• Published on Mar 26, 2019
  • DISCLAIMER: We are not doctors, nor experts on fasting. We do not recommend anyone do a medically unsupervised water fast. If we had not been in Northern Spain when Lou got injured, he would have gone to True North Health Center (www.healthpromoting.com/) in California to do his water fast with the support of their medical team. If you are under 18 years old, on medication, addicted to any substances, have currently or had a history of eating disorders, are pregnant or breastfeeding, have heart problems or any other diseases it is even more important that you seek the advice of a medical professional before attempting a water fast on your own.
    It might sound really crazy to you, but Lou did a 7 DAY WATER FAST! If you've never heard of a water fast, it is very simple: don't eat any food or drink anything other than pure filtered water for a specified amount of time, so for Lou that was one entire week without any food, no coffee, no tea, no lemon water, no juice, or vitamins - just plain filtered water and rest.
    You might be familiar with the trendy diet called Intermittent Fasting. Here people only eat in a certain window of time (16 hr fast/9 hr feed or 14 hr fast/10 hr feed) and while this has lots of touted health benefits, Lou was in need of relief fast from a horrible back injury and decided he'd do whatever he could to get results quickly as possible. One of the main benefits of fasting is the body's ability to reduce inflammation. Instead of spending lots of energy digesting food, the body can now work to rebuild the immune system and while there still aren't many long term trials of fasting's effects on humans, science is showing that fasting can be used to help treat a whole host of problems like heart disease, diabetes, some cancers, high blood pressure, and autoimmune diseases. Over 6 years ago Lou was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is an autoimmune disease where the body attacks the joints, and over the course of the last few years has been able to get off medication and manage his symptoms with the help of a low-fat oil free plant based vegan diet. However, when he does stray from a health-promoting diet his RA symptoms do begin to resurface. So while we're not sure if his back injury had to do with his RA, either way, the autoimmune disease makes his healing process extremely slow. We live in a van, so being immobile was actually a very scary experience, and left Lou to embark on this water fasting journey. The before and after is astounding as his pain levels went from an 8 out of 10 to... well you have to watch for that!
    Before we get to the video, I just wanted to say that a lot of people come to water fasting searching for a quick fix for weight loss and I really recommend that you reconsider. Water fasting is a wonderful tool to manage health conditions with the help of doctor supervision, but when it comes to weight loss it might not be your most effective tool because if post fast you continue all the same habits you will be left in the same position. If you are searching for weight loss please research a low-fat plant-based diet, but mainly I want you to really think about where the desire to lose weight is coming from. Our society tells us constantly that we are not good enough and instead of buying into this lie, this might be the time you instead embrace yourself as you are. Focus on self-love, body-acceptance, and finding self-worth outside of ascetics. Diet culture is toxic, and while I know it's complicated for me to write about it as we are huge advocates for a low-fat vegan diet as its been an incredible tool to manage Lou's autoimmune disease, in the end, I want people to know that they are worthy as is. No crazy lifestyle changes will change your relationship to yourself unless you do the mental work.
    Thanks for being here with us and while I know water fasting might make a lot of people uncomfortable it was an incredible experience for Lou and I hope you can see how much it helped him.
    For more information please check out my blog post on Lou's 7 Day Water Fast Experience: www.wildweroam.com/blog/7daywaterfast
    New Mattress: Tussöy IKEA mattress topper
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  • Olivier Reins
    Olivier Reins 22 hours ago

    Always head that resting in a bed is actually not the best for your back. And many ppl who have back pain suffer more after night. As many says it was surely a bad thing to keep this soft matress for so long which is so bad for the back. The. Fasting several does NOT require total rest. To the contrary, walking and light effort is much better. Its also wrong to believe that you would be so weak during fasting. The body shifts from food to use ur body fat. This gives energy and even water if need be.

  • Marie Hicks
    Marie Hicks 23 hours ago +1

    Ima do this

  • The Only Jamie Bourgeois

    These guys need to learn about to learn about anti-inflammatory diets / paleo / grain free / keto / Grass-fed beef / etc... or else he's just going back to what he had before - He's not healed, he just temporarily quit throwing fuel on the fire.
    Then learn all about autoimmunity, inflammatory components in grains, legumes, etc...
    Seeing what he ate after his fast... the grains, carbs, and sugar... is sad.

