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  • Simon Eklund
    Simon Eklund Год назад +1

    Can you do a lyric breakdown of NF songs with parents?

  • Steven D
    Steven D Год назад +3

    React to Run The Jewels!!!!!

  • Delrey Jailor
    Delrey Jailor Год назад +6

    I love Marina 💖💖

  • eenayde
    eenayde Год назад +8

    marina is amazing, love the video!

  • electra nat
    electra nat Год назад +3


  • tess
    tess Год назад +15

    so funny how none of them gets that electra heart is a character she's portraying.

  • Giuliana Brink
    Giuliana Brink Год назад +4

    Troy Sivan next maybe?

  • Eva 777
    Eva 777 Год назад +8


    • olivia
      olivia Год назад +1


  • diable triste
    diable triste Год назад +2

    react to Sevdaliza

  • steve
    steve Год назад +13

    elders read billie eilish songs!

  • Pluto Is Daddy
    Pluto Is Daddy Год назад +123

    I need a longer version of this with her deeper songs and showing how she changed

    • ev dw
      ev dw Год назад


  • lutfi ahmad
    lutfi ahmad Год назад +3

    Comfortably numb please

  • Elf lc
    Elf lc Год назад +7


  • spicy genitals
    spicy genitals Год назад +10


    • tess marie
      tess marie Год назад +1


    • Skyler
      Skyler Год назад +6

      probablyshanemadej no

  • Sheila
    Sheila Год назад +5

    elders react to BØRNS!!! Please!!!

  • EmagineE
    EmagineE Год назад +22

    god. I miss her.

    • ONCE BiRD
      ONCE BiRD Год назад


    • Sarai
      Sarai Год назад


  • brianskneepit
    brianskneepit Год назад +5

    froot gives me toucany tropical vibes

  • Mike blue
    Mike blue Год назад +30

    Okay, diamonds, gather up. I have been following Marina for years now, and I find this kind of what we stand for . MARINA IS UNDERRATED ! This video gives a perfect example of it. It kind of hurts because as fans ( diamonds ) we know how amazing marina is. I also find the songs that they play to be the most popular songs, not
    The more sentimental songs like “ buy the stars, immortal, numb or even forget “ so I felt like they could show a little bit more of ALL the Amazing art work Marina can offer, but again, the name of the video is “ greatest hits “. Diamonds, you may be dismissed .

  • Ten Diamondz
    Ten Diamondz Год назад +4

    Elders react to The Lumineers!

  • Cari Whyte
    Cari Whyte Год назад +8

    i always get anxious about the react videos for people i LOVE... but i’m content with this one :) it did marina and her timeline/archetypes justice :) i’m realizing how much i miss her

    ADRIANO MILLA Год назад +5

    Queen marina

  • Sajjad
    Sajjad Год назад +7

    React to hi bich by Danielle Bregoli

  • Arbi Daci
    Arbi Daci Год назад +2

    Elder's React to Vilray

  • zfb Kirk
    zfb Kirk Год назад +11

    Omg can you guys do a elders react to lies by marina and the diamonds

    • floatingdiaries
      floatingdiaries Год назад

      zfb Kirk especially the acoustic version!

  • Stu Pot
    Stu Pot Год назад +15

    hawaiin shirt guy has me rolling 😂😂😂

  • jibooty stan
    jibooty stan Год назад +4


  • emmeline
    emmeline Год назад +4


  • Liliya Atanasova
    Liliya Atanasova Год назад +3

    *rEAcT tO pOppY pLz*

  • Darryl Eugene
    Darryl Eugene Год назад +10

    React to Arctic Monkeys!!

  • Victoria Antonetti
    Victoria Antonetti Год назад +103

    Wish you guys would have picked some more serious songs from Marina, she has a lot.

    • catsoda
      catsoda Год назад +3

      yes! also wouldve liked to see are you satisifed

    • baby
      baby Год назад +1

      or Lies!!

    • Mr. Diamandis
      Mr. Diamandis Год назад +11

      Exactly! They could've included Happy, Buy The Stars and I Am Not A Robot.

