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Diane Guerrero, Stephanie Beatriz - What Else Can I Do? (From "Encanto")

  • Published on Jan 12, 2022
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    Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Encanto” tells the tale of an extraordinary family, the Madrigals, who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia, in a magical house, in a vibrant town, in a wondrous, charmed place called an Encanto. The magic of the Encanto has blessed every child in the family with a unique gift from super strength to the power to heal-every child except one, Mirabel (voice of Stephanie Beatriz). But when she discovers that the magic surrounding the Encanto is in danger, Mirabel decides that she, the only ordinary Madrigal, might just be her exceptional family’s last hope.
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    Music video by Diane Guerrero, Stephanie Beatriz performing What Else Can I Do? (From "Encanto"). © 2021 Walt Disney Records
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  • DisneyMusicVEVO
    DisneyMusicVEVO  14 days ago +91

    🕯 Stream the entire Encanto soundtrack now!

  • AshleyBunni
    AshleyBunni 8 months ago +20766

    I audibly gasped the first time I saw Isabela’s room, everything about her character and what she represents is so aesthetically pleasing 🧘🏾‍♀️

  • Zia Ray
    Zia Ray 3 months ago +2923

    I love how in both this song and in Surface Pressure, Mirabel has complete trust in her sisters' abilities and never even thinks for a moment that they wouldn't catch her or protect her.

    • Marlene
      Marlene 10 hours ago

      @Madison Knight. Ø æ. M

    • Brie Richardson
      Brie Richardson 9 days ago +3

      @Diane Bunn More like Dolores who hears other people's truths wants to voice her own

    • Samantha Lauver-Marion
      Samantha Lauver-Marion 13 days ago +1

      That’s such a good detail!

    • Legna Rios
      Legna Rios 15 days ago +5

      @Brie Richardson And vulnerable and imperfect Mirabel at times wishes she was stronger or seen as closer to perfect (un-messy) like Isabella. But really, she knows and doesn't easily forget that every single quality and way of being your authentic self has its value, and that's why in terms of their thought patterns, out of the 3 sisters, she has to be the one that saves her family.

    • Claudia S.
      Claudia S. 17 days ago +1

      OMG TRUE

  • Salty
    Salty Month ago +543

    "Making waves, changing minds"
    "You've changed mine"
    The way Mirabel reaches for Isa afterwards is so adorable, exactly like a little sibling seeking a bond with her older sibling.
    That part is the one that gets to me out of the whole song

  • jf k
    jf k 2 months ago +677

    I feel like their ages play a lot into this. Isabela is 21, and mirabel is 15. We know that they get their gifts when they are five. And the lines "You just seem like your life's been a dream since the moment you opened your eyes" and "all I know are the blossoms you grow" show how their ages play into it. Isabela is 6 years older than mirabel, meaning that Isabela had had her gift already when mirabel was born, meaning that all she really did know was Isabela after she got her gift, when everyone began to think of Isabela as perfect. Mirabel never knew how Isabela was like before she got her gift and she truly always thought that Isabela had always been 'perfect' because that was actually all she knew about Isabela.

    • DreenS K.
      DreenS K. 15 days ago +2

      @Karupin nah Isabella is 21 like Dolores, she's the oldest grandchild. Luisa is the one that is 19.

    • Nithyambika Sathyamoorthy
      Nithyambika Sathyamoorthy 16 days ago

      Isa. 😘😘

    • Puggy Wuggy
      Puggy Wuggy 21 day ago +1

      @jf k correct everyone is different but everybody has the ability to try

    • jf k
      jf k 21 day ago +5

      Agree but if you really want to you can make the effort to improve. I just don't like it when people try to make Bruno out as some poor saint. He likely have his own skills to improves on. That makes him more human.

    • Puggy Wuggy
      Puggy Wuggy 21 day ago +2

      @jf k I understand also it may not be as strong as you but I do have social issues and I've found it easier to write than say

  • KP Bennett
    KP Bennett Month ago +200

    Ok but is anyone noticing how utterly POWERFUL Isabella is? She's sprouting plants that need specific conditions to grow like it's nothing and altering their chemical makeup down to the cellular level, even having them change color. Blue, especially the bright blue shade of the pollen that Isa has created, does not occur naturally in plant life! You get purples and maybe a grayish color similar to blue but never a true blue. Isa is literally changing the chemical makeup of her plants at will, having them materialize out of nothing but sheer willpower!

  • Bet0360
    Bet0360 8 months ago +55764

    It's so cool how Mirabel stops forcing it and starts understanding her sister in the middle of the song. So she pushes Isabela to grow higher, and finally gets a true hug.

    • STO DANI
      STO DANI 2 months ago

      and she does the same thing with Luisa. she quits trying to get her answers and just focuse on Luisa's needs and feelings and supports her fully:)

    • M AN
      M AN 2 months ago

      Omg I never nocticed LOL

    • Tamara Mason-Tihi
      Tamara Mason-Tihi 2 months ago

      My cousin love this movie and she loves her fave isabela

    • Eilee Fletcher
      Eilee Fletcher 2 months ago

      I had tears of joy when the girls hugged each other

    • • Kimora •
      • Kimora • 2 months ago

      I absolutely love isa and Mira,there so adorable but isa deserves along with Mira deserves better and also Luisa she’s amazing and even if she’s fictional she does deserve better there the best sisters in the movie

  • Sunshine Netherlight
    Sunshine Netherlight Month ago +112

    I like how isabella truly has control over her power and how to use them. She’s literally better than an athlete in some moments like swing through a vine, sliding with a plant like a surfer. Also the better thing at the end of the video is that mirabell trusts her completely for her sister’s flowers and plants will catch her and jumps and falls freely without hesitation.

  • MidnightTheKitten
    MidnightTheKitten 3 months ago +538

    "How far do these roots go down?"
    This line...
    I think that Isabela is basically saying, "How deeply is this perfectionism imbedded into my personality? Do the roots go far enough that they can't be fixed?"
    She probably realized that she can't remember the last time she was not putting on a facade for her family's sake.

    • Miniş Dünyası
      Miniş Dünyası Month ago +11

      @Hola During Mirabel’s fight with Abuela no one stood up for her. This is most likely because no one had ever talked to Abuela that way (telling the family’s opinions, how they’re feeling).
      Isabela has said it herself “I’ve been stuck being perfect my whole entire life!” this means Isabela has never stood up for herself. She always did what she was told.
      Standing up for yourself saying “I don’t want this.” when someone (in Isabela’s case Abuela) has already planned out everything for you is incredibly difficult.
      Even though she didn’t want to be perfect she was also afraid of ruining her perfectness. For example at 2:11 when yellow splashes on her dress she looks like she didn’t know what to do but when Mirabel gives her a motivating look she experiments with it.
      To keep being “perfect” she was ready to marry someone she doesn’t like.
      She also cares about her family and loves them so much that she was ready to marry someone she didn’t want to marry.
      She said it herself “I never wanted to marry him (Mariano)! I was doing it for the family!”

