BIGGEST GAMESHOW FAILS EVER! Family Feud, Match Game, Celebrity Name Game! Bonus Round

  • Published on Aug 3, 2018
  • Here's the BIGGEST gameshow fails ever on tv! From Family Feud USA, Match Game & Celebrity Name Game!
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  • Bonus Round
    Bonus Round  10 months ago +203

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    • Kaiser Zephan
      Kaiser Zephan Day ago

      Is the answer " Joke " ?

    • Zzukiyaki 75
      Zzukiyaki 75 28 days ago

      Hi. So what’s the other two answers... thanks. :)

    • Angel Martell
      Angel Martell Month ago

      Every time I see Jason wtf Biggs I know something un cool is happening and B list celebs have gate red for more boring tv.

    • Adam Palmer
      Adam Palmer Month ago +1

      Deeply in marriage

    • Budder Kupp
      Budder Kupp 2 months ago +1

      @Spectra Nyte Yessss..Sheila had to be one of the dumbest contestants ever!! WOW!! I was thinking MA, MUM, MAW, etc.. I wanted to slap her upside the head..just for being so dumb. And what was with that Nanny, Nana shit?? People might call their grandmother Nana..but I never heard a mother called Nana!! And..I've only heard hired help called Nanny!! DUMB AS A POST!!

  • Joseph Appleton
    Joseph Appleton 16 hours ago

    Sad butt true

  • Perfectspare 300

    I felt so bad for Anna. That was every Family Feud contestant’s worst nightmare. I just wanted to give her a hug :(

  • Xynnful
    Xynnful Day ago

    I think Sheila was just buying time but at the end didn't think of a correct answer or she did get an answer but then forgot it because of the whole situation happening.

  • Xynnful
    Xynnful Day ago

    What was the correct answer to the "Single's Night" question anyways?

  • Xynnful
    Xynnful Day ago

    Abby should've said: "What happens to a guy when they fap"

  • Ken
    Ken Day ago

    I thought fish was a better answer. A pit full of condoms? wtf? Apparently I don't understand the logic of that gameshow.
    How about whipped cream? Are you gonna fuck 100,000 people with AIDS or something?

  • adryan schindel
    adryan schindel 2 days ago

    The girls keep fucking it up

  • J Bayawon
    J Bayawon 2 days ago +1

    8:00 this is why I don't like half of all the American accents...

  • J Bayawon
    J Bayawon 2 days ago +1

    the first one made me cry, literally...

  • Chloe Hill
    Chloe Hill 2 days ago

    Omg, they are stupid! Like how?

  • N. Haʻalilio Solomon

    Oh Sheila and your family, we shall pray for you

  • Broken Pianist
    Broken Pianist 3 days ago

    Is the second one Angela from the office

  • Major Motherland
    Major Motherland 3 days ago

    Steve tore her apart

  • Anonymous Nonsense
    Anonymous Nonsense 4 days ago

    I actually wanted to kill someone when Sheila was answering

  • Bryan Liguori
    Bryan Liguori 4 days ago

    Man, this is hard to watch 🤣

  • Lieutenant Axner
    Lieutenant Axner 5 days ago

    Mission failed, we get em next time

  • Parsa Shirali
    Parsa Shirali 5 days ago

    I mean the first one at least the restaurant should have had 1!!!! Wtf was the 4 tho like the number one was 5 not one of the 100 people didn’t say that ??? Tf

  • Brealfrank25
    Brealfrank25 6 days ago

    Wooooow...i never saw all 0's

  • Renee O'Shea
    Renee O'Shea 7 days ago

    Damn, that girl that got ALL 0's?!?!?! SERIOUSLY: *WTF?!?!*

  • mycatsslave
    mycatsslave 7 days ago

    Lowkey can barley thing other answers too for the first vid

  • Jeremiah Swanson
    Jeremiah Swanson 7 days ago

    That family on Steve Harvey went from feast to famine faster than anything I've ever seen!

  • Superboy DW3
    Superboy DW3 7 days ago


  • Twenty Øne Panicked Piølets at the Disco!

    If Steve doesnt smack you when you’re done answering then you know your answers aint good

  • foredamusic
    foredamusic 8 days ago

    Hahahahahaha that chick was fucking aweful.

  • Sarina Jm
    Sarina Jm 8 days ago

    Noooooo..this is painful to watch😱😱😱😱😱

  • KAY-09 Gaming
    KAY-09 Gaming 8 days ago

    The last one explains the brain capacity of those people. Laughing and clapping that's all they know. 😂

  • Bob Gymlan
    Bob Gymlan 9 days ago

    Steve has too much fun.

  • Brandon Jones
    Brandon Jones 10 days ago

    The girls from the patterson family on family fued were not the brightest bunch of individuals. All of em dumb.