    • Taylor Dixon
      Taylor Dixon Год назад +7

      I was hoping for I Am Not A Robot

  • Eric Alvarado
    Eric Alvarado Год назад +3

    I love the elders !! 💜💜

  • Zoë Habberatotal
    Zoë Habberatotal Год назад +17

    Never clicked something so fast in my entire life

  • Traci Morgan
    Traci Morgan Год назад +11

    Marina is queen

  • Joshua Goodson
    Joshua Goodson Год назад +14

    Someone needs to auto tune them reading the lyrics and mix it with the instrumentals.

  • suhai v
    suhai v Год назад +8

    that’s my baby

  • MemesAreFriendsNotFood
    MemesAreFriendsNotFood Год назад +18

    Elders react to Melodrama by Lorde Please!

  • Katherine Detra
    Katherine Detra Год назад +10

    Did they make a Melanie Martinez react?

  • yuki ari
    yuki ari Год назад +9

    They have to react to the music videos though!!!!

  • Brayden Tioutiounnikov
    Brayden Tioutiounnikov Год назад +3

    Felony Martinez

  • Seamus MacGregor
    Seamus MacGregor Год назад +4

    Elders Read Green Day Lyrics

  • Kevin Rivera
    Kevin Rivera Год назад +6

    Elders React to Kesha

  • Kevin Rivera
    Kevin Rivera Год назад +10

    Elders React to Melanie Martinez

  • oscar rocha
    oscar rocha Год назад +6

    Elders react to Melanie Martinez Lyrics

  • RainingFries
    RainingFries Год назад +11


  • UnsimpleFangirl
    UnsimpleFangirl Год назад +9

    Elders read melanie Martinez

    TYDEN BLACK Год назад


  • Esperanzilla
    Esperanzilla Год назад +13

    Elders react to Billie Eilish next ,please.

    • AJ Johnson
      AJ Johnson Год назад


  • bluegreen 118
    bluegreen 118 Год назад +32

    omg i miss marina 😩 come back already 😔

  • Caiturn
    Caiturn Год назад

    Teens react/lyric breakdown Alec Benjamin

  • Razzle Dazzle
    Razzle Dazzle Год назад +8

    elders read/react to gorillaz

  • Nathan Todd
    Nathan Todd Год назад +3

    Elders React to Fall Out Boy

  • Maxi Ortiz
    Maxi Ortiz Год назад +2

    Elders React to Bryson Tiller

  • damla
    damla Год назад +19

    I love how Rock is enjoying Marinas voice

  • Max Winters
    Max Winters Год назад +1

    marina !!

  • quinn diamandis
    quinn diamandis Год назад +5


    • quinn diamandis
      quinn diamandis Год назад

      ୨୧ blissy ୨୧ why not? She was a legend and made jazz/soul music so they'd probably love it.

    • blissy
      blissy Год назад


  • bellyache
    bellyache Год назад +18

    React to bjork please

  • Philou
    Philou Год назад +19

    I just love Marina's lyrics ! Glad that they globaly enjoyed it

  • кσσкιєѕ ™
    кσσкιєѕ ™ Год назад +7

    Aw Don is so cute

  • RED
    RED Год назад +2

    A queen

  • Camila Gama
    Camila Gama Год назад +10

    Still waiting for ELDERS REACT TO STROMAE!!

  • Dio Singson
    Dio Singson Год назад +18

    How about Florence + the Machine?

  • Juultroblick
    Juultroblick Год назад +1


  • Nathan Walker
    Nathan Walker Год назад

    Teens React to Yandere simulator

  • Eddy Madison
    Eddy Madison Год назад +15

    8:04 You know it's good when Don praised the song

  • Jay J
    Jay J Год назад +17

    React to the Arctic Monkeys

  • MusicLover 17
    MusicLover 17 Год назад +3

    Bea Miller

  • Mary Super
    Mary Super Год назад +4

    Halsey or Logic!!

  • reyvull
    reyvull Год назад


  • Nathan Hoult
    Nathan Hoult Год назад +8

    A LONG SHOT, But you should do HAIM's or Grimes' songs!!!

  • Ella Sanandaji
    Ella Sanandaji Год назад +144

    lol unfortunately the fact that she's parodying pop stars in these songs doesn't come off.

  • Maria 101
    Maria 101 Год назад +14

    Dodie and Billie Eilish please!!

