Sci-Fi Short Film "Dr. Easy" presented by DUST

  • Published on Aug 26, 2017
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    "Dr. Easy" by Shynola
    Michael (Tom Hollander) is a broken man with a gun, surrounded by armed police. A robot with a medical degree is dispatched -but can it save him?
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Comments • 598

  • Allen Wilson
    Allen Wilson 22 hours ago

    A perfect example of what the family court system does to fathers around the world. Oh, you make this much a year but your child support and alimony payments will be half of that and if you're lucky you get to see your kids every other weekend. 50/50 placement should be the starting point, not something you need to hire lawyers to try and get.

  • Roberto Gusman Per_se Memory

    Um autómato com crise existencial, haja terapia 👍😃

  • Cis White Dad
    Cis White Dad Day ago

    Feet In the Air, Head On the Ground
    By: Frederick Swan
    The Curator was ancient beyond measure. He had spent a dozen lifetimes looking after the relics of Earth. Preserving her history for anyone who might care to visit. But he was alone. So desperately alone.
    He stood atop the Empire State Building, overlooking a verdant field in all directions which terminated in a blue expanse. His receding hairline and worm like mustache detracted from a face that might otherwise be described as handsome.
    He was done. Thousands of years in isolation is no way for any being to live, even if he is an artificial creature. He still has emotions, thoughts, needs.
    The Curator stood on the edge staring down into oblivion. Such sweet release could be his. Millenia of lonely torment, gone in a final burst of excitement; a sensation he rarely felt anymore. He extended a foot over the ledge, allowing it to dangle out in space. Tantalizing. Beckoning. The Curator leaned slowly into the wind that swirled around him so high in the air. Finally he felt his center of gravity reach the point of no return, and his frail, living body tumbled end over end, sending sensations of falling, dizziness, coursing through his body. Air rushed by his face so fast, he could scarcely take a breath as it roared in his ears like a monster named Death, come to give him the respite he so desperately longed for.
    His body hit the ground with a wet slap. A sound that one never forgets their entire life if they hear the sickening sound once.
    His mangled body lay there, broken and bleeding. The life squeezed from within.
    After a time, the main entrance opened and a balding man with a worm like mustache wearing a janitors overalls came out with a body bag, and various cleaning implements. He carefully placed the Curator in the bag, then moved him aside and began to wash the sidewalk which ran just around the perimeter of the building. When he was finished, he placed the body bag on a gurney and wheeled it into the building. His thoughts of existential dread only temporarily abated... tomorrow he would jump again. And the next day. And the next... until he found his peace.

  • Bat Fink
    Bat Fink 3 days ago

    Wrong, my body will end up dust, my consciousness is eternal.

  • John Chase
    John Chase 4 days ago

    I really want to see more of this one DUST. Please make this a series.

  • 8alot4t
    8alot4t 5 days ago

    Ah - am I seeing two familiar British actors here? One from the Office. Very professional and an original idea. But sadly the underlying paradox is there as usual. Mental illness or break down under pressure confronted by what is intended, I presume, to be a neutral, non judgemental robotic medic come negotiator on one side and a squad of heavily armed police officer on the other are highly likely to bring about a peaceful end to such a desperate situation. Interesting, though not at all, yet practical or believable scenario.

  • oneyetiger
    oneyetiger 7 days ago

    Nice polite robot.

  • Occult Barbecue
    Occult Barbecue 7 days ago +1

    Dont get married.

  • ALLinALL-Good
    ALLinALL-Good 8 days ago

    The estranged ex husband was put through a traumatic Agenda-21 style government backed misandrous divorce machine. A immoral state sponsored women's advocacy group helped coach and advise a false accusations strategy to his former wife in order for her to win the custody battle at all costs. His expensive *State* BAR private Attorney told him she would never procure relocating his three year old over 2000 miles away. But counsel reassurance was merely a ruse meant to extract the most money from a desperate dad trying to stay connected to his sons life. Ultimately, the defeated father developed a drug and alcohol addiction, which he used to self-medicate his emotional suffering. Eventually, it effectively caused him to lose touch with his sane former law abiding self. As a result of having gone through the financially devastating and physiologically maddening experience, he essentially lost the will to live. Robot, power down... *Game Over*

  • Fudong Chen
    Fudong Chen 9 days ago


  • Koutetsu Jeeg
    Koutetsu Jeeg 10 days ago +1

    This robot really need Asimov's laws of robotics!
    I really like this short.

