We THOUGHT this $40,000 PC would break records...

  • Published on Sep 25, 2018
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Comments • 8 167

  • Alex Dark
    Alex Dark 23 hours ago

    I bet it even can't play Crysis!

  • The Weaver Family

    they don't want you to game with quadro because you can game to quadro. gaming cards 9 times out of 10 eliminate the need for quadro. lol.

  • The Weaver Family

    I like that you added "tearing" effect

  • achu
    achu Day ago

    What is the monitor/tv called? I would love to buy one. Couldn't find any links.

  • Ninja
    Ninja Day ago

    Me :gets 60 fps
    Also me:my pc is the best lets go

  • Dabaron Da Fox
    Dabaron Da Fox 2 days ago

    Linus Gaming Tips

  • Upstanc
    Upstanc 2 days ago

    What I have is money . Not hardware.

  • Vilius Kaunas
    Vilius Kaunas 2 days ago

    And here sits a guy watching ur wod with 10 € in pocket for whole month

  • AndverEL
    AndverEL 3 days ago

    $ 40K PC *BUSTED*

  • Probably Random
    Probably Random 3 days ago

    Awww Linus you shoulda used the AMD EPYC

  • Roland Farkas
    Roland Farkas 3 days ago

    What kind of monitor is that?

  • Michael .Henderson
    Michael .Henderson 3 days ago

    Lol that busted was like perfect

  • Nodak81
    Nodak81 3 days ago

    Exactly why I never bother with SLI, I just run the best single GPU I can afford. Way less BS to contend with that way.

  • Mr. Chicken
    Mr. Chicken 4 days ago

    myth busted, also franklin busted

  • Garrett Caraway
    Garrett Caraway 4 days ago

    "weird tearing issues" i saw what you did there

  • dreamnat84 !
    dreamnat84 ! 4 days ago

    You launched gta V on ur integrated processors graphic card... I made the same mistake the first time...

  • Stanley G.
    Stanley G. 4 days ago

    I have been watching you for a long time and I get the impression that you have lost your original enthusiasm. It was awesome and it drew a lot of people. Now you only advertise sponsors. And I see that you somehow burned out.
    You don't show anything interesting except some known facts from other sources.
    In addition to showing more and more equipment, you bring nothing interesting. Detriment...

    Thumbs down Always from now on ...

  • Paul Hop
    Paul Hop 4 days ago

    How the fuck was todays video NOT brought to you by Nvidia Quadro GV100. Oh ok because it failed LMFAO!
    That's one MASSIVE crosshair you got there Linus lol

  • super nova
    super nova 4 days ago +2

    2019: That $2,500 computer should be at the bottom of the dumpster

  • BorisYesLilyNo
    BorisYesLilyNo 4 days ago

    Sorry you can't game with it but, why not mine bitcoins with it?

  • Mohim Uddin
    Mohim Uddin 5 days ago

    Watching a graphics card worth 9000$, on a laptop worth 900$...........and still feel better coz it can run gta5 better :)

  • ralgor100
    ralgor100 5 days ago

    Whats it like to have more money than sense?

  • Aryaman Raina
    Aryaman Raina 6 days ago +2

    How to test you PC
    Playing high graphic games at ultra settings❌
    Mining diamonds with a fortune 32767 pickaxe✅

  • Team Punk
    Team Punk 7 days ago +1

    Bruh I swear that my dumb ass laptop gives better fps than this.

  • GameDiagram1688
    GameDiagram1688 7 days ago


  • Noa Sundsfjord
    Noa Sundsfjord 8 days ago

    But it only break's you're wallet

  • Silent Rebel
    Silent Rebel 9 days ago

    I love the cable moment

  • Jake
    Jake 9 days ago +1

    U rich????

  • DudelPaul
    DudelPaul 9 days ago

    Himmel was bist du für ein Schwätzer.

  • TSC Jordan playz
    TSC Jordan playz 10 days ago

    Can it run Minecraft?

  • ClankyRochet
    ClankyRochet 10 days ago

    How can an average consumer graphic card cost $9000? Or is it not for average gaming consumer?

  • TerrariaTutorials
    TerrariaTutorials 10 days ago

    Voice crack 2:48

  • Florian DrTurtok
    Florian DrTurtok 10 days ago

    I thought Antony was just trolling Linus by not telling him that Quadros are crap for gaming but both of them didn't seem to know better.

  • Florian DrTurtok
    Florian DrTurtok 10 days ago

    This is like buying a private jet to drive down a highway. Sure it has wheels but they're not for THAT.

