2/7 Never Seen (Не спится этой ночью мне) - animatic

  • Published on Aug 27, 2018
  • As the blizzard ceases and such a long day is replaced by a quiet night, allowing the lights from a silvery moon to illuminate the treetops of the dense forest, Alfred, the timid assistant of Professor Abronsius, performed a brave deed, having reached together with Professor to a humble inn of a man named Chagall, father of a beautiful girl Sarah, in which Alfred falls in love at first sight.
    In their rooms, lying in beds, Alfred and Sarah aren't asleep, they are dreaming about each other while strange things happen within the inn...
    - - - - - - - - - -
    Let me present to you the second addition to the Dance of the Batponies animatic series!
    This one is probably the longest video we’ve ever worked on, and it certainly took the biggest amount of time to finish comparing to our previous videos (8 months and 29 days). Working on it was pretty tedious at times, but still, we had plenty of fun creating this gigantic piece of “breaking all stereotypes of love songs” animatic.
    - Stu
    PREVIOUS ANIMATIC: ru-clip.com/video/95LPoD4TITs/video.html
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    THE CREDITS MUSIC was composed by a friend of mine, who wished to stay anonymous.

    I've never seen a girly smile
    Prettier than hers!
    How shyly he looked right at me
    That sweet, young guest!
    I cannot fall asleep tonight
    I am dreaming while awake
    I live only by dreams in silence
    I dream about you in the moonlight
    And call you.
    Such a lovely girl
    A boy more wonderful
    In the whole world
    I've never met in my life!
    What was that, my friend!?
    Hmph, what a strange sound!
    Perhaps I will have a look myself,
    Who's sneaking around here!
    What are you doing at such late hour?
    Ooh! Can I sit with you!
    I never seen a woman more diligent
    Never in my life!
    I cannot fall asleep tonight
    I'm burning like a fire!
    When will you come to me in silence?
    My soul is waiting without a breath
    When will you come right to me!
    You know of my ferocious temper!
    I will deal with you!
    You depraved gray-haired bastard!
    (An angel flying by the Earth,
    Such charmer with a gentle soul,
    Lover of female flesh,)
    There is no one prettier…
    There are no such people on Earth!
    My husband plays with fire
    He does not miss a skirt
    Shame, such shame!
    Who spends nights in foreign beds
    Will end up in the Devil's claws!
    What do I dream under the moon
    Can you or can't you guess?
    The day will come and you will come straight to me!
    (Next day will come and you will come to me again!)
    You are the embodiment of a dream come true
    You are my ideal
    You are my ideal...
    The hour has come...
    The hour has come...
    And if in my life love is destined to me
    Then it’s you!
    And this meeting will become our destiny.
    I know only with you
    I shall find peace
    And I will discover love
    Only with you...
    - - - - - - - - - -
    ► Copyright:
    We do not own the music featured in this video, only the art. This video was published for entertainment purposes only and we do not intend to gain any profit from it.
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  • Stuflox
    Stuflox  Year ago +196

    4:08 Boop!

  • Crayzzy
    Crayzzy 12 hours ago

    Какая красивая песня аж слезы текут, надо будет бабушке включить

  • Moon Shadow
    Moon Shadow 5 days ago

    Прекрасный мюзикл, больше бы таких

  • ender Pup
    ender Pup 6 days ago

    1:19 male fluttershy is adorable

  • Новатор Прогрессивный

    Я один здесь не понимаю, что это за персонажы такие?
    Что это за мукофикация Твайлайт и Флаттершай?

  • Джейна Дрестирун

    Когда будут все части?!😉🤔👍🖤💜💙❤💛💚🧡❤

  • David Sebby
    David Sebby 3 months ago

    Poor poor professor.

  • Cure Starlight
    Cure Starlight 4 months ago +1

    This is both really cute & really funny

  • Corrina Floraline
    Corrina Floraline 4 months ago

    It's so beautiful, funny, but beautiful, and romantic, I do wish they speak English, so I hear themspeak English instead of...whatever they're speaking of.

  • White Wizard
    White Wizard 4 months ago +1

    Вы по настоящему фанаты своего дела, спасибо!

