• Published on Oct 13, 2018
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  • Brittney Gray
    Brittney Gray  9 months ago +7427

    My plan of action would’ve been:
    -cute haircut to get off the split ends and start fresh.
    -protein treatment
    -Demi permanent color to even out the ends while the hair is grown out and repaired.
    -hydrating treatment to balance
    -grow out hair until healthy enough to potentially go blonde.
    Hairdressers, what would you do?💖

    • Jessica Hernandez
      Jessica Hernandez 6 days ago

      Brittney Gray i would’ve done everything you said and maybe held off the color till the hair was in a healthier state. But would’ve offered a deep conditioning treatment. But I agree with everything you said. And like you have fragile fine hair so since I love blonde hair I just wear wigs lol. Like in my profile pic. This gal isn’t frying her hair for anything been there done that by stylists who didn’t know what they were doing.

    • Natalie Griffiths
      Natalie Griffiths Month ago

      He did not ruin her hair lol

    • Lucas Yang
      Lucas Yang Month ago

      I would first remove the existing brown/ black/ blonde/red remaining box dye pigment with a color remover. Then bleach the root with schwarzkoph Blondeme 9+ premium lightner on the roots (can lift 4-6 levels with 20 vol under heat) with the Blondeme 20 vol developer, 1/8 oz of #1 olaplex, wrap it in cellophane wrap and let it sit under low heat for 45 min. D’after what im seing, her mid-lenght would most likely be a level 7-8 after removing all the pigments: which is expected because blonde box dyes usually have a 20 vol developer paired with a high ammonia content color/ 2-3 levels of lift on fine hair, hence the fact that they recommend a short sitting time 20-30 min. Then I would apply the second formula of bleach on the mid-length and ends with the same bleach but with the schwarzkopf Blondeme 7 vol developer (2-3 levels of lift on fine hair with heat) and 1/8 ounce of olaplex #1 and let it sit under medium heat for 45 minutes. Shampoo with a sulphate free shampoo and then saturate the mid-length and ends with olaplex no 2 and let it sit for 15-20 min under low heat. Rince out and apply a level 10 violet-blue based toner with the recommended volume of developer (I prefer schwarzkopf but pravana is also an excellent brand) and carefully watch the development until the hair turns a slightly indigo silver color. Shampoo roots, stretch the shampoo to the ends without lathering and rince with lukewarm water until all color is gone. Then proceed to apply olaplex no 3 and leave in for 30 min under medium heat. Finish up by blowdrying the hair and styling it as wanted without forgetting to apply a heat protectant.

    • JD Blatz
      JD Blatz Month ago

      Absolutely! becoming that Blonde is a journey and with lightner slow and steady wins the race!!!!!

    • Behr Johnston
      Behr Johnston Month ago

      If her hair was previously colored (It was) I would have done a Non-Bleach color removal and clairifying treatment to start and evaluated her hair condition after that. IF, her hair seemed healthy enough (It wasn't) I would have started with a bleach mixture with olaplex diluted with about 50% conditioner on the tinted lengths first until they were light enough to apply a less diluted mixture to the (Un-tinted) roots. Checking Frequently for damage and over-processing I would lighten as much as possible and stop before any more serious damage was done and condition, Condition, CONDITION until I was sure it was good and finish up with a good trim and have her come back in a few weeks for continued treatments / lightening until we reached the stage desired.

  • Aliza Mattrazzo
    Aliza Mattrazzo 20 hours ago

    Girl... I thought he destroyed her hair too. I cringed.

  • Marissa Lyn
    Marissa Lyn 21 hour ago

    What’s the best shampoo and conditioner for damaged dry hair?

  • Barb at Loose nut productions

    O.M.G! If one isn't constantly blowing sunshine up their a$$es, (even when their heading toward disaster) they scream bullying.😖 What happened to "constructive criticism'? Does some people actually think, they can never be wrong? How unrealistic, to super scary! No need to apologize dear.🌹Your video is very informative. 👍 May God bless you & yours!💖

  • V.A. D-R
    V.A. D-R 3 days ago

    Or if your mixed person and you're not in contact w/ your black side of your family --- ie find, get to know, & hang out with some black friends.