    • Presumptuous Pseudonym
      Presumptuous Pseudonym 8 days ago

      Thing is in real life a robot isnt as strong as you might think. A human can easily damage and man handle a robot with little trouble as you see when he pushes it over. So really a realistic robot built for that purpose would have little capability to over power and save a human about to harm themselves, and a robot built so it COULD do that would appear alot more threatening.

  • Kate Perry
    Kate Perry 11 days ago

    Everyone is commenting about the person screaming "murderer" in the background... it wasn't in the captions so I missed it

  • SmartK8
    SmartK8 15 days ago

    They should've made him smaller with big cute eyes and a more childish voice.

  • Tanoshisa Art
    Tanoshisa Art 17 days ago +1

    OMG michael is Cutler Beckett from pirate of the caribbean

  • chubey2370
    chubey2370 18 days ago

    Another good one

  • Robin Cryderman
    Robin Cryderman 19 days ago

    Im a little confused, but that’s a good thing!
    I found myself humans actually sound that “flat” when we (or I) try to speak calmly & empathetically to a person in crisis?
    Ive noticed while watching certain types of shows that the dialogue between the intervenor & the subject during the crisis is often a riposte of cliche. There’s a lack of originality when it comes to expressing care/trauma exchanges.
    I think if I hear that “time/essence” thing ever again .....😱😱😱
    Thus the manner of Dr Easy’s speech, composed often of phrases direct from a training manual, & delivered without the physical/facial texts of the human body attached, becomes somehow “flattened” to this human, &, I believe, to that poor, messed-up guy with the hole in his face.
    Well done! That’s quite an existential punch in under 8 minutes. How do we trust the artificial intellegence’s ability to act without prejudice or deceit because it lacks emotion/emotive behaviour, when that is the very thing traumatized humans crave?
    So thanx Dr Easy! You made this human calm & contemplative. (without pharmaceuticals)
    ps. Notice in this shortish comment I managed to do what I criticize! It’s everywhere.

  • Bob or Ann
    Bob or Ann 21 day ago

    The Robot Failed in it's directive.

  • lw216316
    lw216316 22 days ago

    excellent special effects.....I prefer a happy ending

  • Nalini Hembrom
    Nalini Hembrom 22 days ago

    Trying to make us all slaves with their million dollar projects. The more we see the more we believe, the more we believe the more they win. These are not just movies but path on which they want our future generations to walk. Where should we find the strength to take the world the whole world to a more beautiful place and not where they want to lead us to.

  • Anouar Krassimovich
    Anouar Krassimovich 24 days ago

    what touched me the most was the situation of the man. how many men are in this situation nowadays? judges almost always rule in favor of the wife when there are children. the husband ends up alone AND having to pay alimony. and it's not like the alimony is re-evaluated when she gets a new boyfriend who earns twice what the husband owns.... poor guy i get him

  • Maya S
    Maya S 25 days ago

    i need that robot!!

  • Greg Blesch
    Greg Blesch 26 days ago

    When the family gets the bill from the government for the use of medical robot services, they may very likely to do the same thing that Michael did! "Today's word boys and girls is

  • Zach Krocka
    Zach Krocka 27 days ago

    Shynola! I love it. Knew immediately what it wasn't going to be. Kudos, and keep up the good work!

  • Kitten Lyric
    Kitten Lyric 28 days ago

    no back story no proper ending, these are starting to frustrate because it is like watching a few minutes of the middle of a movie

  • Janet Deloach
    Janet Deloach Month ago

    The android didn't have anything to do with the man's ending. This is what was meant to be. I hope the android doesn't have bad dreams. Intense and well made movie.

