We THOUGHT this $40,000 PC would break records...

  • Published on Sep 25, 2018
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Comments • 7 712

  • Eric Sedano
    Eric Sedano 7 hours ago

    If it is not designed for it, it won't work for it. :))

  • Les petits trucs de la semaine

    Meh, why buying 4 quadros. Buy a computer with 2 Xeons and 4 nvidia tesla GPUs. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Lotus
    Lotus Day ago

    What kind of mouse do you have?

  • Ham Khan
    Ham Khan Day ago

    did you try -restarting it?-
    -using the XKleenX Pro V software?-
    *overclocking the CPU and GPUs?*

  • 정우다냥
    정우다냥 Day ago

    korea no.1

  • YourNewTV
    YourNewTV 2 days ago

    Would you say the idea is “busted”

  • Mohamed Nawwaaf Niyaz

    LMAO My mom's spaghetti

  • Sean Wei
    Sean Wei 3 days ago

    Please share or donate thank you :)

  • Mr Booster
    Mr Booster 3 days ago

    My 200$ pc run faster to that wtf

  • hariantoness
    hariantoness 3 days ago

    What I don't get about THAT LG monitor is why they decide to have two slow bottom HDMI inputs. 2x 4k 60p and 2x 4k 30p, and why don't they make all four better inputs. I have love and hate about that monitor and LG should remake that monitor with better quality.
    Unless somebody can explain to me what of use is having not all good stuff in that monitor.
    Currently waiting for better monitor like these LG.

  • Matthew M. Dean
    Matthew M. Dean 3 days ago

    You didn't mention if you attempted to troubleshoot the low score or stuttering. DPC Latency? Disabled Exploit Protection? Turned off Shader cache? There are a lot of possibilities which is why I prefer consoles for gaming because it just works. Also I believe Nvidia Quadro cards prioritize precision over speed.

  • BrickOMator HD
    BrickOMator HD 3 days ago

    me: but can it run minecraft tho??????

  • Richy Notman
    Richy Notman 3 days ago

    And the best way to show off this rig......play minecraft....erm ok 👍🤣

  • Dick Martino
    Dick Martino 3 days ago

    You need 5 GTIs

  • Nouri Shaaya
    Nouri Shaaya 4 days ago

    Do this with modern hardware

  • Richard Martin
    Richard Martin 4 days ago

    Question about the testing.. is the score based on ¼ of the total screen.. or is it based on all 4 quads running as one big screen?

  • agus2001
    agus2001 4 days ago

    $40000. Runs it air-cooled

  • Charles Alden
    Charles Alden 4 days ago

    You should have just ran 2 GV-100's in NVlink, you would have gotten over 150FPS easily.

  • Charles Alden
    Charles Alden 4 days ago

    Next time just buy 4 NEC wall monitors, they're bezel-less specially designed for what you are doing here, not gaming mind you but creating a single display using 4 monitor tiles. They're also low latency and very bright.

  • Elex3r
    Elex3r 5 days ago

    Best I can do is 6 dollars

  • Curtis Larsen
    Curtis Larsen 5 days ago

    What DID you tell NVIDIA you were going to use those graphics cards for?

  • Joao Afonso
    Joao Afonso 5 days ago

    Do you fucking believe Quadro is for gamming????

  • Tom Lazur
    Tom Lazur 5 days ago

    Hell of a car-boardslide at the end Linus!

  • Sawyer Sloy
    Sawyer Sloy 6 days ago

    M8 40k I'm trying to get like 500 dollars and I can't get that😭gofundme.com/1mz7mhhvlc

  • AscensionToMadness
    AscensionToMadness 6 days ago

    Oh he is only using *4 1080 TI s*

  • Carlo Pisani
    Carlo Pisani 6 days ago

    which mode is the *BIG* LCD you are using in the video?

  • Big Bastard
    Big Bastard 6 days ago

    LOL, was it intentional to have your character get busted when you dropped the bad news to the viewers? xD

  • ghost500e
    ghost500e 7 days ago

    my 1500 dollar rig outperform that crap by a mile lol….. oh, and my gamingchair is overclocked aswell.

    TECH N DJ 8 days ago

    Rtx 2060 can get 4k60 in gta 5..😂😂

    CSHARP 9 days ago +1

    "Scientists find new meaning to word 'Carpool'."

    CSHARP 9 days ago

    Time to have a three way sli...

