Donald Trump Is Like, Really Not Smart

  • Published on Jan 9, 2018
  • The President proclaimed his genius on the platform where our society's foremost intellectuals exchange revolutionary ideas: Twitter.
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Comments • 2 127

  • Hoodoo Man
    Hoodoo Man 15 hours ago

    The real problem is the electorate. When you have people who will actively and enthusiastically vote for an obvious moron, there will inevitably be problems. And is one reason why a dictatorship is sometimes preferable.

  • Chad Taylor
    Chad Taylor 4 days ago

    Bet trumps IQ is higher than Colbert's ratings, it's sad he can't talk about a democrat, that clownshow Is truly funny but no we have to listen to the same stale crap 5 nights a week, he better hope Trump is reelected or he will have nothing to preach about, proof a totally ignorant person can put on a nice suit and land a job he is incapable of pulling off, but will say or do anything to keep it, the bias bullshit you spit out makes you a small person who will always attack people who don't share your beliefs, can't believe you lasted this long with the dnc writing your jokes

  • arnauuu1
    arnauuu1 7 days ago

    You can mock him all you like, criticize him all you like, foam all you like... But at the end of the day here are the facts:
    - He has an IQ of over 150. That indeed makes him ALMOST a genius.
    - He is a successful businessman and billionaire.
    - he is the President of the United States.
    Man, I wish I was not very smart like him...

  • Bill Baldwin
    Bill Baldwin 9 days ago

    I am truly fearful for this country. This hideous human is in charge. Incompetent. Corrupt. UnChristian. Where does it end???

  • David Leach
    David Leach 9 days ago

    Well jokes on them because trump is the best president

  • Charles Jay
    Charles Jay 17 days ago

    Trump has ruined the relationship between the U.S. and the rest of the world,,,,,look what happened with China, Europe, Canada, the middle east,,,,Mexico....and every where else in this world,,,,,,I say it's time to get him out of office,,,,# impeach trump...

  • Falyn Brown
    Falyn Brown 18 days ago

    4:28 and that safe word was "democracy"

  • Falyn Brown
    Falyn Brown 18 days ago

    And my, like, greatest assets have been childish ignorance, and hope for a better world later on.

  • Cornelius Tacitus
    Cornelius Tacitus 19 days ago

    Trump is an extremely stable genius.

  • Ireallyreally Hategoogle

    Very successful business man that lost billions of dollars and managed to lose money with a casino.

  • Razamanaz
    Razamanaz 23 days ago

    He’s done it again last weel, lying about beeing «a stable genious» 🤦‍♂️🍑🤡👶🏻.. When is this sh*t enough 😜🤪😜🤯

  • Hannele Kahkonen
    Hannele Kahkonen 23 days ago

    Shut up stephan.. I picked my artistic career at the age of 2 what the hell were you doing at that age? As far as religion goes I don't really give a damn about it and politics is pointless/endless game that makes no one happy albeit useless to even try to explain to you what matters anymore... so I say which century do you live in because even I'm going whats the fucking point!

  • Carolyn Grinberg
    Carolyn Grinberg 24 days ago

    Colbert reading tweets, especially "dot dot dot", is my sure-fire laugh inducer.

  • Ayan Ray Baruah
    Ayan Ray Baruah Month ago

    It's just like all the Real Geniuses of the World declaring all the time that, "We Are Really Smart"

  • Mickey McGowan
    Mickey McGowan Month ago

    It was patriotic.. not for america

  • Hugo Lalumiere
    Hugo Lalumiere Month ago

    Trump's tweets are roller coasters of insight and fun... like... really smart insight and fun!

  • Hugo Gebauer
    Hugo Gebauer Month ago +1

    Trump quotes in other professions plse lol

  • Smoke of Spades
    Smoke of Spades Month ago

    Like, really?

  • B K
    B K Month ago

    Its mental instability and not really smart!

  • Seth Brewster
    Seth Brewster 2 months ago

    lmao trump playin these talk show hosts, they dont even realise it!

  • abhishek yadav
    abhishek yadav 2 months ago +1

    I think Americans wanted an entertaining president !!!😂😂😂😂😂

  • Uaine Diabhal
    Uaine Diabhal 2 months ago

    Long after Trump & his sub-human trash pals are crucified, we need to make sure that Trump gets a reality t.v. show; just about him existing. You couldn't make this shit up

  • Rey Marion Cabag
    Rey Marion Cabag 2 months ago

    Colbert is a very evil man .children and learners should not watch will destroy their minds and values

  • Rey Marion Cabag
    Rey Marion Cabag 2 months ago

    His words are full of negatives anf disrespect...

