Top 10 Strangest Disney Theories

  • Published on Dec 23, 2018
  • Top 10 Strangest Disney Theories
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    Well… we certainly never thought about it THAT way. From Peter Pan as the angel of death to Tamatoa as Ursula, WatchMojo is counting down the strangest and most mind-blowing Disney theories.
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    List Entries and Rank:
    #10. “Aladdin” Takes Place in a PostApocalyptic Future
    #9. Carl Was Dead the Whole Time
    #8. Peter Pan Is the Angel of Death
    #7. Tamatoa Is… Ursula
    #6. Gaston Killed Bambi’s Mother
    #5. The Prince Is Death
    #4. Dopey & Geppetto Are the Same Person
    #3, #2 & #1???
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    Special thanks to our users Skerlly Fc, mac121mr0, Der Sarge, McD, Valdemar Emil Ballisager Pedersen, Antonio Lorusso & Jacob Tiauli for suggesting this idea!

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Comments • 2 153

  • The Guitarman
    The Guitarman 6 days ago

    If Gaston did kill bambi’s mom then he broke the number 1 rule of hunter, shoot a buck but never a doe

  • Dolci Aldea
    Dolci Aldea 9 days ago +1

    Also with the Aladdin theory the genie also knows about goofy

  • ethan cullen
    ethan cullen 9 days ago

    Your forget does have antlers just like how lioness have no manes

  • Sakuraflower&Maddieroselps

    SO what if they have multale limbs! SO DO YOU GET A BRAIN DUMMMMIE

  • Adrienne Hepworth
    Adrienne Hepworth 12 days ago

    I hate the Beauty and the Beast theory!!!

  • Kelpy B
    Kelpy B 12 days ago

    The problem with Chip being the beast's son is that, iirc the beast is canonly only in his early-mid twenties, and it's stated that he'd been cursed like ten years ago as that was how long he had until the last petal fell, meanin he'd have been only around 9-12/3 when he was cursed, aka an actual literal child. The timeline doesn't match up for Chip's parentage.

  • Bro it’s fuzzin lit Always

    Their all old movies do you think they were smart

  • Isabelle Walsh
    Isabelle Walsh 14 days ago +3

    The Ursula and tomatoa theory was made by TheSuperCarlinBrothers it is actually way more detailed there

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark 14 days ago

    moana happens years before little mermaid . you can tell it by the ships and the technology. so you can tell ursela's not tamatoa's grandma

    • Isabelle Walsh
      Isabelle Walsh 14 days ago

      There is a reason explained for this by the original creators of this theory supercarlinbrothers, they made a 2 part series about it, I enjoyed watching it and you might to if theories are your thing

  • Boom Nuka
    Boom Nuka 14 days ago

    New theory: Walt Disney is The Grim Reaper.

  • Alicia Proffitt
    Alicia Proffitt 14 days ago +1

    Rip the Belle and Jane theory

  • Chuck Buskee
    Chuck Buskee 14 days ago

    The Gaston and Tamatoa theories have literally no evidence to prove they’re right.

    • Isabelle Walsh
      Isabelle Walsh 14 days ago

      The tomatoa theory is a stretch but it is really badly explained in this video, check out supercarlinbrothers the people who made the theory. For the Aladdin one I can’t back up it’s just bad

  • Nick Brzys
    Nick Brzys 15 days ago

    This is such a late comment but what about the one where Elsa's parents went to go to Rapunzels wedding and the ship was hit by a storm and they somehow escaped and had Tarzan on and island and was later killed by that leopard? There is some evidence as when you look in frozen there is a scene with Flynn and Rapunzel walking to the castle

  • Emile Khachaturov
    Emile Khachaturov 16 days ago


  • MechaEmperor7000
    MechaEmperor7000 16 days ago

    So what you're telling me is. Aladdin is a prequel to Warhammer 40k.

  • Gaming Mazter
    Gaming Mazter 16 days ago

    All princess are in the same universe

  • Fuzz Lop
    Fuzz Lop 16 days ago

    Chip isn’t the beasts son, the reason being the beast was around 12 when he was turned into a beast. So if chip was his son....
    The enchantress is a pedo preying on little kids, then forcing them into commitment. And since Disney is family friendly I doubt they’d would add that into one of their movies.

