A Quiet Place (2018) KILL COUNT

  • Published on Feb 15, 2019
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Comments • 13 629

  • Dead Meat
    Dead Meat  5 months ago +2469

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    • Larell Quintana
      Larell Quintana 4 days ago


    • chilly that pepper
      chilly that pepper 8 days ago

      Hey guess wht dead meat there making a sequel to a quiet place in 202

    • Kyle Phipps
      Kyle Phipps 19 days ago

      What if they sneeze

    • Denzel Mendez
      Denzel Mendez 20 days ago

      Dead Meat 🥩 you can make them better but you can’t see him

    • El Mono
      El Mono 21 day ago

      annihilation kill count plz

  • Analisa Rodriguez
    Analisa Rodriguez 17 minutes ago

    5:31 Jesus Christ 😆😆

  • cjj
    cjj 2 hours ago

    F in the chat

  • Jason Davidson
    Jason Davidson 3 hours ago

    Him: Dolphins are the alien monster of the sea
    Angler fish: am I a joke to you

  • Carlos Martinez
    Carlos Martinez 4 hours ago

    Can we just take a moment how stupid the girl is for not taking it off and turning on the device which literally makes her blameable for her father's death

  • CoolMagicalBryan5
    CoolMagicalBryan5 4 hours ago

    "It's a babe in a box"

  • CoolMagicalBryan5
    CoolMagicalBryan5 4 hours ago +1

    *hears sound*

  • Braidyn Rice
    Braidyn Rice 7 hours ago

    Face opens like demogorgon

  • Emily Sun
    Emily Sun 7 hours ago

    14:12 he could've just yelled III LLLLOOOOVE YOUUUU FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRR- okie I'm dead

  • Emily Sun
    Emily Sun 7 hours ago

    one tip: DONT CARRY GLASS STUFF. EVER. Oh and also, don't leave kids out unattended, that's no good

  • Jeff The dog
    Jeff The dog 9 hours ago

    Who thinks the monster looks like the monster from stranger things

  • Anisa M
    Anisa M 9 hours ago

    Lmao when he said that being pregnant was a risky move I thought he was talking about where the baby came from

  • Captain ROger
    Captain ROger 10 hours ago

    8:20 after he eats his own chin 😂😂😂

  • Juliana Rodriguez
    Juliana Rodriguez 10 hours ago

    they’re filming a scene from a quiet place 2 in the town that i live in

  • Charlie Cummins
    Charlie Cummins 11 hours ago

    We're going on a trip to a very magic ship going far away....
    Kid: *Turns on Rocket Ship and makes noise*
    Monster: I'm going to end this boy's career

  • Joey Boi
    Joey Boi 12 hours ago

    Literally when I was watching this, my moms blender was making so much noise...

  • ᑕєlєѕтє
    ᑕєlєѕтє 12 hours ago

    *Rocket Raccoon has left the chat*

  • Beefcake Bill
    Beefcake Bill 14 hours ago

    penis size?

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 14 hours ago

    If Goku was there he would power up,screaming as loudly as he can and attract all the monsters then he would fight them 😅

  • kajus p
    kajus p 15 hours ago

    Bird box- Can't see
    A Quiet Place- Can'ts speak
    Gta Vice City- Can't swim

  • Miran Duran
    Miran Duran 16 hours ago

    They are lucky look-see isent thear

  • Emalia Hendrickson
    Emalia Hendrickson 16 hours ago

    We all heard him say jim halpert. I love that

  • thefuzzyunicorn vlogs
    thefuzzyunicorn vlogs 17 hours ago


  • Annoyed Cunt
    Annoyed Cunt 18 hours ago

    Poor dad. Honesty I cryed HATCHI tears! when he died :c

    GAMING WITH DOLY 20 hours ago

    This had to ne the easiest movie

  • Yaritza Hernandez
    Yaritza Hernandez 22 hours ago

    My favorite part 5:10 thru 5:14 😂😂😂😂

  • S R
    S R 22 hours ago

    Monopoly!? Are you kidding me? That family would kill each other before the monster heard them yelling at each other!!

  • Jesus Baeza
    Jesus Baeza Day ago

    I was crying on 3:10

  • Allan Mendoza Ortega

    We gon find these shits in Area 51

  • KingOf Noobs
    KingOf Noobs Day ago

    My man, they just need to get a fuckin' mute. You literally can't blast with those.

