BOBBER BUILD - Yamaha Virago 535 bobber project [HD]

  • Published on Oct 15, 2017
  • Just finished my bobber project (on a budget). Tell me what you think, and what could have been done differently! Going to put on whitewalled tires, mirrors, and maybe a new handlebar soon.
    This is one of my first times ever welding, so it may not look that great.
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Comments • 509

  • NordbekkFilm
    NordbekkFilm  Year ago +25

    Since so many are asking about the rear suspension:
    Where is the rear suspension from?
    They are universal shocks from a local hardware store called Jula
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    • Mike1343
      Mike1343 Month ago

      Nice build! But why did you leave the Yamaha emblems off the bike?

    • Maćko MV
      Maćko MV 3 months ago

      Zrób film z samego dźwięku virago
      Przetłumacz sobie z polskiego na angielski zrób proszę

    • alcamaga
      alcamaga 8 months ago

      n. NordbekkFilm una ipuu P,mmhmhjjkykkjjkkulujkkkjukj

    • Brandon S
      Brandon S 10 months ago

      Hey man, first off nice build! Just finished my 83 kz650. From the looks of that suspension its wayyy better than mine. I was looking for them but can't seem to find the ones you have. Any way you could send me a link please?

    • AllBlack Biker
      AllBlack Biker 11 months ago

      what is the model of the pick up?

  • Franz Lonardi BAZAN MONTOYA


  • Dominykas
    Dominykas 7 days ago

    Sup, i have a 1988 virago 535 allmost everything stock and i love it, but i would love to change the sound of it, becouse its too soft and quiet for my choppery taste:D what have u done to it to make it sound big, maybe some not so expensive alternatives?

  • Theodore Marakas
    Theodore Marakas 7 days ago

    Nice work considering that this bike was NEVER meant nor it ever was a beauty queen. There are guys who have done extensive work on the frame to make it look half way decent, but this one, for the amount of work looks good.

  • Anthony Horn
    Anthony Horn 9 days ago

    Why so shaky

  • Goanna C
    Goanna C 11 days ago

    Elegancko 👍👍👍

  • Doc Cox
    Doc Cox 12 days ago

    Excellent job and great music.

  • JoeD60
    JoeD60 13 days ago

    Thumbs up! Interesting execution for the seat mount.

  • Rayford, Ray Siegel
    Rayford, Ray Siegel 18 days ago

    Ah, dude, that ain't ugly. I had (still have in storage) that same bike, in the same color (Midnight Blue), too. That's '93 Model, right?

  • Phil Lott
    Phil Lott 20 days ago

    Japan has some of the best engineers on this planet (especially Yamaha and Honda) and I've never really understood why people are so adamant about changing a powerful machine into a uncontrollable powerful machine. Buy the bike you want new from a dealer and maintain it as such. The people that designed and built the bike know more about that than you do.

    • Phil Lott
      Phil Lott 20 days ago

      Do you know how to tell if a Aprilia has a nitrous system on it without taking it apart? Crank the bike and let it idle on the stand....take your other key and open the gas cap....if the bike doesn't stall there is more than air and gasoline getting into that cylinder....high performance tuning is a art in itself and they people that can navigate that road are well compensated.

    • Phil Lott
      Phil Lott 20 days ago

      I have owned and worked of many kinds of bikes for many years. I have modified them too as witnessed by my Aprilia RSV 1000R with a nitrous system that would take a really sharp eye and a few wrenches to even know it was there.....that silver/grey Busa I jumped with it knows....most people who start screwing with the steering and suspension systems have not the tools or expertise to change very much without it impacting something else...everything in racing is a trade off.....more speed reacts to other parts of the chassis, even changing brands of tires from the stock ones often changes quite a bit about a bike.....these things are a Poor man's Ferrari...The engineers do know more than people think they do. Doing a design change is one thing, doing one and being insurable is quite a different thing. Manufacturers have to carry billions in insurance or one mistake could sink a whole company....@NordbekkFilm