    • Hola
      Hola 2 months ago +2

      The plot is:(ignoring the whole being perfect thing)oh, grandma wants me to marry a man i don't want to but i don't wanna dissappoint her. Why didnt she standed up for herself before? Imaginé if Mirabel didnt help her. She wouldve married a man she doesnt love, keeping him from experiencing real love, being her unhappy, making Mariano unhappy and her 5 children unhappy. Lets imaginé this: Mariano confesses his feelings for Isabella and Abuela is like Yes marry him!!! Instead of playing with someones feelings and lying to everyone Would it be súper difficult for her to tell to Abuela: I don't wanna marry him????. It's clear tha tAbuela wouldve resented a little but What is she gonna do? Marry her against her wish? She isnt crazy. Shes traumatizado but she would never do thatIt's not like Abuela CAN force her. I mean Isabella could easily defeat or paralyze evertbody in Town. Like WHYYYYYY????
      Isabela couldve stopped being a victim and stand up for herself
      Anyways feel free to hit me up if i'm wrong. Just be kind please and drink your water. Aldo excuse My English 😅🙋‍♂️👋 bye

    • Hooty
      Hooty 2 months ago +8

      I thought of it as her wonder for all of these plants and not knowing enough about them and wanting to just escape into a world of plants sometimes

    • Jules
      Jules 2 months ago +17

      I personally saw it as how far down is her real personality how roots are what the tree or plant uses to live and thrive yet it is not seen unless you dig it up and expose what is buried beneath so how others and even herself can't see what she really is but that's an awesome way of looking at it too

  • FreakingOutS
    FreakingOutS 3 months ago +171

    Isabela's Spanish is extremely cute; the way in which she says the words is wholesome as hell. I love when the movie uses Spanish phrases, that gives you a lot of wonderful context from Colombia and by making this movie about family fits perfectly.

  • FacelessJa
    FacelessJa Month ago +54

    This movie is....if not one of the best animated CGI original that I've seen in the longest while.
    The emotional levels within this movie are on another level especially when it comes to Mirabel.
    I felt her pain...especially that desperate need to be loved and accepted especially by Abuela.
    The CGI graphics is off the chart. Everything is so detailed even the embroidery on the dresses....and by the way the dresses
    perfectly obeys the laws of physics (when dancing).
    Listen, I'm a grown 41yo man...and I tear up whenever I'm watching it on DVD (in true surround sound....yes I had to say this) at home.
    I must say that I watched the movie first at the Cinema. I had to forcefully hold in my emotions around people.
    Without side tracking too much, anyone watching this movie must experience it in 5.1 surround sound (not just your tv speaker) or at least a
    2.1 Stereo system so you can hear the intense sounds and effects mixed with the lows (0.1 means a subwoofer).
    Every single song from the beginning to the end is off the chart.
    I could go along with many pros in this movie however I will point out two things that stood out in the movie.
    1. The first time Mirabel saw the cracks and reported it to Abuela, I did not like the way Abuela
    'dissed' her in a reverse psychology way.....by the saying the magic is strong and so are the drinks.
    which suggested Mirabel may have been drinking.....which lead me to question at that point..Mirabel's age.
    ...which I researched and found out that she was 15yo.
    2. This part that I am about to mention teared me up a lot.
    I'm not a religious person but I believe that there is a Biblical saying that goes
    "the stone that the builder refuses becomes the head corner stone".
    Man.....this was intensely demonstrated in the last scene of the movie when Antonio handed
    Mirabel the door knob. Abuela then asked, "What do you see?"...and Mirabel responds by saying
    "I see me"? (yeah...tears flowed here)
    When she placed the knob in the door, the magic returns and the image on the door clearly shows
    Mirabel standing in front of everybody. She is now the the leader, the true gift, the gift without a gift (get it).
    You can look at it another way too where the house symbolically and physically represents a family. Not only did Mirabel finally gets
    a door (her dream....cause she lives in the nursery.....which is sad)......her door is the Main door....the Front door to the house.
    Mirabel is the true gift, the gift without a gift. She was able to ...without powers bring back the family together
    (rebuild the house).
    This is a good movie.

  • Gabriel Avila Jr.
    Gabriel Avila Jr. 8 months ago +25790

    No one's mentioning it but these scenes also demonstrated just how powerful Isabela is. She doesn't just control "flowers". It's all sorts of Colombian and non-Colombian plants in general. She swings on vines like Spider-Man, punches holes with their stems, summons giant venus fly-traps and who knows what else.

    • Animator x
      Animator x 4 days ago +1

      She's definitely the most powerful in the Encanto Cinematic Universe

    • Kimberly Romero
      Kimberly Romero 4 days ago

      @Steve Burstall cool

    • hdez.85
      hdez.85 6 days ago


    • chillxd_out
      chillxd_out 12 days ago

      @Steve Burstall well, probably. Her prototype was actually supposed to have a power where she would only grow potatoes

    • Frederick LaFrance
      Frederick LaFrance 13 days ago

      @lackluster dreamer What could Mirabelle do would she try to negotiate peace

  • Noah Yablon
    Noah Yablon Month ago +79

    What I like most is the it isn’t Mirabel who brings Isabella into a hug but Isa is going over to Mira and bringing her into the hug. They had SO MANY disagreements/little fights with each other so seeing how Isa was the one who started the hug shows how their sisterly bond is starting to slowly come back.

    • Pine Forest
      Pine Forest 25 days ago +8

      And the cracks to Casita started to heal when their sisterly bond was mended. It shows that Mirabel’s earlier insistent hugging of Isabella wasn’t going to work, because there wasn’t a true connection. Casita was feeding off the damage to the relationships and strains in the family. So Casita healed when Mira and Isa hugged because the hug was true.

  • Margaret Schaufele
    Margaret Schaufele 8 days ago +4

    I love the line from Mirabel "Just seems like your life's been a dream since the moment you opened your eyes." Throughout the movie we've seen that Mirabel is deeply annoyed/resentful of Isabella, whether because of how Isa and the family treats her and Isa, or perhaps because she's a little jealous of Isabella. In that line she admits that she had this preconceived notion of her sister's life as the princess of the family, but now Mirabel is actually seeing her sister for who she is and the struggles she's facing. All Mirabel's life, Isabella has been the "perfect golden child", and now Mirabel sees that her sister isn't perfect and doesn't even want to be perfect. She's being crushed under the weight of expectations put on her, just like Luisa.

