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Scammers Panic and Lock their Computer

  • Published on Oct 2, 2022
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    Scammer imitating Best Buy's Geek Squad in order to scam and steal your money! It's full call centers trained to scam millions from people all around the world. That's why we fight back every day here at Scammer Payback!
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    Scammers are ruthless criminals that have no problem stealing every last dime from their victims bank accounts. Please protect yourself as well as family members who might not be familiar with these type of scams.

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  • blueman500
    blueman500 Month ago +4011

    I work in retail right now and had a customer a bit ago trying to buy a bunch of gift cards for a scamer. I am happily able to report that I helped them to not be scammed that day.

  • Chris Angell
    Chris Angell Month ago +218

    Man.... watching this guy curse in hindi is gold.
    As an Indian, you and the community of scam baiters are doing so much more than the police and also serving as a base for educating people against scammers

  • Kade Hefflinger
    Kade Hefflinger Month ago +256

    I use to hit the ignore button when my phone says potential spam. Now I answer and drag the conversation on as long as I can. I start laughing and make fun of them for the time they wasted on me. They go from professional, to calling me all sorts of names 😂 I love doing this now, and feel like I might save the next person. I've learned so much from you on how to drag it out with wrong answers, and acting confused. I drive for a living and have lots of time on my hands, so sometimes I'll call back over and over and just keep fu@ing with them. Love what you do, and thank you.

    • Jerry Ogren
      Jerry Ogren 23 days ago

      I do the EXACT same thing my record is 57 minutes and my call was escalated to the attorney General of the United States 😆 🤣 😂

    • Kathleen Cooney
      Kathleen Cooney 24 days ago +1

      I ask how the weather is in Nigeria. It infuriates them !

    • HAYABUSA 82
      HAYABUSA 82 25 days ago

      Thank god for people like this guy

    • Paige B
      Paige B Month ago

      @Retro Violet Optics I like that! I'm going to use it, thanks!

    • Paige B
      Paige B Month ago +1

      I'm cheering you on! You're driving, anyway, and I think it's a fabulous way to pass the time on the road. :).

  • Connor Johnson
    Connor Johnson Month ago +36

    im a geek squad agent, i get these more often than id like to admit, but thankfully we still get people who print the email out and we get to save them from falling down that hole

    • Michael Telson
      Michael Telson 15 days ago

      One suggestion is for your company to provide an email address to send these scam emails to like other companies do.
      Also, there is an internal issue of possibly employees giving out inactive accounts for purchase scams. I had that happen to me to an account that I never knew I had.

    • Alex Don
      Alex Don 26 days ago

      Conner, I am PEROGI and I want to be eaten

  • Roughyx
    Roughyx Month ago +43

    I am an Indian and these scammers really spoil the reputation of India. if you see the real side of India, you will be shocked. People like you are needed to get rid of these traitors. Thank you so much. God bless you :)

  • Cathy Westholt
    Cathy Westholt Month ago +2221

    I am 68. Got a call from a guy that sounded like he was calling from one of these large busy Indian call centers pretending to be from Medicare. I asked a second time who he was with & he said Medicare, and then asked if I have Medicare A&B. Immediately I told him if he were with Medicare he would know what I do or don't have. I said "You are a scammer!" and then hung up.
    I went on Facebook to warn my friends. I also then warned them about all of the scams and tricks these call centers do with emails and calls. I told them to check out your channel, along with Kit & Pleasant Green, etc.
    Thanks for ALL you do!!!!!

    • Chris
      Chris 15 days ago +1

      God bless you. I am only 39 and I get super annoying email spam from 'Medicare' too and obviously I am not eligible . So it's a world isn't it?

    • Ma N
      Ma N 25 days ago

      I've been getting barraged by the medicare callers lately.

