• Published on Nov 14, 2017
  • I went to Southern Taiwan for the first time and in the port city of Kaohsiung I had some amazing street food and went to one of their best night markets! Strictly Dumpling T-Shirts HERE:
    Places I went to:
    Duck Zhen:
    Ruifeng Night Market
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Comments • 715

  • Leslie Johnson
    Leslie Johnson Year ago +585

    I'm really glad your duck meat adventure was all it was quacked up to be.

    • Darth Kater
      Darth Kater 18 days ago

      I love you

    • Finny
      Finny Year ago

      LJ Aquatics nn

    • elvis
      elvis Year ago

      LJ Aquatics Center for the.

    • Yahdee
      Yahdee Year ago +1

      he got a quack at it

  • Prashant Srivastava
    Prashant Srivastava 18 days ago

    ask the duck "do you bleed"

  • Linda B
    Linda B 23 days ago

    duck and rice. Man, gimme a bowl of that!

  • 子堯林
    子堯林 27 days ago

    Anyone who wants to to Taiwan, just contact me, be my guest, I'll bring you to everywhere and eat everything.

  • JTTechie
    JTTechie 29 days ago

    13:40 Mikey is getting teabagged 😂

  • Yummy Tummy
    Yummy Tummy Month ago

    The frog eggs looked like Zago

  • Feliks Gailitis
    Feliks Gailitis Month ago +1

    I lived in Taiwan for 2 years. One of my favorite places on Earth. As for the food, some of the best and most varied food anywhere, and cheap in price, which means you eat well every day

  • NikkiAmelia RS
    NikkiAmelia RS 2 months ago

    So much delicious looking food 🤤

  • Deshyy T.
    Deshyy T. 2 months ago

    Watching the peoples reactions when they realised he was recording and they were in the video was funny xD

  • The Husky Lynx
    The Husky Lynx 3 months ago

    Whenever he sees Donald or daffy he will drool lol

  • TrinaM345 USofA
    TrinaM345 USofA 3 months ago +2

    I worked in Kaoshuing in 1994 to 2001! I enjoyed the foods and the local travels! People r nice!! Missed Taiwan nw! Very progressive country and independent!

  • Ruki blackheart
    Ruki blackheart 4 months ago

    Not gunna lie in laughed so hard when he ate the mochi ball it looked like he was eating sherks ball sac

  • WindSoul
    WindSoul 4 months ago

    Everytime i watch your videos i have to eat something because this makes me so damn hungry

  • sartorian darkstorm
    sartorian darkstorm 4 months ago

    13:38 thats a matcha ballsack

  • Shivam Prajapati
    Shivam Prajapati 4 months ago

    This guy eats a lot

  • Aileen K
    Aileen K 5 months ago

    Do u mind to buy those food or drinks without getting the plastic bags
    Say no to plastic bags and you'll contribute a whole lot in saving d earth
    Thank you

  • Ur maam
    Ur maam 5 months ago

    1:15 professional tik toker

  • lamBETTERthanY0U
    lamBETTERthanY0U 5 months ago

    Taiwanese food is awful 👎

    • Proverbs 3:5-6 †
      Proverbs 3:5-6 † 3 months ago +1

      lamBETTERthanY0U You just have no taste at all and never have real Taiwanese food

  • Elizabeth Martin
    Elizabeth Martin 5 months ago

    You really try everything.
    Id die. O m g

  • Bary Gallentine
    Bary Gallentine 5 months ago

    Damn..... Watching your vids always makes me hungry.

  • Majesticool Muffin
    Majesticool Muffin 6 months ago

    "Surprisingly not very chickeny, I mean there's children in here, but it's really about the rice"
    subtitles, man

  • Ceejay Medel
    Ceejay Medel 6 months ago

    funny......hahahha that reaction to himself.

  • I C
    I C 6 months ago

    "Like chicken on steroids or something...."
    Sad part is, chicken already is on steroids, usually, like any other farm animal.

  • Anita Gade
    Anita Gade 6 months ago

    The fossilized seafood cracker looked soooooo interesting!!!

  • Cheyenne Ng
    Cheyenne Ng 7 months ago

    poor thing those snails :'(

  • krianne
    krianne 7 months ago

    Your whole life is a bucket list lol.

  • Haoya L
    Haoya L 7 months ago +2


  • Tadashi Umemura
    Tadashi Umemura 8 months ago

    Is the round ball with various colors jelly? It sounds sweet. After all the duck seems to be the most delicious. Thank you very much.