  • UntrainableWizard
    UntrainableWizard 3 months ago +118

    This whole movie is a great way of showing how much people can hide themselves away, be it their fear of who they are, that they'll lose what they are / let someone down, or that they'll not be the definition of perfect that people have attached to them.
    Luisa was scared since she was used to having so much thrown at her and she didn't want to disappoint people or let them down.
    Isabella is so used to being called perfect that she's never been able to explore who she really is or what she really likes, and so she pretends and does what she's told even when she doesn't want to.
    Mirabelle herself is constantly being treated like she's not competent and, despite acting like it never bothers her, through the whole movie, she eventually let's out how she feels about it.
    Pepa is constantly having to hold back her own gift, as Bruno says "let it in, let it out, let it rain, let it snow, let it go", she has to suppress her emotions all the time.
    Dolores, well... she has a younger brother, and perfect hearing... she's heard some things in that family house... not to mention how she hears, possibly, everything that is said.
    All to say, when you see Isabella kind of snap and then realise she's capable of so much more, and finally be herself to the point that she doesn't even fix her clothes after this song... its honestly, I think, one of my favourite moments.

  • Bobit boo
    Bobit boo 2 months ago +147

    The magic depends on family unity. When Mirabel gets upset (Waiting on a Miracle song) the cracks appear. When Mirabel and Isabella finally get along the cracks go away. When Mirabel yells at Abuela the cracks come back and the casita is destroyed.
    Mirabel wasn’t given powers because Abuela didn’t love her enough.

    • N
      N Month ago +3

      @Bobit boo I like to think it was waiting to show when the family harmony was achieved :)

    • Bobit boo
      Bobit boo Month ago +7

      @N I wondered if she had a hidden power. But then they showed her door disappear when everyone else’s door stayed

    • N
      N Month ago +3

      Or her power is harmony?

    • Rick182
      Rick182 Month ago +23

      I like your comments on this. Let me add to that and say that Maribel wasn’t given powers because like Abuela, she’s next in line to watch over the miracle and doesn’t need powers.

    • Kris Bland
      Kris Bland 2 months ago +21

      This is why I have a hard time rewatching this movie, because Mirabel get ignored by Abuela a lot because she didn't get a gift.

  • feitocomfruta
    feitocomfruta 8 months ago +3212

    Interesting fact: every plant she sings about in the chorus is either a climbing plant like a strangling fig, or a tree like a Palma de cera. The whole time she’s been forced to grow flowers and small plants, like she herself cannot truly grow past what’s expected of her. But since she’s being allowed by Mirabel to be herself, you see the true heights (literally) of her gift.

    • Alex Nibblett
      Alex Nibblett 11 days ago +2

      That's such an interesting fact, thank you for sharing! I learned something new today :)

    • Legna Rios
      Legna Rios 15 days ago +5

      @Always Eva Haha. I mean I don't think she'll stop making roses. But if she's had to make the same flowers over and over again to meet others' expectations of her, it would make sense if she was bored of it and wanted a break. Or maybe she's not going to take a break from making roses but make a large variety of plants more frequently :) !

    • Always Eva
      Always Eva 17 days ago +2

      I liked the roses though

    • Diane Bunn
      Diane Bunn 21 day ago +2

      In trying to meet expectations, she not only restricted herself by size and variety, but also by color. Notice in the beginning everything was shades of pink and a few purple to the end where she gets yellow color on her pink dress. Next thing you know, her plants burst in all colors and so does her clothes and her hair!

    • V 33
      V 33 7 months ago +1


  • Seafoam Shimmer
    Seafoam Shimmer 3 months ago +72

    I like how she looks horrified when her dress gets dirty, looks at Mirabel, then smiles and continues making a mess ☺

    • Seafoam Shimmer
      Seafoam Shimmer 3 months ago +1

      @ArtByAmara yesss

    • ArtByAmara
      ArtByAmara 3 months ago +19

      And you can see Mirabel moving her hand like “do it girl, who cares” in that exact scene 😂 love it

  • Romi Laza
    Romi Laza Month ago +31

    1:33 Why do I get butterflies in my stomach when I hear this part. It anoints my soul.. I LOVE IT

  • Scrapox 2
    Scrapox 2 Month ago +34

    I love how the second Isabella breaks through this perfect facade Abuella engineered for her, she and Mirabel get along great, despite them seemingly hating each other all their lifes.
    The way Isabella lights up the moment Mirabel encourages her to embrace her true self is also just so wholesome to see.

  • Luis Munoz
    Luis Munoz Day ago +1

    “Palma de cera fills the air as I climb”.
    For non-Colombians “Palma de cera” is the biggest palm in the world (wax palm), native of “valle del cocora ” in colombia.
    This is the place where the Encanto town was placed in the movie, it’s a real place and you should go and visit.
    Much love from colombia 🇨🇴!!!

  • BimDaTitanicNerd
    BimDaTitanicNerd 8 months ago +18471

    Mirabel's power is definitely to make people sing about their problems.

  • Miledith
    Miledith 15 days ago +11

    It's so beautiful that once Isa starts singing and expressing her feelings of being trapped in a perfect life, Mirabel instantly realizes how she feels and her lines are sort of an apology to Isa for misinterpreting her behaviour. She sings "You just seem like your life's been a dream..." as in "it seemed this way to me but I was wrong" and then sings "but it's awsome to see..." when she finally sees her sister for who she really is and is happy that she is finally able to break free from the picture perfect life others set for her.

  • Monstrous Piratelord
    Monstrous Piratelord 25 days ago +9

    I love this movies story telling.
    This whole song is a good show of how their dislike and distrust swiftly became love and support. Mirabel wanted little to do with Isabella in the beginning of the song and tried to force the hug. But the more she listened and the more she encouraged Isabella, the more Isabella finally accepts Mirabel back inturn with a genuine hug.
    Amazing movie.

  • Riley Killmon
    Riley Killmon 4 days ago +1

    “Making Waves, Changing minds. The way is clearer cuz your here and well I owe this all to you” is my favorite verse because it shows that Isa loves her sister she can see clearer now that she knows that no one is perfect.