    • Phoenix258
      Phoenix258 25 days ago

      Good work cathy! :)

    • Astro Boy
      Astro Boy Month ago +1

      I wish you could develope tech that would prevent them from ending the call, I'm sure they would freak out of their boots 😂😂😂

    • Cathy Westholt
      Cathy Westholt Month ago

      @Rakesh Dutt G he is such a great guy. I subscribe to him as well.

  • Christopher Poland
    Christopher Poland 19 days ago +9

    Dude, I say this with all seriousness. You’re my hero!! Nothing feels better than truly helping your fellow man. Thank you from every honest, hard working person out here. We appreciate what you do more than you know!!! Keep up the good fight brother!!

  • Mr1611
    Mr1611 Month ago +28

    My advice is to educate the elderly before they even receive the first call.
    That way when they do get a scam call they won't even engage.

    • Aquascape Dreaming
      Aquascape Dreaming 18 days ago +2

      This helps, but unfortunately, they still sometimes fall for it. My own mother had been warned by us time and time again, but still one time gave up way too much information over one of these scam calls. She later panicked and called me realising what she'd done. It was a while back, but I think we were able to put a hold on her card while we tried to work out what was going on, then cancelled that card and ordered her a new one.

  • Haydne Bryant
    Haydne Bryant Month ago +12

    My grandma is getting scammed, everyone has tried to stop her but she won’t listen, she thinks he loves her and he needs her money (gift cards) to come back to the US. It’s sad to see that it is happening to her and others, thank you perogi for raising awareness!

    • Whimsical Golde
      Whimsical Golde Month ago +4

      If someone can, connect her bank to paypal. Use paypal to transfer the money out of her account. Put it in a different bank account. You can connect both accounts. Just keep in mind the numbers of which is which.
      Like your mom or dad to keep it safe. Plus Paypal has a savings part that is FDIC insured.
      Yes, online banks can be FDIC insured. It has a 2% interest so you earn money. I say this to make money back a bit.
      Bank information is needed only to connect.

  • Thierno Bah
    Thierno Bah 11 days ago +1

    This guy deserves a Medal of Honor.
    Just came across his RU-clip channel.
    Sir… Thanks for being a great human being

  • Naughty Shepherd
    Naughty Shepherd Month ago +1323

    Whenever I get a call from a scammer I tell them my name is Perogi, they usually either hang up right away or say something in Hindi then hang up. 😂
    Thank you for all you and your amazing team does!! 🤜🏼🤛🏼

    • BlueJay
      BlueJay Month ago +1

      That's great! I'm going to use that the next time!

    • Vanilla macaron
      Vanilla macaron Month ago +1

      I am Pierogi and so is my wife! We are all Pierogi. 😆😅

    • Pankaj Uchiha
      Pankaj Uchiha Month ago

      What you say ik hindi?

    • bhai tower
      bhai tower Month ago

      I call them '420 ' , they hang up straight away.

    • Passionata Dance
      Passionata Dance Month ago

      we are all pierogi

  • Viral Bhanushali
    Viral Bhanushali Month ago +40

    If you find an Indian scammer what you can do is put the link on twitter and then tag the higher authorities of that particular state, even if you are not aware of the authorities, i think you have a huge number of viewers from India who will help escalate the tweet.
    Love the work you do, keep it going ❤️

    • myth buster
      myth buster 26 days ago

      LOL. Whole world knows Indian scammers are looting senior citizens of developed world and Indian authorities don't know about this. As long as money is coming to India govt is happy about it. India need new laws to prosecute these criminals. Otherwise scammers will come out in days giving bribes to officials.

    • Rusty Gold
      Rusty Gold 29 days ago +1

      the only way to stop them is crash their computer data , lock the call out system and cut the phone cables to the building

    • J Riverton
      J Riverton Month ago +3

      Nope. Indian authorities are in on it.

    • BLuecoLLarcanuck
      BLuecoLLarcanuck Month ago

      @Nishit Kagalwala No kidding. Police are corrupt AF, too.