  • Ariana Kemp
    Ariana Kemp 3 days ago

    Intro ends at 7:08

  • amanda roberts
    amanda roberts 3 days ago

    Gotta say something. I’m also mixed. But not all mixed girls are half black. I’m half white half Arab. My dad had curly hair. My sister got somewhat curly hair. And I have very wavy hair. Not all of us are half black. Just needed to get that out there.

  • Ashley Easter
    Ashley Easter 4 days ago

    yesss girl I can totally relate! First let me say my mom thankfully knew how to take care of my hair. she would other moms would come to her for advice on how to tackle their kids hair. which was a huge inspiration for me!! I'm a hairstylist as well and I HUGE reason I became I stylist is to help the little swirly kids who's moms have NO IDEA how to "maintain" their kids hair! I get so many kids in my chair with MATS in their gorgeous hair because their mom doesn't know what to do with their curly hair. I see stylists who panic when curly girls sit in their chair.... so naturally I can see how untrained moms dealing with curly hair wouldn't know where to start with styling curly hair! I've also had an experience where a VERY well trained stylist (someone I worked with) literally FRIED my hair because she assumed my hair needed all the power to lighten! I was attempting to grow my hair out and ended up needing the BIG CHOP! like you my hair lightens VERY easily I've been platinum before and my hair was extremely healthy afterwords because we went in stages (and that was in beauty school... so I knew it was possible to do)! education on all hair types is sooo important! this is the first video of yours I've watched and it spoke directly to my spirit! I'm a Brad Mondo fan but I definitely cringed watching it!

  • Kira richardson
    Kira richardson 5 days ago

    Mixed girl probs !! Def can relate

  • Thank you next vids Respect the theory

    Hopefully he gave the poor girl compensation for destroying her hair smh.

  • Jocelyn Osoria
    Jocelyn Osoria 7 days ago +1

    She was planning on shaving her head later so her and Brad knew the damage that was coming. She just wanted to be platinum blonde before shaving. She talked about it in a video called my hair is falling out.

  • Elizabeth Shahid
    Elizabeth Shahid 8 days ago

    Lmao check out from minute 21:48-21:58! You can see Brad comb her hair, probably took a chunk out, he panicked and tried to hide it behind her, looked at the camera like o shit, then walked off to clean the brush!

  • Bella Dean
    Bella Dean 10 days ago

    I'm half korean half british-romanian...I don't look like korean much but I got a straight damn hair that refuse to curl!! So I perm it because I love curly/wavy hair so much!!! My mom has a pretty big and curly hair but I got my dad's straight hair.

  • lollie may
    lollie may 11 days ago

    Girl I love how respectable you kept it the whole time but your facial expressions have 0 filter 😂😭😂😭❤️❤️❤️ yasss

  • Sara Rusi
    Sara Rusi 13 days ago

    You're an idiot, Brad is amazing

  • cj222100
    cj222100 15 days ago

    I wish you could do my hair, I can tell how passionate you are about hair. I remember seeing a video of Snitchery's where she styled her new blonde hair differently than Brad did, in like a more upswept way,& it looked amazing, but unfortunately fell out soon after

  • Poly Rod
    Poly Rod 15 days ago


  • Adrienne Thiery
    Adrienne Thiery 17 days ago

    Fun fact: you can handwash silk scarves in the sink with cool water and Woolite

  • sonyapeach
    sonyapeach 17 days ago

    I'm so glad you did this video.

  • sonyapeach
    sonyapeach 17 days ago +2

    This was is a struggle for Black girls and boys who grew up in the suburbs from the 80's to the 2000's.

  • Malice In Wonderland
    Malice In Wonderland 19 days ago

    Omfg she just rambles on for so long. Shutup whining voice

    • Malice In Wonderland
      Malice In Wonderland 13 days ago

      @skz42 it's funny coz I wrote that... Then, I watched her again, and somehow grown to really like her.. first impressions aren't always accurate. She is correct in that when she says at the end of the video... it takes a while to grow to like her.. well I can safely say, I like her !

    • skz42
      skz42 13 days ago

      Malice In Wonderland close the video and search for something else lmao 😂😂😂😂

  • tiny hands
    tiny hands 20 days ago

    I love Brad but honestly, what people want isnt more important than what their hair needs, honestly I wish more stylists were like you.

  • Jesse Chirino
    Jesse Chirino 21 day ago

    i'm actually almost certain that brad's video was a satire because he purposefully did everything he says shouldn't be done at all...