  • Vitaliy Vorobey
    Vitaliy Vorobey 4 months ago

    2:22 This has to be the best freeze frame here

  • Anannya nair
    Anannya nair 5 months ago

    Is that pinkie pie

  • AnimatronicClover
    AnimatronicClover 5 months ago

    I WISH I could buy this soundtrack on iTunes...I need to hear it more...;~;

  • Xaos
    Xaos 5 months ago

    Ах, какая милота. Надо бы чаще пересматривать.

  • Ruslan Vorobey
    Ruslan Vorobey 5 months ago +1

    As for the end... window is open... what can possibly go wrong?
    Plus I fell sorry for proffesser

  • Акира Марсель

    Это прекрасно
    Знать бы откуда песня

    SAMPLE TEXST 5 months ago

    Наконец то русиш!

  • tik tak
    tik tak 6 months ago +1

    Oh my, this is absolutely AMAZING ♡. Amazing work!

  • Ismira Merowingowie
    Ismira Merowingowie 7 months ago

    Are you from Russia?

  • Soraia Trindade
    Soraia Trindade 7 months ago

    Omg, this is so cool, is the older mare Queen Chrysalis? She reminds me of her, but I don't know who the other pony with Granny Smith was

  • Christopher Lloyd
    Christopher Lloyd 7 months ago

    Пересмотрел снова, очень уж классно получилось.

  • Overlord Sombra
    Overlord Sombra 8 months ago

    what is this from?

  • Ленивая чайка

    Это больше похоже на PMV, а не на аниматик. Это видео очень проработано , а эти фоны :'D

  • bunnii
    bunnii 8 months ago

    Im curious where the professer disappeared to at 2:07 was it another room?

    • Stuflox
      Stuflox  8 months ago +1

      The cellar with plenty of wine :D

  • vazak11
    vazak11 8 months ago

    Great work!

  • Hierony
    Hierony 8 months ago +3

    Twilight waking up with that Rusian talk was funny as hell. XD
    From which musical is this?

    • Asi Asi
      Asi Asi 12 days ago

      Dance of the Vampires

  • Altos
    Altos 8 months ago

    Beautiful! Truly beautiful!

  • LiVin Pie
    LiVin Pie 8 months ago +2

    Мой лайк снимает с видео и не у меня одного. Я уверен, что на этом великолепии больше 50к лайков на самом деле)

  • Sir Aijin
    Sir Aijin 9 months ago +1

    жду нежную скрипку~

  • Phoenix J.
    Phoenix J. 9 months ago +1

    Wow this is phenomenal. You are your team did such a great job with this. I haven’t watched Tanz in 2 years mainly because I’m not a huge fan of it but this is one of my favorite songs from it mainly because of all the harmonies and all the stuff that happens in it (especially Rebecca beating the professor over the head 😂).

  • Phoenix Drake
    Phoenix Drake 9 months ago

    Absolutely beautiful! Love the animation and the designs of all of the characters. Also, a bit of lulz as well. Hope to see more soon. :)

  • Holly Hamilton
    Holly Hamilton 9 months ago

    Sarah sucks but this song is cute

  • Никита Гуляков
    Никита Гуляков 10 months ago +1

    Когда у картошечки анимация становится лучше:
    Оставил второй коммент через три месяца в порыве настольгии и ассоциаций... Просто вспомнил одновременно микс юджина и твой мем с картошкой...

  • Anastasia Night Angel
    Anastasia Night Angel 11 months ago

    Прикинула следующие песни...
    3 - "Прибытие в замок фон Кролока" (первое, что мне приходит на ум)
    4 - "Кромешная Тьма" (боже, я обожаю эту песню)
    5 - "Как нежная скрипка" (а как же иначе?! Уже хочу услышать, как Герберт спросит с улыбкой "Набегался"?)
    6 - не помню, как называется песня, но ее поют все вампиры на балу, + реприза Кромешной Тьмы, когда фон Кролок кусает Сару.
    7 - эээ... на ваше усмотрение! Но, наверное реприза "За горизонтом" вроде так песня называется, где в конце Альфред и Сара сбегают...
    А что, по-моему неплохо)