    • Nishit Kagalwala
      Nishit Kagalwala Month ago +8

      It doesn't work...There are still 1000s of these operating and no action is taken. Once in a while you'll see one of the call centers busted just to show in the media and the show then continues. There is no effort made to crackdown this

  • Kereth Makura
    Kereth Makura Month ago +12

    These people deserve jail, or perhaps a woodchipper. Love your work.

  • Garulus Glandarius
    Garulus Glandarius Month ago +13

    Thank you for all you do Pierogi, you’re a genius with a big heart and principles. Support and respect from Britain 👍🇬🇧🇺🇸

  • Michael Hamilton
    Michael Hamilton Month ago +1

    I was able to keep a scammer on the phone for 90 minutes by pretending to be an 80-year-old man. It was a fun way to pass the time while I was out grocery shopping! 😂 That's my new record to beat.

  • YayWei
    YayWei Month ago +1119

    Yesterday I was at a Starbucks and the lady sitting next to me was on the phone begging her older brother to not pick up the phone until she called the bank first, and that the people that had called him were likely scammers. When I reinforced her efforts, she told me her brother is 89 with dementia. Your message is being spread, you are affecting change 🔥🧡. Thank you, Pierogi!!

    • Fangsii
      Fangsii Month ago +1


    • You
      You Month ago +1

      I hope she never calls them from her own number to speak on his behalf. My number's been spoofed before, so, just saying.. it would be terrible if they spoofed her number to call him

    • monkeydhugo
      monkeydhugo Month ago +1

      That’s awesome!

    • Justin Pearrow
      Justin Pearrow Month ago +3

      Because of this and similar channels, I was able to stop my Grandma from losing $1,000. Unfortunately they got 500 from her the day before. They were running the gift card scam on her. I'm just glad no one else was available to take her to Wal-Mart that day. I'm the only person she knows that would have caught it and stopped her.

      SENSEI BOWIE Month ago +2

      Dude that’s sad man I hope they can block them from his phone somehow

  • Julios Bacalla
    Julios Bacalla 22 days ago +3

    This is one of the most valuable pieces of content I ever watched on RU-clip. Please, keep doing it.

  • Rudy
    Rudy Month ago

    You've peeked my interest, I wasn't aware that these crooks were so capable but sadly enough you show how much they can do. It's great to see how you compete with them and surpass their ability to hack Innocent people's accounts, what you do is special and you should rightfully make an income for what you do for people.
    Thank you

  • Scott Major
    Scott Major Month ago +4

    Growing up we used to judge people who would get a rise out of pissing people off lol, but this stuff is PREMIUM!!! THANK you for all that you do on behalf of anyone who has been a target of these scams!!!

  • UnknownOne
    UnknownOne Month ago +7

    God bless you Pierogi! These dirt bags ruin lives and you are truly a digital Saint. You saving that elderly person reminded me of the scumb bags thst try to rip my Grandmother off here is the states for auto repairs she doesn't require. I pray as I become elderly I don't fall victim to these terrible human beings.

  • Sam E
    Sam E Month ago +754

    Watching Pierogi learn Hindi for the past few years purely out spite has been phenomenal. He's really improved, as you can tell with his confidence when he speaks

    • Anand G
      Anand G 9 days ago

      Thats a poor thing.. most of the scammers speak hindi..

    • Paige B
      Paige B Month ago +6

      I love the Hindi insults he slings! Beautiful!

    • RaycrowX
      RaycrowX Month ago +8


  • Mystic Gaming
    Mystic Gaming Month ago +1

    You sir are a hero 🙌 my nanny nearly got scammed and I screamed at them over the top of my voice and they threw abuse at me

  • Travis Redekopp
    Travis Redekopp Month ago +11

    Thank you for everything you do, keep up the good work

  • John Pinsent
    John Pinsent Day ago

    Got an email from Best Buy scammers. Played along until the teamviewer part. Played out exactly as shown in many of these videos. Thanks for what you do.

