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  • Published on Sep 16, 2014
  • Continue gaining fluency in the language of the Arts with the second installment in our Elements of Art series. Still life paintings of fruit provide the window into artists' individual style and approach to making shapes. www.kqed.org/artschool

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    Where is Hockey Images. can you draw a hockey image next video if i subscribe and smash on the like button

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    This is awesome

  • Half-Pint Adventures

    I love these videos. I'm looking for the artist Minola Rocky mentioned at 1:59. Can't seem to find anything. Any information to guide my way?

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      Here ya go.

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    but alright

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    This a little boring

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    hi ceasar

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    My stundents really dislike this!! Thank you so much

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    36 people are "real artists"

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    I'm gonna draw a pineapple 🍍 in2017

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    Yo dis video sucks ass

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    thsi music💛

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    I definitely appreciate the information, informative video. One critique however, speaker talks very slow, too slow.

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    I LOVE these videos for my middle school kids!

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    im bored

  • Learn to Paint with Createful Art

    We have been having fun learning all the elements of art, WHILE we create artwork! I love these vids they go well with my lesson plans. The theme this year is At the Beach, so tomorrow we are drawing a crab while we break it up into simple shapes as we draw.

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    What a terrible sigh at 2:09, she really seems bored...

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      it's 2:10.....

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      nope , that makes video some kinda cool

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    So cool

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    Perfect length! Can be used for almost any age! I'm using for my 2nd grader for her ARTASTIC scouting badge. Thanks!

  • Hazim Rassam
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    Can you please help me with my work from the video????
    Worksheet: Fill in the blank.

    Name: _______________________

    Date: ______________________

    Period: _________________________

    1. ___________________ translated in French means fools the eye.

    2. It is a style of art that make you question what you are seeing is ___________________.

    3. _________________ _________ _______________ the artist create that tricks our eyes.

    4. When shapes get this ___________ ________________ of ________________ they become forms.

    5. Form is one of the 7 ____________________ ______ _________________.

    6. The 7 elements of art is ____________, _______________,_________________,

    _________________, __________________, __________________, and


    7. When given form, circle becomes _______________, squares become

    ________________, and triangle becomes _________________ or _________________.

    8. Form takes up space in either a ______________or ________________ way.

    9. In _________________ or ___________________, form is implied because it is the illusion of 3 dimensional.

    10. In ___________________, form is __________________ because it take up 3 dimensional space.

    11. Visual artists use ___________________ and ____________________ to create the illusion of 3 dimensional form.

    12. A strong sense of form can created by increasing contrast between

    ___________________ and _____________________.

    13. Form can be created by use of ___________________.

    14. What are some other ways that an artists can used form?

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      Hazim Rassam 😂😂😂so did you graduate?

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    This series of videos is FANTASTIC! I have always given my High School and Middle School students the Crystal videos on the Elements and Principles and frankly they are boring and the kids cannot relate. The artwork used in these videos is modern, fun, and interesting to the students. There was a lot of "whoa's" and "how cool!" comments from my Middle Schoolers today. PLEASE make a series on the Principles of Design that match this set of videos!

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    I love how she sighs during the middle of the video XD I just think of her working in an office wanting to go Ibiza of something lol

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    I need a definition for all of the elements. can you send me or just reply to me? please because I got project.