MLB Best Plays of 2018 (Ultimate Compilation) ᴴᴰ

  • Published on Apr 11, 2019
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Comments • 361

  • Daniel Ramalho
    Daniel Ramalho 2 days ago

    First time watching baseball. Last time watching baseball.

  • Logistica Ceylan
    Logistica Ceylan 5 days ago

    Impresionante muy buenas atrapadas jugadas de antología saludos desde CDMX.

  • The winjas
    The winjas 10 days ago +2

    Why are most the robed home runs against the astros?

  • michaeL Whitestone
    michaeL Whitestone 13 days ago


  • michaeL Whitestone
    michaeL Whitestone 13 days ago


  • michaeL Whitestone
    michaeL Whitestone 13 days ago


  • cArLoS %
    cArLoS % 18 days ago +10

    4:20 f*** the bat

  • Vikky Sanada
    Vikky Sanada 20 days ago

    No matter how good they are. We should appreciate the camera man for focusing on the ball no matter how fast it was.

  • All Ballz
    All Ballz 22 days ago

    DMHIGHLIGHTS is the best creator for sports content! I love the
    highlights that they make. I actually created my own page, (All Ballz) on even
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  • Addy C:
    Addy C: 22 days ago

    Plays like this just prove that Bill James moneyball crap totally wrong. Your once base percentage doesn't matter if you can't get into scoring position.

  • Charleston Cress
    Charleston Cress 24 days ago

    you know that it is hard to do all that grate player things

  • george kosmadakis
    george kosmadakis 25 days ago +3

    1:19 - 1:20 the dad is like daim it

  • Marvelous1
    Marvelous1 28 days ago +1


  • Chris Wayne
    Chris Wayne Month ago

    I’m new too watching and have not researched but maybe a video on Triple plays in MLB , I understand they don’t happen often, If this video exist please correct me

  • Cesar Morales
    Cesar Morales Month ago

    That is a good play

  • Tanan Baboo
    Tanan Baboo Month ago +1

    I can’t believe I just had to see Soto celebrate winning the World Series.

  • robux roblox
    robux roblox Month ago +1

    I am plying base ball too

  • Lulu Ntuli
    Lulu Ntuli Month ago +7

    me at 8pm: hm i want to see some good baseball...
    me at 3am: *WHAT A PLAAAAYYY*

  • Rob Tierney
    Rob Tierney Month ago +1

    2018 will forever be known as a great year of defense! And well... 2019.. Will forever be known as the year of the Oriole.

  • WaZar
    WaZar Month ago

    Why are the wii version not this good

  • Forkedo
    Forkedo Month ago

    anjing gara gara nonton anime diamond ace tapi gk paham olahraganya jd nonton ini cok

  • 하마
    하마 Month ago +1

    3:26 respect

  • yvn JABEZ spider
    yvn JABEZ spider Month ago +1


  • Mariane Benicio
    Mariane Benicio Month ago

    Esses caras são o pica pau

  • Evan Okeefe
    Evan Okeefe Month ago

    This video should be called best home run stealing grabs

  • Mason Traiteur
    Mason Traiteur Month ago

    Good vid

  • Jfg2008
    Jfg2008 Month ago +2

    0:29 To me that just looks like more luck than skill for the ball to bounce right back to him.

  • Kwamez Adams
    Kwamez Adams Month ago +2

    I find it so funny when they fall in the stands on the fans 😂😂😂😂

  • Ralphie Prospero
    Ralphie Prospero Month ago +5

    14:10 gotta love the “sportsmen’s ship” lol

  • Ralphie Prospero
    Ralphie Prospero Month ago

    Why is 3:55 in it

  • Felipe Caballero
    Felipe Caballero Month ago

    All the plays in this video should have replays, ALL OF THEM

  • Top de todos los deportes

    the best plays of the MLB

  • Kustom Denver
    Kustom Denver Month ago

    ive literally never seen a play like this live and ive been watching baseball my whole life

  • MrBrendon96
    MrBrendon96 Month ago

    You got some interesting plays but you don’t show the follow through on some plays and that ruins the vid man

  • Jon Schwartz
    Jon Schwartz Month ago


  • Ryan Savage
    Ryan Savage Month ago +3

    1:32 how many other people realize that he is wearing two different types of socks

    • Alexis Toro
      Alexis Toro Month ago

      Ryan Savage that’s mr. Keon broxton, a Orioles player

  • Piper Keady
    Piper Keady Month ago +1

    Oh hahahahahaha when the bat broke

  • Julie Herrera
    Julie Herrera Month ago +1

    Andrelton Simmons the best don't come @ me because u know he is the best.

  • Erlinda Quiogue
    Erlinda Quiogue 2 months ago

    To CHooEs from 0:52

  • iLham Sb
    iLham Sb 2 months ago +1

    3:55 wow

  • Top Plays
    Top Plays 2 months ago

  • Hgtv 365
    Hgtv 365 2 months ago +1

    This is really a great video that I have watched today! Thanks, for sharing this video.

  • Frazhier Lagora
    Frazhier Lagora 2 months ago

    I want to learn how to play baseball!!!

  • Meme Cat
    Meme Cat 2 months ago +2

    I feel bad for those people about to catch a home run ball

  • Paul Clayton
    Paul Clayton 2 months ago

    Hard to believe you only found one highlight of Brandon Crawford.

  • Isabel Bonilla
    Isabel Bonilla 2 months ago

    Hi just got back on the highway just trying not yet again just leaving the office I got you got back on the bus just left you should have got back

  • 정환국
    정환국 2 months ago


  • Paolo Bento
    Paolo Bento 2 months ago


  • Ezra Block
    Ezra Block 3 months ago

    baseball is my favorite sport

  • Alexander Heredia
    Alexander Heredia 3 months ago

    Película de accion

  • Xray TM
    Xray TM 3 months ago

    It’s not that i don’t wanna dive for the ball I just don’t like landing on my chest

  • do you know wAtErmELoN?

    i'm starting to get interested with baseball but i'm a girl. are there even girl teams for baseball???

    • do you know wAtErmELoN?
      do you know wAtErmELoN? 3 months ago

      @phantasm_ i know softball's existence but i feel like i want baseball more. but then again, there aren't much opportunities in my town for girls' baseball and a lot of girls prefer softball more. it makes me sad. i really like baseball and watching it.

    • phantasm_
      phantasm_ 3 months ago +1

      do you know wAtErmELoN? Most girls play softball, there are no girls playing in the MLB but it’s technically allowed. Softball is very similar to baseball but there are some key differences. If you like baseball and you want a better chance at playing then I would check out softball. But if you really want to pursue baseball then absolutely go for it just be aware that it might be harder for you. Hope this helps :)

  • GETHGlybert Saliasa
    GETHGlybert Saliasa 3 months ago +1


  • GK.
    GK. 3 months ago +1

    Amazing ~!!!!🇰🇷🇰🇷

  • Corez Barnes
    Corez Barnes 3 months ago

    : |

  • Corez Barnes
    Corez Barnes 3 months ago

    ;) great catch

  • Alma Nerosa
    Alma Nerosa 3 months ago +6

    English.i am a baseball player but im just grade 6 im a junior player going to Sraa im talking about of my son his going to Manila in Aug 15

  • AJF 07
    AJF 07 3 months ago +1

    0:29 and 0:38 does anyone else hear the bleep that’s used for swearing

  • NJ HAR
    NJ HAR 3 months ago

    the fans face when grichuk caught that ball tho

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