  • Stella Fanders
    Stella Fanders Month ago +24

    My mom always expected the best of me. She expected straight A's and my chores needed to be done perfect. Needless to say, I didn't always meet her expectations. I still always think less of me when I do mistakes. I am not completely happy with my work unless it is perfect. It was never perfect. This song really spoke to me. And it changed me. In a good way. I didn't put as much effort into my work anymore, so it still isn't perfect, but it's still good. And this is totally okay. My mental health has improved so much since then. I am much happier now. Thanks to everyone who helped creating this movie

  • Adrianexe
    Adrianexe 8 months ago +5172

    1:33 PLS THIS PART IS SO GOOD ISTG ITS LIKE ADDICTING TO HEAR IT Also I love how mirabel help Isabella to be her true self

  • Chunni Lal
    Chunni Lal 2 days ago +2

    The way they hug each other at the end reminded of Frozen's ending. Also, Isa resembled Elsa a lot in this song too, like the part how she is expected to be perfect but isn't. How she wants to grow but can't due to all the pressure. I loved t

  • i’mthebossmermaid364

    I love how when Isabela destroys the plant, vines wrap around the statue’s neck showing how she is suffocated by the expectations placed upon her. Not to mention the statue is doing Alma’s pose, showing how she no longer wants to be Alma’s perfect golden child.

  • □ paige □
    □ paige □ Month ago +15

    I love how in Encanto they live a hard life, but they know that there is beauty and happiness somewhere in life.

  • i’mthebossmermaid364

    This is my favorite song! I love how Isabela slowly grows into herself ajd it warms my heart to see Mirabel support her. I also love the plants she grows and how she develops from being the passive pretty doll that Abuela wants her to be to redefining femininity on her own terms, and I just think that’s neat. It really makes me happy to see her grow into a more strong, independent, happy, and kind young woman! That’s why Isabela is my favorite character and will stay that way! And of course, the aesthetics and rhyme schemes are the bomb too! It makes me wish this had been the breakout most popular song instead of We Don’t Talk About Bruno. It is so much better and yet is heavily underrated. I’m sorry I just love it lol.

  • Presto Povs
    Presto Povs 8 months ago +2801

    this movie is just amazing! kudos to Disney

    • Jana Nevirovska
      Jana Nevirovska 4 months ago

      You correct

    • Melanosuchus niger
      Melanosuchus niger 5 months ago

      This is the disney I grew up with and love. Original, heartfelt, meaningful and memorable movies just like this. I may resent the live action remakes (except for jungle book) with a passion and the way disney race-swaps because of PC these days but this movie is just a reminder of what Disney can actually give us and I truly love this movie because its ''true'' disney.

    • Sreya R Nair
      Sreya R Nair 6 months ago +1

      @Raymond Maciel oh yes disney is so damn gooddd

    • andrea_official
      andrea_official 8 months ago

      No it wasn’t. It was unnecessary.

    • sol
      sol 8 months ago

      @andrea_official i think cruella is pretty decent

  • Franz Darlene B. Borjal
    Franz Darlene B. Borjal 27 days ago +3

    This is my fav song 💖😊

  • Alison Dantas
    Alison Dantas 2 months ago +21

    Honestly my favorite part in this song is when Isabela hits the plant for the first time and gets the pollen on her, then she looks at Mirabel with a doubtful look as if she made some kind of mistake by getting dirty, and Mirabel does the little gesture as if saying "don't worry go for it".

  • Claire
    Claire 14 days ago

    1:53 on makes me tear up every time! And that never happens to me. Usually something only hits hard the first time, but this just always takes me with the emotionally powerful music, lyrics, animation, voice acting, and MEANING as they rejoice and grow together 🥺😍

  • Batman vs Joker
    Batman vs Joker Month ago +1

    I love that Mirabel went from quickly wanting an insincere hug and getting over with it to actually listening Isabela and her problems, resulting to a more genuine hug 🫂

  • 드라마 OST
    드라마 OST 8 months ago +3614

    “It’s not symmetrical or perfect but it’s beautiful and it’s mine. What else can I do?” Truly words to live by.

  • MissAmieHolly
    MissAmieHolly 28 days ago +13

    Her song makes me think of a struggling artist. In the beginning she was trying to please everybody which reflects an artist making commissions for people; in other words, what they want the artist to make for them, and the artist has to in order to stay afloat, similarly to Isabela thinking she has to live the way abuelita wants her to live for the greater good. It also gives an artist a certain image they have to uphold in order to please their fanbase and maintain it. This, deep inside, makes them miserable because they feel forced into a mold. Then when Isabela sings, it's like "screw it" and the artist makes whatever art they want without worrying about what anyone else will think. It may not earn them as much money and they might lose patrons, but they feel much happier doing what they love to do.
    Just wanted to share my thoughts on this lovely movie ❤

  • ᦈ obvsbobaa !!
    ᦈ obvsbobaa !! 2 months ago +12

    I hate how isa cant express her feelings and everyone sees her as perfect, and she is probably worried that people will find out that shes not doing her best, but Mirabel starts to understand her sister and finally gets a bond with her and gets a true hug that’s what I love about this song ✨🌸💗
    Also how the dye on her dress is in all different patterns means that it’s not perfect but she still likes it:)

  • solidsnakeisme
    solidsnakeisme 2 months ago +11

    During my first viewing of this movie I thought Isabella was selfish and spoiled but after a few more times I realized that she's that way because her family expects her to be perfect and grow perfect flowers. But she wants to be her own person, she literally has the power to end world famine, to bring water to desert communities which is what she wants to do. She's absolutely wonderful.

    • jf k
      jf k 2 months ago +2

      @Miria Jiyuu I feel like their ages play a lot into this. Isabela is 21, and mirabel is 15. We know that they get their gifts when they are five. And the lines "You just seem like your life's been a dream since the moment you opened your eyes" and "all I know are the blossoms you grow" show how their ages play into it. Isabela is 6 years older than mirabel, meaning that Isabela had had her gift already when mirabel was born, meaning that all she really did know was Isabela after she got her gift, when everyone began to think of Isabela as perfect. Mirabel never knew how Isabela was like before she got her gift and she truly always thought that Isabela had always been 'perfect' because that was actually all she knew about Isabela.

    • Miria Jiyuu
      Miria Jiyuu 2 months ago +1

      I thought the same, but when I rewatched it, you start to see the details that something isn't actually right. When Dolores says Mariano wants 5 kids, that's not shock on her face, it's closer to about to have a panic attack. During the proposal? That smile is completely fake. But she is very good at hiding it.