  • Jesse H
    Jesse H 21 day ago

    I do stupid shit like this to myself...not even as stupid but he’s a professional!!!! Wth😒😳

  • Shelby Roberson
    Shelby Roberson 21 day ago +1

    Man I didn't even know who you are until now but now I can't like you because the first video I see is shit talking without even knowing the situation. Man that sucks . There is so much drama in haircare . Why? There is enough hair to go around .

  • Tracie Cooley
    Tracie Cooley 21 day ago

    @BrittneyGray have you seen his makeover video of an African American client?

  • winiston lol
    winiston lol 22 days ago

    'For you' x5 lol okay we get it, no hate.

  • Chelsea Daniel
    Chelsea Daniel 23 days ago

    Hair is so diverse but cosmetology school is the furthest thing from it!! 😖😖

  • Chelsea Daniel
    Chelsea Daniel 23 days ago +1

    The chemical haircut topic made me feel attacked 😂😂😭😭😭

  • Tina Williams
    Tina Williams 24 days ago

    Loved by ur video. Where ur salon located ? No need sorry. U told ur opinion if ppl gonnA hate let them hate

  • Kayla Bailey 3
    Kayla Bailey 3 25 days ago

    I really would love for u to come do my hair PLS

  • Skysthelimit212
    Skysthelimit212 26 days ago +1

    If anyone has watched those Brad Mondo make over videos.....I donnnnt think hes really a hairdresser sorry

  • J T
    J T 26 days ago

    9:29 YES GIRL! That girl's hair is fried and dry.

  • Janis hall
    Janis hall 27 days ago

    OMG Brittney is so beautiful... so jealous!

  • Taylor Cook
    Taylor Cook 28 days ago

    All that intro. Im exhausted.
    She looks fine this video was pointless. Her hair was damaged from the beginning and you admit it was rough. He gave her what she wanted the way he could.
    Another job well done by Brad Mondo.

  • Gia D
    Gia D Month ago

    If you did have curly hair and wanted to dye it a lighter colour, what would be the safest way to do that?

  • Tamara Deneweth
    Tamara Deneweth Month ago

    Brittany you are absolutely gorgeous! This is the first time watching one of your videos and I'm hooked, your personality is absolutely amazing and sweet! Looking forward to binge watching your channel

  • Kaby Manu
    Kaby Manu Month ago

    Lol yes my mom is white and my dad is black and my family and I often get into many arguments over this because they don’t know how my hair is or how to do it. I’m only 15 and I do mine and my sisters hair. So I completely understand lol

  • Yaya 047
    Yaya 047 Month ago +1

    She talks way too muchhhhhh

  • Maria V
    Maria V Month ago

    Being a white girl that has very very curly hair, I've always had issues with going to salon's😥

  • Réka Molnár
    Réka Molnár Month ago

    OMG, you are just too jelaus. She knew that before they recorded the video. Brad is so much better than you. Get over it.

  • Victoria Choury
    Victoria Choury Month ago +1

    so i watched her update video and her plan was to shave her head after she did this so she would have a blonde buzzcut. he was not being irresponsible she new it would happen and wanted it anyway she already had plans to shave her head because her hair was already falling out.

  • Xoxo_deedee 13
    Xoxo_deedee 13 Month ago

    I couldn’t stop looking at ur nose 👃🏼

  • black mamba 33
    black mamba 33 Month ago

    I don't have her hair type but sis just f.y.i. I have cousins on my creole dad's side have the same hair texture as her with two black parents. My dad for instance has her hair type and he has two black parents from Louisiana. Creole Louisiana hair is interesting lol. It's a mixture of errrrthhing. My dad who is Creole has African, Spanish, And French roots and his hair basically changes from day to day lol. It's slick bone straight when buzz cut but loose curls when it grows out. My point is that "mixed" hair can also occur with two black people depending on ancestry.

