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Tee Grizzley’s Crazy New Piece From Icebox!

  • Published on Jul 5, 2021
  • An inside look at the brand new Tee Grizzley, ‘Half Man, Half Beast’ piece from Icebox!
    This is the updated version, fully flooded VVS diamonds!
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    RUFIORUFIO Year ago +4

    I feel like t grizzly whoever he is should be saving his money at the moment.

  • Dr. Valleo Daddy Grace REAL TALK TV

    Million dollar piece. Soon as he walked out the store, it’s worth 23 thousand. 🤯😂

  • Lil Reecey01 1

    Still one of the best pieces in the game 🔥

  • carlos
    carlos Year ago +1

    he had the perfect opportunity to say “it’s half tee, and half grizzly” but messed it up

  • Michael Pi

    This is a MF peace of art, nice one man.

  • Robloxtiger874

    Welcome to another episode of we still watch even though we can afford it

  • Nathen Deen
    Nathen Deen Year ago +2

    I really feel for this generation.. you guys are doomed.

  • 0fficial Cheeto
    0fficial Cheeto Year ago

    That’s one of the craziest chains ever fr fr

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson Year ago +889

    Rick on pawn stars" I'll give you a hundred bucks for it "

  • Kaydee Duminy

    This chain looks so nice and dope asf 👌🏻💯

  • Madelynn. Redd.

    tee looks so unimpressed😂💀

  • Mr. Nice Guy
    Mr. Nice Guy Year ago +375

    Jewler- "So how similar do you want your new chain compared to the last one?"

  • MickeyMomo
    MickeyMomo Year ago +50

    Wow this is one of the best pieces I’ve seen

  • Input cool emoji here Cool

    This one drip that I actually like

  • Sun son
    Sun son Year ago +646

    These rappers getting played🤣

  • Porto Milk

    That's one of the coolest pieces I've seen. But damn bro. It's been a minute since I've heard from you

  • Black Monk

    That’s one of the hardest chains ⛓ I seen

  • Joseph Moya
    Joseph Moya Year ago +26

    This piece was actually beautiful💯🦾🔥 Flawless WIN for my man T Grizzle

    JUANDIEGODIAZ Year ago +84

    That lock though 🥶💯

  • SlowE36

    Dude was plotting to do his next hit at the jewelry store 😬