  • Rey Marion Cabag
    Rey Marion Cabag 2 months ago

    This host looks like an n d world this man is allowed in the media industry n d US

  • ivyanne647
    ivyanne647 2 months ago

    Why don't trump worry about the president of Mexico instead of the innocent scared people...? No he rather drive me coo hoo..damn this is not right

  • James Dick
    James Dick 2 months ago

    4:10 why the hell is he referring to himself in the third person? oh yeah, because he's, like, really smart and mentally stable enough to to that, and to not do so would be, like, not really smart.

  • Chris Lee
    Chris Lee 2 months ago

    Constantly has to keep telling people that he is smart and stable.... because he knows that he is anything but......

  • Greg Grimer
    Greg Grimer 2 months ago

    So how did he win the Presidency against ALL the odds?

    He said he would win and he won. First the Rep Nomination and then the Presidential Race.

    All the "clever" people said it was impossible.

    So Trump clearly has something the "clever" people don't have. There is no argument against a fact. And it is a fact that he is the POTUS.

    How did he do that?

  • Purple Rain
    Purple Rain 2 months ago +1

    Ds and fs

  • Abel Aguilar
    Abel Aguilar 2 months ago


  • jdogg661420
    jdogg661420 3 months ago

    cant wait till 2020 meltdown from commies and lefties.

  • Kenny Gooswit
    Kenny Gooswit 3 months ago

    If you look at what happened to the Berlin Wall, than you know that walls doesnot work!

  • Wolfgang Ebenbichler
    Wolfgang Ebenbichler 3 months ago

    The comparison with the surgeon does not quiet fit, unless the patient was questioning his campabilitys?

  • Rand-Tor {Tim Mungin}
    Rand-Tor {Tim Mungin} 3 months ago

    You Can't Make up this Kind of STUPID!

  • B S
    B S 3 months ago

    Trump 2020 :)

  • hard rode
    hard rode 4 months ago

    Stable genius... Will never get old as the most opposing memory of the D.J.T. regime.

  • Pohai Abihai
    Pohai Abihai 4 months ago

    Thrumpturds........ idiot

  • Morgan Foley
    Morgan Foley 4 months ago

    The magic of television the tv made trump look smart and rich on Apprentice firing people making paying for pornstars he must had to pay them for sex and anther payment to keep them quiet it’s just so Magical

  • Patricia Gamber
    Patricia Gamber 4 months ago

    Trump is a chump of a punk

  • Doug In Texas
    Doug In Texas 4 months ago

    Trump is so smart, you idiots don't even realize you're losing.

  • Dorth Surreal
    Dorth Surreal 4 months ago

    Fuck u all

  • Dorth Surreal
    Dorth Surreal 4 months ago

    Feure Trump is screaming about his Border Wall, and Americans are Freezing to Death.

  • Rachel Dewinata
    Rachel Dewinata 4 months ago +1


    Me: Oooh, what is- /sees Trump/
    Never mind.

  • juju bone
    juju bone 4 months ago +1

    this host is terrible

  • Vance Gilbert
    Vance Gilbert 4 months ago

    Even a year later, it sounds like he could have tweeted that yesterday.

  • David Lloyd-Jones
    David Lloyd-Jones 4 months ago +1

    To understand Trump's business ability, Google up "Trump, Plaza Hotel," and then follow the thread of your choice. Spoiler alert: he loses the hotel. His wife and children. His yacht and airline. And his father's and grandfather's fortunes.
    Then he gets a job in television, playing the part of a loud fake businessman. No acting needed.

  • Joel Carli
    Joel Carli 4 months ago

    (on my first try)
    (if you ignore every other time I ran for presidency)

  • Ob1 Keno2
    Ob1 Keno2 4 months ago

    dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot

  • Brigada JAH
    Brigada JAH 5 months ago

    Errbody here needs to shut up. Yerr prez has got werrds, the BEST werrds!!

  • Jim Pankey
    Jim Pankey 5 months ago

    Definitely not genius, nor even 'really smart.' I agree with sidd joshi; Trump is an unstable lunatic. Dangerous.

  • kewl malibu
    kewl malibu 5 months ago

    Lots smarter than this pedafile tranny colbert.

  • marc denomme
    marc denomme 5 months ago +1

    Trump talks like a retarded valley girl , like I'm really really smart, like I'm a genius, he does have really fantastic bad ideas though.

  • L A
    L A 5 months ago

    "Stable genius" is oxy-moronic. Geniuses are rarely stable.Trump is neither stable, nor a genius. Moronic, maybe.

  • Adetunde Babs’s
    Adetunde Babs’s 5 months ago

    Oh Trump you make it so easy for people to make you the butt of very joke in the book, maybe if your weren’t such a moronic fool and a public liability maybe people would not be so harsh on you but I doubt that, and time and time again, you have placed yourself in the position for ridicule and insults.