  • DaveAProud🇨🇦
    DaveAProud🇨🇦 21 day ago +2

    I honestly wish there were a million of you bro to do the good work your doing!!!

  • Marcy Arianna
    Marcy Arianna Month ago +497

    Thank you for teaching and protecting people from these scams!

    • Jacob
      Jacob 15 days ago

      Its very good he is doing that!

    • Jacob From All State
      Jacob From All State 27 days ago

      @Gleece who cares what a dude with Hitler special police symbols on his name has to say on anything LOL

    • The Duder
      The Duder 29 days ago

      No. But your responses clearly and undeniably called for one.
      You need to understand that invented delusions have no place here in reality.
      I watched police raid at least one call center over there. I know there was at least one more which took place.
      Its not that police over there do not care. It is because their nation leaders do not care.
      But they are beginning to feel the repercussions of their lack of caring.
      Hence the recent raids.

    • Gleece
      Gleece 29 days ago

      @The Duder Didn’t ask for an essay, pal.

    • The Duder
      The Duder Month ago +4

      You can not simply forget about your other "sentence" in order to focus on only one.
      And again, their local police HAVE raided at minimum, one call center, with arrests being made. Probably more, although I have not looked into it since the last raid I had witnessed.
      Your beliefs will usually have absolutely zero effect on actual reality.
      You see, I DO in fact read. And no matter how many times one reads what you left here, there is no escaping your sentences which read exactly...
      "Lol do you really think something will be done? I understand he’s protecting but the authorities in India could care less about this"
      See those other words? The rest of what you had to say are what those words were.
      You did say that. Lack of proper sentences and all, that was you.
      Maybe you were simply trying to make a point. What I did was point out the reality behind your presumptions and beliefs.
      Every time anyone places presumption and belief over reality, someone somewhere will more than likely always say something.

  • James Lim
    James Lim 23 days ago

    4:55 i can see a lot ...... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I can't thank you guys enough for exposing the scammers and their tactics and also educating others. I'm glad I found this channel and God bless you all. cheers 🍻

  • My BlueHouse Homestead

    Amazing work Peirogi! New fan here, and loving the work you do for the elderly community across the US, and quite possibly the globe. You are a soldier of light, goodness and vengeance against such widespread malevolent evil. May God bless you 100-fold for all your hard work and efforts. Love how you call them honey 😂 it’s hilarious. My husband and I watched your RU-clip videos last night, Saturday night no less, instead of “The Proposal” with Sandra Bullock, and Ryan Reynolds. Your videos were so much more important and entertaining. Hope you take good care of yourself, as this work can be very emotional, and drain your soul a bit. Thank you again on behalf of all our vulnerable parents, and grandparents out there.

  • Victor Winner
    Victor Winner Month ago +1

    Love what you are doing!

  • Farzam Baig
    Farzam Baig Month ago +8

    Okay I'm a Pakistani and I was really pissed when the scammer claimed to be from Pakistan lol. But you made my day with a great comeback to him. Love you! Love what you do. Can't stop watching these scammers eat dust.

    • the guy who will become future demon king
      the guy who will become future demon king 13 days ago

      @eviL Zoro yeah these scammer are real clown 🤡

    • mal big
      mal big 15 days ago +1

      C'mon Baig... Are you telling e that the idiot"lol" is being used in Pakistan?

    • eviL Zoro
      eviL Zoro 26 days ago +2

      For real bro these indian do the deed's and try to put it on us 🤡

  • Sunny McWhirter
    Sunny McWhirter Month ago +561

    I work at a bank. In the fraud department. I think of you, and all the other badasses who help. Thank you for what you do Pierogi

    • Sunny McWhirter
      Sunny McWhirter 26 days ago +1

      @rusty. We do have a 2 step verification. I think my watching and following scammer payback, deyo, trilogy media, and the whole gang has helped me help customers

    • Rusty Gold
      Rusty Gold 29 days ago +1

      Ask your company to institute 2 step verification compulsory on All customer accounts . It will stop them moving money.

