How to Cook MOPANE WORMS - Emperor Moth Caterpillar Recipe

  • Published on Jul 9, 2019
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    #mopaneworms are eaten in southern Africa as both a snack and as a protein source in recipes. Today, I'll be tasting them both ways thanks to Shawn and Johanna. 🐛
    Bugmas - bug eating countdown to Christmas:
    My recipe was inspired and adapted from these:
    Lempies Mopane Worms:
    Cooking Queen:
    Lorato Mokwana:
    Learn more about mopane worms:
    AP Archive:
    NY Daily News:
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  • Sophia
    Sophia 6 hours ago

    I wouldnt touch them BUT I do enjoy Emmy's videos because it is interesting to see food from different cultures without someone just outright being disgusted over everything

  • Nikki Asaro
    Nikki Asaro 3 days ago

    While I think that is a cute idea for a shirt, I would totally buy a shirt that says the actual saying spelled right instead of Eat the ducky moss. That would be so cool.

  • Kaid Gardner
    Kaid Gardner 5 days ago

    is there anything you won't eat?

  • Tony Duran
    Tony Duran 5 days ago

    Why? Just, why?

  • Susan Tomi
    Susan Tomi 8 days ago

    I just ordered your t-shirt! HBD to me!!

  • Lantanana
    Lantanana 13 days ago

    Emmy, if I ever have to eat bugs to live, I will try to channel you!!!

  • Lantanana
    Lantanana 13 days ago


  • Angela Pardue
    Angela Pardue 16 days ago

    Im over here spazzing n emmys like ohhh that smells great !! Lol

  • Sherrie A Norman
    Sherrie A Norman 16 days ago

    We gutted?? Yuck!!

  • Shorlchen
    Shorlchen 18 days ago

    "Their guts come out the bottom" 🤮

  • AmbersFamilyLife
    AmbersFamilyLife 20 days ago

    I love how you chew with your mouth closed lol. I've just seen so many people smacking away! Love the video ❤❤

  • Kevin Patrick
    Kevin Patrick 20 days ago

    I’m surprised his is one of your “lesser” videos (going by recent views.) This is my favorite content of yours, although it’s all spectacular. Keep up the great work! We love you!

  • Alyssa D
    Alyssa D 22 days ago

    Emmy’s got some big old dangly balls

  • sapula keineele
    sapula keineele 28 days ago

    Loved ur vid, M from Botswana Africa...u cooked them well but draining the worms removes that earthy flavor. Hahaha the elders would eat the worms and leave the heads for kids to snack-on later😂

  • 2seegullies
    2seegullies 29 days ago

    What is the point? Jesus. Gross.

  • F
    F 29 days ago

    I remember a video of a boy showing the videographer a huge live caterpillar and popping it in his mouth, chewing robustly and telling the guy it was very good. The guy, very hesitant, tasted one also. Then he declared it was tasty also LOL. The ick factor for many unfamiliar foods can be very high cross-culturally. We just have to conquer that and give it a try. Love your bravery Emmy!!!

    DRAGONFLY Month ago


    DRAGONFLY Month ago


  • IG: ohhitznene
    IG: ohhitznene Month ago +1

    They look like a small dogs morning turd lol .

  • Riff Girl
    Riff Girl Month ago

    Emmy, where can we buy these?

  • Roh Alexander
    Roh Alexander Month ago

    Check out Bob's Red Mill Millet Flour.

  • Leila Payne
    Leila Payne Month ago

    The burp at the end... (':

  • Carol Coates
    Carol Coates Month ago

    Is there anything you wouldn't eat Emmy??? With this dish, I'll just eat the garnish, thank you!

  • sel b
    sel b Month ago +1

    “There’s still some exoskeleton crunch”
    Me: *violently vomits*

  • Kgabi N
    Kgabi N Month ago

    I'm from Botswana and I'm super proud and happy that there are people out there trying our food!!!

  • Lacey Edwards
    Lacey Edwards Month ago

    What is it that you are saying before you start eating?? My niece and I are trying to figure it out!

  • Ryma Racabre
    Ryma Racabre Month ago

    Omgggg they look like they'd be good dipped in vinegar and with a bowl of rice! Never had these but def interesting!

