15 Recipes For Anyone Who Loves Fries

  • Published on Jul 17, 2018
  • We know you love watching these recipe videos especially since time fries when you're having fun...These perfect fries recipes will leave you drooling!!
    00:04 - Mashed Potato Fries
    00:43 - Spiralized Cajun Fries
    01:13 - Giant Cheeseburger Fries Crunchwrap
    01:53 - Jalapeño Popper Chicken Fries
    01:20 - Mozzarella Chicken Fries
    04:03 - Cheesy Mashed Potato Fries
    04:40 - Cheeseburger Fries
    05:38 - Bacon Avocado Fries
    06:26 - Fries Pizza
    06:55 - Chicken Fries Pot Pies
    08:16 - S'mores Loaded Churro Fries
    09:47 - Pizza Fries
    10:40 - Carne Asada Fries
    11:29 - Dessert Fries
    12:22 - Chicken Katsu Ramen Fries
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  • Twisted
    Twisted  6 months ago +363

    For all my fries lovers, check out the timestamps below: 🍟
    00:04 - Mashed Potato Fries
    00:43 - Spiralized Cajun Fries
    01:13 - Giant Cheeseburger Fries Crunchwrap
    01:53 - Jalapeño Popper Chicken Fries
    01:20 - Mozzarella Chicken Fries
    04:03 - Cheesy Mashed Potato Fries
    04:40 - Cheeseburger Fries
    05:38 - Bacon Avocado Fries
    06:26 - Fries Pizza
    06:55 - Chicken Fries Pot Pies
    08:16 - S'mores Loaded Churro Fries
    09:47 - Pizza Fries
    10:40 - Carne Asada Fries
    11:29 - Dessert Fries
    12:22 - Chicken Katsu Ramen Fries

    • Valentina Gjoka
      Valentina Gjoka 2 days ago

      @Captain Carol Fu msjf

    • Valentina Gjoka
      Valentina Gjoka 2 days ago

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    • Taciana Soares
      Taciana Soares 2 days ago

      Adniomo 👍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    • evil s.m
      evil s.m 6 days ago

      Yo, when we add milk the milk is supposed to be boiled?

  • Eleanor Inn
    Eleanor Inn 8 hours ago


  • Eleanor Inn
    Eleanor Inn 8 hours ago


  • Eleanor Inn
    Eleanor Inn 8 hours ago


  • Ayah Sardani
    Ayah Sardani 15 hours ago

    Mmmmmmm I want it plz sub and like

  • Keira A
    Keira A 18 hours ago

    Looks delicious but too much fat in my opinion 😅 don't judge me 😂

  • David Lozada
    David Lozada 21 hour ago

    Okay, one thing is for sure, friying avocado slices is NOT right and it GOES against everything that is right.

  • Issa The gamer
    Issa The gamer Day ago

    Now thats alot 9f fat and cheese

  • princess pihu
    princess pihu Day ago

    Ossam video.....soooooo tasty.....👌👌👌😋😋😋😋

  • Tomoko17 CrepyDeath

    I love it

    UM ABDULLAH ALKHADHER 2 days ago +1

    Me:*reads the title*
    Me again:who doesn't like fries explain to me right now

  • Daniel Espinoza
    Daniel Espinoza 2 days ago +1

    What song is this? catchy.

  • Nitthiyah Matha
    Nitthiyah Matha 3 days ago


  • Alena Ishak
    Alena Ishak 3 days ago

    Hopefully the future makes electronics that make u grab something out of the screen

  • Sheryl Brightman
    Sheryl Brightman 3 days ago

    Giving me lots of idea....Thanks!!

  • Pooja Bule
    Pooja Bule 4 days ago


  • المطبخ الريفي


  • Sunflower94
    Sunflower94 4 days ago

    Oh GOD 😇🙏. In the words of Homer Simpson "uggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Drooling right now.

  • Michelle K
    Michelle K 4 days ago

    Thats to much! How can you eat this?😳

  • Tokyo Ghoul
    Tokyo Ghoul 5 days ago

    2019 Hungary (Magyar)

  • the Celtic Crone
    the Celtic Crone 5 days ago

    Sorry, but I Detest CHUNKY Ground Meats!!!
    And no offense, but it takes much longer to cook diced Carrots than it Does Onions!!!

