A Curious New Smartphone Gadget...

  • Published on Oct 2, 2019
  • What's old becomes new again. What's new becomes old again.
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Comments • 1 703

  • MexicanosDelMundo
    MexicanosDelMundo 4 days ago +1

    4:55 "Do the flappy thing".

  • Explore with Rick
    Explore with Rick 6 days ago

    Bought this.

  • Topu
    Topu Month ago +1

    For Gen X and Gen Y ppl, I don't see how young ppl in the late 2000s would care about this LOL

  • Ghost_Vinyl_Media58

    It’s a film shield or frog tongue…

  • Ghost_Vinyl_Media58

    I wish you didn’t keep telling people to shake it… would you shake a baby?? No

  • CatChaFreeMan
    CatChaFreeMan Month ago

    The laugh of Kawhi though.

  • Itsy Teshuwah
    Itsy Teshuwah Month ago

    BOSTON DYNAMICS?! Y'all who don't know them, you're in for a treat..

  • 2K8Si
    2K8Si Month ago

    In order to faithfully replicate the low quality of Polaroids, you can forget about digitally sending the photo to the device. Instead, let's take a picture, of your picture, on your phone screen. YEAH. That's some good ol' analogue quality reduction right there. TECH-MOLOGY...Wow.

  • Kaywop
    Kaywop Month ago

    Why did you do that to kawhi

  • Endo The One
    Endo The One Month ago

    So basically it's just a Polaroid camera that takes a pic of your phone screen 🤔😂

  • Endo The One
    Endo The One Month ago

    Your not really ment to shake it from what I've heard but can't be asked to Google it 😅
    Edit: I didn't watch till the end to comment 😂

  • James Charbonneau
    James Charbonneau Month ago

    Will is lame asf

  • GregRyan
    GregRyan Month ago

    Yeah so like they said fun fact, waggling around your Polaroids never did anything and taking them out and trying to look at them in the light straight away just results in your images being slightly over exposed

    • GregRyan
      GregRyan Month ago

      Apparently the older Polaroids there was another sheet of paper which had developer on it so you could sort of shake it to get the developer on the paper but really you wanna rub it to make it work so

  • Just a Friend
    Just a Friend Month ago

    Smile more Willy-Do come on buddy

  • autistic vibes
    autistic vibes Month ago

    I want that picture with the monkeys can someone link it to me? couldn’t find it

  • Robert Pearce
    Robert Pearce Month ago

    Shaking did nothing to help develop the photos
    Only thing it did was to throw caustic chemicals around the house. ..

  • Sungsoo Kim
    Sungsoo Kim Month ago

    Hum... He isn't not using iPhone



  • Remmy 315
    Remmy 315 Month ago

    Am I the only one that want's this thing?

  • Satan
    Satan Month ago

    I want will to read me books

  • Josh G
    Josh G Month ago

    This is a perfect Christmas gift idea for my wife....if you put up an affiliate link, I’ll buy through you guys. I’d like to show some love to one of my favorite channels!

  • dipin divakaran
    dipin divakaran Month ago

    Why a lense?
    It's 2020, polaroid could've taken the pic directly from the app and print it in full quality. Why take picture of your phone screen?

  • Jimmuel Tuazon
    Jimmuel Tuazon Month ago +1

    "you will be such a fun guy, like kawhi leonard"
    "Ugh he ha ha he ha"

  • The Rolling Troll
    The Rolling Troll Month ago

    You shake it to ruin the picture. Not sure how anyone ever thought they needed shaking. It's exactly what you shouldn't do. Keep it dark and warm and wait patiently for 10 minutes. And whatever you do, do not shake it. And please tech heads, stop spreading that misinformation...

    • The Rolling Troll
      The Rolling Troll Month ago

      Ah, well there you go. Even the manual tries to stop this stupidity :D.
      It doesn't dry. It develops.
      Put it in your pocket man ;).

  • Dr. Dose
    Dr. Dose Month ago

    background music is from Ragnarok?

  • Carlos De La Garza
    Carlos De La Garza Month ago

    4:37 you can hear a bit of jack's voice

  • Jisoo's Fanboy
    Jisoo's Fanboy Month ago

    the weird thing is im actually watching this vid on october 10th

  • john wardlaw
    john wardlaw Month ago

    Can we get a where's Willy Doo calender please?