  • Marco Alves
    Marco Alves 5 months ago


  • Songs Mirth
    Songs Mirth 5 months ago

    That tweet you're talking about at 2:10? It was written by Barron. It's how teens talk using the word, "like." Barron writes a lot of Trump's tweets at times. Don has to have an assistant and he uses his poor son. I know this because my students use to use that word all the time. Some of them and it drove me crazy! lol But only some. Others thought it was stupid. I think this is Barron rebelling against what his Father keeps asking him to do. "If you love me you'll write my tweets," kind of deal. Poor kid not being able to tell anyone about it. :( Trump can't write or spell well so he uses other people. Can't you tell by the tones of the various tweets? They aren't all written by one person. And you'll never see him tweet in public because of this. Barron is probably getting ready to go to school when he helps his Dad. It's so very sad because Barron can't tell anyone about it. Tell them how ignorant his Father really is. Trump just never learned and hasn't bothered TO learn. Like what you say about him getting bored over the reading of the Constitution. He has NO patience for learning and just fakes or lies about it. If you look up his grades you'll find he was a terrible student. He's actually proud of the fact that he socked his second grade teacher in the stomach! I taught for decades and I've never known a student who wasn't special needs, to hurt a teacher! Ever! And he forced Tony Schwartz to keep that story in the book Tony was writing for Trump called, "The Art of the Deal." It's here on RU-clip Tony talking about that. He said he decided to speak out when Trump announced he was running for President and then he told the audience HE"D written the book when Tony had! That's when Tony decided to speak out about what really happened. In the 18 months Tony was in the Trump apartment he said he never saw ONE BOOK! Trump hates to read. And he likes being ignorant. He really does! He has his own wall. A wall that nothing can penetrate. You don't tell him what to do because in Trump World he knows everything. And he's drinking again. He really is a mentally sick man who now is letting Mexican kids die because they are being kept in such cramped quarters with NO HEAT and only those silver looking blankets. This is the second child who has died and more are going to follow. :( Songs

  • Carolyn Grinberg
    Carolyn Grinberg 5 months ago

    You ought to win a prize for your rendition of "dot dot dot, dot dot."

  • Jodell Kester Seegobin
    Jodell Kester Seegobin 5 months ago

    Somebody needs to do a video of just Stephen Colbert reading all those Trump tweets LOL!

  • Danny Rodriguez
    Danny Rodriguez 6 months ago

    A genious...really? He is just a cheeseburger ass smelling fart that keeps roaches busy by practicing his monolouge that much like the morons that believed him, he has also has a degree to speak like a roach & then act like one..
    a real genious huh?

  • liberty Ann
    liberty Ann 6 months ago

    Our "stable genius" is a horse's a$$.

  • da ne
    da ne 6 months ago

    He hasn't lost his mind his skills or his understanding what is required of a president just was never matched. He's been a business type CEO with limited influence on his businesses. He's overwhelmed by the job he's not qualified for.

  • Mohammed Yusuf
    Mohammed Yusuf 6 months ago

    2 years have gone by and he still there...
    That I do not understand..

  • Handsoff
    Handsoff 6 months ago

    Trump thinks he is Stephen Hawking

  • Jed Don
    Jed Don 6 months ago

    America is great because of our Bill of Rights , Constitution and laws; this makes it so attractive to immigrants. Why would
    foreigners be so attracted to our country if it were a place in need of reform? It is the prosperity that has been created
    under our system of government that they are attracted to. Be happy to be here and assimilate! Complaining about
    prosperity and opportunity just sounds dumb. Leave dumb behind.

  • patricia lafountain
    patricia lafountain 6 months ago

    Actually Trump your mental stability isn't stable, your brain is totally impaired. Please go to nearest psyc ward.

  • Al Loomis
    Al Loomis 7 months ago +1

    a nation that has endured and re-elected george w bush is not well-placed to sneer at trump. trump at least has not destroyed the middle east. not yet.

  • kkk
    kkk 7 months ago +1

    smarter then your whore of ya mom that died 🕺🏻🎉🎈🥃 i hope this waist of human space circus 🎪 🤡 dies next hurry up and die aleady walking 4 eye corpes 👊🏼

  • Seditia Rose
    Seditia Rose 7 months ago

    ...nuggets of “ohmigawd”. 🙃

  • jeshua figge
    jeshua figge 7 months ago

    IT wasnt even his First try...didnt He try it at the Turn of the century or sumting like dat

  • Kevin T
    Kevin T 7 months ago

    An I the only one getting worried for Stephen's mental health? He has been getting really stressed, and every now and then seems broken. I hope he stays okay-the warranty ran out just as the president got elected, so we can't get a new one.