  • Mike Androi
    Mike Androi Month ago

    The cop in this was the same guy who was in an episode of "HOUSE" where he was faking an injury to his voice and Dr House tried to get him to speak. Finally heard what he sounds like!

  • Marcus Foxelhaus
    Marcus Foxelhaus Month ago


  • southnyourmind
    southnyourmind Month ago

    Sort of like Detroit, becoming human? Except for.. I want more in this case. Man, this was way too short. Make a movie. Keep the robot voice actor the same.. man. This was awesome. I loved it.

  • John Phillips
    John Phillips Month ago

    Humans are inferior.............

  • The King of Poland
    The King of Poland Month ago

    This sort of thing wouldn't happen if there weren't family and divorce court systems.

  • CSharp
    CSharp Month ago

    Robot has a better bedside manner than some human doctors I've known.

  • DD Andrews
    DD Andrews Month ago

    The robot could've been programmed and used to save him regardless of him wanting to die. The whole mini sci fi is depressing, but enlightening at the same time.

  • nickthelick
    nickthelick Month ago

    It's Neil's dad... what a bender!

  • Inu Yasha
    Inu Yasha Month ago

    By the name of the Queen: stop marry and reproduce, or you will end like this poor soul! Don't be a quack, be a 🏳️‍🌈! ☪️ will replace your unborn kids in labor, so your pension will be guaranteed!

  • HaloNoobGrunt
    HaloNoobGrunt Month ago

    wowwwwww excellent short!! really well made!!

  • NanoStorm
    NanoStorm Month ago

    I want a robot like this, "he" looks like very empathic

  • highlandrab19
    highlandrab19 Month ago

    God that machine speaks so much idealistic shit

  • The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight Month ago +3

    Impressive short video.
    I like Dr.Easy.
    People these days need someone non judgmental to talk to because we are all scared and paranoid of being judged.
    Robots will prove to be our best friends in the near future.
    Because most humans have failed to show virtues.
    Humans are unintelligent and judgemental.
    Everyone needs Spock for a friend.

  • Teragarm 83
    Teragarm 83 Month ago


  • Alexander Molina
    Alexander Molina 2 months ago

    Aw his son... Funny thing I just talk 2 my son, what is the Coincidence of that. And I can feel his pain about his ex wife!! Want more don’t end!! Hahaha!!

  • unholy ascension
    unholy ascension 2 months ago

    damn i liked this and that robot wondered what he wanted that the robot figured out

  • Irina-Ildiko Csapo
    Irina-Ildiko Csapo 2 months ago

    Female here: I know this is about an empathic robot, but if Rachel doesn't answer your call, just move on, man.

  • Pınar Kahriman
    Pınar Kahriman 2 months ago

    Congratulations, video is exceptional

  • Pyro Snickenson
    Pyro Snickenson 2 months ago

    Man, these shorts are really cool!

  • Bold Persian Immortal
    Bold Persian Immortal 2 months ago

    Someone find out why that Judge gave such a high alimony, and took his kids away from him.

  • V1Gibby
    V1Gibby 2 months ago

    We need one of those

  • Tracy Keyes
    Tracy Keyes 2 months ago

    How heartbreaking! Very well done DUST!

  • Matt NA
    Matt NA 2 months ago

    On the plus side, the robot presents no risks to humans should it be placed in a situation like that. Not too many people can say they have been in a room with a fiery explosion and walked out unharmed.

  • Matt NA
    Matt NA 2 months ago

    Would love to know more about why the guy got into his mess in the first place!

  • Peekofwar
    Peekofwar 2 months ago +1

    What if we had robots like this?