    CSHARP 9 days ago

    IT'S OVER 9000!!!!

  • Jameson Welch
    Jameson Welch 10 days ago

    What watch is that???

  • Musix Gamer綺麗な
    Musix Gamer綺麗な 10 days ago +1

    I Honestly Didn’t Understand A Word You Said....

    • CSHARP
      CSHARP 9 days ago

      I understand everything

  • Mohammed Kanosh
    Mohammed Kanosh 10 days ago

    Send me one card of this man

  • mike18metro lolz
    mike18metro lolz 11 days ago

    dude to fix your bottle neck issue swap 2 of them out Nvidia cards and replace them with 2080 ti running in parallel so it would be 2080 to then Nvidia 2080 ti then Nvidia and see if that would fix your stupidity problem you are trying to run graphic card accelerators without actually having a card per card for it to link up to through the motherboard

  • zombieplays9
    zombieplays9 12 days ago +3

    8:43 overpowered is copyright Walmart.

  • Vrotlex
    Vrotlex 12 days ago

    Rich kid:Gets pc with 2 RTX Titan and a i9-9900k
    Rich kid:too slow!

  • ethan spaziani
    ethan spaziani 13 days ago

    I wonder if there's some way around that

  • Not Ben
    Not Ben 13 days ago

    0:47 What I do have... Is more money

  • Mint
    Mint 14 days ago +2

    You just have PC parts lying everywhere around your office while I can't afford a ryzen 3 1200 😂 think you should send me some parts😂

  • Sgt.StickyTits
    Sgt.StickyTits 14 days ago

    To get settings on gta 5 to stay, delete settings.xml in documents>rockstar games.

  • Gunguy3658 Robloxz
    Gunguy3658 Robloxz 14 days ago

    Who Have Many Graphics Card For Ten, Will Be Burn Your Supply Computer

  • sleepingforest gaming and entertainment

    hey linus how much would u charge for a high performance gaming desktop if I paid u to build one, I'm looking for a better desktop PC instead of laptops and old desktops from electronics recycling piles

  • youtube ruined comments so now my name is this

    wow what fucking idiots they, that gta v thing was hilarious. Thick cunts

  • Alex Yao
    Alex Yao 15 days ago


  • Siegfried Vermeulen
    Siegfried Vermeulen 16 days ago

    Why do you not screen record when you want to show something on your videos

  • indoraptor indosavage
    indoraptor indosavage 16 days ago

    Why lagging that cost 40.000 dollars? Why ps4 can do better?

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 17 days ago

    probably it will lag near grass n hills cuz of it will be took cuda utilisation but this lappy bad bro. lappy too. try new processors / amd s

  • N3ERO
    N3ERO 17 days ago


  • Oscar Baron
    Oscar Baron 17 days ago +2

    Why you dont try with 4 rtx 2080?

    • Adam Musgrove
      Adam Musgrove 17 days ago

      They weren't released at the time of the video and they wouldn't beat the custom 1080 tis.

  • PapayaPelican
    PapayaPelican 18 days ago

    GTX 1080 TI SLI or RTX 2080 TI ??

  • Crypto Colax
    Crypto Colax 18 days ago

    Quake 3 @ 1'000'000'000 FPS

  • David N
    David N 18 days ago

    Nvidia sux

  • Phil Fn
    Phil Fn 19 days ago

    can't you just flip the upper monitors while using a 2x2 setup to profit of this thin bezel? :D

  • K3 Tsunami
    K3 Tsunami 19 days ago

    Actually the ps4 is stronger than that.

  • Splashhusky
    Splashhusky 20 days ago +1

    when GTA tells you that your project is busted

    AKHIL 21 day ago

    Why is no one mentioning about the "weird tearing issue" at 3:25?

  • The Illuminati
    The Illuminati 21 day ago +2

    Geforce is for Casual Gaming, Titan is for EXTREME GAMING (8k res ultra), Quadro is for work.

    • Adam Musgrove
      Adam Musgrove 17 days ago

      Titan is hybrid workstation and gaming.... I game on a quadro p5000 at 4k no problem. The cards themselves aren't that different they are the same GPUs rebranded and retooled as something else.

  • thugblox
    thugblox 21 day ago


  • Tensa Zangetsu
    Tensa Zangetsu 21 day ago

    3:24...... dam tearing issues.....