  • Spartan 626
    Spartan 626 Day ago

    Name of Music at 5:45 please

  • Rick Campbell
    Rick Campbell Day ago

    Without enemas long fasts can blow out your butt from poison concentration.

  • JLWH
    JLWH Day ago

    Could it be that the rest alone was helping the issue?

  • ItsSM
    ItsSM Day ago

    Pseudoscience bullshit

  • Deje Gavin
    Deje Gavin Day ago

    What kind of rv/van/trailer is that?!?! I need to know ASAP!!!

    • Mechthild Schoeberl
      Mechthild Schoeberl Day ago

      Deje Gavin it is a Mercedes of course can’t you see the star ??????

  • Gail Here
    Gail Here Day ago

    You can see he lost some weight by looking at his chin. I’m gonna do this but I won’t be about to be in bed the whole week because I live with my parents and I’m only 15 and they would yell at me for being in bed all day for 7 day

  • Monica Serrano
    Monica Serrano Day ago

    FYI, we do have doctors and chiropractors in Spain, and for free or pretty cheap. This is just ridiculous

  • Focus Media
    Focus Media Day ago

    A hundred hours of editing.. yikes. Did you mean a hundred minutes?

  • eyla0824
    eyla0824 Day ago

    How do you know it was the water fast and not the new bed that fixed your back? It certainly allowed you to sleep better

  • Su Wilkins
    Su Wilkins Day ago

    I can totally d a alcohol program for 7 days if no work and just chill. Cheers

  • Monzter Films
    Monzter Films Day ago

    7 days of doing nothing. Fook NOOOOO!!!!

  • Chris Lejune
    Chris Lejune Day ago

    Awesome people!!

  • Mr. Hour
    Mr. Hour Day ago +1

    How did you get your tattoo when your pain tolerance is so high 😂

    • itzpat
      itzpat Day ago

      Mr. Hour That’s not how it works I think you mixed them up

  • DarkLight
    DarkLight Day ago

    I think the pain going away is just a cowinkydink

  • Astle x
    Astle x Day ago

    Beautiful video really enjoyed it! God bless you both

  • Laura Wall
    Laura Wall Day ago +1

    please be safe my man who passed away on me almost 6 years ago has been a vodka lover drank vodka every day for long time now hes gone ive been missing him greaving he hurt me and all his friends who cared died with liver cancer pleas efriend please be safe im hear for u u need to talk ive been alone since but tell ya its hard love all u my friends have great night xox

  • Laura Wall
    Laura Wall Day ago +2

    well im gonna give this a try with tha water just to try to sea wat happens to my back let u all no peace my friends

  • Kyree
    Kyree Day ago +1

    I need to see a time lapse or livestream to believe he actually did it

  • Cait M
    Cait M Day ago +2

    Water fast nothing here; I wish I had a wife that took care of me like that. Unfortunately I am a straight woman. 😏

  • GP 1962
    GP 1962 Day ago +2

    Really enjoyed watching your healing journey, the support of your lovely wife and as a bonus...you lost a few pounds and your skin is glowing!👌😍

  • Ricky Rick
    Ricky Rick Day ago +1

    Sounds like his injury is from a dick in his asshole the fuckingfaggot

  • Shooter510
    Shooter510 Day ago +1

    His girl is fine 😻

  • NOBULL ziggster
    NOBULL ziggster Day ago +1

    The before and after photo says you're full of bull....You made it look like that from the photos.. Am out of here...

  • Gilbert Cockworthy
    Gilbert Cockworthy Day ago +1

    Why is everyone concerned about fucking mattresses? The concern should be why isn't he as weak and miserable as fuck after starving himself? 🙄

  • Abby Smith
    Abby Smith Day ago

    Very flexible for a person suffering from severe back pain and reuhmatoid arthritis... thanks IKEA and his GF’s Van🤦🏻‍♀️

  • newphillygirl
    newphillygirl Day ago

    Add praying to Jesus Christ and experience an amazing spiritual adventure. Read the Bible. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and watch your life change.

  • Dawn Pres
    Dawn Pres Day ago +1

    I would put my life on the fact that your boyfriend has a tick illness of some type. No one is in their 20's has RA without it being from some type of tick bite. PLEASE do not just accept that diagnosis. Everyone i know thats had lyme or other tick bites was told by idiot DRs they had RA. RA is just a name for something they cannot find an origin to. And shows inflammatory biomarkers are elevated. Get an IGENEX tick illness test. And pleassssse not from a regular DR. Regular Drs office only test for 1 strain of lyme or other tick bites. Lyme has almost 400 strains. IGENEX test for all of them. PLEEEEASE I beg of you. Antibiotics could fix this awful way of living.
    (Love this video )Much love.

