Will Spinosaurus Return To Jurassic World 2 Fallen Kingdom?

  • Published on Sep 18, 2017
  • Will Spinosaurus return to Jurassic World 2 Fallen Kingdom? We take a look at whether the Spinosaurus will return in Jurassic World 2 Fallen Kingdom.
    Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom is speculated to have many similarities with its prequel, The Lost World. Apart from the return of Jeff Goldblum as Dr Ian Malcolm, the sequel will also feature popular Velociraptor, Rexy.
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Comments • 68

  • prestonb60
    prestonb60 11 months ago

    Make the spino and trex be friends and fight off the most crazy dinosaur hybrid

  • David C.
    David C. 11 months ago


  • Skyler the FireSpino prince

    I’ don’t wanna see Trex and spinosaurus fight again it’s boring now there’s to many trexs in Jurassic world and Jurassic park

  • Skyler the FireSpino prince

    Spinosaurus will be in jw3

  • pennywise the dancing clown

    The baranx

  • Antholo G
    Antholo G Year ago

    I want the Mosasaur to win if it fights a megalodon

  • Antholo G
    Antholo G Year ago

    Mosasaur vs megalodon

  • NutritionFacts1979

    If Spino isn't in it, I'm much less interested in seeing the movie.

  • Op S
    Op S Year ago

    No I ain't gonna work in that movie again, ever again!!

  • Mario Munoz
    Mario Munoz Year ago

    Just Spinosaurus as he is, please no Hybrid it isn't needed. Just as long as he comes back to take his place meaning to be a part of Jurassic Park /World just so we can see it and enjoy it that's all we want.

  • TheGuest oofRoblox

    i want the spinosaurus back but i want it to be normal cause i kinda dont like hybrids

  • Kavian watts 38
    Kavian watts 38 Year ago +1

    They need to put spinosaurus or sarcosuchus in fallen kingdom

  • Brayden
    Brayden Year ago

    Bring it back and have a remach. 👍

  • Rashad Ameer
    Rashad Ameer Year ago +5

    Spinosours hybrid

    LOURY NUAY Year ago +2

    Spino hybrid

  • Paul Samson
    Paul Samson Year ago +4

    No spino hybrids and no trex vs Spino battles. Just the JP/// Spino

  • John Adams
    John Adams Year ago +5

    I personally think that the spinosaurus should steal the spotlight as the facts about this dinosaur was meaner bigger badder and perhaps even more intelligent than the famous T-Rex not saying that the T-Rex wasn’t a bad ass but if those two went head to head the spinosaurus will completely make the T-Rex completely unrecognisable so they should definitely put the spino in the new JW2 movie 🍿

    • Paul Samson
      Paul Samson Year ago +1

      The Spino won't steal the spotlight because the logo is a T. rex, not a Spino, but it doesn't mean it won't have an appearance

    • the2ghostriders
      the2ghostriders Year ago

      John Adams Signs point to "no" for this moviw because NOTHING hints at his return. However, JW3 is the most lilely time for it to return, hopefully not to fight and be killed by a trex

  • Mr. Dilophosaurus

    And we all know that the spino will get rekt by Rexy

    • Paul Samson
      Paul Samson Year ago +1

      Rexy is old and battle scarred at this point. She wouldn't be able to totally wreck the Spino and even if she won shed surely die from her wounds. The way I see the battle going, is that the Spino gets the first bite, but Rexy breaks free and bites down on the spino's neck, killing it. However, Rexy has taken massive hits from the claws and is bleeding heavily from her neck and she dies next to the spino

  • Abdulaziz Rex
    Abdulaziz Rex Year ago +8


    • the2ghostriders
      the2ghostriders Year ago

      BlueCreepinRoblox My man!

    • TheGuest oofRoblox
      TheGuest oofRoblox Year ago +1

      NOPE no more REMATCH

    • the2ghostriders
      the2ghostriders Year ago +1

      Abdulaziz Rex Team up between the two would be 10 times better. OR, the two fight but who wins is left open ended so no side of the fanbase gets too angry

    • the2ghostriders
      the2ghostriders Year ago +1

      Abdulaziz Rex Nah

  • LockDown Watson
    LockDown Watson Year ago +9

    If they fight again spino would win

  • LockDown Watson
    LockDown Watson Year ago +11

    Yes my boy spino should be in the movie

  • lucca wuwt1ys
    lucca wuwt1ys Year ago +1

    bring it back and maybe the indominus could take somwon its won size

  • Nathan Holmes
    Nathan Holmes Year ago +13

    Bring it back just dont make t rex and spino battle again

    • Virus
      Virus 10 months ago


    • indominus rex
      indominus rex Year ago +2

      +Lachlan alway i dont

    • the2ghostriders
      the2ghostriders Year ago +1

      Lachlan alway Well unfortunately, seems to me here that you are the minority. But hey, if u really want to c a rex kill a spino, theres a coll primal carnage vid on that, or just pick up Operation Genesis, where the battle takes place and the winner is a 50/50 chance. OR wait for more dino tycoon games, like Mesozoica (coming this year) or JW Evolution and u can see updated fights on that. See? Other ways to fill you need for blood.
      Cheers! :)

    • Lachlan
      Lachlan Year ago

      I really wanna see rexy kill the spino though

    • the2ghostriders
      the2ghostriders Year ago +1

      Nathan Holmes Theres actually a petition to bring spino back in JW3 without dying in a rex v spino fight or have them team up. Its doing pretty well given that it was made only a few months back www.change.org/p/universal-studios-petition-for-spinosaurus-to-have-a-cameo-in-an-upcoming-jp-jw-movie-6eb5bd0d-b7b8-4ac4-ab94-4c2c68a4db9b

  • Duck Duck
    Duck Duck Year ago +1

    Hmm alot of people seem to be saying the same thing, they want spino in the movie but not to battle a t rex, i feel the same

  • Mandy Warren
    Mandy Warren Year ago +9

    I hope we get to see a spinosaurus but I dont think its a good idea to let them fight, it split the jurassic park fans last time

  • Reform 2018
    Reform 2018 Year ago +4

    I wanted the Spinosaurus to comeback. But the Jurassic world fanbase hates Spinosaurus so much, I don't think Jurassic world 2 will ever show another Spinosaur in the movie at all.

    • the2ghostriders
      the2ghostriders Year ago

      Deform 2017 TBH, id b okay with that

    • Reform 2018
      Reform 2018 Year ago

      the2ghostriders The directors said it is dead from somewhere. That skeleton obviously isn't the same Spino, but they literally never states how it died. With Spinosaurus no where to be seen in JW2 and Rexy reclaimed the title of the star dino, I think they actually killed it.

    • the2ghostriders
      the2ghostriders Year ago

      Deform 2017 Wait, im guessing ur referring to that JW post where it pointed to the skeleton and said "JP3 Spinosaurus" or has something else come up that ibe missed

    • the2ghostriders
      the2ghostriders Year ago +1

      Deform 2017 still better than having it killed by a trex

    • Reform 2018
      Reform 2018 Year ago

      Darrell Whitney They Killed it.....

  • Chris Beth Grace Josh and Isla Milton

    i want spino raptor vs indo raptor they could have a water battle

  • Chris Beth Grace Josh and Isla Milton

    omg im 3

  • David C.
    David C. Year ago +3

    I hope it'll be not because the reconstruction was wrong.

    • SD 723
      SD 723 Year ago +1

      David C. Ye me to

  • Jurassic fan
    Jurassic fan Year ago +2

    I hope it features