  • Mini Worldwide
    Mini Worldwide 21 day ago

    Can it handle MINECRAFT tnt tho

  • Wolfie Gamers
    Wolfie Gamers 21 day ago

    12:35 my rx, 560 works better then this 😄

  • SirHipster
    SirHipster 22 days ago +1

    Me: I want a decent gaming pc !!!
    Im: only 4 GTX 1080 and a i9 it’s my oportunity too beat him !
    me: snif...

  • Daniel Montoya
    Daniel Montoya 22 days ago

    Can you remade this with a ASUS ROG Dominus W3175X board full of power?

  • Smritikana Das
    Smritikana Das 23 days ago

    Are u rich

  • A.I. Emperor Of Humans

    Anyone here wanna donate me a gaming laptop lol it’s an investment invest in me

  • XyEd DiAZ
    XyEd DiAZ 23 days ago

    Waste of time a pentium 4 pc could gain more than 15 fps for sure....come on give me tht money i can save people from cancer like my dad

  • MBrick Studios
    MBrick Studios 23 days ago

    But can it run Crysis ?

  • Tyler
    Tyler 24 days ago

    Can it run Google Chrome?

  • Brendyn Baigan
    Brendyn Baigan 24 days ago

    sooo my sh*t pc runs GTA V better than a 36000$ PC?

    Flex time

  • Paco_bl
    Paco_bl 24 days ago

    Like going offroad with a ferrari

  • Jashua Pumariega
    Jashua Pumariega 24 days ago

    Why not add a Intel phi coprocessor 7120 ?

  • Game Boi
    Game Boi 24 days ago

    13:32 myth-busted

  • PsychoZulu
    PsychoZulu 25 days ago

    Should have also tried to game with just one of those quadros, would have been interesting to compare it to gaming cards!

  • Brandon Strand
    Brandon Strand 25 days ago


  • Shadow
    Shadow 25 days ago

    how much money does this guy have. im pretty sure he spends thousands if dollars every month

  • Nutela
    Nutela 25 days ago

    Intro : are u not entertained
    Me : im jelly

  • Nutela
    Nutela 25 days ago

    Jeez that would put my home in a power outage

  • Carlos Lugo
    Carlos Lugo 25 days ago

    What’s the most I can upgrade on my hp Phoenix 810

  • Marco Eriksen
    Marco Eriksen 25 days ago

    Great for roblox yay! Lol

    USER XD 25 days ago +1


  • A01009aaron
    A01009aaron 26 days ago

    That fat ass Steve sucks at explaining shit your the best

  • Wolf Playz
    Wolf Playz 26 days ago +1

    And my whole laptop costs $200

  • Jim howkings
    Jim howkings 26 days ago +2

    "They cost like 10k each"
    "Puck you then... :| "

  • fourtwntyfunfest
    fourtwntyfunfest 26 days ago +1

    Rofl nice Easter egg in the vid

  • Official gamer HD
    Official gamer HD 26 days ago +1

    can I by that oh wate il just get a laptop

  • Cedric Ip
    Cedric Ip 26 days ago

    What monitor is that?

  • Jedislayer
    Jedislayer 27 days ago

    Terrible? Interesting

  • Nic3 Doge
    Nic3 Doge 27 days ago

    That’s hot

  • Lenox Alpha
    Lenox Alpha 27 days ago

    5:00 Anddddddd.... Kazzzoooooo


    You would have beaten it of youd run 2 quadros in nvlink

  • Chrisler
    Chrisler 27 days ago +2

    this is too much money for one man and or group of people

  • lolp0n ok
    lolp0n ok 27 days ago

    1:50 just let's go of $9000 GPU... OKAY

  • SuperTheBest
    SuperTheBest 27 days ago +1

    Wow... You're a computer genius😋

  • ITSplasticfork
    ITSplasticfork 27 days ago +1

    Why are people saying its running at 16k? Didn't he say running four cards at 1080p in a 2x2 grid for a total of 4k?

  • Caleb Borges
    Caleb Borges 28 days ago +1

    My 1,600$ laptop gets average 78 fps on gta 5

  • Damon
    Damon 28 days ago +2

    Can you give it to me now

    ZTEAMZR_ YT 28 days ago +1

    This is like killing an ant with a asteroid

  • Liam Karpinski
    Liam Karpinski 29 days ago +1

    Says weired tearing issues the line/ piece of lag runs across his face