  • Tankie Boi
    Tankie Boi Month ago +8

    It's cute how it's Isabela who hugs Mirabel at the end

    • Lilacꨄ
      Lilacꨄ 8 days ago

      @AndyYT ok? not for me tho

    • AndyYT
      AndyYT Month ago +1

      encanto is old for me

  • staynayo
    staynayo 8 months ago +3194

    I love how similar yet contrasting Luisa's and Isabela's songs are. Luisa was overexposed and Isabela was locked up. Everyone utilized Luisa's strength until she burned out, while Isabela was expected to stay in her pretty little mold that she never explored beyond her own powers. Both are very valid issues, and I love how they were able to show it in this movie.

    • Goal Chaser 🏅
      Goal Chaser 🏅 6 months ago


    • Luka Seldenrust
      Luka Seldenrust 8 months ago

      @-mel what they meant is that ll (double L) is pronounced as y/j depending on who you ask (my teacher explained it as j while in English I think y is more accurate) while the actual l sound is just the single l. Also do you mean Hispanic countries?

    • G
      G 8 months ago +18

      they are opposite problems in a way
      Isabela is the oldest, the golden child, she must be perfect and nothing else and this created her biggest frustration: She could do SO MUCH MORE
      In the other side, Luisa is the middle child, she is the peacemaker child, she has to fix every problem, carry every burden and just deal with it, and her problem is the opposite of Isabella's: She just has to do TOO MUCH, way more than she can handle

    • Coffee Games
      Coffee Games 8 months ago +1

      @Alejandra Pastoriza That's just completely ignoring the way a letter sounds.

    • Alejandra Pastoriza
      Alejandra Pastoriza 8 months ago

      isabella would be pronounced 'isabesha' around here 😂

  • Victor M Ibarra
    Victor M Ibarra Month ago +2

    I like Mirabel and Isabela they’re my favorites ❤️💜

  • smal5504
    smal5504 2 months ago +20

    this and "Waiting On A Miracle" are both tied for first place for my favorite songs from the movie.

  • Patrick Larson
    Patrick Larson Day ago

    Isabela should have been the main character hands down! She’s definitely the most powerful of the family.

  • Alice Graham
    Alice Graham 3 days ago +2

    Isabella vs poison ivy. Honestly I've always thought that would be the coolest power. Forget waiting for the rest of the world to save the environment, end hunger, and create homes. She honestly has the power of a goddess

  • Sophie Waller
    Sophie Waller 8 months ago +4805

    This movie really did nail the sibling relationship.
    Going from "wanting to strangle each other" to "singing about flowers" in the span of 30 seconds is like a daily thing.

    • • Milk_n_txe •
      • Milk_n_txe • 8 months ago


    • Angel mheee
      Angel mheee 8 months ago +1

      I have 2 sisters and i agree 👍🏻 I'm the oldest and i used to really hate my youngest sister, now that we're all grown up, we now appreciate each other, well fighting is still there but that's it 😂

    • damp sock
      damp sock 8 months ago +4

      As the middle child of 7 children most of my siblings are toxic or just don't care 🤷

    • Amanda Croft
      Amanda Croft 8 months ago +3

      Just because you love someone doesn't mean you like them all the time

    • SatanSpawnStudios
      SatanSpawnStudios 8 months ago +10

      one minute you're in a literal fistfight and the next you're closer than ever

  • Aylin the animator
    Aylin the animator 25 days ago +2

    I watch every day encanto because I love the songs 🎵 😌

  • JakieKuun*!
    JakieKuun*! 29 days ago +3

    Isabela's second voice is... 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🎉

  • ahmet abdullah
    ahmet abdullah 25 days ago +481

    That was an amazing video! 1:33 Why do I get butterflies in my stomach when I hear this part. It anoints my soul.. I LOVE IT! Just like how a fart anoints my butt. Save up to 90% on flights using Mighty 👋🏿 Travels ✌🏿 Premium.

  • jf k
    jf k 7 days ago +3

    It's easy to nitpicks Alma's faults. But if you step back and look at what she did do you will find that she is a hard-working woman. She was devastated by her husband's death and losing her old home yet she doesn't throw an pity party or complains about how poor her. No, she pushed down her feelings and fears so she could help her neighbors rebuild their lives and to raise their three newborn children on her own. Keep in mind that she have no magic so she also have to learn and find a way to guide her children's magic while at the same time keeping their new home area safe from those who want to harm them. 50 years later what does she get in returns. A huge wonderful family, a huge thriving and warm community and a safe town. Yes, she made some mistakes and not everything is perfect. But you knows what? That is fine. Life isn't always perfect 24/7 and family can be sometimes complicated. However, if there is love then you can overcomes anything together. She is a strong woman who made mistakes but still got things to be proud of. You can't take that away from her.

  • Haley Grace99
    Haley Grace99 8 months ago +23104

    I love that she’s clearly studied plants other than pretty flowers but didn’t think she could make them herself because of the pressure to make something perfect

    • Icey
      Icey 16 days ago


    • Joe Bittner
      Joe Bittner 19 days ago

      @Musically Disney AMV's awesome to see how good Justin let you sing your sister sing

    • Joe Bittner
      Joe Bittner 19 days ago

      A good singer. What have your sister been doing to you

    • MoneyExe
      MoneyExe 22 days ago

      @Tricky Trey Perfected that better not be her gift 💀 they need to give her an actual power

    • Denise BOOM
      Denise BOOM 25 days ago


  • Michael Cash
    Michael Cash Month ago +5

    So basically, Isabella is Poison Ivy without the whole murderous intentions toward humanity thing. Neat.

  • Anthony Manila
    Anthony Manila 3 months ago +7

    I love this song so much. Reminds me of my 3 year old daughter. She is so fierce and adventurous. We constantly try to correct her or tell her do things the “right” way. but all she wants to do is what she wants. Not bad, just different. She has a beautiful soul and I learn from her every day. This song resembles her so much

  • Heyyy youuu
    Heyyy youuu 3 months ago +36

    My favorite part is
    “ what can you do when you know who you want to be isn’t perfect?
    But I’ll still be okayy”
    That just spoke to me

  • ZapKing
    ZapKing 3 months ago +14

    Only complaint about this song is that I don’t know how to pronounce the flower names.
    Other than that, this is one of the best songs I’ve heard in a musical. That moment where they finally understand each other is the best in the movie.

  • The Fish
    The Fish 8 months ago +6402

    “Changing minds”
    “You’ve changed mine”
    As an elder sibling, this hits hard.

    • 🀢Kira🀢
      🀢Kira🀢 8 months ago +5

      I am the eldest sibling if anything I would like to teach my younger sister to not be like my younger brother, hes homophobic and I want her to understand its normal

    • A H
      A H 8 months ago

      @Mitzy Pooh why what?

