Ms. Marvel Returns & New Lego Marvel Collection! | Marvel Minute

  • Published on Mar 11, 2019
  • Kamala Khan returns to comics in The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #1, Marvel's Puzzle Quest introduces Talos, and Lego Marvel Collection comes out Tuesday, March 12th!
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Comments • 172

  • Guinch Willmanx
    Guinch Willmanx Month ago

    is the two player mode will include a dynamic in lego marvel 2 ?

  • markdpane
    markdpane Month ago

    When are we getting Lego Marvel Collection on Switch?

  • Over 9000 Bricks
    Over 9000 Bricks Month ago

    Can't believe I just bought 2 of the lego games and then they announce the bundle
    That's just my luck eh?

  • Austin Marit
    Austin Marit Month ago

    Can we play these games in our phone?

  • Pumpkin Spice
    Pumpkin Spice Month ago

    Does it come with free dlc

  • ValenGamer ツ
    ValenGamer ツ Month ago +1

    Capitana Marvel fue una porquería.
    Si así va a ser tu futuro eso de predominar lo políticamente estúpido, entonces tendras un seguidor y FAN menos.
    Y te aseguro que no seré el único.
    Perderas millones si sigues haciendo pelotudeces.
    Me dueles Marvel.

  • blaze awesomepanties


  • Nicolas Zak
    Nicolas Zak Month ago

    Heck yeah!!!!!!

  • thunderboyAAC
    thunderboyAAC Month ago

    Sill no X-Men in LEGO Marvel Heroes 2 yet?

  • xavier taylor
    xavier taylor Month ago


  • peyton hilliard
    peyton hilliard Month ago

    When is this coming on app

  • Junes Games
    Junes Games Month ago

    Oh No!! I bought two of this games two months ago

  • Ringo Doom
    Ringo Doom Month ago

    OH YES new Ms Marvel comics. WIll probably take few months till I can buy them in Germany but Im looking forward.

  • PrissyKrissy
    PrissyKrissy Month ago

    Can we please get some new DLC???

  • aditya paul
    aditya paul Month ago

    yo lorraine you are AWESOME

  • Tsynami
    Tsynami Month ago

    How about you port it to the switch. That's the type of game that would sell well on a Nintendo console

  • dip Patil
    dip Patil Month ago

    we need lego marvel avengers 2.

  • Ben Van Boven
    Ben Van Boven Month ago

    No, Nintendo Switch version? I can't believe you guys!

  • Aqua Diy
    Aqua Diy Month ago

    i love marvel movies

  • jônatas Rocha
    jônatas Rocha Month ago

    end game!!!!!! trailer

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson Month ago

    Just wanna say, this is an MARVELous channel. As for the news, I'm a little disappointed about the collection because I bought every game for the Xbox One and paid for every DLC (Except the Asgard DLC in Lego Marvel 1). But I'm also disappointed that it's not on the Switch.

  • Killer- Fred
    Killer- Fred Month ago +2

    What about Nintendo Switch?

  • Webb_Weegie
    Webb_Weegie Month ago +3

    No switch port of Lego Marvel Collection? Oh

  • Dalek Caan
    Dalek Caan Month ago

    Dat Microsoft Windows product placement though

  • AJ Lemus
    AJ Lemus Month ago +12

    Who agrees the first LEGO Marvel Superheroes Game was the best?

    • MarvelBoy 2099
      MarvelBoy 2099 Month ago

      They are all good in a sense, Lego marvel 2 has the best customiser, Lego marvel 1 has the best characters and Lego avengers has the best of both

    • Tigery1234
      Tigery1234 Month ago

      yeah i personally enjoyed it more than 2, but lego avengers was really good too

    IRON YOUTUBER Month ago +5

    if gal gadgot done the captain marvel I sure there will be no hate for feminism and the character.

  • Jason Reidy
    Jason Reidy Month ago

    Why no LEGO marvel collection for Nintendo switch??

  • Ásgeir Ásgeirsson


  • googamp32
    googamp32 Month ago +1

    No Switch port?

    AERO MAX Month ago

    The marvel Lego toys are fabulous

  • Spooderman _Fan
    Spooderman _Fan Month ago

    I love legos

  • Ira Ford
    Ira Ford Month ago

    great news this week.

  • Random Patronus!
    Random Patronus! Month ago

    I'm gonna buy that game as fast as i can! (:

  • David Owusu Ansah
    David Owusu Ansah Month ago

    A LEGO Marvel's Avengers 2 game based on Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame is definitely something that would be cool to play.

  • Isa
    Isa Month ago

    Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 was extremely disappointing, especially the DLCs

  • Danuka Sri Pulathis


  • Victoria Lesniewska

    Hi I love CAPTIN marvel


    We want lego avengers 2 with infinity war and endgame story.