    • Ajaz-DT
      Ajaz-DT Month ago +1

      Biggest fraudsters are the very banks you work for, unfortunately

    • Suleman Kpk
      Suleman Kpk Month ago

      how can possible returned the my money from the scmmer .. i send it before 9 month .. Bank in United State

    • D Olin
      D Olin Month ago +7

      @Sunny McWhirter, thanks for what you do. You are boots on the ground help for victims. Word really needs to get out about this. So many have never heard of these scams.

  • Raven
    Raven 8 days ago

    Been watching you for awhile now and your advice and videos helped me avoid my first scammer so cheers and thank you keep up the good work

  • rob miskell
    rob miskell 14 days ago

    Keep up the great work helping all those people from being scammed!

  • Chris Mahoney
    Chris Mahoney Month ago +2

    I'm not usually for violence, but scammers deserve to meet mercenaries, not law enforcement!

  • BAPI
    BAPI Month ago +1

    After watching your videos for awhile, I decided to play your game while driving to work. A scammer called my phone so I played along and pretended to an old lady - wanting attention. I went thru 4 levels of agents and 25 minutes of their time. Finally I revealed myself. The final supervisor yelled at me for wasting his time. It was a good feeling that I kept them away from successful scam for 25 minutes. Thanks for the info on how to deal with these scumbags.

  • Nao Wright
    Nao Wright Month ago +208

    It SICKENS me that they say the money is theirs when they are stealing every penny of it!

    • Red Devil YT
      Red Devil YT Month ago

      Right! They said it was for the government but in reality they’re stealing it to go on some trip

  • Brian Emery
    Brian Emery Month ago +1

    I had the IRS scam done on me. Honestly the first time he called I panicked. Then I came to my senses and realized something was up. I tried calling them over and over to yell at him in anger but never got through..
    I can Honestly see how these guys can easily trick you out of Fear.
    What a disgrace

  • Caleb Ozbirn
    Caleb Ozbirn 28 days ago

    I'm sure I speak for all members pierogi, but I'm happy to be able to do anything to help you in the fight sir

  • Karissa Acres
    Karissa Acres 25 days ago

    I absolutely love your videos thanks for all you do ❣️ keto up the awesome work ☺️

  • Skandol Be Doin Tarot
    Skandol Be Doin Tarot 13 days ago

    I used to do tech support at spectrum and ive actually recommended a few elderly people to your channel wen they called in about scams. Your breakdowns are great. 👍🏾👍🏾

  • SmithBeatZ1
    SmithBeatZ1 Month ago +604

    The fact that 99% of these scammers haven't caught on to your voices and videos just proves there must be thousands of them.

    • SmithBeatZ1
      SmithBeatZ1 19 days ago

      @Ryan Robinson I didn't say none of them have caught on, but only a small percentage has.

    • Ryan Robinson
      Ryan Robinson 20 days ago

      What are you talking about, they have caught on?

    • Mathilde Leaverton
      Mathilde Leaverton 23 days ago +1

      That is scary , sad but true.

    • Watiflappy Nounou
      Watiflappy Nounou 27 days ago

      @higherlimit bright enough to scam people especially from US out of millions $

    • Watiflappy Nounou
      Watiflappy Nounou 27 days ago

      It’s India and they are the most populated country after China, so there must have millions of scammers there…some are talented kids doing this out of desperation working for scrupulous people taking advantage of them , but most of them are just scums from India trying to steal innocent people money.

  • Jason Hudson
    Jason Hudson 26 days ago

    Keep being you and your doing a amazing job!! Peace and Love to you. X

  • Brandon Rowell
    Brandon Rowell 8 days ago

    Dude you are my hero. It's awsome that you have such an amazing skill set and use it for good. God bless you. I love to see it.

  • Carmelyn Bingwaoel
    Carmelyn Bingwaoel 7 days ago

    I love you so much for saving all the victims ❤ I've been watching your RU-clip since then..