  • rna
    rna Day ago

    God john krasinski is just such a great actor

  • Pookster
    Pookster Day ago

    i just realized


  • Minevale 1021
    Minevale 1021 Day ago

    Guess mute people are safe..

  • Jacob Mathews
    Jacob Mathews Day ago

    I saw it and it was really sad

  • mcnuggetboi likes memes

    at the end, the dad should have screamed and then at least tried to kill it while screaming
    and also why don't they just get dog whistles

  • exe Bonnie Reyes
    exe Bonnie Reyes Day ago +1

    What is new stranger things 2 3

  • Matt hew
    Matt hew Day ago

    I never regret ordering nachos

  • _Pineapplesauce_

    My dad and i, are the only ones left in my family:
    My dad: *farts*
    Me:...d-dad *sign language*
    Alien: *stares at my dad*
    Alien: iT sMeLlS s-So BaD
    Alien: *dies*
    My dad and I are the only ones in our country:
    Me: ...
    Me: how *sign language*

  • Myst1c
    Myst1c Day ago +1

    Who else was about to cough but they stayed silent
    Like me lol

  • Anasia Harvey
    Anasia Harvey Day ago +1

    “O sh*t”🤣💀 you’re supposed to be quiet so you won’t die🤣

  • Jarface 99
    Jarface 99 Day ago

    That’s how you make a great horror movie by making no boundaries

  • Fishstick Team
    Fishstick Team Day ago

    End game Ironman: I am Ironman snaps
    Quit place monster: gets dusted

  • ローズcat-star

    I can't watch it but my parents told me everything about it
    I wanna watch it

  • Connor Boe
    Connor Boe Day ago

    No offense but only 20,000?

  • Joseph Manning
    Joseph Manning Day ago

    I thought that when the movie “rim of the world” came out, it was like this movie, but this was more gory

  • Lucy5000
    Lucy5000 Day ago

    I think the monsters just wants some peace and quiet

  • JxstWiz
    JxstWiz Day ago

    Can U do a vid without U talking?

  • Im you!
    Im you! 2 days ago

    1:59 got em

  • GMD izzy
    GMD izzy 2 days ago

    How to kill the alien put airpods at there ears with music

  • Saulo Cruz
    Saulo Cruz 2 days ago


  • Parker White
    Parker White 2 days ago

    It chapter 2 could come out on September 6 2019

  • AIM 4 TH3 H3AD
    AIM 4 TH3 H3AD 2 days ago

    This channel deserves more love it’s great

  • mochalix
    mochalix 2 days ago

    ok but when that raccoon fell I jumped

  • Eevee _umbreon123
    Eevee _umbreon123 2 days ago

    Jack Ryans and Mary Poppins 😂😂😂😂

  • Eligamz_mobile
    Eligamz_mobile 2 days ago

    Dad dies me throw the axe it makes sound

  • Stingy Beez
    Stingy Beez 2 days ago

    Aliens aren’t a joke Jim, millions of families are suffering from it each year

  • no name
    no name 2 days ago +1

    jim halpert good job

  • Raven Claw
    Raven Claw 2 days ago

    Which child is Ce Ce? Sorry lol.

  • Variety - Mezzo
    Variety - Mezzo 2 days ago

    kids are so stupid

  • LD
    LD 2 days ago

    Not well prepped

  • anja 2009
    anja 2009 2 days ago

    i dont want to whatc movie scene kid dead😢

  • SamuRaized
    SamuRaized 2 days ago

    Since we live in a modern world. They can live in a soundproof walls or a room that is sound proof. So u can make sound inside while on the outside they cant hear shit so its a win win :)

  • - Harmony
    - Harmony 2 days ago

    I love movies where the annoying and useless kid gets killed by the monsters !

  • Austen Scott
    Austen Scott 2 days ago +1

    I like how he sed “alien food”.

  • Lana Banana
    Lana Banana 2 days ago +1

    Bird box = can't see
    A quiet place = can't talk
    You = Can't get a girlfriend

    • xanderdaqueer
      xanderdaqueer Day ago

      Lana Banana Damn, well good thing I’m gay.

  • Carl Singson
    Carl Singson 2 days ago

    11:15 so the monster is deaf but can hear??