  • shadic web
    shadic web Month ago

    Will you guys try and get deadpool into the mcu

  • King Maker
    King Maker Month ago +1

    Captan marvel awesome 😘😘

  • Michelle O'Bubba
    Michelle O'Bubba Month ago

    Why no switch love??

  • 1Coby
    1Coby Month ago +1

    Why no switch version?

  • Phonphum Khunnatham

    Avenger End Game trailer 2 plees

  • מעין שרמן
    מעין שרמן Month ago +1

    Iron Woman
    Captain Marshmello
    How agree with me? how not?
    I have to Know.

  • qsqzqz
    qsqzqz Month ago +1

    So Talos is a villain in the MPQ game? Guess the developers didn't read the memo.

  • MJ King of Music Moonwalk KN

    Some people hate Captain Marvel but not us
    Not us

    • TheOneTheOnly W
      TheOneTheOnly W Month ago

      +the diamond warrior Id honestly say it's in my bottom 5 with Thor 2, Iron Man 3, Black Panther and Spiderman Homecoming in no particular order.

    • TheOneTheOnly W
      TheOneTheOnly W Month ago

      I hate Captain Marvel, the actual character though, from the comics.

    • bullseye 2599
      bullseye 2599 Month ago +1

      the diamond warrior my to 5 favorite for me

    • the diamond warrior
      the diamond warrior Month ago +1

      It is in my top 10 MCU movies

    • RobloxKellyPlayz
      RobloxKellyPlayz Month ago +1


  • Sophie Isabelle
    Sophie Isabelle Month ago +1


  • the diamond warrior
    the diamond warrior Month ago +64

    Plz Lego Marvel Avengers 2 please
    and make the story center around Civil war,Infinity war and endgame

    • Jmgjgdjd5
      Jmgjgdjd5 Month ago

      there wouldn't be enough content for every movie

    • Iron4031
      Iron4031 Month ago

      I think is better a infinity war and endgame one, and i hope they will do it. Because lego avengers 1 was released later than avengers age of ultron, so i hope later than endgame will be anothergame

    • NatyelMaligno
      NatyelMaligno Month ago

      Yes please!

    • ElectricLag一人で
      ElectricLag一人で Month ago +2

      David Johnson maybe a 2 level long story each

    • David Johnson
      David Johnson Month ago +2

      +WookieCentral Yeah but there would be one level per movie. Re-play the Winter Soldier, Iron Man 3, and Thor: The Dark World levels in Lego Avengers for examples. As for Endgame and Infinity War, they could drag it out just a wee-bit longer?

    AMAZING AYUSHI Month ago

    Every one please watch my video please

  • tony y
    tony y Month ago

    Where’s the next Endgame Trailer?

  • WhiteRaven696
    WhiteRaven696 Month ago

    I know it’s a pipe dream, but I wish that the LEGO collection would allow you to play as any character from all three games.

  • Esai Gomez
    Esai Gomez Month ago

    A Lego game we want is Lego x men game following the movies

  • Cool gaming point
    Cool gaming point Month ago +29

    Who wait for avengers endgame hit like

  • greg rose
    greg rose Month ago

    Captain marvel is trash

  • Manelly Zepeda
    Manelly Zepeda Month ago

    Pleasure working with Marvel. Amazing sets. Love legos!!

  • Bumblebee Autobot
    Bumblebee Autobot Month ago

    Will the marvel collection be available on PC but not trought steam?

  • Avanthi nulu
    Avanthi nulu Month ago


  • Harrison Littrell
    Harrison Littrell Month ago +29

    But when are we gonna get the collection for Nintendo Switch?

    • Ibrahim Al-Khairalla
      Ibrahim Al-Khairalla Month ago

      I would LOVE to get these on switch ! Please release it on switch

    • TheRealSneakers
      TheRealSneakers Month ago +1

      Yeah, I would funny, just was playing Heroes 2 just before getting the email of this playing the Lego games on the go.

    • SpiderPotterFan
      SpiderPotterFan Month ago +2

      Give them time. The Harry Potter collection also came out for the Switch some time after the release in the other two

    • Clef Cresendo
      Clef Cresendo Month ago +3

      I would gladly rebuy these games for the Switch... HINT!!!!!

    • Mystery Phantom
      Mystery Phantom Month ago +2

      That was excactly my question xD

  • Hugo palestrino
    Hugo palestrino Month ago +1


  • R.Cherbones the Ender

    Here comes the LEGO Thanos memes.

  • Spideykid
    Spideykid Month ago +18

    Why you leave the Nintendo Switch out of this bundle

    • Ibrahim Al-Khairalla
      Ibrahim Al-Khairalla Month ago

      It would be great to have these on the go

    • Jojo 1961
      Jojo 1961 Month ago

      +Homing 01 Well not that interesting anymore.

    • LucarioShirona X
      LucarioShirona X Month ago

      +Spookey your early comment did came off like that. Might want to be careful next time since text alone can be interpreted diffently by others.