  • Paul
    Paul 13 days ago

    Keep up the good work guys! these scammers prey on the old and defenceless.

  • Carrylline Anderson
    Carrylline Anderson Month ago +265

    Funny Story... I had a call yesterday from a scammer. They started their script and I was just playing along. They asked me my name and I said "I AM PEROGI". The person freaked and hung up immediately. Im not sure if these scammers target specific areas in the world, but I am in New Zealand, so I'm super impressed how powerful that sentence was to them.

    • Saif1708
      Saif1708 5 days ago

      I had a call that was unknown didn't pick it up from nz

    • Lou G
      Lou G 11 days ago +1

      @Matthew Smith No! I'm Perogi!

    • Iron Bridge
      Iron Bridge 14 days ago +2

      Like a crucifix to a vampire 🤣

    • Kimberly Reeves
      Kimberly Reeves 15 days ago +1

      Love this.

    • Matthew Smith
      Matthew Smith 16 days ago +2

      No! I'm perogi!

  • neowolf09
    neowolf09 Month ago

    Great work, once all these small time scammers are gone we can start to focus on the big boys, like the federal reserve 👍

  • Vince Jamison
    Vince Jamison Month ago +1

    I really love your efforts.
    Thank you.
    It must be really rewarding after a hard day at the office to do this. You know, kinda like popping a cold 🍺.

  • Gary Chaplin
    Gary Chaplin 11 days ago

    Just want to say you guys r legends what you do for people is great if I had the money to sponsor you I would keep it up guys your great

  • Racktoar
    Racktoar Month ago +3

    2:20 Didn't even wait for customer to say what's wrong, just intantly assumed haha

  • K H
    K H Month ago

    Thank you for doing this. You are saving peoples lives.

  • Greg Greg
    Greg Greg 4 days ago +1

    Keep up the good work I absolutely love 💕 seeing you put the fire 🔥 to these losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Landa Products
    Landa Products Month ago +1

    Your awesome, I’m glad to see someone’s looking out for those who are being scammed. Thanks

  • Alex Robert
    Alex Robert Month ago

    Dude you and your team are so good in what you are doing!
    I follow you from EU (a specific country that i am afraind to type it it here publicly on your channel) and i respect your purpose!
    If you need any help, please do contact me. I will proudly help!

  • Alex Lee
    Alex Lee Month ago +322

    It's this channel that inspired me to start building a class for the retirement communities out here on how to recognize these scams. I've been certified in Social Engineering attacking and defending and look forward to putting my skills to use preventing these things from happening.

    • Alex Lee
      Alex Lee Month ago +2

      @Talyah R Nope, you just need an understanding of what the basic attack vectors are, an understanding of Social Engineering, and know how to teach these concepts so as the students can recognize when they are being used. In short, teaching that the Nigerian prince that wants to give you money is probably a scam.

    • Talyah R
      Talyah R Month ago

      That's awesome! You don't need to know coding for that right?

    • You
      You Month ago

      @Tom Bown Maybe they have groups that operate more online, if anything. They would probably get in a lottt of trouble if they were detected as being headquartered in China.
      Their country would be ashamed of them and possibly disown them. Not to mention, it's possible that they would consider such a thing as being a way of ensuing a battle over money. China has a lot of product going out and a lot coming in- so, if enough people/companies/governments were to refuse trading with them anymore, then it would be horrible for them, and pretty rough for a lot of other countries, too.
      More to that point: they would probably have to worry about being infiltrated and targeted by the ones they are targeting. Luckily for them, they don't take too much of a hit over things like TikTok or their generic products.
      They would prefer to have a grasp on the perception that people have of them- and they would also prefer to keep a grasp on what their own citizens are learning about in the news.
      Their countrymen, as a whole, generally face an internal battle of being suppressed by their own culture.
      They will cheat to win if they have to- but more often than not, it seems they have enough pressure to actually *be* smart, that they do end up being smart enough to get by without having to cheat. They do face a lot of pressure though, so if it came down to it, they'd have to choose between internal, personal shame, or the idea of publicized failure. (It all depends, of course... and I'd like to point out that the kids only have like 2 hours a day that they're allowed to play games... So, some of them will cheat in a game just to feel that rush of fun... But if they were to be caught and publicized, they'd likely feel humiliation and dread.)
      If any of them did decide to do what you mentioned, it might just be the ones hired by their own gvt... Like the ones who sit on computers, scrolling through and filtering websites.. Or, like the ones sending out filtered or curated news to their own people.