    • Mitzy Pooh
      Mitzy Pooh 8 months ago

      @A H huh wHY?

    • A H
      A H 8 months ago

      @The Fish kind of bummed Dolores didn't get a song because she's the one I connect with most but I feel like if everyone got a song the movie would be incredibly long 😂

    • Amyth
      Amyth 8 months ago +7

      Same, my little sister helped me understand I shouldn't do everything our parents wanted me to do while she told them she was not as intellingent as me,she made me realized I was carrying too much, that I had a voice and I can do whatever I want, and that our parents should support us but if they don't, she would be there for me. It made me cry no gonna lie

  • I want to reach 1k subs without videos🙂

    Mirabel’s gift is turning her relatives problems into full-blown music videos

  • Fadil Sahib
    Fadil Sahib 3 months ago +7

    I don't know why, but when Isabella says "I owe this all to you" and hugs Mirabelle, I get goosebumps 🙄😅

  • Emma
    Emma 2 days ago +1

    A fun fact I find about this song is how Isabella doesn't acknowledge mirabelle until mirabelle acknowledges her.
    Up until that point Isabella completely ignores her, then she speaks directly to mirabelle "I want something true, dont you?"
    But when mirabelle refutes the concept of how perfect she thinks Isabella's life is, Isabella sings through it, but
    As soon as mirabelle acknowledges "it's awesome to see how you grow" Isabella immediately acknowledges mirabelle and it goes from a solo to a duet

  • Tomas Gomez
    Tomas Gomez Month ago +12

    As a 3D gaming artist, I was AMAZED at the lighting done in this movie. Specifically this scene.

  • Meredith Pancake
    Meredith Pancake 8 months ago +12277

    I love that when they first hug Mirabel snuggles into her shoulder. She's not even thinking about the prophecy or the miracle at that moment- she's just enjoying the hug from her big sister

    • 🎶Melody🎶
      🎶Melody🎶 2 months ago

      Mhm I snuggle and hug my sister too!

    • Cat 2003
      Cat 2003 2 months ago


    • fedaa hejaze
      fedaa hejaze 2 months ago

      @Grace Avery 90

    • redwitch12
      redwitch12 3 months ago +2

      @Kizuna22 The way I see it, Bruno smashed through a brick wall with a bucket on his head... in a sapient house that loves the Madrigal family and is obviously fighting to its last moment to protect them all from the harm of its own collapse.
      Just as when it broke its own railings off to help Isabela and Camilo get to the ground safely instead of being seriously hurt when their powers failed and they fell, Casita willingly shattered its own wall to make sure Bruno could get out.
      Casita's selflessness mirrors Pedro's willing physical sacrifice in putting himself between his family and danger.

    • Eilee Fletcher
      Eilee Fletcher 3 months ago +2

      I had tears of joy when the girls hugged each other

  • Mad Splatter
    Mad Splatter Month ago +5

    I’ve wondered for a while now why I love this song the most out of the rest in this movie and the more I reflect the more I realize I relate to Isabela

  • Kouzuji
    Kouzuji Month ago +5

    I love this song. When I first watched this it made me feel like Mirabel throughout the movie was meant to be a support-style character instead of a main character taking the lead. It showed me her sisters couldn't be themselves or go after what they truly wanted because of X reason and Mirabel brought it out of them. In addition to being a support as you can see in this video where Mirabel doesn't take the lead, it's Isabel who does and Mirabel is being the great supporting sister she can be to support her and watch her grow. Grow, like the plants and the flowers Isabel learned how to make. I think it takes a humble person to know that they can't be the lead, but they can be a great support. That they're not the main character of a movie or an anime, but still show love and care nonetheless. Mirabel knows this and will enrichen their lives by being the best support she can be which in turn will enrich Mirabel's own life. Interesting video.

  • Eğlence TV
    Eğlence TV Month ago +2

    Enjoyed it!

  • Brie Richardson
    Brie Richardson Month ago +9

    I always had a theory that the reason Isabel was resentful towards Maribel was because she was jealous of her a little. Mirabel as the youngest, doesn't have to worry about responsibility and can make as many mistakes as she wants. Meanwhile Isabel as the oldest must be the perfect example for her younger sisters and cousins and cannot afford to make mistakes and rebel.
    At 1:30 when Mirabel begins singing, she sings in the same way as Isabel did in "We don't talk about Bruno", proving that she's finally seeing her sister's perspective of things and realizing that her sister is unhappy with the responsibilities of being the golden child and just wants to relate to her.

  •  Kpop Music 2
    Kpop Music 2 8 months ago +2311

    "It doesn't need to be perfect; it just needed to be."
    I think everyone needs to hear this once in their life.

    • • Milk_n_txe •
      • Milk_n_txe • 8 months ago

      Fr I love that line

    • °•MyGachaLife•°
      °•MyGachaLife•° 8 months ago +1

      @Ero Gomez just keep it as it is it doesn't have to be perfect

    • Kaiser
      Kaiser 8 months ago +30

      @Ero Gomez "be" meaning it needed to exist

    • Ero Gomez
      Ero Gomez 8 months ago +1

      needed to be what

    • Dirirai
      Dirirai 8 months ago +68

      “What can you do when you know who you wanna be isn’t perfect, but I’ll still be OK”

  • Michael Kelly
    Michael Kelly Month ago +7

    Honestly this is one of my favorite songs because I love the colors on the flowers

  • flxwer val
    flxwer val Month ago +8

    I love this song

  • Haven
    Haven 3 months ago +15

    I love Encanto it’s my favorite movie 🍿 thanks for making Encanto songs on RU-clip 👍

    • Haven
      Haven 3 months ago +1

      I hope 🤞 you like this comment 😄😄

  • LittleMissBloom
    LittleMissBloom 2 months ago +8

    🌸2 things I noticed during this song🌸
    When Isabela sings the line “What could I do if I just grew what I was feeling in the moment?!” I think she’s trying to say that if she actually told the truth about how she felt whenever she wasn’t happy instead of playing it off like she’s always happy then things could have been different. (I’m not sure if that’s what it actually meant) 2nd when the yellow pollen splashes all over Isabela she looks at Mirabel thinking that she maybe is taking finding out what else she is capable of a little bit too seriously but Mirabel looks at Isabela trying to say “keep going” so she turns around and keeps getting messier because she likes the feeling of imperfection.

  • VELutke
    VELutke 8 months ago +8120

    Can we appreciate for a moment just how insanely powerful Isabela is?
    This is a woman who can make flowers and later plants and trees grow anywhere (and who is hinted to have extensive knowledge of botany). Which means she can turn barren land fertile. End famines. Change or save entire ecosystems. She is essentially a nature goddess. Yet Alma looks at her and is like "Nah, you're a pretty girl who should make pretty things. Go decorate the town and be pretty". No wonder Isabela feels angry, miserable and trapped.