    • Spookey
      Spookey Month ago

      +LucarioShirona X
      I was never trying to bash on the switch, I even mentioned that it was in my opinion. In none of those third party games I even like but you do got a point but ps4 got some cool games switch don't.

    • LucarioShirona X
      LucarioShirona X Month ago +4

      +Spookey last time I've checked, there have been a lot of Third parties support, while certain ones didn't come to the Switch from the start eventually got a port. This is honestly just a poor excuse to deny the success of the Switch.

  • byLobezno
    byLobezno Month ago +1

    Please release the new trailer of avengers endgame

    ALL WE KNOW Month ago +1

    All ready 800 views😨

  • tyllyn
    tyllyn Month ago

    You had me excited that this was for the actual Lego releases, not just the games.

  • Aukie Johnson
    Aukie Johnson Month ago


  • Y so Serious
    Y so Serious Month ago


  • Red Messenger
    Red Messenger Month ago

    So your telling me
    The OLD lego marvel PC video game I JUST bought was a waist
    But I'm also excited

  • John Lesh
    John Lesh Month ago +2


  • Movies Tech R
    Movies Tech R Month ago


  • Y so Serious
    Y so Serious Month ago


    CANAL RP7 Month ago +1


  • loganlymz
    loganlymz Month ago

    Some people like Captain Marvel. But Not Us

  • Yash Pratapwar
    Yash Pratapwar Month ago +4

    *Who wants a Lego Marvel movie!!!* 😎😎

  • KAGE Spider
    KAGE Spider Month ago +49

    Captain Marvel is Crushing it at the box office HIGHER FURTHER FASTER

    • Athena
      Athena Month ago +1

      +Egg Benedict I do

    • Athena
      Athena Month ago

      +Julian R yeah

    • Egg Benedict
      Egg Benedict Month ago

      +Athena Who cares?

    • Julian R
      Julian R Month ago +1

      Serena Wonder Woman was great until Professor Lupin shows up.

  • Gaffadi
    Gaffadi Month ago

    I am first here. I am the king😎

  • Azoz Azoz
    Azoz Azoz Month ago +8

    I didn't know Piccolo from Dragon Ball Evolution is in that game.
    EDIT: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is one of my favourites! Everyone from younger to older should try this because it's really fun.

  • Ugbemugbem Osas
    Ugbemugbem Osas Month ago +4

    Now everyone will ask for the next trailer...

  • Omkar Chavan
    Omkar Chavan Month ago +1


  • Freddy XD
    Freddy XD Month ago +12

    Lego Marvel is the best!!!

    THEANIMEFANZ Month ago

    Yes but is the marvel lego collection coming to the switch

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark Month ago


  • orpy31
    orpy31 Month ago +1

    We want Avengers: Endgame Trailer 2, like now

  • Music Bass
    Music Bass Month ago


  • JD C
    JD C Month ago +1

    LEGO Marvel Collections Game For Xbox One ☝️ & PS4

  • Kamil Computer
    Kamil Computer Month ago

    Any Indian like here

  • Sumaya Akter
    Sumaya Akter Month ago

    supper video🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • adam lane
    adam lane Month ago +1

    How many times yall gonna reboot her?

    • Tay J ‼️
      Tay J ‼️ Month ago

      they haven’t rebooted her. theyre giving her a new series

  • VIKRAM #1
    VIKRAM #1 Month ago

    Marvel Games #1😊😘😍😍

  • JD C
    JD C Month ago +1

    I Play LEGO Marvel Superheroes 🦸‍♂️ 🦸‍♀️ & Marvel Avengers for PsVita when I was 14 & 16 Years Old

    GAMER JUGRAJ Month ago


  • Anvay kemkar
    Anvay kemkar Month ago


    GAMER JUGRAJ Month ago

    Plz like my comment plz

  • Thepharcyde4ever
    Thepharcyde4ever Month ago +3

    Lotta incels mad at captain marvels box office take.

  • The robro
    The robro Month ago +1


  • Mike. J
    Mike. J Month ago +30

    This isn’t the 2nd Endgame trailer

    • 28ビーバー
      28ビーバー Month ago


    • Mohamed Housain
      Mohamed Housain Month ago +1

      This isnt a marvel fan that deserves the 2nd trailer

    • Azoz Azoz
      Azoz Azoz Month ago

      This isn't a comment

    • Tay J ‼️
      Tay J ‼️ Month ago +6

      There’s more to Marvel than Endgame. Stop spamming them & just go watch the first trailer.

    • ce cil
      ce cil Month ago

      Ik right

  • YanskiGaming
    YanskiGaming Month ago +1

    Im road to 150 subs pls help me by subscribing to me pls thank you

  • hassan irshad
    hassan irshad Month ago


  • Adam Longden
    Adam Longden Month ago