    • NordbekkFilm
      NordbekkFilm  20 days ago

      First of all, the bike is not uncontrollable and I really enjoy riding it. I have changed some parts after I finished it to make it more comfortable, like the handlebar and the shocks. If you don't understand why people do custom builds I feel sorry for you. It's all about making something unique, and using your own imagination and creativity. The feeling you get when you are driving around in a vehicle you have used hours to repair or modify can't be compared to driving around in some boring original "out of the box" vehicle that everyone can get if they have money. At least that's my opinion. And also, this bike turned out alot cheaper than if I was going to buy a new one, or a used one in good shape.

  • Katan Akuma
    Katan Akuma 24 days ago

    Well the music was good. Not sure why you'd spend all that time on Virago, unless you were doing it up for your girlfriend or daughter. But it was a well edited video. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sinjin 01
    Sinjin 01 25 days ago

    Nice job. Music - not so much.

  • terryclotf
    terryclotf 29 days ago

    nice bike good work, music kinda sucked but that's what mute is for.

  • Dunrock91
    Dunrock91 Month ago

    What a sexy bike *.*

    Where do you get the Handlebar ? Im looking for such a Handlebar in Germany for a long Time

    • NordbekkFilm
      NordbekkFilm  Month ago

      @Dunrock91 That's what I wanted too, until I tried driving it 😅

    • Dunrock91
      Dunrock91 Month ago

      @NordbekkFilm :D funny, because i want exactly one wich is not curved ^^

    • NordbekkFilm
      NordbekkFilm  Month ago

      The handlebar is made out of regular piping, but i recommend buying a handlebar on ebay wich is slightly curved.. mine was too straight so I changed it :)

  • Lucifer Sweden
    Lucifer Sweden Month ago +1

    Great clip and good music to a nice build👍

  • Kiki Aguilar
    Kiki Aguilar Month ago

    Lost you when you painted with no respect for the wook work .put up a old killed me

    • Ben Gee
      Ben Gee 7 days ago

      Exactly what I was thinking.

  • Yuri Yuri
    Yuri Yuri Month ago

    Наглядное пособие для начинающих кастомайзеров!

  • oliver grandbois
    oliver grandbois Month ago

    La musique est vraiment bonne la machine est malade

  • Jimmy Tandazo
    Jimmy Tandazo Month ago

    love it !!!

  • mharth Toledo
    mharth Toledo Month ago

    Bad ass backyard mechanic, working with only what you got. Good build!

  • Sheldon Hearn
    Sheldon Hearn Month ago

    Just got my 97 Virago and this is exactly, almost to a T, what I want to do to it! Your bike is sick man! The fact that you did it yourself makes it that much better.

  • Caleb Springer
    Caleb Springer Month ago

    Were those shocks custom or just for lowering?

  • raptors316 !!
    raptors316 !! Month ago +1

    Damn, that is a beautiful bike. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kris Kospa
    Kris Kospa Month ago

    -- for "Eisernes Kreuz" :(

  • Thomas Pfefferle
    Thomas Pfefferle Month ago

    Ja eine coole BOBBER gemacht schön..

  • Hallo Da
    Hallo Da Month ago


  • Robban Johansson
    Robban Johansson Month ago

    Fina plåtarbeten =)

  • Whiteyford blues
    Whiteyford blues Month ago

    Dude, the front end alignment. Of that truck. Is hairy as hell...

    • NordbekkFilm
      NordbekkFilm  Month ago

      Hahah I had to take the steering wheel off to fix something, and I put it back on in the wrong position.. so the alignment is not wrong :)

  • Mike James
    Mike James Month ago

    nice job.

  • Александр Котов

    Супер!! Лучшее видео

  • stevenwithanS
    stevenwithanS Month ago

    Very cool build. Some voice over would have been good once in a while.

