Cody (Final Fight//Street Fighter) - Who Dat?

  • Published on Sep 12, 2018
  • Name: Cody.
    Series: Final Fight, Street Fighter (Video Game).
    Notable Appearances: Final Fight, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Ultra Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
    Songs used in this episode:
    'Locked Up' by Akon.
    'Theme of Cody' from Ultra Street Fighter IV.
    'Theme of Cody' from Street Fighter V.
    Cody belongs to Street Fighter and Capcom.
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Comments • 477

  • Yolo Hunter101
    Yolo Hunter101 15 days ago

    Street fighter 4 has best Cody prove me wrong

  • Chacha Wallace
    Chacha Wallace Month ago +1

    Cody's story is good

  • Dell Conagher
    Dell Conagher Month ago

    Please do a video on 12. I understand nothing about what he even is but somehow he’s still super cool.

  • faisal mahmoud
    faisal mahmoud Month ago

    how did he get this tornedo power from ? u didn't mention final fight street wise game that may explain why ?

  • Zephyr Weiss
    Zephyr Weiss 2 months ago

    duuude thanks for telling about the Takeover. now theres a beat em up im gonna try out :D

  • Mayor Pauline
    Mayor Pauline 2 months ago

    U should do Poison next

  • dafrog491
    dafrog491 2 months ago

    He said "go on rude boy" lol.

    AS SEEN ON TV 2 months ago

    Please can you do akuma next

  • Jenova
    Jenova 3 months ago

    Cody reminds me of Howard geese from snk

  • Jenova
    Jenova 3 months ago

    He went to jail because he got said

  • Kevin Kennedy
    Kevin Kennedy 3 months ago

    You kinda forgot the part that he was arrested in the first place by a corrupt cop for assaults that were pinned on him from poison

  • Rae Dow
    Rae Dow 4 months ago

    Reckless behaviour??? He was framed by Poison, wasn't he?

  • ian mclellan
    ian mclellan 4 months ago

    I really like your videos and I love the streetfifgter and Final Fight series. I feel like these characters actualy exist, and THAT is good writing on the developers.
    A nice video. KEEP IT UP

  • Tyler Sinclair
    Tyler Sinclair 4 months ago

    Do one on Guy plz 🙏🏾😫

  • Stanley Cole
    Stanley Cole 4 months ago

    I’ll never forget the first time I saw Cody from a SSFIV trial video and my inner edge lord thought a prisoner in a fighting game was cool. That was really my only reason at first, but now Cody stands as my #1 favorite Street Fighter character

  • Yeet 69
    Yeet 69 4 months ago

    6:55 reminded me of grade a under a

  • tmr3volver
    tmr3volver 5 months ago

    I'd like to bring up something you might have missed, or simply forgot to bring up: his watch.
    I think its a bit symbolic of his new found responsibility and visual representation that he no longer has the time or freedom to do whatever he wants anymore.

    Also notice how he adjusts his watch on his wrist after certain attacks. It's sort of a visualization that he's still not entirely comfortable with his new role in the city. but although its uncomfortable, he still chooses to wear it, because he's still committed to doing what he needs to.

    I might have read into that minute detail a bit too much but I still feel the designers were trying to convey something with the watch adjustment.

  • Aaron Rainge
    Aaron Rainge 5 months ago

    That picture he drew over in his SFV arcade ending kinda gives you clues. Maybe at some point he'll rekindle with everyone.

  • Aaron Rainge
    Aaron Rainge 5 months ago

    Terry Bogard had the white t shirt and jeans look too, he just added a red jacket and red hat to his.

  • antisga
    antisga 5 months ago

    When your ex-girlfriend's father see's your worth more than your girlfriend ever did. Red Pill moment right there, son.

  • Amicu Ionut
    Amicu Ionut 5 months ago

    Do Guy next , i cant find nothing on him.

  • John Reeves
    John Reeves 6 months ago

    Though many say his style is street brawling, may I state it’s NOT a fighting style. Its simply fighting on the streets. A no holds barred fight. Martial artists sometimes fight like that. In fact fighting with no rules is street fighting. It’s confirmed in both his Final Fight profile and SFV AE V-card says he is martial artist and it’s confirmed that his style is a mix of boxing and his black belt level of Karate. Though what style of Karate? Not sure. Though I can see a bit of Kyokushin in it. But more freestyle. Cody is a freestyle user and he even shows Judo like throws. Though Karate styles have that kind of throw. In fact his stance in SFV looks similar to Kyokushin. So I’m speculating he learned that in his younger days and then developed a street fighting style of his martial arts by mixing boxing and karate. Plus his kicks are by far karate kicks. In SF4 he did use an underground brawling style but I think that was what he learned in prison and used it when he was holding back. But in SFV his martial arts style is brought back to his moves and his style was more like it was in Final Fight.

  • Carl Bloke
    Carl Bloke 6 months ago +2

    Cody, ironically the only character that actually uses street fighting

  • Devilish21885 Not my last name

    Why is it Cody never has connections with any of the other Street Fighter characters? Guy trained with Ryu and Ken and he learned his hurricane kick from them. Haggar and Zangief copied each other’s signature moves despite never meeting in the ring. I’d be interested to know the kinds of bonds Cody could make now that he’s out of the big house and into the light.
    On another note, Final Fight’s ill-conceived spin-off game, Final Fight Streetwise, gives us the closest in-game explanation for Cody and Guy’s relationship we’re likely to get. I’m not gonna say anything else about it because the whole game, especially the story, was fuck all nowhere anyway.
    In this game, Guy is a crime lord (rocking a white suit no less) in Metro City’s Japantown district. It’s the one bright spot in a city that is more blighted by urban decay and lawlessness than before. Early 2000s were strictly grim gritty realism, right? Anyway, at some point Cody ended up in jail by willingly taking the fall for a crime Guy committed, and the two hadn’t spoken since. We don’t get to see them actually meet then either.