  • Icy
    Icy 10 days ago

    12:53 It was at that moment all weebs lost it.

  • Jonny
    Jonny 10 days ago

    No more steve harvey please. I like to see a variety of fails. Not 14 min of steve harvey over reacting.

  • Kronos
    Kronos 10 days ago

    Who is that Jack guy he is so familiar can anything enlighten me?

  • Dustern 003
    Dustern 003 11 days ago

    The answer was so clear


  • Alex Acosta
    Alex Acosta 11 days ago +1

    The first lady just made me upset. How could you.... you had one job #18pts.

  • Caitlin S
    Caitlin S 12 days ago

    Seagulls night.... weird flex but OKAY 😂😂

  • itsmeaaruunn
    itsmeaaruunn 13 days ago


  • Tom the Bomb
    Tom the Bomb 15 days ago

    Is it just me or are all the fails women

  • samir
    samir 15 days ago

    4:18 wtf

  • DrCognitive
    DrCognitive 15 days ago

    I wonder if Sheila ever watches this clip and self reflects for a moment...

  • nicole george
    nicole george 15 days ago

    Wow!! She sucked

  • Alex Peraza
    Alex Peraza 16 days ago

    To be fair, Anna came up with three of the five answers Tim came up with. Had she gone first, she would have scored 113 points just based on those three. She came up with solid answers, the problem was she couldn't recover when those answers were already taken on account of the stress, which is totally understandable.
    Funny too that 0 guys answered "4" on their chances of dating a girl who's a ten. I imagine most said 1, 5, or 8 or above as that's probably how their confidence levels would go. Not that I would have thought about this on the spot either though.
    Check out the video of the guy that keeps answering "turkey" to all the questions. That one's funnier to me... and also still understandable! This shit looks stressful as fuck.

  • DjangoW
    DjangoW 16 days ago

    Steve Harvey: NANI

  • EJ
    EJ 16 days ago

    So did anyone get the last two answers to that last question about the moms?

  • Jay Buttah
    Jay Buttah 16 days ago

    Subscribe to my channel ‼️‼️

  • Natalee King
    Natalee King 17 days ago

    Family feud fam deserves to lose for being that fucking stupid.

  • Jean Rowe
    Jean Rowe 18 days ago

    I almost lost my sh*t when Sheila said ok Steve .... NaNa.... omg. - I’m laughing so hard I have to go pee .... u know she’s shamed when she gets in the car to go home - then Steve + audience singing - omg I have to pee

  • Miss Heather Rae
    Miss Heather Rae 19 days ago

    Disown that family member

  • S. Curry
    S. Curry 20 days ago

    The family fued with the question another word for mother...holy crap!!! SMH. Ma, Madre, is wrong with them????

  • Curtis John
    Curtis John 20 days ago

    Ffs on that last one. I actually wanted to see the answers. I got Ma but couldn't of the other one.

    RJZII 21 day ago

    I was annoyed about the first clip... fuk that gal she sux...

  • LouisVuittonDonVG
    LouisVuittonDonVG 23 days ago

    I feel like Sheila’s gotta be ones that stupid

  • Mom Found The Poop Sock
    Mom Found The Poop Sock 23 days ago +5

    omae wa mou shindeiru

    Steve Harvey - 12:54

  • Papa Jags
    Papa Jags 23 days ago

    6:32 all she had to say was a mans genitals does this when he’s getting freaky with his wife

  • Bradley Hamilton
    Bradley Hamilton 24 days ago

    Angela from the Office?

  • Gerardo Ortega
    Gerardo Ortega 24 days ago

    Wow even the Kelly's did better

  • Prince Yandz
    Prince Yandz 24 days ago

    I felt bad for Steve when he said I get paid to do a show yet his no longer working

  • Alexander, of a new name

    5:50 is that Angela, from The Office?

  • denn7s
    denn7s 25 days ago

    sheila stupid af

  • mighty mouse
    mighty mouse 25 days ago +1

    Americans are so loud 🤦

  • De Mos
    De Mos 25 days ago

    Right let's just flip that shit over. Ha-larry-us

  • Just a Nobody
    Just a Nobody 26 days ago


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  • Michael Gonzalez
    Michael Gonzalez 26 days ago

    this just shows how women drags us men down

  • Garcia Ferdz
    Garcia Ferdz 26 days ago

    oh my... nerve racking......awesome...and i feel hungry...lets eat this

  • Xaiex J
    Xaiex J 26 days ago

    It was funny until I saw psychopath Baldwin. Thatd disgusted me. Baldwin if you're reading this, please stay an actor because you're an ugly person.