  • Anastasia Night Angel
    Anastasia Night Angel 11 months ago +2

    "Мальчик, уже три часа ночи, почему до сих пор не спишь?!"... "Awww" - меня вынесло!
    "God, no"... "I hate my life"... "Господи, уйди нафиг" - вынесло повторно! XDDD

  • Kiaraxer Collie :3
    Kiaraxer Collie :3 11 months ago


  • Anastasia Night Angel
    Anastasia Night Angel 11 months ago +3

    Бедный профессор) Всего-то вышел посмотреть, кто шумит в коридоре, а в итоге провалился в подпол и получил по голове скалкой) А его помощник парил в любовных облаках)

  • Akatsuki ROCKSTAR
    Akatsuki ROCKSTAR 11 months ago

    Flutter guy is the best!

  • Mackenzie Henninger
    Mackenzie Henninger 11 months ago

    All dees vids makin my ship meter go thru da roof

  • Xaos
    Xaos Year ago

    Спасибо, это было потрясающе! Впрочем как всегда.

  • Харви
    Харви Year ago

    Откуда? Я мюзикл заценю

  • Ксюша Шаронова

    Великолепно! А дальше будет подобное ?

    • Stuflox
      Stuflox  Year ago

      Спасибо! Будет

  • Horizon Flyer
    Horizon Flyer Year ago +1


  • Red Leader
    Red Leader Year ago

    wait, so why is he holding a sponge.....?
    awesome animatic tho, id love to see more of it~!!!

    • Red Leader
      Red Leader Year ago

      oh np! but.... why would she give him a sponge....? tbh maybe i should just watch/read the original if i wanna understand, shouldnt i?

    • Stuflox
      Stuflox  Year ago +1

      Sarah/Pinkie gave it to him.
      Thank you^^

  • Анастасия Степанова

    Мне нравится😊

  • Kathryn Knight
    Kathryn Knight Year ago

    Finally! A love song that's both romantic and funny! And the sudden appearance of Count Chocula; C-R-E-E-P-Y. Very well done!

  • Jade Rush
    Jade Rush Year ago

    I'm in love with the art style. These males are gorgeous.
    Also, I've been meaning to watch this musical for a while now. So is it dubbed to Russian then? I knew it was like German or something...not sure about any of that though.
    I have only one question here:
    /yeah, I also have no idea, what the musical is about (apart from the dancing vampires, duh) :D/

  • Antonina Szczerba

    This is too cute x3

  • Senctero
    Senctero Year ago +1

    Ну и в целом я думаю что у черта в когтях будет намного безопаснее чем в копытах данной леди =)

  • tom k
    tom k Year ago

    Ples upírů je nejlepší good work Im from Czek republick, ples you make continue

  • Серша
    Серша Year ago

    Ваши анимации просто нечто! Я залипла. Постоянно пересматриваю и вдохновляюсь. А это тоже из какого-то мюзикла?

    • Stuflox
      Stuflox  Year ago

      Мюзикл Бал Вампиров

  • FluFflE WaRrioR44
    FluFflE WaRrioR44 Year ago +2

    •0• I thought the world had forgotten about this musical
    This is really beautifully! I love the designs and your art style in general :3

  • raininess
    raininess Year ago

    Gosh, I love your drawing style, so cute.

  • Blue Apple 299
    Blue Apple 299 Year ago

    О да!!!! Обожаю шипп Флаттершай и Пинки!!!!😍😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Анастасия Кулинич

    Вауууу!!!!! Как круто!!!!!

  • Таня Иванова


  • •Demonic Raven•

    Бож эта песня из моего любимого мюзикла!!!♡♡♡

  • Деревянный стол

    Не знаю почему, но мне куда интереснее было наблюдать за "бабулей Смит", "Гранд Пеа" и его женой. Реально ржала.

  • Lulmi
    Lulmi Year ago +1

    Спасибо огромное, что продолжаете делать анимации по русским мюзиклам

  • вова ч
    вова ч Year ago

    Бровисимо! Мой идиал - это такие креативные и интерестные видео как ваши.