  • Chris Saxton
    Chris Saxton 2 days ago

    😂😂😂 beacons of gondor. What a coincidence. I just finished watching Return Of The King part1.😂😂😂

  • Rose _millsie
    Rose _millsie 3 days ago


  • A.R.M.Y 4U
    A.R.M.Y 4U 3 days ago +1

    I felt that..😔✊🏻
    Like if you did too..

  • glitch dragon hunter

    I feel bad for bou

  • Slashy
    Slashy 3 days ago

    Hmmm? Their weakness is sound? Send in the fortnite squeakers Gerry

  • Dovey нєαятѕ
    Dovey нєαятѕ 3 days ago

    Tbh quiet place is my life cause I don’t talk to anybody

  • ツky
    ツky 3 days ago

    me and my mom thought the aliens were crazy people and if they heard you they kill you and we were kinda disappointed to find out they were aliens but the movie was amazing

  • Roose Bolton
    Roose Bolton 3 days ago


  • TheLovelyLadybug
    TheLovelyLadybug 3 days ago +1

    “AWSHIYET!” had me crying. 😂😂

  • Lilly Richards
    Lilly Richards 3 days ago


  • sTReamerByTHeWaY 22
    sTReamerByTHeWaY 22 3 days ago

    Y am I more upset bout the raccoon death than the child

  • Happy Clouds
    Happy Clouds 3 days ago

    the father scene makes me cry every time. he risked his life for his kids 😖😢

  • Daddy P
    Daddy P 3 days ago +1

    Look at em broke aliens without airpods

  • ScanZeR GaMinG
    ScanZeR GaMinG 3 days ago

    I whould have said the golden kill was the dad (I cryed a lil)

  • Emotionless Gamer
    Emotionless Gamer 3 days ago +2

    PLEASE My sis got a whole SCREW in her foot and didnt *flinch*

  • BOI Animations
    BOI Animations 3 days ago

    And This is wear Asmr Comes to a Use

  • Orca [ENG]
    Orca [ENG] 3 days ago

    The first kill count i ever watched.

  • Pae Tarm
    Pae Tarm 3 days ago

    The alien looks like the monster from Stranger things

  • Veronica rodriguez
    Veronica rodriguez 3 days ago

    Kong skull island

  • Sydney Uliasz
    Sydney Uliasz 3 days ago

    personal character development is watching A Quiet Place before taking an ASL in school then watching it a year later and understanding it by watching the sign

  • Darkness Is In The Night

    Monsters really not from space but from Scranton Dwight planned the ultimate revenge on Jim.

  • Leah sarcepuedes-fajardo

    I think Beau deserved it

  • avalon y
    avalon y 4 days ago

    I'm only watching these so that I don't have to watch the whole movie oop

  • My name Oatmeal
    My name Oatmeal 4 days ago

    Don't complain about cute kid dieing in the beginning think of the movie it Georgie dieied in the first scene

  • Chløroform X
    Chløroform X 4 days ago

    A bunch of my friends went without me because i had the flu, and told me about how at the ticket desk they tell you not to talk because you’ll get kicked out. And then three people got kicked out.

  • The LEGO Doctor
    The LEGO Doctor 4 days ago

    4:29 PLUS the agony of birth

  • Anime_ Lord888
    Anime_ Lord888 4 days ago

    I called him jim Halpert too but what can you do the office was a good show

  • Devin :3 Castorena :3

    This is the only spot I watch movies I don’t want to spend money on lmao but like jeez even after watching 18 minute video about the movie left me crying for the dad. I want to watch the full movie now

  • Korok seed #1034 .5
    Korok seed #1034 .5 4 days ago

    How do they go to the bathroom?

  • André Linoge
    André Linoge 4 days ago +2

    "And Rohan *will* answer...!"

  • Fat Rat
    Fat Rat 4 days ago

    There is a movie similar to A Quiet Place it’s called silence or silent idk I forgot but let me tell there is a girl that is death to

  • Kim Jong Moon
    Kim Jong Moon 4 days ago

    My name is Beau 😭😭😭

  • JossuFilm X
    JossuFilm X 4 days ago

    What about the Silence

  • Dosbarth 2020
    Dosbarth 2020 4 days ago

    im 10 and this does not scare me at all lol