  • Mike Bryden
    Mike Bryden 26 days ago

    family feud - the worst show, for the dumbest people

  • Dustin Ray
    Dustin Ray 27 days ago

    I would have said "Momma Mia" like Mario

  • T Gosselin
    T Gosselin 27 days ago

    I feel bad for this lady all the time. She was clearly going for Mami which is a different spelling. It wasn't up therenot up there regardless but it was still a good try and different from the others.

  • Jakturunkabart
    Jakturunkabart 27 days ago

    Its amazing how retarded people act over money. Empty shells. Lol.

  • sinjin gideon
    sinjin gideon 27 days ago

    Chucky Cheese is a kids PIZZA place run by a MOUSE never ever had anything to do with singles dating then again maybe for PEDOPHILES so i would see why he would say FISH FOR SEAGULLS NOT SINGLES ....SOO the judges answers should cause worry bunch of jackasses

  • Adam Fairclough
    Adam Fairclough 27 days ago


    • hmm
      hmm 20 days ago

      Omae wa mou shinderu

  • Minigad
    Minigad 27 days ago

    N A N I !!

  • Katie Farmer
    Katie Farmer 27 days ago

    Ma, mater

  • Katie Farmer
    Katie Farmer 27 days ago

    I was confused by the first family feud because I though opposing families do that game.

  • Rayne Black
    Rayne Black 27 days ago +1

    I wonder how many people who know sheila in real life and saw this and stopped hanging around her.

  • Jonatha n
    Jonatha n 27 days ago

    No way that black family is for real

  • Matthew Elliott
    Matthew Elliott 27 days ago

    something tells me sheila isnt actually that stupid... steve went all in, there is no way that wasnt intentional.

  • Fernanda Villalobos
    Fernanda Villalobos 27 days ago

    How stupid can you be to repeat the same word and he is giving them so many chances

  • Purple Reign
    Purple Reign 27 days ago

    13:24 Ya'll stop laughing at this.

  • revz1373
    revz1373 27 days ago +35

    when you realize that amount of stupid cant be fixed... "lets just flip that shit over" legend

  • Dean Kumar DK
    Dean Kumar DK 27 days ago

    holy shit that last one had me in tears! lmfao

  • Fast doggo
    Fast doggo 27 days ago

    Sheila is more retarded a fucking balloon who has autism and popped and then got blended up then turned into clay

  • Fast doggo
    Fast doggo 27 days ago +7

    Sheila: oh so nana doesn’t work?
    Host: nope
    Sheila: okay, how about mommyyy not mommy? Fine how about nana, no? Okay how about nanaa?

  • Fast doggo
    Fast doggo 27 days ago +1

    In the second one is that Angela from the office in that green shirt

  • Fast doggo
    Fast doggo 27 days ago +2

    WOW Sheila is as bright as a headless human

  • Alexander Tate
    Alexander Tate 27 days ago

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  • Joe 123c
    Joe 123c 27 days ago


  • Rad Dude
    Rad Dude 27 days ago +3

    Imagine being that first person, just like “I messed up so hard” 😂

  • AbigailO_o Mishu*-*
    AbigailO_o Mishu*-* 28 days ago

    Dude, Sheila made a FOOL of herself for the whole country to see, and din't even notice the audience and Steve was making a full mockery for her lack of intelligence. Ok: So for me it'd be mom/mommy, mama, ma, mum maybe?

  • AbigailO_o Mishu*-*
    AbigailO_o Mishu*-* 28 days ago +2

    That mom one was so dumb dude. Girl, seriously? How about ma? OMFG

  • Naked juicebox WTF
    Naked juicebox WTF 28 days ago

    THIS waaamens are retarded as fuck bro...JESUS have mercy on their souls, ooh wait i think they may have no souls cuz they are so god damm stupid.

  • Courtney Kisa
    Courtney Kisa 28 days ago

    Mum!!!! i cannot deal with her🤣

  • abcdefghij2009o
    abcdefghij2009o 28 days ago

    OH my...

  • Roland Elliott
    Roland Elliott 28 days ago

    This confirms my thoughts on peoples intelligence and IQ, we are a doomed race . some countries are less intelligent than other nations i guess.

  • FreedomOrNothin
    FreedomOrNothin 28 days ago

    I already feel bad for the first lady...why am I watching this?

  • MeleeBro
    MeleeBro 28 days ago

    Man Tim did WORK

  • Jake Anderson
    Jake Anderson 28 days ago +2

    That mother question was so painful to watch.

  • nancyy xx :/
    nancyy xx :/ 28 days ago


  • Ms Allen
    Ms Allen 28 days ago

    I'm laughing sooooo hard at that 1st fail omgggggggg

  • Sabah Rahil
    Sabah Rahil 29 days ago

    In the second game show the woman looked like Angela Kinsey