  • John Doel
    John Doel 7 months ago

    I God give the girl from charmed and the black women for #metoo miramax pictures all copyright s to all movies including Quentin tarantino the enabler of Harvey Weinstein. iMr bill gates can you make sure these women recurve miramax and all it owns love 🐝 beetle Heartbreath and The Grand God Of Everything

  • digithead100
    digithead100 7 months ago

    hey stephen
    you still trying to get into comedy???

  • Arsen Oganesyan
    Arsen Oganesyan 7 months ago

    He is not stable and psichiologli sick he'll start amorgedom in whole word ww3;,that's what this stupid will start

  • Steve Lee
    Steve Lee 7 months ago

    I'm a Trump supporter and I find this funny

  • Marisa Hahn
    Marisa Hahn 7 months ago +1

    "Dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, ....!" LOL

  • Josue Pina
    Josue Pina 7 months ago

    I’m covered and protected by robots. How smart are robots? Is that a question?

  • Josue Pina
    Josue Pina 7 months ago

    I’ll watch some Colbert Report.

  • Phil S
    Phil S 8 months ago

    Why cant Mary J Blige sing to Trump??

  • Ian
    Ian 8 months ago

    How do "we" know anything inside the book: Fire and Fury, is even true though?

  • Ammu25ful
    Ammu25ful 8 months ago

    Trump needs to hire an editor for his tweets :P

  • hacksawtheonly
    hacksawtheonly 8 months ago +1

    The late show is like really not funny. Totally one dimensional.

  • MrTopman12
    MrTopman12 8 months ago +1

    only grossly demented people could or would find you amusing! YOU DEMONIAC TRASH!

  • Enviro Geologist
    Enviro Geologist 8 months ago

    Trump is stupid, but slightly smarter than his followers. He is the Pied Piper of Dumb People.

  • Bernice Panders
    Bernice Panders 8 months ago

    3:05 - I know 80% of Americans have a no-term memory & forgot your 2016 campaign already, but this is FAR from your "first try"! At this point, maybe contact Guinness World Records to give you the award for most pathological LIAR ever to be President!! 🏆

  • MrBenjamino
    MrBenjamino 8 months ago +1

    Ya boy don't like Trump, bnut boy you really pull off a horrible impersonation, and you clearly think its good.

  • Anthony Le Tang
    Anthony Le Tang 8 months ago

    Man, will you give it up?

  • Justin V
    Justin V 8 months ago

    Our nation is in a very sad place right now. The man who holds the position of president is so inept and narcissistic that he considers the Constitution to be less important than what he will be eating for dinner. As president, his job is to protect and uphold the CONSTITUTION, which includes the Bill of Rights. The idiot doesn't even know the Constitutional amendments. He is without a doubt the least qualified president in the history of the United States. To make matters worse, he is clearly a sociopath suffering from severe narcissism and delusions of grandeur.

  • madmojo 1999
    madmojo 1999 8 months ago

    lets see Trump is a celebrity Billionaire playboy President and Stevo here makes a living talking about him ..........whos the stupid one again?

  • Kevin Hoffman
    Kevin Hoffman 8 months ago

    me thinks me smellith treason saith Robert Mueller !

  • a9cynthia
    a9cynthia 8 months ago +1


  • The Reckoner
    The Reckoner 9 months ago

    True, and Stephen Colbert is a stable genius.

  • Sonny
    Sonny 9 months ago

    Trump sounds like a teenage girl when he tweets

    EVIE ILES 9 months ago


    EVIE ILES 9 months ago


  • Three Leaf Clover
    Three Leaf Clover 9 months ago

    Fuck You.

    Tootsie rolls are delicious

  • Richard Sanchez
    Richard Sanchez 9 months ago

    A lot of people didn't consent the "majority" did not consent

  • Richard Sanchez
    Richard Sanchez 9 months ago

    Well if you want to go that route a lot of people have become president on their first try Obama did as well so did Washington Reagan Bush jr. Bush senior I think even. that would mean that there have always been presidents that have had two terms in order for his statement to only apply to him

  • Debbie Henri
    Debbie Henri 9 months ago

    Ha ha - no, this Stephen Colbert is mentally stable and really smart - and I don't mean 'like' really smart: that is orange wax and disappointment. Very funny chap. Only come across him on RU-clip a couple of times very recently. Some real gems to be found in your country!

  • Treava M
    Treava M 9 months ago

    You and your writers and John, camera crew are unbelievable!!😂 Sometimes I try not to laugh and just don't make it!