• Published on Nov 20, 2019
  • Just the best of the best male blind auditions from around the globe (non-USA)!
    List of Performers Below...
    0:00 - Jason Jones - UK - "Pillowtalk"
    1:42 - Fernando Daniel - Portugal - "When We Were Young"
    3:45 - Stevie McCrory - UK - "All I Want"
    5:30 - Mitchell Brunings - Holland - "Redemption Song"
    7:33 - Kevin Simm - UK - "Chandelier"
    9:32 - Mateusz Ziolko - Poland - "When a Man Loves a Woman"
    11:28 - Craig Ward - UK - "Always a Woman"
    13:15 - Jolan - UK - "Wishing Well"
    15:05 - Lukas Vincler - Czech Republic - "Say Something"
    16:04 - Israel Allen - UK - "And I'm telling you I'm not Going"

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  • shahin shahin
    shahin shahin 2 hours ago

    Potogues shiver bleefimg tears

  • Kaj Mortensen
    Kaj Mortensen 4 hours ago


  • Khan Mama
    Khan Mama 5 hours ago

    pillow talk was best of all

  • O.J HD
    O.J HD 7 hours ago

    Tom looks so sweet and a little bit like The Sith Lord of Star Wars xD

    PAGKAWASAK Gt 8 hours ago

    3 am...

  • SayiS Martínez
    SayiS Martínez 9 hours ago

    The last guy was so funny, he even said and you jennifer, youre gonna love me. lol

  • Hilwa Uhibbukifillah
    Hilwa Uhibbukifillah 10 hours ago

    4:17 who is he? I think he's the funniest coach ever😂

  • Withtheseprovisions
    Withtheseprovisions 10 hours ago

    All super good... however i liked the "Wishing Well" performance most.. smooth as f**k

  • Jess P
    Jess P 13 hours ago

    👍 Flawless Performances! to much talent to handle.
    Massive reasons to love more the human race. 👏

  • alejandro Gutierrez Coronado

    the last guy Is so good

  • dpii
    dpii 22 hours ago +1

    "Song of Freedom"

  • shaun kingdon
    shaun kingdon Day ago

    omg the first guy xx

  • Domin Komin
    Domin Komin Day ago +1

    15:35 czeski Popek Monster xd

  • Gabriel S
    Gabriel S Day ago

    Without Dimash, this top 10 is a prank!

  • isreal saeed
    isreal saeed Day ago

    Amazing voices. Great Talents. Lovely. Watching from Africa

  • Arctic Zero
    Arctic Zero Day ago

    7:19 "WOW" - Some guy in the crowd

  • TheHeavenly FB
    TheHeavenly FB Day ago

    I think the judges turned way too quickly for Fernando Daniel, he was really good but geezus give him a few seconds cause there's no way you've found something in like 2 seconds of singing.

  • Mathijs Van den Bossche

    Are we just gonna ignore that the dude from the thumbnail looks like Count Dooku from star wars?

  • ntokozo mthunzi
    ntokozo mthunzi Day ago

    Damn who is the guy who sings ZHANE...Dzamnnnn even zhane is jelouse

  • ThatTallGuyEli
    ThatTallGuyEli 2 days ago

    4:34 Toms smile is adorable

  • Miguel Amorim
    Miguel Amorim 2 days ago

    Fernando Daniel 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

  • Philip wilde
    Philip wilde 2 days ago +1

    pls more adverts

  • Dave Pickering
    Dave Pickering 2 days ago

    Scuse' me, Blind? They don't look blind to me.

  • Sea Gypsy Badjao-Sama Dilaut

    First singer be like
    Be-a day be-a day
    i love him

  • Ljudmila
    Ljudmila 2 days ago

    Здесь просто не было Димаша ,а то с кем бы сравнивать пришлось

  • Krishna S Parker
    Krishna S Parker 2 days ago

    I like the rendition of "Wishing Well"

  • Rehee Ocampo
    Rehee Ocampo 2 days ago

    The first guy and the guy who sang the sia song. Wow...... just wow....

  • Justinee Meow
    Justinee Meow 2 days ago

    ilovethat reaction lol 17:53 HAHAHAHA💕

  • Olayemi Ayoola
    Olayemi Ayoola 2 days ago

    That Ziolko of Poland is awesome.

  • Diego Romero
    Diego Romero 2 days ago

    Ooops 4:50 at Venice Itali ;-p

  • Brooke Tamas
    Brooke Tamas 2 days ago

    Am I the only one who was expecting the singers to be blind? it took a few songs for me to figure it out

  • Major Jordan Cruz
    Major Jordan Cruz 3 days ago

    Only the best ☝️👏👏

  • Fut Canal
    Fut Canal 3 days ago

    10:15 what name Song?

  • Free Flight
    Free Flight 3 days ago

    13:24 Epic ) My favorite moment)

  • Zero Zephyrum
    Zero Zephyrum 3 days ago

    Recomendação: Tony Gordon

  • Erlend Oterholt
    Erlend Oterholt 3 days ago

    I GOT goosebumps up my ass at 8.15

  • martin zarkov
    martin zarkov 3 days ago

    OMG the first man is terrible. Very better then the original . Juat,,, amzing

  • FEVEN 7
    FEVEN 7 3 days ago

    most of them from uk , theres quality from them

  • Klab
    Klab 3 days ago

    Honestly Jennifer acts annoyingly stupid...

  • Adam
    Adam 3 days ago

    What a freakin great version of redemption many have done it so bad, but that was bloody great!

  • Eamon Ahern
    Eamon Ahern 3 days ago +3

    The second one. When We Were Young...
    I'm not crying. I was peeling onions for dinner

  • Hungrypiemonger
    Hungrypiemonger 3 days ago

    wow, these people put american idol contestants to shame

  • temporarysanity
    temporarysanity 3 days ago

    Boy George could smell a team player.

  • Bratwurstkönig sxbbäk Schreiner

    1:45 sings better than all choaches

  • MR. D.
    MR. D. 4 days ago

    That's why it isn't called the face.

  • Prominence 676
    Prominence 676 4 days ago

    13:38 CUTE😂

  • abdou BH
    abdou BH 4 days ago

    هايواه كاش واحد من القوم هنا

    BLOODKINGZ Bloody 4 days ago +4

    When we were young - the singer just took it to a new level. What a gorgeous voice!

  • Mariska
    Mariska 4 days ago

    "the voice global" -> more than half UK lol

  • lala
    lala 4 days ago

    fernando daniel the besttttt

  • Sara Pinto
    Sara Pinto 4 days ago

    1,2 and 3 were the best

  • Eduardo Lopez
    Eduardo Lopez 4 days ago

    15:57 she looks like Elvis Presley 😂

  • Nameless
    Nameless 5 days ago

    Its so cringe to see these coaches from other small countrys... nothing heard ever of them and all doesen’t look like they have any plan about music

  • E Lowe
    E Lowe 5 days ago +1

    So no ash morgan? Ok cooolll

  • James Mexman
    James Mexman 5 days ago

    The trouble with the voice... Its all about the judges.

  • Jet 22
    Jet 22 5 days ago


  • job van Zanten
    job van Zanten 5 days ago +12

    Where is: this is a man’s world by charlie luske?
    Amazing performance

  • Raifran Rodrigues
    Raifran Rodrigues 5 days ago

    Cada um melhor que o outro, foram catados a dedo 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Ben K
    Ben K 5 days ago

    Best is ioan Bogdan

  • OnosShow
    OnosShow 5 days ago

    3 at night. Why are not sleeping?