  • Liam & the wild child

    You sir have talent what a cracking bike mate, but dude the music is terrible 😉

  • Jack C
    Jack C Month ago +1

    not to knock you, well done, working with what you got, the whole time im thinking 'this is the most ghetto bike build ive ever seen', then you used matches to melt the shrink tube XD. Definitaly the most ghetto, but you got it done, good learning experience, I've been there, didn't try to build a motorcycle though lol, looks awesome. yeah i just thought it was funny, not knocking it or you.

  • Jota Pires
    Jota Pires 2 months ago

    I'm really impressed. 👏👏👏

  • Piotr J D
    Piotr J D 2 months ago

    Bra jobba du...skulle selv velge annen farge men sykkelen er helt greit...hilsen.

  • mike losinger
    mike losinger 2 months ago

    Good job man, not my taste, but it’s not my bike. 😏
    Really though bud, nice job.
    But one critique, and it goes for a lot of guys out there. Why you all think that a bike doesn’t look good with a nice comfortable seat? You can still have a killer custom plush leather seat, and it will actually add to the look of the bike for the better.
    I wish everyone would stop with that stupid trend.

  • jim saltaferos
    jim saltaferos 2 months ago

    amazingggggggg videooooo

  • Unkle Fritz
    Unkle Fritz 2 months ago

    ....lower the truck more...and buy an electric ratchet impact.....

  • Joey Joanette
    Joey Joanette 2 months ago

    That's awesome. Great job.

  • drmrjon
    drmrjon 2 months ago

    Dude, freakin awesome job!!

  • derek melton
    derek melton 2 months ago

    Did you do the body work on the tank or have someone else do it?

    • NordbekkFilm
      NordbekkFilm  2 months ago

      I did it myself, it's all in the video

  • Jack Pistone
    Jack Pistone 2 months ago

    what are the ways to getting the cafe or bobber stance? can you lower this suspension stock?

  • Robert Evans
    Robert Evans 2 months ago

    doing your exhaust that way did you have to use all of the vacuum lines for the carburetors I'm curious because I want to do the same to my bike to make it louder you did one hell of a job thumbs up buddy let me know when you can I would appreciate it

    • 3xS
      3xS 2 months ago

      If u mean the back pressure loss due to straight pipe, u have to change the carb jets a couple of sizes up. Or else it will run very lean. Had that problem on my virago 1100 97. If u straight pipe it without changing jets you will lose alot of power and torque.

  • Nigel Baum
    Nigel Baum 2 months ago

    AWESOME job mate. Amazing. I'm not even sure I'd put white wall tires on myself as it look perfect as it is. Brilliant!

    • Nigel Baum
      Nigel Baum 2 months ago

      @NordbekkFilm Nice one mate, i'll take a look.

    • NordbekkFilm
      NordbekkFilm  2 months ago +1

      I've put on white wall tires now, looks much better! You can see it in one of my latest videos :)

  • Cormac MacArtney
    Cormac MacArtney 2 months ago +5

    I'm not into Japanese bikes, but I couldn't help but watch, especially as busy as you got.
    I gotta admit, you did a damn good job of making that bike look cool.
    By the way, cool music!

  • Capt'n .Woodsrat
    Capt'n .Woodsrat 3 months ago

    Nice very nice.

  • P14
    P14 3 months ago

    Super vidéo très complète, du beau travail, contrairement au bobbers USA, vous avez garder les amortisseurs et le pare boue avant, ça c'est magnifique. Bravo.

  • bisket2003
    bisket2003 3 months ago

    sick build man! Where are the bars from??

  • Rudy Franco
    Rudy Franco 3 months ago

    F awesome billed

  • Deivis J. F. Coelho
    Deivis J. F. Coelho 3 months ago

    Great job dude!

  • Marioz Hd
    Marioz Hd 3 months ago

    What camera did you use on this video? Soo smooth

    • NordbekkFilm
      NordbekkFilm  3 months ago

      @Marioz Hd Canon t2i

    • Marioz Hd
      Marioz Hd 3 months ago

      @NordbekkFilm at the beginning video what camera did you use?