  • ricecakejohnson
    ricecakejohnson 8 months ago +2

    OMG, Taiwanese people are soooo creative, that seafood fossil looking thing(looks like seafood art, like a painting)is the most creative ever. Looks awesome and seems like a great snack!

  • Dulce Villa
    Dulce Villa 8 months ago

    Please do Mexican food!!!

  • Cole Patrick
    Cole Patrick 8 months ago

    Mikey has such a great personality

  • Grace Lieu
    Grace Lieu 9 months ago

    that seafood cracker is INSANE!!! How is the seafood in it all flat and crispy like the cracker? wtf!!

  • helloasroma
    helloasroma 9 months ago

    He literally just adds "y" at the end of every word to turn them into adjectives...

  • Nutulie Wong
    Nutulie Wong 9 months ago +1

    When ever you close your eyes and shake your head I can’t tell if you like or hate it

  • Christine Lee
    Christine Lee 9 months ago

    Tried Duck Zhen because you recommended. It’s usually very packed but I went early so no wait. Would go again.

  • 婷婷的世界 / 婷婷的台灣 Ting Ting's World

    I need to go try that duck! Thanks for the vid. Kaohsiung rocks! XD

  • Jet Bat
    Jet Bat 10 months ago

    looks super delicious !

  • Spot Spot
    Spot Spot 10 months ago +1

    Bro.... you win again. It looks great to eat.

  • iamchef Kuma
    iamchef Kuma Year ago +2

    🇬🇭I love your channel food is life , I think your next street food trip should be in Ghana(Africa) 🇬🇭

  • PajHuab Ncua Vwj
    PajHuab Ncua Vwj Year ago +2

    That first bowl of rice with the duck & pork meat sure looks good right now!

  • Joshvir Narula
    Joshvir Narula Year ago +1

    i almost died laughing when he said im done and then got a drink

  • Aidan77
    Aidan77 Year ago +1

    You should be on the food network

  • ngie87
    ngie87 Year ago +1

    the editing is super fun :) thank you ^^

  • hesti luh
    hesti luh Year ago +1

    Those ducks..oh maan

  • Terry Chen
    Terry Chen Year ago +1


  • theuglykwan
    theuglykwan Year ago +1

    The matcha mochi looked like elderly martian balls.

  • Corny Hoshi
    Corny Hoshi Year ago +4

    Why do I get full when I watch you eating?
    I found a way how I will dieting now

  • Kenji Mizoguchi
    Kenji Mizoguchi Year ago +1

    do you ever drink water? seems too salty to digest

  • just me
    just me Year ago +2

    It's 1 am and I am watching this
    I guess it's time to raid the kitchen 😋😋

  • Dave Lister
    Dave Lister Year ago +1

    Lots of shoulder hotties here, mmm

  • Blue Frost
    Blue Frost Year ago +1

    At 7:06 it remains me of the background music from the Pou game

  • The Movie Couple
    The Movie Couple Year ago +1

    It was a mistake to watch this hungry because now I'm starving. Thanks for shining the spotlight on my hometown! I miss the food so much.

  • a rose
    a rose Year ago +1

    Visit the Philippines !

  • tbb033
    tbb033 Year ago +1

    NOOOOOOOOOOO Daffy! Donald! HOWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • darkminer 556
    darkminer 556 Year ago

    Like literally who is hungry right now

  • Tom
    Tom Year ago

    I have never laughed so much in my life on a food documentary. :) Thank you!

  • Firegrowgt blank
    Firegrowgt blank Year ago

    So fatty

  • Harry Solente
    Harry Solente Year ago

    13:39 when you eat the Grinch's balls

  • bery4455
    bery4455 Year ago

    我是台灣人~ 很喜歡你的影片^_^

  • Tabassum Begum
    Tabassum Begum Year ago

    I want him to visit India

  • Kevin Cass
    Kevin Cass Year ago

    This guy is Jackie chan. On steroids!

  • Two Vo
    Two Vo Year ago

    For your extraordinary ability of eating, I subscribed!

  • quickstep
    quickstep Year ago

    their food is so cool!

