
    Popcorn xD 26 days ago

    I'm getting the xr in 2 months skskksksskskks and I oop and I oop and I oop skskssksksksksk

    • Janasia Zolanski
      Janasia Zolanski 26 days ago

      Popcorn xD i’m getting mine today sksk sksks and i oop- sksksk sksks

  • Dipti Ugvekar
    Dipti Ugvekar 28 days ago

    iPhone XR is his second fav after SE

  • Seun Gabriel
    Seun Gabriel 28 days ago +1

    Does the iPhone XR support Live Photo’s on the lock screen ????

    • David Tallent
      David Tallent 26 days ago

      yes the XR does have full camera support from the lock screen however it only detects people not pets or anything like that.

  • WaifuLife
    WaifuLife 29 days ago +1

    Im still on ios 12.4 does every iphone user get it at different times depending where they live at?

  • Yo Yo
    Yo Yo 29 days ago +2

    Are there going to be live wallpapers for iphone xr in iOS 13??

  • gland mou gaming
    gland mou gaming 29 days ago

    i have some smoothness problems on the springboard when i have apps in the background. i have app refresh off tho.

  • OpinionatedOliver
    OpinionatedOliver 29 days ago

    I just wanted to update my phone I got the day before yesterday but it won’t download the beta software. Gets stuck on “preparing” the update halfway through...

  • 10,000 subscribers with No Videos?

    Should I upgrade from iPhone 7 to iPhone XR?

    • M S
      M S 4 days ago

      yes sir

    • Bright
      Bright 5 days ago

      That’s what I did, and I love my Xr but maybe you should try out the 11 series. It’s up to you

    • 13_Travis
      13_Travis 8 days ago

      No. The iphone 7 is compatible with ios 13.

    • Ronak Wadhwa
      Ronak Wadhwa 21 day ago

      Wait for the new xr it’s like only 10 days away

    • Marco Almonte
      Marco Almonte 26 days ago

      10,000 subscribers with No Videos? Big improvement so yes

  • Aydin Cesurcan
    Aydin Cesurcan Month ago

    youtube and other apps have their own dark mode you just need to search through their settings

    JORD AWESOME Month ago +1

    Will iOS 13 improve battery life on the iPhone XS Max with dark mode?

  • Money Sniper
    Money Sniper Month ago +2

    I wish the iPhone XR have Touch id 🤦🏽‍♂️💯

  • AALI
    AALI Month ago

    Hey Nick! I don't get update IOS 13 yet. Is it problem? I love dark mode.. i am waiting 😒

      VEGAN DINNER Month ago

      You have to download iOS 13 beta profile .

  • florita fati
    florita fati Month ago

    How can I upgrade to the ios 13 im still on the 12.4

    • Jo Bloggs
      Jo Bloggs 5 days ago

      florita fati wait until this Thursday iOS 13 will be released ota

  • Nepuni Lokho
    Nepuni Lokho Month ago

    I'm watching this on my iPhone XR and pretty excited for the iOS 13. The two feature which I'm looking forward is the haptic feedback drop down menu and dark mode. Great video as always.

  • Ram
    Ram Month ago +1

    What about camera updates please answer you answer everyone

  • Huy Quốc
    Huy Quốc Month ago

    From Vietnam
    I really love the way you covey information
    Thank you !

  • Amir Mohammad Roshandel

    Hey please make gesture tap ( three finger tap and hold that show gesture bar ) manually
    it really annoy playing game because I play with 4 finger

  • daryll davis
    daryll davis Month ago

    3D touch lockscreen wallpapers for iPhone XR. Please !!!!!

  • Wiin Jeey
    Wiin Jeey Month ago

    Whos watching on their iphone xr mine is black

  • GuyBeyondCooL
    GuyBeyondCooL Month ago

    I would to have the option to pick and choose what I want in dark mode.

  • r237632
    r237632 Month ago

    click bait, should have beta in the title

  • Dylxn CosmicFire314

    I have a XR on ios 13, dark mode is wayyy better than i expected.

    CET CELL MBA Month ago +1

    K20 pro uses OLED fot 360$ apple we love ur products but do u love us

    • ItzmeSurya T
      ItzmeSurya T Month ago

      I personally am getting the XR just for the A12 SOC

      CET CELL MBA Month ago

      I am to asking questions on performance just saying that OLED panels become general in various phones we are here buying 60k phone we deserves here OLED panel

    • shouryen ingle
      shouryen ingle Month ago

      CET CELL MBA iphone uses just 3GB RAM yet it manages to run every application and game faster than android flagships.

  • Xavier
    Xavier Month ago

    Still mad that they dropped support for the iPhone 6 🤬

    • Xavier
      Xavier Month ago

      VEGAN DINNER because iPhones are expensive here in the Philippines. When i got my iPhone 6 (2017), its price is roughly $400 but i got it from a contract. Im switching to samsung because of this.

      VEGAN DINNER Month ago

      Xavier . Why ? It’s already 5 years old . No android phone other than pixel phone will get this much years of support that the iP6 had .

  • Mugurel Teodor Andrici

    Apple will release final version of iOS 13.
    Money will go bankrupt
    Microsoft will go bankrupt
    Trolling will go bankrupt