  • JDAM Productions
    JDAM Productions 2 months ago

    Should've sent in a not so skinny Bot to take petrol away from human.. just saying ;o)

  • Masoud
    Masoud 2 months ago +2

    she wouldn't even answer his calls but happily takes his money. Go your own way men. don't fall in the trap. go MGTOW

  • Bhargav RM
    Bhargav RM 2 months ago

    I think BAYMAX was a better medical robot. 😋😊

  • Reeble Snarfle
    Reeble Snarfle 2 months ago

    I like your movies. However, I do not like what this movie implies, it is not a positively re-enforced message. Therefore, it must be programming. Too many more of these type 'programs', and you will lose a viewer. It is too close to government programming for comfort! Self-destruct, for your future is DUST !

  • Interwebs User
    Interwebs User 2 months ago

    Well that's depressing... Good job as always, DUST!

  • Nicholas Dobos
    Nicholas Dobos 2 months ago

    After having watched many episodes of Dust, I've come to the conclusion that the future is going to be full of sadness, and not even technology can save us from despair. Religion failed to make the world a better place, science will fail as well, everything is doom & gloom. We have nothing to look forward to but destruction...for that is the way of the universe, from volcanic eruptions to exploding stars, death & rebirth but ultimately death will win out, it is the ultimate finality for all existence.

  • Renee Brady
    Renee Brady 2 months ago

    I love going into the comments after watching a short like this, many people have such fantastic view points or takeaways that I didn't realize at first! I loved this vid, the whole concept puts such a positive spin on robots! What an amazing thing to image, search and rescue medical robots that don't tire or get emotionally drained like people do!

  • Bruno Ramos
    Bruno Ramos 2 months ago +1

    É algum filme🤔🤔🤔

  • Snappy
    Snappy 2 months ago

    Make Awareness Videos For Environment
    Save Earth or Turn it into a wasteland

  • AREclipse
    AREclipse 2 months ago +2

    If robots 🤖 are like Dr. Easy then we should only trust robots as compare to humans in future 😌

    • Matt NA
      Matt NA 2 months ago

      Certainly less risk! I don't see too many humans walking away unscathed from a close-range explosion.

  • Inna Fischer
    Inna Fischer 2 months ago

    Impressive, congrats!

  • harris achilleopoulos
    harris achilleopoulos 2 months ago

    kafte tous mpatsous dextite tous kafrous rns rns kai panta me mpafous

  • Bill Overbeck
    Bill Overbeck 2 months ago +1

    It's like hl2 "medical systems activated, administering morphine"

  • Keeran Kenny
    Keeran Kenny 3 months ago

    Feminism and the courts continue to destroy the lives of men in the future...

  • believe and do
    believe and do 3 months ago

    From the name Dr. Easy...I thought its like Hitman Agent killer or something...but this nice Robo tried to help that guy. Technology isnt bad if we use wisely.

  • Axeman
    Axeman 3 months ago

    The robot is a murderer

  • Marina Capri
    Marina Capri 3 months ago +3

    I wish I could buy a robot like that.
    I hope they will be for sale soon.

    • Marina Capri
      Marina Capri 3 months ago

      Italy Gristal , Why would you be afraid of owning your own robot? They would make excellent servants for humans like me who don’t want a human servant.

    • Italy Gristal
      Italy Gristal 3 months ago

      I hope not. But that would be scary cool

  • James Christopher Hill
    James Christopher Hill 3 months ago +2

    Love the ending with the shout from the crowd.

  • Creepy Stares
    Creepy Stares 3 months ago

    Because of the quality, expense and effort, I stay for every stupid commercial. Need to pay somehow.

  • 激しい
    激しい 3 months ago

    This channel is so fucking such as goooooooddddd!

  • Scott S
    Scott S 3 months ago

    *Completely neutral* "No. Don't do it. You have so much to live for."


  • Burrut Ayush
    Burrut Ayush 3 months ago

    Darm we need a full movie

  • Simon Randall
    Simon Randall 3 months ago

    Is that robot single?