  • Joel Campbell
    Joel Campbell 5 days ago

    Make pizza vids and asmr

  • sara Oran
    sara Oran 5 days ago +1


  • Kimberly Johnson
    Kimberly Johnson 5 days ago

    This is a good hack my dad loves fries and I love to cook him stuff this is so great

  • Food Perfection
    Food Perfection 5 days ago

    Amazing fries

  • Rahulhood Rahulhood
    Rahulhood Rahulhood 5 days ago


  • Zëñ Yä
    Zëñ Yä 6 days ago

    I’m love all that food so much 🙄🤤🤤🤤

  • aneesh2004
    aneesh2004 6 days ago


  • Sleepy Head
    Sleepy Head 6 days ago

    but basically if you don;t like spicy things leave

  • JJ Johnson
    JJ Johnson 7 days ago

    Too much flesh meat used. Good string fry recope

  • Vegedark
    Vegedark 7 days ago

    Stop "FRENCH FRIES" the fries come to belgium (im french)

  • Shruthi Navya
    Shruthi Navya 7 days ago

    The things u use here to make the food is not available around my city so, I wish If u can deliver these items I'm very happy and I can pay for it " that much I loved these foods" and my mouth is watering 😳😳😳

  • Miranda
    Miranda 8 days ago +1

    If you don’t like fries don’t talk to me🤣


    This kinda sounds like a rip off of shut up and dance

  • Maciek Szymczak
    Maciek Szymczak 8 days ago +11

    leave a like if u got hungry by watching this!

  • Daniela Coradini
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  • Juan Athie
    Juan Athie 8 days ago

    Why Pimaple in Pixza Fokker

  • Clash of Shadows
    Clash of Shadows 9 days ago

    Yummy 🤤

  • Golden Ade
    Golden Ade 10 days ago +8

    Who here loves fries almost more than they love tasty🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Amanda Agila
    Amanda Agila 11 days ago +1

    Why u don't do a Asmr???

  • banxna_ milk
    banxna_ milk 11 days ago


  • Phia Loren
    Phia Loren 11 days ago +1

    I kinda think u had beat gordon Ramsay like if u agree

  • Kendra Wee
    Kendra Wee 11 days ago +9

    Step one: don’t be lactose intolerant

    • Suomi Dude
      Suomi Dude 8 days ago

      Buy lactose free products if you have

  • Kapre Corner
    Kapre Corner 11 days ago

    Who loves Bicol Express here? Check out this link @ to know how to cook this dish.

  • Kerbelayi Recebeli
    Kerbelayi Recebeli 12 days ago

    canım çekdi👌👌👍👍

  • Simon's Games
    Simon's Games 12 days ago


  • Blu
    Blu 12 days ago

    If I had some type of illness and I only had a few months or a year to live, I will go crazy and eat all this up, screw it.

  • Irene Liu
    Irene Liu 12 days ago


  • Chaotic floral arrangement

    second to last is literally just funnel cake

  • •plutoxsun•
    •plutoxsun• 14 days ago

    If I were a mother I'd definitly cook this for my child, but the rest is for myself >:D

  • ساندي بيل
    ساندي بيل 14 days ago +1

    ممكن الترجمة بليزز😍

  • Gabriel Sebastian Apoitia Previti

    3:06 to keep it healthy 🥦🥬🥒

  • Winnie Wairimu
    Winnie Wairimu 15 days ago

    what's that song?

  • quadri falilat
    quadri falilat 16 days ago

    Good videoing

  • NicolaC
    NicolaC 17 days ago

    The sad thing is that some extremely large person (being P.C here) will attempt to eat all of that alone at 3:10 and then throw the left overs away to drive over to chick fil a at 11 at night.

  • حيدر جواد
    حيدر جواد 17 days ago +2

    ممكن اترجمه لهذا الفيديو ارجوكم

  • Mohammad Ehsan Mohammad Ehsan

    Do you use pig fat or meat

  • Toby dog
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  • Айнель Байметова

    Выглядит очень вкусно !!!!

  • Marcos Mares jasso
    Marcos Mares jasso 19 days ago

    Donde podria comprar el moledor de papas