    • NordbekkFilm
      NordbekkFilm  3 months ago

      I mostly used a Gopro 5 Black, but i also used a Canon t2i for some of the shots :)

  • GANZ T
    GANZ T 3 months ago

    nice job

  • sierraink katana
    sierraink katana 3 months ago

    Love it..

  • myowgr photography
    myowgr photography 3 months ago +1

    Outstanding... Fukn nice Job Mate!
    Customizing my virago the time i watched your Video!
    Thumbs Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leander Lanzon
    Leander Lanzon 3 months ago

    can someone tell me what that tape type thing is that he wrapped around the silencer? Am very new to this. Bought myself a bike recently and am in the progress of learning :)

    • Leander Lanzon
      Leander Lanzon 3 months ago

      @NordbekkFilm ah cool.. will look it up.. thanks a lot for the reply :)

    • NordbekkFilm
      NordbekkFilm  3 months ago +1

      I don't know what it is called in english but directly translated from norwegian it is "exhaust bandage" :)

  • Mitt P
    Mitt P 3 months ago

    Nice work and video mate. Change to a modern headlight, the original is not doing justice to your build ;)

    • NordbekkFilm
      NordbekkFilm  3 months ago

      Thanks! I've thought about doing that :)

  • hoolie gunn
    hoolie gunn 3 months ago

    Excellent work!

  • Володя Сенин


  • Linus Eson Nilsson
    Linus Eson Nilsson 3 months ago

    Wow, really didn't think it would turn out that good. You have a great sence of colour and what to fix to make the look complete.
    I'd put on a bigger saddle tho, that looks weird! ha

  • Alte Schule
    Alte Schule 3 months ago

    sehr sehr geil

  • michael theiss
    michael theiss 3 months ago +1

    More cowbell.

  • cade f
    cade f 3 months ago

    sounded like a bunch of mosquitos in the beginning

  • Reoldi Wekadwigraha
    Reoldi Wekadwigraha 3 months ago

    14:31 song title?

    • NordbekkFilm
      NordbekkFilm  3 months ago

      This ain't the end of me - White comic

  • Zeus The Great
    Zeus The Great 3 months ago

    Hey man, great work! How is the seat when you have to drive for a long distance? How it's working/feeling (seat) when you have to hit full brake?

    • Zeus The Great
      Zeus The Great 3 months ago

      @NordbekkFilm Thank you so much for replay! the reason i'm asking is because im building one too and don't know i i should change old seat for the new cool looking one!

    • NordbekkFilm
      NordbekkFilm  3 months ago

      The seat is a little bit hard.. I haven't thought about how the seat feels at full brake, so I guess it's good :)

  • Ebenezer Xavier
    Ebenezer Xavier 4 months ago

    Ei amigo! Creio que você ta precisando de uma bancada de trabalho. Bom trabalho, parabéns.

  • Moorthi Advocate
    Moorthi Advocate 4 months ago

    You spoiled the bike...

  • ruvi Villatoro
    ruvi Villatoro 4 months ago


  • Игорь Думчиков

    Фашик ХУЕВ...

  • Robert Ron
    Robert Ron 4 months ago

    GENESIS 1:1-7

  • Robert Ron
    Robert Ron 4 months ago


  • Robert Ron
    Robert Ron 4 months ago


  • Noah Cathcart
    Noah Cathcart 4 months ago

    Awesome build man!! I have a virago xv700, the back left foot peg has wires connected to it. What are they? Did your bike have these?

  • Kevin Parker
    Kevin Parker 4 months ago +4

    Some good fabrication skills shown. Great build. You asked for suggestions.... Something I have always wanted to do with the Virago's (time and money issues stopped the bike projects for me) is to stretch the front headstock forward lowrider style. Virago's always look a bit stunted at the front to me. It's only asthetics I know but the engine is the star of the show and I think it needs 'framing'. Such good raw material for chopping though. Well done and RESPECT!. I know what it takes to take a project through to the finish. Blood, sweat, relationships, time, money etc, etc.