  • gaystatue
    gaystatue 7 months ago

    I love you digi😍

  • It's Tyles Or Something

    His secretary is likely a nod to Miss Bellum from the Power Puff Girls. They're both secretaries, have red hair, wear a red outfit, their faces are never well seen, and they're both sexy and keep their ditzy mayors out of trouble.

  • JKingJay
    JKingJay 7 months ago

    Marlow is clearly ms bellum from power puff girls

  • Dr. Game Boi
    Dr. Game Boi 7 months ago

    0:55 just 0:55

  • typeRider
    typeRider 8 months ago

    Marlowe doesn't work for the Illuminati! Her full name is Marlowe Bellum, see, and her previous job was in a city named Townsville...

  • TheGreyRosé
    TheGreyRosé 8 months ago

    Do sodom!!!!!!!

  • kevin carballo
    kevin carballo 8 months ago

    Thats all fine and good....but what about STREET WISE THO?!

  • Foolish Youth
    Foolish Youth 8 months ago

    I think Digi should be at least a consultant for capcom's creative arts division. I think he would make good changes

  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik
    Dr. Ivo Robotnik 9 months ago

    Cody doesn't resist arrest, arrest resists Cody

  • Bubullus
    Bubullus 9 months ago

    cody got a better character developmen then Ryu

    • NinjaWorldWarrior16
      NinjaWorldWarrior16 2 months ago

      Depends on how you look at it. They're different characters. Ryu is about achieving enlightment & spiritual harmony.

  • please be patient im tarded

    Level 1 crook
    Get stuck in prison
    Level 35 cody
    Punch the wall down with ease.
    Thats how mafia works.

  • Ruhab Dabeer
    Ruhab Dabeer 10 months ago

    How will Guy feel now to how Cody is now

  • Mercer Alex19
    Mercer Alex19 10 months ago

    Baby boy baby

  • SpiralWeb
    SpiralWeb 10 months ago

    Can you do one for Cammy! Please!

  • Rupert Murdock
    Rupert Murdock 10 months ago

    Cody should have a throw where he wraps his chain around the opponents neck and chokes them throws them.

  • Robert Wimms
    Robert Wimms 10 months ago

    5:08 So HE’S the inspiration for Doomfist

  • A Happy Iguana
    A Happy Iguana 11 months ago

    Also something i noticed about Cody's outfit bookmark thing is that Cody's first outfit is kind of simple, due to his kind of simple lifestyle of fighting crime, his second outfit is really simplistic (i mean LOOK AT IT it's just a onesie with cuffs) signifying his really simple new lifestyle of just fighting for the jist of it, and then you have his third outfit that is kinda complicated representing his now more complicated lifestyle of being the president.

  • Laurence Sledge
    Laurence Sledge 11 months ago

    Props for locked up song🔥🔥🔥

  • TheTrueProdigy101

    No way Cody is 51 lol

  • PopulateTheMoon
    PopulateTheMoon Year ago

    This makes me really want to main Cody in SFV. I love Ed and his gameplay but damn it, this backstory is so damn good.

  • Kirbysmith64
    Kirbysmith64 Year ago +1

    Theory: Marlow is actually related to Ms. Bellum from Townsville.

  • Gilgalore Games
    Gilgalore Games Year ago

    love Cody more now ^_^. he was awesome in street fighter 4 but i didn't know what happened after till now.

  • Lizzy_TheLilKitten Guevara

    You should do Sally face he's a interesting character:3

  • Vincent Shadetree

    Do Rose next!!! And her thing with Guy even though he's married but has a thing for her 😁

  • Theo Does Videos
    Theo Does Videos Year ago

    I think the best part about cody in sfv even his gameplay displays how he has changed. In sf4 he had major uppercuts he could summon at anytime. He also throws rocks whenever. But in sfv his uppercut is now a super displaying how restrained he is with his power and his rocks are only for v triggers and tornadoes are now precise projectiles i think the gameplay shows he went from a street thug on the edge and with brute force to a guy who is trying to control his power more responsibly. Its a nice touch and retains everything that made cody cody. Sakura and cody imo display how to advance fighting game characters.

  • Rexthebrave
    Rexthebrave Year ago

    We need able

  • HitCat 115
    HitCat 115 Year ago

    Do A Who dat? On Zangief plz!

  • MetaSynForYourSoul

    8:31 Uh...but he was wrongly accused. He was framed by Edi. E and Poison in the game Final Fight Revenge.

  • Master Moose
    Master Moose Year ago +1

    _"Who Dat?"_ _"I am the _*_president_*_ of the world, the earth, and the entire UNIVERSE!"_

  • Courtney B.
    Courtney B. Year ago

    Still waiting on Cammy (my favorite). ^-^

  • Shea McGladdery
    Shea McGladdery Year ago

    I found Cody very fun to play in SF4

  • DeJohntheKing
    DeJohntheKing Year ago

    Dam guy was fighting in Jordan 1s this whole time !? Lol

  • SonJazrin
    SonJazrin Year ago

    So I guess Streetwise isn't canon huh?

  • Daily Post of Yuuto Except This PFP

    I think the Secretary is Miss Bellum

  • Brandyn J
    Brandyn J Year ago

    Fun fact - Originally the "escaped convict" fighter in Street Fighter Alpha 3 was going to be Joe from Street Fighter 1 (a blonde kickboxer who looks similar to Cody and shares a couple moves with him). Apparently Capcom decided it would be more interesting to make it Cody from Final Fight.

  • Benicio Nuez
    Benicio Nuez Year ago +1

    its obvious codys secrattary is actually miss belum from power puff girls shes got red hair and everything