2015 Dyna Club Style


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  • justfine77777
    justfine77777 10 months ago

    What do they call those Harley wheels? Where can I get a set?

    • Matt st. thomas
      Matt st. thomas  10 months ago

      justfine77777 they’re stock Harley wheels. They’re called “Switch Blades.” I had powder coated black. You can get them through any Harley dealer.

  • bobby
    bobby 10 months ago


  • El Masquato
    El Masquato Year ago

    Don't bring that thing to California. You'll lose it in a sea of motorcycles that look exactly the same...

    • Matt st. thomas
      Matt st. thomas  Year ago

      El Masquato bike was sold and the dude totaled it. Most motorcycle trends start in California and head east.

  • Greezy_Chef
    Greezy_Chef Year ago


  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson Year ago


  • Trevor Gore
    Trevor Gore Year ago

    what bend are the pro taper bars?

  • Mike Greer
    Mike Greer Year ago

    Single front disk

  • Jared Green
    Jared Green 2 years ago

    Fuck yeah

  • Luis Arroyo
    Luis Arroyo 2 years ago

    How did you get the front joker machine turn signals on ? I wanna put mine below the lower triple tree also . Do I just loosen the triple tree clamps and let it slide down ? Or do I have to completely remove the tube from the wheel

  • Mach1Alex
    Mach1Alex 2 years ago +1

    How much

  • Huttunen Sami
    Huttunen Sami 2 years ago

    Nice ride!
    What is that fairing? That looks cool!

    • Don Jaun Demarco
      Don Jaun Demarco Year ago +1

      Thats a Harley fairing

    • Logan
      Logan Year ago

      Huttunen Sami It's probably Arlen Ness.

  • Jason Elliott
    Jason Elliott 2 years ago +13

    half these views are mine.

  • lazzyRJ
    lazzyRJ 2 years ago

    Nice! who makes that 2 into 1 and where did you pick it up from ?

    • Tits McGee
      Tits McGee 2 years ago

      lazzyrj1 bassani road rage

  • Savannah Fitzgerald
    Savannah Fitzgerald 3 years ago

    is that an fxdb? please let me know man

    • Tits McGee
      Tits McGee 2 years ago

      Savannah Fitzgerald yes. 2015 fxdb

  • Benjamin D
    Benjamin D 3 years ago

    i got the same bike stock! Nice bick bro! i love your exuast!

  • Matt st. thomas
    Matt st. thomas  3 years ago

    Forbidden motorcycles out California risers with pro taper bars. Joker machine front blinkers fork mount, heartland biker we are LEDs

    • Erik R Santos
      Erik R Santos 4 months ago

      Matt st. thomas ok I know this was a few years back... but what fairing did you go with?

  • Public Svenemy
    Public Svenemy 3 years ago

    So Nice!! I really want to know what Kind of risers those are

    • Tits McGee
      Tits McGee 2 years ago

      Public Svenemy forbidden motorcycles

  • Fan Boy
    Fan Boy 3 years ago

    Sick bike. Can't wait to get my dyna

    • Dragan M
      Dragan M 3 years ago

      Fan Boy get the S with the 110 motor, it's FAST.

  • Angel Ortiz
    Angel Ortiz 3 years ago

    What bar setup is that? Also like the license plate and turn signals. Let me know setup if you don't mind. Be safe and enjoy.

    • Tits McGee
      Tits McGee 2 years ago +1

      German Estrada 9 inch

    • German Estrada
      German Estrada 2 years ago

      Tits McGee what size riser

    • Tits McGee
      Tits McGee 2 years ago

      Angel Ortiz rear is heartland LED and front are joker machine. License plate mount is a kuryaken lay down

    • Tits McGee
      Tits McGee 2 years ago

      Angel Ortiz forbidden riser with pro taper contour bars