  • Paradise 1219
    Paradise 1219 Month ago +1

    Although Brad and the client in video knew that her hair was already damaged and the intent was to shave it off anyway, they had alot of fun doing the Platinum and style prior to it. Unfortunately, it was then misconstrued that Brad didn't know what he was doing with ethnic hair. Still for this RU-clipr, it's surreal nowadays how she had to waste her valuable time to explain to this degree(7 minutes or so) to make a video that states her technical & professional opinions. This wasn't a personal diss to anyone but rather an attempt to explain why process went wrong & what could of worked. It was truly unnecessary to be burdened with others' fighting her that their opinions are the only ones that matter when she was only trying to convey ways to correct a hair process. But even with that, if you don't agree with another then you're a bully or horrible. This is appalling and not right. This PC culture has to change. Now legitimate PC issues are mixed in with frivilous and ridiculous claims. Something has to change before it gets any worse. True bullying, racism, sexism, ageism and etc are now lumped in with the bs claims so no one knows what is real or fake any longer. Even comedians can't even do their jobs. Wanda Sykes filled in for Ellen one day and she was absolutely right of how she attempted to show people the real deal now. She did a white people skit but dared Ellen to do a black people skit and smirked. She's sees just like alot of us. But this crap continues.

  • Inner Beauty Shines

    I'm so happy and thankful you've brought up the nature of different types of hair. I have been dreaming of going to beauty school and learning hair due to many of my relatives being biracial and seeing them struggle with their hair. I have one cousin in particular who has the most beautiful curls I personally have ever seen and she hates them. When we were little we loved sleep overs and my mom really worked hard out of pure love of we 7 girls to make sure we all loved our hair when we would play beauty shop. I'm older now with a little girl who loves her cousins as much as I love mine and I decided because of all my babies (I call them mine, nieces and nephews, god children) I want like my mom to do their hair and for them to love it, They inspire me so much. I decided to audit some classes with several schools including some branded schools in my area. I want to take care of my girls and I feel like none of these schools have addressed hair with texture enough. I want to be able to really knowledgeably care for every single person who graces my chair in any way they want their hair styled no matter what their ethnicity and I am really having trouble finding a school that will truly teach me how. I'm getting worried! Do you have any advise for me? Please and thank you.

  • EJ Cannon
    EJ Cannon Month ago

    She said in a video that she had intended to shave it again and that though it wasn’t in the video he advised her against bleaching and she said she was planning on shaving it and wanted it platinum. But why didn’t he just do that to begin with? I love Snitchery so I doubt she would lie but she’s also really nice and I don’t see her calling him out. That video hurt me to watch and if that conversation did happen why in the world didn’t he leave it in the final cut?! You just KNOW somebody saw that and thought “oh well if he is doing that it will be okay on my damaged, over processed, fried hair too!” without realizing she ended up shaving her head.

  • Shelby Smith
    Shelby Smith Month ago +1

    She planned to shave her head after this, she had a whole video after his explaining why they did this.

  • hawazen j
    hawazen j Month ago

    He simply sucks at cutting hair, or anything to do with hair. Yet acts like he knows it all.

  • Danica Madrid
    Danica Madrid Month ago

    I’m so glad I’m a mixed girl with “white” people hair. My dad and mom prayed while my sister and I were in the womb to have nice hair. I have pretty curly hair, but the strands themselves are thin. I just have a lot of hair.

  • Ashley Plascencia
    Ashley Plascencia Month ago +1

    Snitch did a video stating that Brad actually did warn her about her hair falling out and Snitch was aware of the consequences regarding the procedure. Snitch wanted to shave her hair and decided might as well finish messing it up since im going to be bald either way.

  • Cindy Rollyson
    Cindy Rollyson Month ago

    You’re such a beautiful lady!

  • Shannon Swan
    Shannon Swan Month ago +1

    Leave him tf alone. He bleached the girls hair, per her asking him to and it came out bad. This happens in life to anybody. He is ONLY HUMAN. Jeeeezus! He didnt physically harm anyone, I wasnt aware that youtubers had to be perfect 100% of the time!

  • aunesty jones
    aunesty jones Month ago

    You can always tell when a mixed kid has a white mom by their hair lol

  • karolyngrimm
    karolyngrimm Month ago

    did he even know she has mixed hair?? he straight up asked her if it was naturally curly! yes brad! it’s curly af! what the hell.... why is everyone ignoring she’s mixed with mixed hair 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Neg K
    Neg K Month ago

    You’re so gorgeous, I cant

  • ash marie
    ash marie Month ago

    Glad I found your videos! I’m actually bleaching my hair right now and I have thick wavy hair (more denim like though lol) but it came out yellow orange and still brown in some areas😭 Have to do it again ugh hopefully you have a bleaching tutorial!