  • The Cool 7urd
    The Cool 7urd 17 days ago +1

    ToMaToA iS uRsUlA
    gAsToN kIlLeD bAmBiE's MoM
    Yea watchmojo these are "legit" theorys

    • LA La-La
      LA La-La 14 days ago

      The Cool 7urd 😂😂😂

  • Mic Schoon
    Mic Schoon 17 days ago +1


    • Mic Schoon
      Mic Schoon 17 days ago


  • Celex Lavinski
    Celex Lavinski 17 days ago

    Doesn't Genie time travel? That would explain why he knows all those celebrities and says Aladdin's style is 3rd century

  • Isabella Geilfuss
    Isabella Geilfuss 17 days ago

    What about the end of up when they go back down to reality?

    • Isabella Geilfuss
      Isabella Geilfuss 17 days ago

      And Wendy and her brothers go home also in one of the movies the lost boys come back

    • Isabella Geilfuss
      Isabella Geilfuss 17 days ago

      Also no one attack me please

  • Can I get 1,000 subs
    Can I get 1,000 subs 17 days ago

    Why would nah nah Ariel would be older

  • tudorjason
    tudorjason 17 days ago +1

    Never would have made a connection between Bambi's mother and Gaston from Beauty...
    My mind is blown!

  • tudorjason
    tudorjason 17 days ago

    Whoa, Aladdin taking place in a post-apocalyptic future is a new theory to me but it does seem plausible!

  • Stephen Nacua
    Stephen Nacua 19 days ago

    "What do they depart on? A white horse. An obvious reference to the biblical pale horse and it's rider, death. One of the four horsemen of the apocalypse."

  • Andrew&Olga
    Andrew&Olga 19 days ago +2

    Here’s a better theory
    Bambies mom was killed by Amos Slaid from Fox in the hound. Evidence:
    1) Both take place in the early 20th century (1920s-40’s)
    2) Amis Slaid is shown to be a morally bankrupt hunter
    3) He was our hunting in winter during the movies transition
    5) A accurate rifle was needed to take down a moving target ( a 18th century blunderbuss could never do that)
    4) He comes back with a hefty pile of furs, any one could have been Bambies mom.

    • Chuck Buskee
      Chuck Buskee 14 days ago

      Andrew&Olga now that’s a more reasonable theory. Too bad most “Disney fans” don’t even know the fox and the hound even exists.

  • Jellr Hudsen
    Jellr Hudsen 20 days ago


  • Pioneering Eagle
    Pioneering Eagle 20 days ago

    No the Bambi and beauty and beast makes no sence Bambi and Fox and hound has closer connection being in the movie Bambi Is a north American breed not a European breed

  • ozwolf01
    ozwolf01 21 day ago

    I've seen a few scenarios where Boo is brunette character from movie/tv series X that sometimes worked well...

  • Buffalo Braun
    Buffalo Braun 21 day ago

    Gaston couldn't have killed Bambi's mom. Gaston was in France, while Bambi was in America.

  • Puffy the Destroyer
    Puffy the Destroyer 21 day ago

    Oivey, I thought #1 was debunked and buried good & dead by now

  • The Empress
    The Empress 21 day ago +2

    The Obsession is with trying to villianize Di$ney for any reason other than being greedy AF.
    *Mystery Solved* .👎

  • chidubem
    chidubem 21 day ago

    8:55 Is that Pocahontas in the afterlife??

  • Cara B.
    Cara B. 21 day ago

    Walt Disney was a Freemason. It makes you wonder what other dark things are in his movies.

  • NONE
    NONE 21 day ago

    I feel like Clayton Killed Bambi's mother.

  • chinitonamoreno
    chinitonamoreno 21 day ago

    Chip couldn't be Beas's illegitimate child. they were cursed at the time the beast was 11 years old and clearly, chip is already like 5 to 6 at that time.

  • Tinnerbog457 27
    Tinnerbog457 27 22 days ago

    a popular theory is that boo from monsters inc is actually bonnie from toy story

  • Holy DCE
    Holy DCE 22 days ago

    Angel of death? I thought Peter Pan was Dutch and on drugs

  • My_differentusername :/

    Aladdin as a little thing called “plot”

  • Mary Perez
    Mary Perez 23 days ago

    In lilo and stitch, dumbo is a toy in Lilos chest

  • Centrix YT
    Centrix YT 23 days ago

    press the like button on this comment to turn it blue and to praise the holy jesus

  • Nessa Sand
    Nessa Sand 23 days ago +4

    I think a theory to counter-attack the Aladdin 'Post Apoctolyptic Future'
    It's simple- Genie just looked into the future.

  • Mason P
    Mason P 23 days ago

    I’m pretty sure the first one isn’t true cause I remember hearing that the genies time isn’t like humans so he has been in the future and past and present

  • Sean Morrissey
    Sean Morrissey 24 days ago +2

    10- there is probably a TV in the lamp plus he knows when Aladdin needs him

  • Scarletto Symphony
    Scarletto Symphony 24 days ago

    Moana: That’s my grandma’s!
    Tomatoa: “ that’s my grAndMa!” I ATE MY GRANDMA ( and it took me a week, she was humongous.
    Ursula: ...

