Detective Pikachu MACHAMP Deck, Cross Chop Solves EVERYTHING

  • Published on Apr 22, 2019
  • Detective Pikachu Machamp is rather damage and energy efficient, making it easy to use. See more below.
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Comments • 28

  • LongBeachReps
    LongBeachReps 7 months ago

    I cant stand that you only post Ws but no record of the deck when you are all said and done. You could go like 2-20 but only post both wins. Shame.

  • Human 12345
    Human 12345 7 months ago

    DarkIntegralGaming: *Cross-Chop*

  • Ronnie House Jr.
    Ronnie House Jr. 7 months ago +1

    Your card drawing and flips are nothing short of amazing Donald. Wow 😱😱

  • Fidel Odeh
    Fidel Odeh 7 months ago +1

    That first "cross chaaawwwp" had me dead

  • Xandro Homeschool
    Xandro Homeschool 7 months ago

    R.I.P banana master

  • Tarik Jasim
    Tarik Jasim 7 months ago

    4:25 beautiful

  • Gengar Studios
    Gengar Studios 7 months ago

    12:30 she didn’t want Machamp coming up

  • DKQuagmire
    DKQuagmire 7 months ago

    that stupid pikarom player. if they had just gone for the GX for 200 with only 3 energy they would of koed Machamp. but they choose to full blitz and put 6 energy on itself for it to die on Donalds next turn.

    • SPAtomsk
      SPAtomsk 7 months ago

      We all saw it no need to write it out

    • SnO Ikaros
      SnO Ikaros 7 months ago +1

      Also the first player. Instead of Guzma'ing Machamp and make Donald stuck for at least one turn, he/she pulled A Ninetales. Super dumb.

  • Gengar Phantom
    Gengar Phantom 7 months ago +4

    Another broken card that will make expanded and standard events more toxic than what they are, ty Pokémon for ruining the game and making it a broken total mess.
    In other news: Guled Liban likes to play with my fat poke balls. Moving on....

    • Dragonicblaster
      Dragonicblaster 7 months ago

      @Gengar Phantom
      Read the last rule
      *Repetitive comments:* Leaving large amounts of identical, untargeted or repetitive comments.
      This is one of the things that can get you banned. I like it, it's a fun meme, but I wanted to tell u that continue this and you may wake upto no YT account and they ban your E mail as well

    • Gengar Phantom
      Gengar Phantom 7 months ago

      Beesson6606 I started it back in October 2018. I started it as a way to complain about Pokémon and the way the game is heading. I been posting the comment since then, every single day until the end of my days or the end of the channel. Some people might post it if I haven’t but is me who try to post it on daily basis and as soon as possible.

    • Beesson6606
      Beesson6606 7 months ago

      Is this a meme or something? I keep seeing people commenting this all over the place.

  • Kutoy
    Kutoy 7 months ago


  • Sen Tuazon
    Sen Tuazon 7 months ago +4

    I'll miss banana master

  • Joy Harner
    Joy Harner 7 months ago +1

    I'm gonna try to make your rayquaza hat trick deck. Great vid 👍👍👍

  • Ggames leland
    Ggames leland 7 months ago

    Donald, how do you feel about Marshadows being in pika tagteam decks? I been rather mad about the combo, he definitely weaker, but just as deadly and less prizes

    • DKQuagmire
      DKQuagmire 7 months ago

      i'm more concerned about the growing number of marshadows in vikaray, to counter pikarom decks.
      i should know, as i main vikaray and i play marshadow gx in the deck for this exact reason.

  • Local Maple
    Local Maple 7 months ago

    I got Donald’s attention about this combo days/week after he moved on from Detective Pikachu coverage!

  • Guled Liban
    Guled Liban 7 months ago +3

    Another awesome card that will make expanded and standard events more fun than what they are, ty Pokémon for improving the game and preventing it from becoming a broken total mess.

    • Dragonicblaster
      Dragonicblaster 7 months ago

      @Guled Liban alright then, I did my part telling both of you this
      Now it's on u 2

    • Guled Liban
      Guled Liban 7 months ago

      @Dragonicblaster Thanks for the concern. However, as long a Gengar continues to spread his message, I too must continue to counter it.

    • Dragonicblaster
      Dragonicblaster 7 months ago

      Hey guled. So this is a fun meme u have been doing but u should not continue.
      In RU-clip rules it states
      *Repetitive comments:* Leaving large amounts of identical, untargeted or repetitive comments.
      This can get your account permanently banned and our e mail banned from you tube too.
      Just want the best

    • misterlakota
      misterlakota 7 months ago

      Yeah Free Guled Liban!

    • Local Maple
      Local Maple 7 months ago +1

      I’d rather have all decks tested to encourage Metagame flow, than just let two or three decks top with no resistance.
      If one of these brain game decks can beat out a couple metas, it becomes an Anti-Meta and force everyone to adapt, making their streamline setup harder.

  • misterlakota
    misterlakota 7 months ago +1