  • BossCrazyRoss
    BossCrazyRoss 3 months ago

    Dr. Easy is what I call my ex girlfriend

  • 痣
     3 months ago


  • Petes Son
    Petes Son 3 months ago

    Life goes quickly. Choose your wife very very very carefully. Even then there is no guarantee. I always thought it would last but even after 33 years, it came to a screetching halt. Looks like I will be solo from here on out. Now it is almost impossible to be as happy as I was in my teens and twenties because of politics. Too much division and identity politics. People dont know how to interact anymore because of screens.

  • Petes Son
    Petes Son 3 months ago

    Why am I hearing the voice of the robot when amanda womansplains?

  • Tubby Tiger
    Tubby Tiger 3 months ago

    The robot was programmed (piloted for a very brief moment, or showed slight "proof"), though it connected the moment they made contact, then the shot "pacified" him, though it probably is what really made that mouth wound. Weird. That or I'm krazi. Still not handling him yourself.

  • MatMat
    MatMat 3 months ago +1

    Dust: Your Future is Dust
    Me: wtf??

  • Wayne G
    Wayne G 3 months ago

    Great robot, horrible way to die! very well filmed. Great acting especially the Robot. hideous script, very dark. It is very hard to relate or trust a machine.

  • Aayush Gautam
    Aayush Gautam 3 months ago

    Very irritating robot.....though the robot did a great job....

  • william kelly
    william kelly 3 months ago

    How does a short film have a budget for this?

  • Sunil Sunny
    Sunil Sunny 3 months ago

    Your future is 'dust' ?
    Serious shit !

  • Mochi Mochi
    Mochi Mochi 4 months ago

    I wonder if robots can have ptsd

  • Orphan 1966
    Orphan 1966 4 months ago +1

    That was awful.

  • Reynaldo Gaitan
    Reynaldo Gaitan 4 months ago

    is easy

  • RazorCain74
    RazorCain74 4 months ago

    Is Dr.Easy a man or a woman? Or maybe LGBTZYX@@~ or whatever LOL!

  • Gee EM
    Gee EM 4 months ago

    The robot attendant gave the citizen a psychotropic compound that induced suicidal behavior, as programmed to do so. The cover up of the sniper attack on this individual was a complete success.

  • Graveheart
    Graveheart 4 months ago

    I keep coming back to this one. I think this is the best concept and execution I have seen from this channel. :D

  • Trek Fan
    Trek Fan 4 months ago

    2 stars. Nothing good EVER comes from getting a long needle in your face. This doctor at least has a good bedside manner - better than some RL doctors. It was interesting.

  • Cold Night
    Cold Night 4 months ago

    That robot has been through some tough times.

  • Reddwarf
    Reddwarf 4 months ago

    I remembered in Detroit Become Human Connor (An android) tries his best to negotiate with a man (Also an android) who was holding a little girl captive and about to jump off a building.

  • Phil Boardman
    Phil Boardman 4 months ago

    Awesome awesome job there, just wish they could be longer, but I’m sure that would be down to costs.. thank you

    Dan LAUWERS 4 months ago

    PERFECT, just plain perfect. Thank you for this marvellous rendering of a possible future medical robotic help.

  • Redcoat‘s Return
    Redcoat‘s Return 4 months ago

    Great little film! It shows how men and robots are persecuted in our stupid society. The guy was murdered by his ex wife. All young women out there....can forget marriage...thanks to that behaviour of their can blame it all on the robot.....of course!

  • valentin 1337_hacker
    valentin 1337_hacker 4 months ago

    6:26 i was feel bad for robot :(

    ГОРАН 4 months ago

    welcome to the next industrial age robotics and i do mean the age in industrial revolution they that can afford them and that is not a lie but a fact now lets see if we can make it there.

  • Frickin Lasers
    Frickin Lasers 4 months ago

    Damn what was in that Jerry can?

  • Michael Miles
    Michael Miles 4 months ago

    One of the biggest reasons to keep the law out of marriage. It's strictly a moral contract and not a legal one. If you don't feel 100% about a union under god and two people then do not get married.

  • dkyelak
    dkyelak 4 months ago

    Dr Easy goes through the algorhythms and moves on success or failure- I wonder if this also speaks to people in those lines of work becoming jaded.