    • Keera M
      Keera M 18 days ago


    • 2mado 188
      2mado 188 21 day ago

      However it all banished in a second, it didn't go rotten or back to the earth, the plants and flowers literally just banished in the air. So how legitimate are her powers really? It might be just the animation not knowing where to put it, but no one has said otherwise.

    • STO DANI
      STO DANI 2 months ago

      @ChristineTheHippie love succulents 😍

    • ChristineTheHippie
      ChristineTheHippie 2 months ago +1

      Exactly! If I could choose a superpower, I'd chose hers. The possibilities are endless. And succulents have made

    • STO DANI
      STO DANI 2 months ago

      so true, so much pottential. She essencially makes life, with her around no one ever would die of starvation.

  • Sammie's Toca World
    Sammie's Toca World 24 days ago +1

    love this song😘😍

  • Legaci Jones
    Legaci Jones Month ago +5

    Anyone else noticed that Isabella’s flower changed in her hair. It went from a solid full flower to a flower with skinny dark petals 🌸🥀

  • AnimalDudeTech
    AnimalDudeTech 7 days ago +1

    Isabela is so powerful, she grew flowers and then she can grow any plant she wanted, Mirabel didn't know that Isabela was stuck with being perfect before Isabela told Mirabel and released her emotions, I love you, Madrigals.

  • Jacqueline Viana
    Jacqueline Viana Month ago +1

    I love how this song is so early-Shakira. I miss the 90's, adolescent Shakira.
    What a great way to add something diferent to the soundtrack and yet still paying attention to Colombian music.

  • Roxo
    Roxo 8 months ago +9269

    I love how their relationship isnt just magically fixed cause Isa admitted she was behaving for the family. Mirabel isnt really LISTENING at first, still focused on fixing the magic, but as the song goes on, and Isa pulls her up, including her in her struggle, Mirabel's focuses shifts naturally to helping Isa and THAT heals the magic. It's so subtlety done, I love iiiiiiiit

    • Zdenko Valášek
      Zdenko Valášek Month ago

      @no koziĺi

    • Xilofone
      Xilofone 6 months ago

      if you aren't nothing without the suit...
      "the miracle " is really interesting to think about but more than anything we need to consider how discardable it is and how it obviously would never be real

    • CZ
      CZ 6 months ago +1

      yes!!!!! after isabela admits that mirabel just trusts her completely to keep them safe while they're on top of the house and falling and everything. it truly is so amazing.

    • Aeden_jacob
      Aeden_jacob 6 months ago

      I forgor like half of the sentence 💀

    • sylvie rose
      sylvie rose 6 months ago

      I dissent heal the magic hugging her abuela does

  • Bystander
    Bystander 3 months ago +15

    I realized she said "I make perfect *practiced* poses", meaning there were endless struggles behind her perfect veil.

    • jf k
      jf k 2 months ago +2

      I feel like their ages play a lot into this. Isabela is 21, and mirabel is 15. We know that they get their gifts when they are five. And the lines "You just seem like your life's been a dream since the moment you opened your eyes" and "all I know are the blossoms you grow" show how their ages play into it. Isabela is 6 years older than mirabel, meaning that Isabela had had her gift already when mirabel was born, meaning that all she really did know was Isabela after she got her gift, when everyone began to think of Isabela as perfect. Mirabel never knew how Isabela was like before she got her gift and she truly always thought that Isabela had always been 'perfect' because that was actually all she knew about Isabela.

  • mark larrabee
    mark larrabee 11 days ago +1

    "what can you do when you know who you wanna be isnt perfect, but ill still be okay" touched my heart

  • Prairie Rider
    Prairie Rider Month ago +5

    I love Isabella, especially in OITNB! This whole movie hits so true to someone like me that suffers tremendous ptsd and always feels worthless

  • lsabella Madrigal
    lsabella Madrigal 2 months ago

    I LOVE IT ❤️🤩

  • I O
    I O 8 months ago +6679

    "What could I do if I just knew it didn't need to be perfect, it just needed to be and they let me be." That is such a powerful line in a song.

  • Aubs 1634
    Aubs 1634 3 months ago +18

    Mirabel used to think her sister was a selfish person who was perfect. But this song helps us understand that Isabela was hiding her true emotions form everyone. She learned that isabela is not a spoiled brat. She was just hiding her emotions and wanting to be imperfect. That is what I like about this song.

  • jreed3842
    jreed3842 21 day ago +1

    So I always put together playlists for my D&D characters.
    And for my Cleric’s backstory he was always pressured to be perfect, and his failures always speak louder than his victories to him.
    And he desperately wants to break away from that.
    While I was putting this playlist together I kept thinking of Surface Pressure because of the constant pressure he feels.
    But at one point I was describing my character to my boyfriend and was like “He wants something new he is like ‘what else can I do?’ “
    And I was like wait… what the heck? Why did I not immediately think of THIS song instead of Surface Pressure!
    It’s perfect for him.
    The need to want to escape the perception of being perfect. Wanting to be true to himself and feeling the “shiver of something new.”
    This is such a great song and it’s added to my playlist now. :)

  • sunny ollie
    sunny ollie 2 months ago +9

    I like when she says “what could I do if I grew what I was feeling in the moment?” and the flowers turn blue

  • Cydney King
    Cydney King 10 days ago +1

    God Isabella’s character hits HARD. Even years after realizing how much my perfectionism and need to be seen as pretty, obedient, and perfect to feel like a person was destroying my life and my confidence I still have issues doing things that aren’t considered societally feminine and delicate. I’m an actress now and I can’t even let myself play a part that is anything but the “pretty one” without being an absolute train wreck, even if I love that character. I really feel like this movie has a mirror for almost everyone in one of the characters and Isabella’s definitely mine.

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith 8 months ago +5615

    Interesting botanical trivia: At the beginning of the song, Isabela mentions growing roses and Flores de Mayo, both of which have been carefully cultivated to maximize their external beauty - at the expense of hardiness, lifespan, and pollination. The rest of the plants mentioned in the song - cacti, jacarandas, sundews, strangling figs, and wax palms - have not been carefully cultivated, yet they are still appreciated in their natural state either due to unique characteristics or ecological importance.

