dumbest way to fight the ender dragon

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
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  • Luka Mc Call
    Luka Mc Call 2 days ago

    Lazar : IM A MINECRAFT PRO!!
    also Lazar goes in the Nether with no armour

  • phenphan simmonds
    phenphan simmonds 4 days ago

    Penpun Simmonds

    • phenphan simmonds
      phenphan simmonds 4 days ago

      Laserbeam can you get a pet in the dragon because I know how

  • Noe Martinez
    Noe Martinez 6 days ago

    Who else got mad when he didn't get the experience

  • Lil' Potato101
    Lil' Potato101 8 days ago +1

    LazarBeam - ”im flying around at night you'll see in a second, any second now..”
    The adds- ”DoNt LeT ThIs OfFER PaSs YoU bY”

  • Lil' Potato101
    Lil' Potato101 8 days ago

    Hey Lazarbeam, just wanted to congratulate you! Your almost at 12 million! Good on ya mate 😁

  • 1000 subs with no vids?

    8:08 can anyone tell me what happened

  • Epic gamer 6225
    Epic gamer 6225 10 days ago +1


    • Dynamo
      Dynamo 8 days ago

      bro you are so cool

  • Fade Pain
    Fade Pain 10 days ago

    Did lazerbeam know that he could of just smelted iron and be done

    YOUSEF GAMING 75 11 days ago

    You are copying Danton

    • Dynamo
      Dynamo 8 days ago

      wdym like everyone makes minecraftvideos

  • Jose Diaz
    Jose Diaz 13 days ago

    He says his fight is epic but you should see philza kill the ender dragon philza is pretty dope

  • Mack Animates
    Mack Animates 13 days ago

    You are pumpkin pies you abandoned your vegan diet again watch the first episode to know what I mean

  • Rocky 5559
    Rocky 5559 14 days ago

    7:30 “Take me home, country roads, to the place, where I belong! West Virginia, I have a mama, take me home, country roads.”
    That popped into my head when I heard “Take me home”

  • Chemistry with Mrs. K
    Chemistry with Mrs. K 14 days ago +1

    There should be an achievement called fist fight and you should get it from killing the ender dragon or wither with your fists

  • InterKOT
    InterKOT 16 days ago

    someone plz help, whats the song at 13:31

  • Gdjboy23
    Gdjboy23 17 days ago


  • Robert Thomas
    Robert Thomas 18 days ago

    I can’t believe it lazar, your eating PUMPKIN PIES AS YOU FIGHT THE DRAGON

  • Jordan Henry
    Jordan Henry 19 days ago

    do dumsite sienc

  • Joseph Ian David
    Joseph Ian David 19 days ago

    No one:
    Literally no one:

    Gordon Ramsay: wheres the lamb sauce!?

    • J0ji
      J0ji 17 days ago

      Irrelevant comment

  • Ethan Scott
    Ethan Scott 20 days ago

    You shood state singing

  • Andermander1Official
    Andermander1Official 20 days ago

    Cheers to Lazarbeam hes true blue

    DEATH FROSTER 21 day ago

    Lannan 2019 fisting reptiles

  • Rebecca Matthews
    Rebecca Matthews 21 day ago

    yeet yeet yeet yeet

  • Rebecca Matthews
    Rebecca Matthews 21 day ago


  • Rebecca Matthews
    Rebecca Matthews 21 day ago


  • Rebecca Matthews
    Rebecca Matthews 21 day ago


  • The Fun Fact Guy
    The Fun Fact Guy 21 day ago


  • JellyBoi 259
    JellyBoi 259 21 day ago

    Top 1 most scariest animes

  • Blancn56 !
    Blancn56 ! 23 days ago

    I’d be put in your Dragon is it unlocked 64 levels the end a man they killed me when I was going about

  • Blake Ashby
    Blake Ashby 23 days ago

    Lazerbeam:thunderdome song
    Me:I'm sorry whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

  • Blue Midnight
    Blue Midnight 23 days ago

    Pls change the yellow beacon to white lol

  • Titanium Wheel
    Titanium Wheel 24 days ago


  • Beth Carpenter
    Beth Carpenter 24 days ago

    nice song

  • hashir akhtar
    hashir akhtar 26 days ago +1

    nice song thunder dom

    LOGAN PAUL VLOGS 27 days ago +2

    How does your girl feel about you killing elliot

  • Andrei and Alexa
    Andrei and Alexa 27 days ago +13

    This is how many the zombie said whats goin on guys

  • Rubie Studios
    Rubie Studios 27 days ago

    Did you know if you you beat the ender dragon more than one more end city portal wil lspqwn

  • FE4R Chajjito2010
    FE4R Chajjito2010 27 days ago

    Who remembers biscuit

  • ES Gaming
    ES Gaming 28 days ago +3

    When he said he was gonna kill the dragon with his fists i didn’t think he would do it.....

  • Turtle Shell
    Turtle Shell 28 days ago

    I only watch this when I'm eating and I'm not sure why....

  • royal1
    royal1 28 days ago

    Lazarbeam you should make a diss track on the Iron Golems or make a song about the Thunder Dome

  • Iamalexthe Noob
    Iamalexthe Noob 28 days ago

    You ate bread at around 2:40 you are no vegan

  • T3rmin4ter
    T3rmin4ter 29 days ago


  • I am taken
    I am taken Month ago


  • Elliott Prescott
    Elliott Prescott Month ago

    Who else saw the impulse in the achievement book

  • MSi Games
    MSi Games Month ago

    The end isn’t endless with land but the original land

  • Francis Angelicum Manaois

    WILLEH is a big fan of Ulla Britta's offspirng.

  • Trevor Swindell
    Trevor Swindell Month ago

    I'm a ginger bread man to in minecraft

  • antsa333
    antsa333 Month ago

    lazarbeam is alpha don't even try. He killed Enderdragon with bare fists (like if u agree)

  • BooperDooper
    BooperDooper Month ago

    Can someone tell me the name of the music that plays at 3:37?

  • Corey Woods
    Corey Woods Month ago

    Someone try and make a pack that when the iron Gollum hits something it says yeet.

  • Shawny Games
    Shawny Games Month ago

    I have been playing minecraft for 10 years and you're better than me...

  • Ali Tuğrul Akıcı

    11:20 flash vs kid flash 🤣🤣

  • M4ST3R S
    M4ST3R S Month ago

    1:38 funniest singing ever 🤣 and the best

  • dinosaurloop
    dinosaurloop Month ago +1


  • Grave Roamer
    Grave Roamer Month ago

    I actually did it only with my fist nothing else and it was also legit suv

  • Bryce Harden
    Bryce Harden Month ago

    What is a yeet grenade originaly

  • Mr. Meeseeks
    Mr. Meeseeks Month ago


  • bRe3ZZy
    bRe3ZZy Month ago

    Hey should make eye of endear shockwave nades

  • L S-Jepson
    L S-Jepson Month ago +1

    Its good

  • gammingWITHxXruin22YT robo

    Play Minecraft ps4 hardcore