  • MandyDeadite
    MandyDeadite Month ago

    I really need Emmy to be a guest on GMM.

  • April Cornwall
    April Cornwall Month ago

    Omg awesome top!

  • иоятнеяи sтаяя

    I wouldn't want to even touch a cooked one ew

  • Cheryl.A080102
    Cheryl.A080102 Month ago

    Just got my shirt yesterday! I love it so much ☺️

  • Matej Focko
    Matej Focko Month ago

    gutmas too xD

  • Lexi K
    Lexi K Month ago

    I wonder if Emmy just sits and eats leftover bugs or if she shares with her family. Maybe her chickens enjoy them

  • Daniel Hutabarat
    Daniel Hutabarat Month ago

    Hell to the no 🤢

  • Miranda Stephens
    Miranda Stephens Month ago

    I love the shirt! But this time auto generated translated it as "eat the lucky moss" lmao

  • Susan Senss
    Susan Senss Month ago

    I watch Emmy's videos with captions a lot because there are times I can't have the volume up. If you never have you should try it for a few videos. Each time Emmy says "Itadakimasu" is it written differently in the captioning. One of today's versions was "Eat the Vacuum". I'm beginning to wonder if the captioning people have a running bet as to whom can come up with the most creative interpretation of it. it leaves me with a giggle every time. More options of phrases for emmy's shirts.

  • Derick Hess
    Derick Hess Month ago

    I got served mopane worms in Botswana. They were cooked in a bbq like sauce with piripiri. It was surprisingly tasty

  • Y Fuduoduo
    Y Fuduoduo Month ago

    Deep fry them and season with salt and pepper....

  • Kristy Padilla
    Kristy Padilla Month ago

    Is there anything she won’t eat

  • Kristy Padilla
    Kristy Padilla Month ago

    Is there anything she won’t eat

  • Kristy Padilla
    Kristy Padilla Month ago

    Is there anything she won’t eat?

  • Claudia Vélez
    Claudia Vélez Month ago

    "Eat the vacuum ass" what I got today from the closed caption 😂😂 I prefer the ducky

  • sad fat kitto
    sad fat kitto Month ago

    yum looks so delicious

  • James Anthony
    James Anthony Month ago

    Emmy finishes filming, Kids, lunch is ready

  • Leeser Durjava
    Leeser Durjava 2 months ago

    Just ordered my shirt. Can’t wait till it arrives!

  • Mik uu
    Mik uu 2 months ago

    I wonder if she has ever hesitated to eat something?

  • J Cab
    J Cab 2 months ago

    Omg why so much? You’re gonna feed the whole family worms and caterpillars?

  • r3cker
    r3cker 2 months ago

    I hope Emmy brings back the live bug tacos

  • happiness & laughter
    happiness & laughter 2 months ago

    This is quite popular amongst the people living in the northern parts of South Africa. Im from the southern parts of South Africa(eastern cape),we don't eat mopane worms there.

  • Brandie /A beacon of light


  • Ellie
    Ellie 2 months ago

    Would love to see you do even more African recipes!

  • wolfiehampton
    wolfiehampton 2 months ago

    I actually want to try this.

  • wolfiehampton
    wolfiehampton 2 months ago

    Too many animated movies *cough cough* lion king *cough cough* have made me actually think that his looks low key yummy.

  • Bake with Mekondjo
    Bake with Mekondjo 2 months ago

    Greetings from Namibia...come we harvest some

  • Māhealani Flournoy
    Māhealani Flournoy 2 months ago


  • Lindsay P.
    Lindsay P. 2 months ago

    I need two of those tees in kids sizes! Please expand your t-shirt range :) You have two huge yet little fans.

  • Allyssa sushi
    Allyssa sushi 2 months ago

    Does your family ever eat the food that's left over after you cook? Also will your family try the bugs you eat?

  • Alaina Egenlauf
    Alaina Egenlauf 2 months ago

    That's a big nope for me , brave girl .

  • Jennifer Hoffman
    Jennifer Hoffman 2 months ago

    She is not afard to try nothing😋

  • Rocky Raab
    Rocky Raab 2 months ago

    Emmy's Diner: The squeamish need not enter.