    • Tom Bown
      Tom Bown Month ago

      It’s easy to recognise they use English names but have Indian accents, doesn’t matter if woman or man, surprised that Chinese don’t seem to be using this technique, many of us are so used to foreign call centres for national companies which confuses some people.

    • Fettuc
      Fettuc Month ago +3

      Not all heroes wear capes.

  • King Benson TV.
    King Benson TV. 25 days ago

    Oh wow you are such a great guy thank you for saving innocent people from these scammers 👌

  • FallenForever
    FallenForever Month ago

    People learning and Guarding themselves with knowledge about how these scammers work and what format and procedure they try to utilize, is the best way to save themselves from getting scammed. No reputable business,healthcare,police,or Govt utilities will ever ask for sensitive information over the phone.
    The sad part is, millions of people still are getting scammed for thousands of dollars every day..
    Thank God for Pierogi and his incredible team!!! You all are amazing people, and the battle center you have created to get payback on these scammers is truly amazing and respectable!
    Keep doing amazing work, and may you all be blessed from now to forever !

  • Michael Witter
    Michael Witter Month ago

    Hey brother. Love your content. I actually asked a scammer trying to use my Amazon as the reason for a call to me. And I asked them if they knew pierogi 🥟 and they hung up on me and blocked my number. Thanks for the content.

  • C C
    C C Month ago +1

    Pierogi what you’re doing is amazing man! The US government needs to pay you to do this on a mass scale!

  • Kay Dee
    Kay Dee Month ago +37

    The audacity of that last scammer, sounding like he expected you to be apologetic for ruining his "business". Absolute psychopaths.

  • Mellifluous Stuff
    Mellifluous Stuff Month ago +1

    Thank you so much for saving us from this Scammers.
    Appreciate your work♥️

  • Huzaifa Imam
    Huzaifa Imam Month ago

    Hey love the work you guys do! Can you make a family friendly info-graphic video that I can share with my family so they can be educated on this matter? Thank you

  • Paige Darby
    Paige Darby 14 days ago

    I work in customer service for a bank and just now had a customer call to get assistance with his online banking. He asked if I saw a charge on his account from GeekSquad, and thanks to your channel, I knew enough to ask him the right questions to save him from compromising his accounts. Keep up the great work!

  • Stan Da Man
    Stan Da Man Month ago +3

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    • trvman1
      trvman1 Month ago

      but these people are not prosecuted and why they do it. Just like here in the US. We arrest people but never send them to jail. How come NO US President has got India to work with the US so when we know where they are, the US can send in (already have stationed in India) agents who can then raid/arrest and ship them back to the US immediately for prosecution. The police and politicians are probably so corrupt they allow this because they get their kickback too. So as much he is trying, in the long run this does really nothing to stop the scammers.

  • dertreffer
    dertreffer 28 days ago

    for real
    besides you´re entertaining as heck, you´re doing gods work by disturbing those scumbags and by saving possible scammingvictims
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  • Deer Hunter
    Deer Hunter 22 days ago

    I am a cybersecurity Professional and I really like what you do, I would love to contribute to the effort but I dont know where to start, I believe if there are more people doing what you doing, we can maybe discourage scammers. it would be great if you share some of the knowledge you have learn with the community I can verify myself to you if need be.

