Making a DRUM-LAMP! (With my Brother!)

  • Published on Apr 10, 2018
  • MY brothers channel:
    A bit different project-video this time, making a lamp out of a drum with my brother! We always have a great time hanging out in the shop, and we hope you enjoy watching this video!
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Comments • 16

  • Are Baloni
    Are Baloni  Year ago +3

    After reading the comments, it looks like we should add some vent holes! 😁 Thank you all for feedback!

  • Orfea cool
    Orfea cool Year ago

    I need the làmp bröther

  • SadGuy Lite
    SadGuy Lite Year ago

    I need the lamp bróóther

    JORGE FERREIRA Year ago +1

    Good afternoon!
    I saw some of your videos, I liked your work a lot, so I inscevi.
    I would like to know what your nationality is, as I want to discover the differences in the various styles of woodworking practiced in the USA, Canada, European and Asian countries.
    Big hug, success!

      JORGE FERREIRA Year ago

      How cool, I am very curious about the culture of the Nordic countries, I am a fan and I love woodworking, I am happy to know that in this region there are people like you, who dedicates to the woodwork doing beautiful works.
      I am from Brazil, unfortunately here in my country there are almost no people dedicated to the noble art of working the wood and produce beautiful pieces, only some that do it for hobby.
      In my country almost everything is made of laminated wood, MDF sheets nor compensated is hardly used anymore.
      A big hug.

    • Are Baloni
      Are Baloni  Year ago

      JORGE FERREIRA Thank you! I am from Norway! 👍🏼

  • Hey I'm a Maker
    Hey I'm a Maker Year ago

    Nice work, My Dad would love this!

  • Jolien Brebels
    Jolien Brebels Year ago +1

    Great job!

  • Garry Palmer
    Garry Palmer Year ago

    Nice job lads,
    But again think about some air holes for ventilation, just in case

  • Tony Baleno
    Tony Baleno Year ago

    Nice project Are!...innovative! Your brother is lucky to have you. Always nice to have a simple project every now and then.
    You may want to think about Steve S's comment on heating from the bulb. If you are using an LED bulb it should not be a problem...little to no heat generated. But if it is a standard filament bulb you will have a build up of heat inside the drum that could cause an issue. If you wanted to vent any heat you could always drill some 1/2"/12mm holes (or larger) in a circle around the hole for the lamp holder. You would also have to drill the drum skin to align with them. The holes would allow the fixture to cast some light above it also as well as breathe.
    Keep up the great work!.

    • Are Baloni
      Are Baloni  Year ago

      Thank you so much, Tony! 😊 Yes, it is!
      We made shure we used an LED bulb, so there should not be any problems with heat. Otherwise, that would have been a great solution! 👍🏼

  • Sapele Steve
    Sapele Steve Year ago +1

    Great job guys! Just make sure that that bulb doesn't heat up the inside of the drum too much............. :)

    • Sirus1
      Sirus1 Year ago

      He says they used an LED bulb, so it should not melt the skin. However, I would still suggest some vent holes in the support board. Great Job Are!

    • Are Baloni
      Are Baloni  Year ago

      Thank you! We used an LED bulb so it shouldn't be a problem, but we'll keep an eye on it! 😄