  • Carla Davis
    Carla Davis Day ago

    If THIS doesn't prove that our food is literally poisoning us....nothing will and we deserve extinction. In addition to an organic, plant based diet; we should consume all meals within an 8 hour period -- intermittent fasting. This allows our body to take care of things like detoxification & healing instead of working constantly to digest foods that it doesn't even recognize as a "food".

  • zin min
    zin min Day ago +1

    Trust me: meditating and controlling your mind is the best way to cure everything

    • Kutulue
      Kutulue Day ago

      zin min
      Meditation will not "Cure" anything. It can help by preventing you from getting some illnesses in the first place though. But it will not cure existing illnesses.
      Meditation can lower stress and help bolster the immune system - the lowering of stress in the mind allows the body to keep itself in good shape as it is not spending energy to protect you from stress anymore.

      But please stop claiming it as a wondrous mystical cure for things - it is not.
      It is a useful part of a healthy life though.

  • Mark Kroif
    Mark Kroif Day ago +1

    Winner of a video, been searching for "overcoming stammering stuttering" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried - Rincaas Stammify Blocker - (search on google ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my buddy got excellent results with it.

  • Malcolm Baldwin
    Malcolm Baldwin Day ago

    I'm sorry but I was night fishing recently , casted out a net , and pulled back something that looked just like his chick

  • Linda Moore
    Linda Moore Day ago

    Well......Jesus went 40 days with nothing

    PAPI NOEL Day ago

    Very well made video

  • jawed ahmed
    jawed ahmed Day ago +3

    The best thing about this video is support from his wife. May you lead a happy and blessed life.

  • Freedom ET Tade
    Freedom ET Tade Day ago

    I can’t sleep if my stomach is not full lol

  • Antonypacman
    Antonypacman Day ago

    Water fasting is stupid

  • David John
    David John Day ago

    I did a 14 day water fast, I could of gone longer but it was thanksgiving and the family came over.

  • Hi, I'm Barbara
    Hi, I'm Barbara Day ago +2

    Actually he feels better because the more you starve the more you lose cautiousness.

  • Joelle R.
    Joelle R. Day ago

    Why don't people do the water fast with electrolytes in their water

    • F.A.R
      F.A.R Day ago

      Not that educated on electrolytes, mind answering some questions I have? What are the benefits of having electrolytes in the water as opposed to regular water? What are some good brands or types of beverages that are basically electrolytes and water? Thanks if you respond.

  • Steven East
    Steven East Day ago

    Quit the "legend has it" garbage

  • Steven East
    Steven East Day ago

    OK... Dana... marry me Arrested Development style!

  • Zachary Bell
    Zachary Bell Day ago +4

    Love this 💪I'll try this..suffering from the same thing had both of my hips replaced as well I'm in my 20s...

    • Esther D
      Esther D Day ago

      Wow, both hips! I hope you enjoy swift and complete recovery. Be well! 💕

  • Jak Dexter
    Jak Dexter Day ago

    Not gonna lie I’m gonna do it because it make you more handsomer.

  • Mr Burns
    Mr Burns Day ago

    Could water fasting cure my IBS and excessive tiredness?

  • Zionism toHell
    Zionism toHell Day ago

    clearly "he" was gay, both before and after, judging by the red makeup (I don't know what it is, I'm not gay) on his cheeks (face).

  • Barrie Moore
    Barrie Moore Day ago +2

    This would be more believable on the old mattress! His pain went away immediately when they put a bed frame under a new ikea mattress! Oh brother 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Dessydd
    Dessydd Day ago

    Bone broth breaks a fast

  • Rick Massey
    Rick Massey Day ago

    Last time I checked RA doesn’t affect the lower back. Either way nice vid. 👍

  • selen aylin
    selen aylin Day ago

    I have done it for 41 days dude

  • Jason Coughenour

    Not the people,just the idea


    Look into Earthing! Grounding yourself to the Earth! No need to starve yourself! Eliminates all inflammation in the body! No joint pain, muscle pain, no aches! Health is being connected to the Earth.