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    Sydney Read 25 days ago

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    Tiago Mesquita 17 days ago

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  • Sabrina Pineda
    Sabrina Pineda Month ago +132

    Thanks!Thank all of you, it's getting real hard to protect our elderly parents,God sent you to us. Always nice to have someone to help watch out for us,. Thanks team!!

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      eigow ou Month ago

      be their guardian angel!

  • Paragliding Guys
    Paragliding Guys 26 days ago

    Great work man! I was able to advise a few elderly folks about potential scams like the ones you expose. The one gentleman said he had been receiving calls from Amazon for over a week and he was so frustrated that he almost gave in. After our brief conversation, he was informed and empowered - I told him about your channel of course. Thanks for your amazing efforts!

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    Just today, I got back from work only to have my elderly neighbor from across the street ask me if I could take a look at something on her computer. She said she got an e-mail from an Intuit address claiming it was a Geek Squad invoice. She actually called the number in the e-mail and indeed got somebody with an Indian accent. They wanted to do the remote access. When they asked her (my neighbor) to log into her bank account, she immediately figured something was not right. She asked them why she needs to log into her bank account and why can't they just refund the money? She also asked where they were at and they said there were in Colorado, which she knew was bogus. The number she called had a Vermont area code. She then basically told them were they can go and stick it and she hung up as well as immediately shut off her computer. She did actually physically go to the local Best Buy, which is very nearby this neighborhood and talked to the actual Geek Squad people there and they explained to her that it was indeed a scam and even showed her what a LEGITIMATE Geek Squad invoice looked like, which apparently does not look anything like those fake e-mail ones. She also called her bank and checked if there was anything funny going on with her account and thankfully the bank confirmed there was nothing going on, nor was there anything charged to her account that did not make sense. I went and checked her computer to see if there was anything on there that got left behind. I thought maybe the scammer had her download something like AnyDesk, but turned out they had her connect using something called "JCare", which is apparently a web-based remote access thing. I did several scans on her computer and did not find anything. I then sat her down and had her watch this very video, which she was glad I did, thus making her even more wiser as to what is going on. Yeah, we dodged a close one, and thankfully, my neighbor was savvy enough to realize something was not right and managed to get out of that. I then told her that if she got any more e-mails from Geek Squad, Norton, Intuit, Microsoft, etc, to just delete them. I also told her that if she had any concerns about the possible charges, is to go look up the phone number from the official website of the company in question and call that. I emphasized to DO NOT EVER call the number that is contained in the actual e-mail and to use the number from the official company website instead.

  • TokyoACR
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    I wish I was smart and patient enough to do this kinda work. I'm so grateful we have people like Pierogi!

    • dethcomesrippin
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      You can help by sharing

    • Jessica S
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      @Nancy Kay ohhhhhhhh thank you! I am familiar with that positive term! That makes me feel so good!

    • Nancy Kay
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      @Jessica S In the south we have a saying, "Well bless your heart". It's not always good thing. LOL But in your case it is a VERY GOOD thing. It is wonderful that you are so attentive. Shame that so many young people are not that way these days.

    • Jessica S
      Jessica S Month ago +9

      just help out with older family! Call them and remind them. I do this with my 91 year old grandmother she thankfully still has the intelligence to understand. Now and then ask them "what do you do when you get a scam call"

    • Nancy Kay
      Nancy Kay Month ago

      I understand the patient thing. As soon as I hear it's a scammer on the phone I say something about their mother's heritage and hang up. LOL

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    Yaro Kasear Month ago

    I think it's great there's a lot of scambaiters like you looking out for folks.
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    Last one I’ve gotten was from the FBI about a package being seized

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    HAPPY LIFE 22 days ago

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    • Nigelnightmare
      Nigelnightmare Month ago

      The main problem is that he and others like him don't have law enforcement's backing and some serious (Permanent) punishments for the scammers,
      It might dissuade others from trying to scam people.

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