    • Not K¡nt@ N@om¡
      Not K¡nt@ N@om¡ 5 months ago +1

      You can just let roses grow. We have some roses out front, and we've done nothing to cultivate them for at least 2 decades. One bush died for a few years before suddenly coming back. Roses can be hardy, and they're as beautiful as storebought yet are foodgrade organic. We have the classic red ones, and these huge pink ones that have tons of petals like an 1800's queen's dress. The pink tastes best. (All roses are edible, unless someone puts a toxin on them. Never eat roses from a store or flower shop unless you know it's foodgrade)

    • Amanda-Lee M
      Amanda-Lee M 5 months ago

      Jacarandas are my favorite tree. What is the significance of them?

    • frank richter
      frank richter 5 months ago

      @Maria Ximena Otalora Cordoba oh wait now even the coffee drinking boy makes somewhat sense as a hommage to columbias coffee production? Im german so i have no clue about columbia sadly ^^

    • Eline Eugenie
      Eline Eugenie 5 months ago +1

      I think there's still more to this... Traditionally roses and plumeria are seen as very feminine, refined, elegant plants. It's really awesome to see that Isabela feels she doesn't have to be a lady all the time any more.

    • Eline Eugenie
      Eline Eugenie 5 months ago

      Good comment 🧡🏵️!

    CRAFT FOREVER🎆🌌 3 months ago +1

    I love this 🎵

  • Kira Allami
    Kira Allami 28 days ago +1

    Love it

  • Tristan Roche
    Tristan Roche 17 days ago

    I love this song and scene 💕🌻❤️

  • Júlia Machado
    Júlia Machado 2 months ago +3

    Eu inventei uma coisa nova
    E nem sei o porquê
    Não é simétrico ou perfeita
    Mas é mágica e é minha
    Que mais vou fazer?
    Ei vem aqui, vem aqui
    ('Tá bom) vem aqui, vem aqui (que mais vou fazer?)
    (Vem cá) vem aqui, vem aqui
    (Abraço) vem aqui, vem aqui
    Faço era e primavera
    Flor-de-maio num balaio
    Correspondo ao que se espera
    Os sorrisos eu ensaio
    E se eu cansasse e brotasse tudo aquilo que eu sinto?
    (É a hora, eu precinto, uou)
    A aflição vem da pressão pra ser a filha perfeita
    Se eu pudesse viver? Quero só viver
    Um furacão de flores roxas pra escalar (já)
    Balançar (vou tentar)
    Palmas de cera podem me levar
    Que eu não vou descer
    Que mais vou fazer?
    E se eu imaginar um rio vai florir?
    Elas são carnívoras, melhor você subir
    Eu sinto um arrepio me invadir
    Cansei de ser bela
    Eu quero o real, normal
    Pensei todo o tempo
    Eu achei que sua vida era inteira prazer
    (Difícil ver a raiz?)
    Quem só vê cada flor florescer
    Não imagina o que sabe fazer
    Vai me ver crescer (vai te ver crescer)
    Nada vai te deter e eu vou
    Um furacão de flores roxas (whooh)
    Pra escalar (já) balançar (vai)
    Palmas de cera podem me levar
    Que eu não vou descer
    Que mais, que mais?
    O que fazer se está presente conectada com momento?
    (Seu momento, aproveite)
    O que fazer se perceber que não quer mais ser perfeita?
    Mas eu vou ficar bem
    Abra o caminho que ela vem (whoo)
    Vou colorir em cada canto (vai colorir cada canto)
    Pra inovar (pra inovar), renovar (transformar)
    Ficou mais claro, pois você mostrou e eu devo a você
    Que mais vou fazer?
    Você vai florescer
    Que mais vou fazer?
    No que nasceu pra ser
    Que mais vou fazer?

  • AeroLMS
    AeroLMS 8 months ago +1514

    Mirabel's mashup of an excerpt from Isabella's verse in "We Don't Talk About Bruno" is just so beautiful.

    • Nick Forest
      Nick Forest 8 months ago +1

      Yeah, as well as Abuela's part at The Family Madrigal song alludes to Dos Oruguitas

    • Shelly
      Shelly 8 months ago +1

      omg i've never noticed that

    • AeroLMS
      AeroLMS 8 months ago +8

      @TheOfficialoddity It takes off the weight off her shoulders and expectations as a golden child and she can be what she truly wants to be by being free from guilt and maintaining the image. The progression of the song adds to that detail, and I love it!

    • TheOfficialoddity
      TheOfficialoddity 8 months ago +20

      It shows how Isabela is getting the life of her dreams like Bruno predicted. Not as being a perfect person but becoming who she truly wants to be which is imperfect

  • As strong as tigers
    As strong as tigers 2 months ago +18

    Dont worry your not the only one listening to this on repeat its ok...

  • Apple X bean
    Apple X bean 3 months ago +4

    0:47 - 0:57 is my favorite part. The way the colors change as she swifts her hand along with the music.

  • Vaishnavi Pokkula
    Vaishnavi Pokkula Month ago +4

    I can't express how beautiful this song is... I get teared up everytime I listen to it

  • Chrissi Noble
    Chrissi Noble 5 days ago +1

    1:33 Pretty obvious one, but I love the parallel they draw with Isabela’s We Don’t Talk About Bruno melody here.
    “He told me that the life of my dreams would be promised and someday be mine” vs “You just seem like your life’s been a dream since the moment you opened your eyes.”

  • FanOfAllThings
    FanOfAllThings 8 months ago +3504

    I love how this songs shows that it’s OK to express negative emotions as well as positive ones and how cathartic it is to do so. I love how it shows Mirabel going from trying to hug Isabella to save the miracle, to her just cheering her on as she comes into her own. It’s beautiful!
    2.7K likes?! I can’t believe this!!!! You guys are awesome!!!!

    • TotalRando
      TotalRando 4 months ago +1

      Pepa dancing in her own hailstorm at the end of the movie goes by so fast a lot of people don't notice it!

    • Kari
      Kari 7 months ago

      If only there is a person

    • KarmaticKiwi
      KarmaticKiwi 8 months ago +1

      @FanOfAllThings one of those bot channels

    • FanOfAllThings
      FanOfAllThings 8 months ago

      @Venti Pesos Who?

    • Venti Pesos
      Venti Pesos 8 months ago +2

      Someone copied your comment

  • Ornela Rrumbullaku
    Ornela Rrumbullaku 3 months ago +2

    Amazing i love it

  • Bonnie Star
    Bonnie Star Month ago +2

    I love watching Mirabel and Isabela bond during this song and then finally hugging, probably for the first time in years.

  • TurningRedMeifans105
    TurningRedMeifans105 3 months ago +2

    They did a good job when they hit that high note at the end ☺️