  • Micah Garner
    Micah Garner Day ago


  • Browneyes rule
    Browneyes rule Day ago

    U can die in 7 days without water.

  • forestsoceansmusic
    forestsoceansmusic Day ago +1

    Thanks for sharing man, really appreciate it. I would like to know more about your 'standing desk'. I do a lot of computer work, is better to stand for two hours at a time while working on the computer than to sit?

  • KawaZrana
    KawaZrana Day ago

    4 years ago i did 21days fasting in india but it was a lot easier under the eye of people who do it regularly also i was sleeping 6 hours at the time and the rest of the day was sitting in the temple or meditation/yoga.

  • iPooKaePoo
    iPooKaePoo Day ago

    What a great love story 😂

  • Qwertzu
    Qwertzu Day ago

    So he stopped eating for the rest of his life?

  • R B
    R B Day ago

    can I try water fasting even though I'm working?

  • Mitch F
    Mitch F Day ago

    Now, how are you going to get back into bed?

  • Carlos Pinto
    Carlos Pinto Day ago

    Dont you feel even your taste buds feel better after the fasting? Foods that I use to think they were unflavoured, now it actually taste even better

  • sneakybeats62
    sneakybeats62 Day ago

    A weak back gets injured from sitting.

  • mazernate
    mazernate Day ago

    What kind of mattress is that?

  • Kis Gun
    Kis Gun Day ago

    You lost that double chin
    Gonna try this
    And update my progress from today

    • Kis Gun
      Kis Gun Day ago

      2nd day no progress. Still the same

    • Jak Dexter
      Jak Dexter Day ago

      I’m looking forward to it keep updating :)

  • Studio Celéste
    Studio Celéste 2 days ago

    And ps: make sure there isn’t any mold in your camper van. Mold tends to stick around in the body and you have to detox strategically to remove it. Well done on the water fast and thx for showing the process!

  • Studio Celéste
    Studio Celéste 2 days ago

    HEY!! Go follow @dr.jess.md on insta for her “kill bind sweat” protocol for autoimmune imbalances. And look at what she says about ozone therapy (including saunas) to heal. She really knows her stuff. Good luck.

  • bm phil
    bm phil 2 days ago

    grains, sugars and carbs are inflammatory....... cutting those out and still having water to lubricate the joints could help.......resting would keep the inflammation down as well.......I would be worried about salt and electrolyte imbalance......

  • Gecko
    Gecko 2 days ago

    much of this will depend on what type of water you are obtaining from some spa waters around the world can cure certain diseases........that is well know......and the toxins in many town city water supplies is also well known..........FLOURIDE........who does a thing like that too other people.........RAT POISON.......and that's just the start......some countries are still so stupid that they use water pipes with LEAD in them...........ridiculous.......yes be careful about what water you drink.........and apparently the rain water has the B12 in it..........something too consider....

  • Donnie Merritt
    Donnie Merritt 2 days ago

    The reason for fasts are to get closer to Jesus the side effects are a plus!

  • P La
    P La 2 days ago +11

    I did water fasting for 7 days 3 yrs ago it was the hardest thing I ever had to do I was so proud of myself I did it for spiritual and physical improvements

  • Mekhi Curry
    Mekhi Curry 2 days ago

    They made food look decent

  • Davis Johnson
    Davis Johnson 2 days ago

    She's beautiful

  • Xiomara Segura
    Xiomara Segura 2 days ago

    God bless you!!!

  • uzasi
    uzasi 2 days ago +13

    Hey this is great!
    Mom: the bible already said this.
    Me: -_-...

    • Calum Goetz
      Calum Goetz Day ago +2

      Well yeah he said they had been doing this stuff for thousands of years, your mom’s right

  • sunbox
    sunbox 2 days ago

    You look younger after fast!

  • Nate
    Nate 2 days ago

    Dang! She seems so awesome!! 🤤💚

  • D Doug
    D Doug 2 days ago

    I also so hated my Casper mattress! It was harder than a rock! I returned everything and bought a sleep number mattress.

  • Gary Zombrano
    Gary Zombrano 2 days ago

    Dayna rocks! Sorry if I spelled it wrong

  • BohemiVan
    BohemiVan 2 days ago

    I was in Spain in my van for a year and a half and also got bad back ache....sciatica in fact. I found lying on my back and hugging my bent legs every day for ten minutes helped. Making circles with your knees is good too.