  • Dakota Roman
    Dakota Roman 25 days ago

    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was made in 1939, before Bambi,which was made in 1942 (maybe in 1940).🤔

  • Tony Ross
    Tony Ross 25 days ago

    People hate Gaston? I thought he was pretty cool

  • DJ4NTI
    DJ4NTI 25 days ago +13

    About Alladin being in the future: Uh yeah... or maybe there are modern day celebrity references in there because Robin Williams basically freestyled 50% of the Genies lines and personality.

    • Justin Ball
      Justin Ball 22 days ago +1

      If that were the case, Disney would have never put the impressions in the film, let alone animate them, because the film had to be in the past. Disney needs to make every movie "perfect" which means being accurate to a time period. So, they would never let Robin do the impressions, because they would need to keep the film in the past.

    AULIS A.O.T 25 days ago +1

    5:54 yoing yoing yoing

  • Cael Ray
    Cael Ray 25 days ago

    Muslims in 11000 ad? We didn't do it right... 😑

  • Willocreeper Plays
    Willocreeper Plays 25 days ago

    The tamatoa Ursula theory is wrong.
    Since you see 18 century clothing in the little mermaid, and only tribal clothes in Moana,(this may be because of different locations, but whatever)

    This means that it would be likely the other way around

  • Serena Mau
    Serena Mau 26 days ago

    One thing u didn't saw in up is when that man flying his house on the way saw those white houses that's where his Wife use to live and that place is where she meets that old man from The Fox Prince

  • Samuel Knight
    Samuel Knight 26 days ago

    Aladdin theory doesnt hold. Did people forget BC happened? Sure he knew Arnold and Jack, but he could just be able to see the future or something. Idk. I dont buy it at all.

    AMIA HARRIS 26 days ago

    Gaston killed Bambi's mother is not true Bambi's mother didn't even have antlers when she died, and it is a know fact that female feeds are not the ones that have antlers male deers do. Also the deer at the beginning of Beauty and the Beast doesn't have antlers either

    XISY_MON 26 days ago

    Or maybe its just a childrens movie!

  • Courtney Southerland
    Courtney Southerland 26 days ago

    If the kids in Peter Pan are dead, then why were the mermaids trying to drown Wendy? What’d be the point?

  • I love MTN DEW
    I love MTN DEW 26 days ago

    10# does not make sense because he can see 1 million years in the future

  • Tumbles
    Tumbles 26 days ago

    Legit thought you meant deaf, not death

  • monblanc noland
    monblanc noland 26 days ago

    That guy was def trying to fuck Gaston lmaoooo

  • Br3ak B0X
    Br3ak B0X 26 days ago

    9:56 how my nephew sees me

  • My Dud3_
    My Dud3_ 27 days ago +5

    One more second?

  • Boss K
    Boss K 27 days ago +3

    Or jepetto could be younger smee then the wail killed him the peter took him to never land or Captain Hook found him

  • XXX JuicWrld
    XXX JuicWrld 27 days ago

    Snow whitens personification Of Cocain no wonder why she can talk to animals and stuff

  • Andrew Gault
    Andrew Gault 27 days ago

    There children movies who fucking cares

  • Jett Carlburg
    Jett Carlburg 27 days ago +1

    Jeremy Potts (the little boy from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) grew up to be Q in the James Bond franchise.
    -'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' and the James Bond novels were all written by Sir Ian Fleming
    -CCBB is set around 1910. Jeremy Potts was a child at this time which would have made him a middle-aged man in the early '60s (the same time as the first Bond films were set)
    -Q is an "outside the box" inventor. So was Jeremy's dad Carracticus Potts

  • Destyne Moses
    Destyne Moses 27 days ago

    Jesus Christ the amount of reach in this video.

  • Nickey Lancaster
    Nickey Lancaster 28 days ago

    Here's an idea... THEY'RE CARTOONS MOSTLY BASED ON FAIRYTALES. Why do people overthink everything nowadays

  • Confusion BOMB Studios
    Confusion BOMB Studios 28 days ago +5

    *MatPat would like to know your location*

  • XO_blossom _XO
    XO_blossom _XO 28 days ago

    Who else NEVER knew that Snow White was made during World War Two!!!!! I thought it was made in like 1981

  • lantan
    lantan 28 days ago

    You guys do know those 2 guys you talked about in aladdin were more popular in the 19s