  • Ana Campos
    Ana Campos Год назад +1


  • Melody Pacheco
    Melody Pacheco Год назад +2


  • Anne Hammann
    Anne Hammann Год назад +18

    Army Winehouse or Florence and the machine please! They have some great lyrics

    • gabrielle
      gabrielle Год назад

      Army winehouse

    • Maria 101
      Maria 101 Год назад

      Anne Hammann they are not current tho, which is the point of this series

    • Ashtray girl
      Ashtray girl Год назад

      Anne Hammann yeah Florence

  • Shy Elizabeth
    Shy Elizabeth Год назад +13

    Florence and the Machine!

  • Lizeth Quispe Perez
    Lizeth Quispe Perez Год назад +12

    I adore all those songs.... they just give you a vibe of power and kind of meaniness but that cool

  • Cindered
    Cindered Год назад +2

    React to Taylor Swift Lyrics (like clean, out of The woods, innocent...)

  • John Cooper
    John Cooper Год назад +5

    react to Clean Bandit

  • Jacob Smollet
    Jacob Smollet Год назад +3


  • Sab Blah
    Sab Blah Год назад +1

    yeeeeeees my bb 😘😘😘😘

  • laisha
    laisha Год назад +721

    Happy? Immortal? Teen Idle? there are more meaningful songs to show them guys

    • Karen Gomez
      Karen Gomez Год назад +8

      Let’s not forget about Savages, those lyrics are amazing.

    • Charles Angs
      Charles Angs Год назад +6

      not good show old people "Immortal".

    • Melani P
      Melani P Год назад +3

      It would've been great to also play Electra Heart 😐

    • Ana Campos
      Ana Campos Год назад +12

      I thought that too but then i realized they play the greatest hits from an artist

    • laisha
      laisha Год назад +1

      Moved Accounts Same!

  • marilyn monhoe
    marilyn monhoe Год назад +6

    Amy Winehouse plssss

  • stop being ignorant
    stop being ignorant Год назад +3

    Do vampire weekend

  • Jessica bao
    Jessica bao Год назад +2

    I’d love to see another Macklemore lyric breakdown!

  • Ray sewerside
    Ray sewerside Год назад +32

    Wish Happy was in here, I think it was a very meaningful song which gives a good picture

  • AzraBrooks
    AzraBrooks Год назад +7

    React to SZA!!

  • Random Bizz
    Random Bizz Год назад +27

    Florence and the machine please and pick songs with amazing lyrics cuz she's an amazing poet

  • Jordy13 Xoxo
    Jordy13 Xoxo Год назад +3


  • Larina Khaleesi
    Larina Khaleesi Год назад +20

    Please do Florence and the Machine

  • Sweetie e
    Sweetie e Год назад +7

    Please please do Mars Argo

  • Jeremy Swanson
    Jeremy Swanson Год назад +1

    Oh yes, finally!

  • i have no original name ideas
    i have no original name ideas Год назад +22


  • Scarlet's Sanctuary
    Scarlet's Sanctuary Год назад +45

    "'I'm siiiiiiiiinging in the rain!' That's what I thought of there."
    Too cute!!

  • Sarah Nielsen
    Sarah Nielsen Год назад +19

    I love most of the artist that they’ve been shown, but are we ever gonna get elders reacting to frank ocean?

  • Carlos Calderon
    Carlos Calderon Год назад +5

    please do this with kesha!!!!

  • Jeffrey Caliedo
    Jeffrey Caliedo Год назад +422

    I wish they’d analyze her songs with a little more meaning than just the popular upbeat songs

  • Endless_Galaxies
    Endless_Galaxies Год назад +955

    If they did songs such as Teen Idle, I Am Not A Robot, or Oh No, it would have more so shown who Marina is as a person. I mean, Electra Heart is probably my favourite album but if they would have given songs from The Family Jewels she would have seemed like less of a stereotypical ditzy pop star. Electra Heart was a character, Marina is a person.

    • AwhhAmy
      AwhhAmy Год назад +56

      That's what I was thinking! At least include a few more lines of the song and their meaning, "And I'm sad to the core, core, core" hits me hard and for me it's an important part of Primadonna,because it shows how she isn't as happy as she seems behind her image

  • fag.trash
    fag.trash Год назад +8


  • no j
    no j Год назад +9

    Teens reaction to Mars Argo specifically the runway one