  • Hernandez Arêdes
    Hernandez Arêdes 4 months ago

    Great POV camera and great job.

  • Butterball The Clown
    Butterball The Clown 4 months ago

    drum brake LOL! what a piece of shit.

  • Josh Bolton
    Josh Bolton 4 months ago

    Your work and the bike look amazing but that footage speed is making me nauseous to watch...

  • Quentin Randis
    Quentin Randis 5 months ago +3

    Dude! You've got some serious skills! And I'm struggling just to change my handle bars on my on 535 hahahaha 🤘

  • Juan Leon
    Juan Leon 5 months ago +2

    did you guys notice the Hitachi radio recorder? I have not seen one since the beginning of the 2000s. Great job with the bobber man!

  • Sid
    Sid 5 months ago

    Really cool and inspiring project well done! May I ask you what the length of your iron cross sticker is? Looks perfect on it

  • an proof
    an proof 5 months ago

    Name of the pick-up?

    • NordbekkFilm
      NordbekkFilm  5 months ago

      It's a Mazda B2000 1989 model
      Follow @staticmazdab on instagram to see more of it :)

  • Riku Y
    Riku Y 5 months ago


  • Brian Jones
    Brian Jones 5 months ago

    Rad look and sound is awesome 👍.

  • Akhdar Muso
    Akhdar Muso 5 months ago +1

    Thank you for such attentive filming for this project. It was really eye opening and changed my mind about that I would never ever able to do this, but now i see with some guidance and learning I could pull it off.

  • Duc Pham
    Duc Pham 5 months ago

    It's so cool, good job bro

  • h kdl
    h kdl 5 months ago

    good job nice work

  • fado cfado
    fado cfado 5 months ago

    dream life

  • Josh Hillyard
    Josh Hillyard 5 months ago +1

    That's awesome bro great job! 👍✌

  • Alexey Burtsev
    Alexey Burtsev 5 months ago

    Не очень! Особенно идея с седлом и подседельником. Не красиво!

  • Mohamed Amine Hatim
    Mohamed Amine Hatim 5 months ago

    Great work brother .

  • Bruno Lombardi
    Bruno Lombardi 6 months ago

    Absolutely amazing. You've made a superb job. I liked the handlebar you used in this project. It is a 7/8"? Can you tell me the dimensions?

    • NordbekkFilm
      NordbekkFilm  5 months ago +1

      I'm not sure of the dimensions of the handle bar, I change it when I started riding the bike because it was too straight.. But I think it was 80-90 cm long

  • Kyaw Bleh
    Kyaw Bleh 6 months ago

    Rå sykkel
    Love every songs

  • Hasan ÇAKMAK
    Hasan ÇAKMAK 6 months ago

    Deveye sormuşlar neren eyri diye,nerem doğru ki demiş.

  • Matt Mudde
    Matt Mudde 6 months ago

    only thing i would have liked to seen changed is the shaft drive changed to chain and front forks, done well looks good

  • kakarote2277
    kakarote2277 6 months ago

    Nice job young man. Very good video on creating YOUR own bike.

  • Michael  Pate
    Michael Pate 6 months ago

    outstanding build dude! awesome

    JOHNNY JB 6 months ago


  • Psychoplazm
    Psychoplazm 6 months ago

    Unfortunately this isn't a bobber. A bobber is traditionally a rigid rear end frame meaning there is no rear suspension. A lot of them have a lowered rear end too so that its more comfortable to ride and so you aren't leaning so far forward. However, this is a good build. I would suggest making the rear end rigid and lower, either weld or bolt in the support struts. Weld will give it a cleaner look.

  • Jens Kruse
    Jens Kruse 6 months ago

    Which car your drive, please tell me ? :)

  • 1145141919810
    1145141919810 6 months ago

    stupid music sound volume

  • Димок К.
    Димок К. 6 months ago