  • Kryptos4u
    Kryptos4u 2 days ago +2

    Next step for permanent solution, try a 365 day water fast

  • Heather Zlotyh
    Heather Zlotyh 2 days ago +2

    I’m so glad you are feeling better and have such a wonderful loving wife!😊God makes our bodies in such a miraculous and amazing way. Thank you God!

  • Marco Zorzin
    Marco Zorzin 2 days ago

    Funny that. I had back pains too. And after everyday it gets better too. Isn't that what the case is with every pain and aches. Heals overtime?

  • Chris Trudell
    Chris Trudell 2 days ago

    I love water.🌊

  • MVM GZ
    MVM GZ 2 days ago

    Lol this guys an idiot. Gets a new mattress with more support and no pressure points, doesn’t strain his back and rest his back.
    Water healed me!!!!!
    Water only kept you hydrated your body is still metabolizing the energy you have stored. Your body healed like it would have if he was eating.
    This only encourages people with injuries to neglect their injury and try ridiculous things. This is why homeopathy is a thing now. Because people with no scientific background come up with random shit to sell to people that fall for it.
    I injured my back a few months ago. I rested it on a supportive mattress and slowly started to do stretches and lifting some low weight weights to get it stronger. Guess what. Back pain went away.
    If the people in this channel read this please don’t encourage stupid shit like this Water fast!!!

  • Edward
    Edward 2 days ago

    Having severe pain from 3 herniations I'm very familiar with pain.
    I have a hard time believing that a water fast takes away.
    I also never heard of someone doing nothing at all on a water fast. Many people have done 5-30 day water fasting and carried on with life as usual.
    I'm pretty sure choc syrup isn't the best way to get needed sugars back in the blood stream.
    You make a great couple but the pain relief is skeptical

  • Firenado
    Firenado 2 days ago +1

    So basically starving off your brain cells will make you healthier

  • Abdimajid Mosoow
    Abdimajid Mosoow 2 days ago

    Am starting a 7 day water fast does anyone want to do this with me?

  • Wanted Marshmallow
    Wanted Marshmallow 2 days ago

    This is stupid. You can lose 6Kg per month if you are patient enough. And you gotta be patient, because if you are not, then how are you gonna make your habits go aways and keep the weight you ended up with after diet or fast? Just find enough will power and do it, or dont. Dont be stupid.

    • Liloh Loves Subtitles
      Liloh Loves Subtitles Day ago

      He was trying to fix his back pain though? it had nothing to do with trying to lose weight :)

  • S. Ewasiuk
    S. Ewasiuk 2 days ago

    You two are perfect for each other!

  • D31MOS
    D31MOS 2 days ago +33

    "I've literally been in bed for seven days"
    Shows clip of himself standing not on his bed

  • m_harch
    m_harch 2 days ago

    You could’ve just done trigger point therapy..

  • LeFraud Has Choked In SIX Finals

    Play the video at .25 speed and you'll hear how the world really sounded to him while fasting.

  • Arguing With Stupid People

    09:48 You "feel better" because you're delusional and hallucinating. Classic case of self-delusion reinforced by a brain addled from malnutrition.

  • Elizabeth Lawson
    Elizabeth Lawson 2 days ago

    Wait so you didn’t eat either for 7 days ?

  • Jennifer Viscomi
    Jennifer Viscomi 2 days ago

    Supported, firm mattress + 7 days of rest = recovery. Stop with you and your water fasting. "You need to rest properly to get the healing results of a water fast." No. You just need to rest.

  • Aaron Ha
    Aaron Ha 2 days ago

    i think the van is your problem and i say that speaking as someone with a bad back

  • Juan Cobo
    Juan Cobo 2 days ago

    how much water do you drank every day ?

  • Endrika Then
    Endrika Then 2 days ago

    This man deserves a medal, you don’t know how hard it is till you try it. This is my 4th day on a Liquid diet and let me tell you it’s not even similar to his and I’m struggling to finish my week. It’s so nice to know you feel and look better.

    • Liloh Loves Subtitles
      Liloh Loves Subtitles Day ago

      If that's you in your pic then you don't need to be on a diet D: your body is legit perfect 💚 Or are you having to do it for medical reasons?? Well regardless, good luck!! :)