  • Sasha Shallies
    Sasha Shallies Month ago

    I’m not a hairdresser lol but i a cosmo dropout. As soon as he said he was gonna put 30 vol on her hair I internally screamed

    LEGOLETTERS Month ago

    DONT APOLOGIZE . Ur a professional u kno wat ur talkin about I WOULD LOVE TO SEE U DO MORE HAIR REACTIONS

  • Maggie Garza
    Maggie Garza Month ago

    Her hair was already damaged whatever

  • Smileeday
    Smileeday Month ago +2

    Will you react to Mylifeaseva’s new video? She talks about her hair journey 💙

  • Mea Snyder
    Mea Snyder Month ago

    yessss.... as a hairdresser, this was horrifying to watch. and i have absolutely seen over processed hair stretching & blowing off in the wind when i was in hair school!! thank you for this video.

  • Mr. Mao
    Mr. Mao Month ago

    This woman parting is so white compared to the rest of her :S

  • Nico Kelly
    Nico Kelly Month ago


  • Hannah Henderson
    Hannah Henderson Month ago +3

    If my hair was fabric, it would lace. It's thin and breaks if it is caught on anything.

  • TeeBreezy
    TeeBreezy Month ago +1

    Girl, yesss. I’m a hairdresser and you’ve helped me soooo much. I love you 💕

  • Michael Biggs
    Michael Biggs Month ago +1

    If a person has put four permanent box dyes on hair that is only three inches long and now wants to go to level 10 in one visit it will not end well. From some of her other pictures it looks like she had also been using a straightening product as well. At some point you can almost forget hair cuts. Just brush it and all the hair will break off at the scalp.

  • It's Shu-SHAN.
    It's Shu-SHAN. Month ago +1

    she went from "please don't hate me" to "don't watch this if you want to be lied to" and THOSE are my moods.

  • smudge it
    smudge it Month ago

    He doesn't even look confident cutting hair... like when u get your friend to do it who has never cut hair b4 in life

  • Erin Walker
    Erin Walker Month ago +1

    As a mixed girl *ahem*
    My mom is black And I still had to figure out my hair myself 🤷🏽‍♀️ I don’t think it’s as bad, since she showed me somethings. But still bad

  • •It's meh_ Aqua•

    Yall know everybody makes mistakes so why yall tryna hate on Brad? He tried doin his best so cut the shit out.

      **COMPLICATIONS ** Month ago

      •It's meh_ Aqua• but James Charles mad e a mistake and everybody went after him 🤨🙄

  • Ainmhí Witch
    Ainmhí Witch Month ago

    I have really thick and curly red hair and I would never let someone like Brad touch it. All he knows is straight bleach blonde thinned out hair and honestly whenever I watch his reaction videos his lack of knowledge of other hair types really shows... Not to mention he thinks he's the best if the no sit TF down 🙄🙄🙄

  • Marlene Buenrostro
    Marlene Buenrostro Month ago

    Just want views

  • Jacqualynne Smythe
    Jacqualynne Smythe Month ago

    Yo I love how sweet Britney was in this. Honestly she spoke the truth but was great about it. She gave a long ass intro to avoid people saying she did anything wrong. However, ya'll in the comments though need to chill. We get that what happened with the hair wasn't the best... however he still is a professional and it was a learning op. Chill out he is an artist as well. Learn something from the long intro Brittney left for us to be nice about this but speak the truth.

  • ジーク
    ジーク Month ago

    I'm not a hairdresser, but I wouldn't risk bleaching anybody's hair if they've dyed it more than once... I've dyed my hair about three times and I wouldn't ever bleach my hair even if it were virgin hair.

  • Amanda Batista
    Amanda Batista Month ago

    Stop talking so damn much in your intros 🙄


    You really need to fix your audio, it’s TERRIBLE. :(

  • Patry
    Patry Month ago +1

    Dang’ it girl, that was a 7 min. long intro... 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • mia&millie •
    mia&millie • Month ago

    I love brad and im subscribed to his channel but i rlly think that her hair looked so much better before he started doing anything to it😬

  • MsFair
    MsFair Month ago

    I would have refused to do her hair at this time. It looks really dry & all the stuff she's put in it, too risky.

  • mywingsareyours
    mywingsareyours Month ago +1

    I do just wanna say for anyone seeing this now who doesn't know lol- snitchery said they went into this with her telling him she was gonna shave her head soon so to just do whatever it took to get what she wanted and not to worry about damage.