  • Eli Mcarthur
    Eli Mcarthur 12 days ago +8

    you know your broke when one of the gpu costs more than your car

  • danilko1
    danilko1 12 days ago

    Ever notice that Linus makes his videos on borrowed tech? That, and telling vendors he's making scholastic videos about engineering tasks, yet he dreams of drag racing. This is equivalent of building high performance race cars out of mining equipment or tractors and threshers, with 100K HP marine diesel engines.

  • patoufe pas de vin
    patoufe pas de vin 13 days ago

    wow! you good

  • Ttv LilSplitzy
    Ttv LilSplitzy 14 days ago +3

    like to do an update with the new rtx titan

  • Mark Rey Competente
    Mark Rey Competente 14 days ago


  • calendil
    calendil 15 days ago

    I liked the tear you put on the video when you said "weird tearing issues". I wonder how many ppl caught that

  • Zachary Alexander P.
    Zachary Alexander P. 15 days ago

    Really Linus? Quadro are not meant for gaming. They're engineered for CAD. Its like taking a Hummer to a "best MPG" Hybrid contest. They aren't for that. Why didn't you run a cuda or memory bandwidth benchmark? That setup would be killer for 3d modeling and CGI work. Not games.

    • Zachary Alexander P.
      Zachary Alexander P. 6 days ago

      @jghgiroot Of course they are powerful. The ram level in a Quadro is the main reason they are so expensive. Games don't need 48 gigs of gpu memory. Only CAD. And you're right, if Nvidia made a driver that enabled game optimizations on the card it would probably do better. Though it has a slower core clock.

    • jghgiroot
      jghgiroot 7 days ago

      quadros have the same gaming performance of a titan rtx, with more vram. They might not be for gaming, but they are still incredibly powerful gpus. They don't have geforce drivers, that's all they still have the same raw power as the most powerful nvidia gaming cards.

  • Fluffy Toast
    Fluffy Toast 16 days ago

    but will it run crisis

  • finirre .v2
    finirre .v2 16 days ago +1

    what the fuck is that case

  • Sc4ry Dude
    Sc4ry Dude 18 days ago +1

    Does it run Minecraft?

  • SurfnSun
    SurfnSun 18 days ago

    This guy understands how to make money while looking like he doesn’t. Well done.

  • Of those Kings
    Of those Kings 18 days ago

    the quadro series aint used for gaming tho rip e.e

  • Ryan Van
    Ryan Van 19 days ago

    @ 8:00 The face you get when you know your a fucking boss!!

  • Mike Miksen
    Mike Miksen 20 days ago

    It reminds me of old TV times where you suddenly get people speaking ad...

  • GamingDerp
    GamingDerp 21 day ago

    im just sad... you guys get to have all the tech and 2080ti stuff... im left with barely anything. A Macbook air 2015 15 inch, the only good gaming thing is that it has the Intel Core i5 but only 4GB ram ;(

  • Krzysiek Mastalerz
    Krzysiek Mastalerz 22 days ago

    Guys, tell me that you realise you cannot divide 4k screen into 4 screens with 4k?
    What you do by spliting a 4k is creating 4 FHD screens with combined means 4K.

    This is for comments that it run GTA 5 at 16K...

  • Nathan Hardcastle
    Nathan Hardcastle 22 days ago +1


  • Hadi Baytiyeh
    Hadi Baytiyeh 22 days ago

    Yeah, you know, I can tOoOtally afford a $9,000 processor lol

  • Deonis
    Deonis 22 days ago

    you should test it for Tensorflow model training.

  • Des M
    Des M 23 days ago

    40000 down the drain could of brought a car with that money or 3 different cars

  • Ÿûjîrô gaming
    Ÿûjîrô gaming 24 days ago

    12:30 -15 FPS

  • David Roth
    David Roth 24 days ago

    The tearing was a nice touch...

  • Diversity Nightcore
    Diversity Nightcore 24 days ago

    to whom? do you need such computing power beyond a professional film studio like marvel?

  • Tuyet Pham Thi
    Tuyet Pham Thi 25 days ago

    This computer could convert a 20gb to 30gb Mov 4k video to MP4 in like 90min niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Laurence Chase
    Laurence Chase 26 days ago

    Linus can you please see how fast Redshift can render on those badboys? Would love to see.

  • Seelen Brecher
    Seelen Brecher 27 days ago

    invite "der 8auer" he can help you to overclock your hardware to the limit.