  • Zhu Warren
    Zhu Warren Month ago

    “Six... Nine!”

  • Zoraux
    Zoraux Month ago +2

    “I’m a quote for the memes”

  • Piers
    Piers Month ago

    That's actually really cool. Genuinely good idea.

  • Calvin Hicks
    Calvin Hicks Month ago

    I want one of these! Can I have yours now that you’re done with it‽

  • pmvoice88
    pmvoice88 Month ago

    1:15 Shaking Polaroid film to expedite the development process is purely a myth. It does nothing to develop the film and can actually damage your photo.

  • jason mccarrick
    jason mccarrick Month ago

    I'd get it just because I had a Polaroid camera when I was a kid and I have an office so it be a conversation starter I'm sure ..

  • Danny Ruiz
    Danny Ruiz Month ago

    will makes this show, without will there's no unbox therapy

  • Δημήτρης Βερλής

    Polaroid is overpriced crappy piece of shit with a ton of plastic.

  • Eli Malinsky
    Eli Malinsky Month ago

    You can still go to a photo development store (I don't know how common these are in North America, but they are very common in Europe), hand over a burned disc or a thumb drive full of photos, and get them printed the old school way.

  • sk8ordordie
    sk8ordordie Month ago

    Anyone who also laughed at 5.32

  • iRay IRidium
    iRay IRidium Month ago

    ahhhh, to much things to do and you must be so careful and so on, just no.

  • Marc Carran
    Marc Carran Month ago

    Why not call the video "Polaroid Lab" instead of the attention seeking name?

  • Maris Dalagan
    Maris Dalagan Month ago

    Really nice and nostalgic!

  • Thor Tamrakar
    Thor Tamrakar Month ago

    Why u are using iphone 11 pro max (p.s. someone was saying don’t buy)

  • Sachin Hotchandani
    Sachin Hotchandani Month ago +1

    Wall - e

  • bahhaziz
    bahhaziz Month ago +2

    Why the photo isn't sent via Bluetooth to the device ? 🤔

    • Mike Stephens
      Mike Stephens Month ago

      The real pro tips are in the comments. This is a serious and valid question.

  • Chuck Barnett
    Chuck Barnett Month ago

    So, we're not supposed to shake it like a Polaroid picture?

  • BOBimus Rex
    BOBimus Rex Month ago

    Warning from Polaroid, " Please do not shake your polaroid picture like a polaroid picture."

  • Fabio Leone
    Fabio Leone Month ago

    I think the impossible project released something exactly like this years ago already.

  • Elk
    Elk Month ago +2

    Boring fact - shaking/waving a polaroid makes no difference in drying time.

  • Tommy McDowell
    Tommy McDowell Month ago

    This is actually really cool but the price is way too high considering you also have to buy ink and photo paper....

  • mr benchpress
    mr benchpress Month ago

    Very impractical

  • abdulrehman akhtar
    abdulrehman akhtar Month ago

    Lew love ur work ............
    just keep it up//

    TRUTH HAMMER Month ago +1

    now thats what i call a real unbox therapy video
    not some another smartphone review

  • Shezan N
    Shezan N Month ago

    Not useful :/

  • LifeStoriesTV
    LifeStoriesTV Month ago

    Just get a polaroid, It's clearer.

  • DontLeaveMeLucile
    DontLeaveMeLucile Month ago

    Do you have to have the app on this thing for every phone you put on top and print an image from, or can you bring this thing somewhere and everyone can use it without downloading anything?

  • moderatingmoderation

    It's curious

    Or so the Germans would have us believe...

  • XxKazxX XxxX
    XxKazxX XxxX 2 months ago

    It's too bad that res is way off the original... like that's barely 2MP instead of 12MP and it shows... too bad cause it looked cool... I think I prefer getting a wireless printer n getting photo paper it has a better resolution n it probably costs less

  • Moosong Park
    Moosong Park 2 months ago

    🧐 but why get that bulky thing if you can get one of those smaller portable photo printers, like the HP sprocket, that literally prints out a photo that’s on your phone via Bluetooth? Pretty sure it’ll even be half the price of that thing

  • alkemis
    alkemis 2 months ago

    Shake it shake shake it shake it shake shake it shake it like a polaroid picture.....heya

  • mike jones II
    mike jones II 2 months ago

    that's not the monolith. ITS A WONKA BAR!!!