  • brandon gage
    brandon gage Month ago +1

    U know damn well u wanted to make this video dont lie snake ass

  • ORLA
    ORLA Month ago

    I totally relate - I am mixed my mum is white (Irish) my dad is black ( Nigerian) and yeah I always had short hair until about 12 and I think its cause my parents couldn't do my hair but I learned how to do it and my sister's , I don't think my mum has ever tried to do my hair

  • Lezblondeyhair Rodriguez

    This was DEAD on. I agree 100%

  • Laurel Shand élève

    I'm so confused on how she can go 10 shades darker and no one says anything but people straight up attack Kim for the exact same thing. People are so ridiculous😕

  • Mimi
    Mimi Month ago

    This is heartbreaking.

  • Alex Fromme
    Alex Fromme 2 months ago

    You did a good job of being respectful and I love Brad, but he would be a fool to not take this helpful criticism from another youtuber hairdresser! Love that you are straightforward with everything

  • Chels V
    Chels V 2 months ago

    I love watching your videos! It's so educating to hear about the curly girls hair!!

  • Mrs. Davis
    Mrs. Davis 2 months ago

    When using lightener the developer determines your speed, not the levels of lift. The lightener will determine the levels some will take you 5 levels some have up to 9 levels. Only when using color does the developer determine the levels of lift.

  • Naomi Bubeck
    Naomi Bubeck 2 months ago

    Most of the people commenting don’t know about hair. You can’t just say “not to be negative but” and pretend what you’re saying isn’t low key patronizing. At the end of the day you’re both great hairstylists but as far as one of the few people on this comment stream who was taught in hairschool not to talk badly about other hairstylists Maybe put some personality in it next time at least dude. I’m still mad that she acts like like textured hair lifts the same and it’s impossible to get it light that’s so not true some people lift quickly and retain health and some don’t its a risk with curly hair I wouldn’t take but still plenty of people can do it successfully

  • Naomi Bubeck
    Naomi Bubeck 2 months ago

    Different people lift differently I’ve had some curly clients lift orange and we let it be and toned it out but I’ve had others that will lift to and 8 in one session with virgin hair and twenty volume I never go over 20 and I have seen it happen but this woman’s saying it’s impossible and all of my teachers in school have experienced the same as me as well as my boss and coworkers. The only reason you should always keep texture in mind is because curly hair is more prone to breakage but if you can get there in one session then I’m pretty sure it’s possible to keep health and go light. Mostly I hated how she literally spent the whole video saying obvious stuff “Don’t bleach over processed hair” we get it. But are you salty that you have less views and subscribers then the dude orrr whaaaat lol that cut didn’t suck and she seemed pretty happy with it at the end. It’s simple if the hair feels dry then do a strand test and if it’s burnt then explain that to your client. But instead you were very bland with it people with textured hair can never which I would have thought someone who’s a texture expert to know what all hair lifts differently. I mean the dude made bad choices but you seem salty and the whole videos personality was in the few clips of him talking tbh (don’t mean to throw shade tho)

  • Chris Bonsu Aniagyei
    Chris Bonsu Aniagyei 2 months ago +1

    I knew mondo was a fraud!!! Gurl bye!!

  • Brianna Brojakowski
    Brianna Brojakowski 2 months ago

    I’m a mix. Dads black and Vietnamese and moms white. My daughter is my mix with my husband whose polish. Hair is always a problem at our house!

  • Basak Parlak
    Basak Parlak 2 months ago

    You speak a lot 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

  • Monica Mclean
    Monica Mclean 2 months ago

    You should do a makeup tutorial love your makeup ❤️

  • Dr. Dehning
    Dr. Dehning 2 months ago

    You’re so cute! Great analogy

  • Dr. Dehning
    Dr. Dehning 2 months ago

    Yes I would rather my hair dresser tell me what my hair needs or can’t take than do what I command! I’m not a professional! Lol

  • Ky W
    Ky W 2 months ago

    I love brad mondo 😂❤️

  • LeeLee Noelle
    LeeLee Noelle 2 months ago

    I’m a stylist and colorist .... have to say u hit it right on the spot... I agree with everything u shared

  • Lytra
    Lytra 2 months ago

    7 min intro? Wow why