  • Flo Chan
    Flo Chan Year ago

    But.... Such a great food video tho :)

  • Flo Chan
    Flo Chan Year ago

    So much plastic 😭

  • Eve Black
    Eve Black Year ago

    I tried hot oil because of you .......................I loved the taste my stomach disagreed but I am willing to suffer a little for the taste

  • Violet Senpai
    Violet Senpai Year ago

    no such thing as too much duck

  • Christine Lee
    Christine Lee Year ago

    14:38 lmao the girl and guy in the back

  • Altreia
    Altreia Year ago

    I was eating my dinner halfway, then as I was watching this, I just closed the box and threw it away. I MISS TAIWAN. :( especially the beef cubes.

  • まあまあちゃんねる


  • Sylvia Aloysius Mobijin

    Oh....I miss Taiwan. I can gain weight easily....But at Taiwan, the steamy chewy rice and the street food help me lost 5kg in a just eat and walk and eat XD

  • Roger Fischer
    Roger Fischer Year ago

    Awesome video...Sometimes you just have to say What the Duck...😀

  • soumyajit maitra
    soumyajit maitra Year ago

    He ate Shenron

  • soumyajit maitra
    soumyajit maitra Year ago

    Your metabolism level must be out of this world

  • sugreev2001
    sugreev2001 Year ago

    Goddamn, I need to get myself to Taiwan one of these days. Their street food looks amazing.

  • Synthetiic
    Synthetiic Year ago

    I need a Meatloving friend like you, i want to go to a hotpot buffet so badly but everyone i know is just a "1 plate finish" Guy

  • Lunia
    Lunia Year ago

    What's the song in the first 4 minutes of the video? It's none of the four songs in the description.

  • It's Personal
    It's Personal Year ago

    I love Donald duck......but the soup looks nice....

  • Sophia Lee
    Sophia Lee Year ago

    How do you know that 🤔😳

  • Shweta Ullala
    Shweta Ullala Year ago

    He needs his 1 million subscribers!

  • g0neplatinum
    g0neplatinum Year ago

    I think you gave that seafood cracker too much time

  • Areeb Siddiqui
    Areeb Siddiqui Year ago


  • 도민준
    도민준 Year ago

    i wish i could eat as much as him...

  • Thalia w
    Thalia w Year ago

    4:34 That slogan on the lady's black T-shirt tho ahahaha

  • Bedroom Pianist
    Bedroom Pianist Year ago

    That seafood pressed biscuit is made the same way in Japan

  • jordan tali
    jordan tali Year ago

    You should collaborate with miss mina

  • FatVeinyDick
    FatVeinyDick Year ago

    13:37 looks like Shrek's nut sack.

  • AlphaTraveler1
    AlphaTraveler1 Year ago

    When I go to Taiwan and head to the street markets, there is always the thought of non-hygenic operations. I wonder if there are health/cleanliness ratings in Taiwan?

  • Yesenia
    Yesenia Year ago

    Just found your channel and already love your videos!

  • SingZee Lauren
    SingZee Lauren Year ago

    come again next time, really want to bring you around and eat all the famous food stalls at rui feng!! ❤️

  • GemmyJellyBeans
    GemmyJellyBeans Year ago

    That duck, pork and rice dish is calling my name! :)

  • Jumbo Jack
    Jumbo Jack Year ago

    13:38 the grinchs ball sack

  • Elysia Tan
    Elysia Tan Year ago

    I’m the opposite! I love snail (only had escargot though honestly) but I don’t really like pepper

  • mesaquecaiu
    mesaquecaiu Year ago

    Not to mention it's generally pretty cheap to eat at Taiwanese night markets

  • dinkelStormchaser Dutch weather

    thank u for showing us the great food . if you can com tjo the Netherlands for a nex food movie clips and expirians

  • garlicdemon1
    garlicdemon1 Year ago

    I've been to that very same night market in Kaohsiung, it's crazy how competitive the food scene in Taiwan is. You always see new food stuff from the people there.

  • Manne Lopez
    Manne Lopez Year ago

    Jackie chan is funny

  • Peter Kuo
    Peter Kuo Year ago

    welcome :) u gotta visit Tainan too(~1 hr drive north of kaoshiung), it's the culinary center of Taiwan

  • Media Addict
    Media Addict Year ago +1

    Mikes power levels went over 9000 at 7:40 as he finally realized his dream and ate the dragon balls.
    Super Sayin Mikey Chen confirmed, we now know why he's so buff.

    • N BD
      N BD 5 months ago

      ...and then, he ate Picolo's nut sack at 13:40

  • winane
    winane Year ago +2

    OMG... your liver and gall bladder must be working overtime ... all the time! Ha! Bon appetite~~