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    • Nostre38
      Nostre38 Год назад

      David Bowie - Lady Grinning Soul or Wild is the Wind

    • Maymuna Kabir
      Maymuna Kabir Год назад

      REACT Please have teens/college kids react to/ Do They Know THE CRANBERRIES!

    • Justin Williamson
      Justin Williamson Год назад

      REACT my mom torments me with Gloria Gaynor whenever she comes on the radio.

    • Lydia
      Lydia Год назад


    • Yazmin Orozco
      Yazmin Orozco Год назад

      REACT try 50s music!!!

  • Golan West
    Golan West Год назад +1

    Brandon. here in the south we call it Sweet Tea, not ice tea

  • FOT/ POM
    FOT/ POM Год назад

    But wild cherry :,(. How do they not know them?!?

  • Sar Axles
    Sar Axles Год назад

    The girl in purple is on firrrre!

  • betoen
    betoen Год назад

    I skip Imagine every time. I can't stand John Lennon's music.

    • monty whitehead
      monty whitehead Год назад

      Dylan Orsi probably to hard of a metal head to look the other way

    • Dylan Orsi
      Dylan Orsi Год назад

      betoen whys that ?

  • Tia dee
    Tia dee Год назад +11

    still no fleetwood mac??

  • Lilly Camp
    Lilly Camp Год назад +44

    They actually did pretty well in this one for once 😂

  • Math Guy
    Math Guy Год назад +3

    No Elton John? NO QUEEN???? O.O
    Still some darn good songs though. :-)

  • Alexis Jeanne
    Alexis Jeanne Год назад +7

    Paul McCartney please!!!

  • I Cant Believe Its caryn
    I Cant Believe Its caryn Год назад +2

    Kids react to Pop punk??

  • Shadow_Link
    Shadow_Link Год назад +2

    i'm not even from the 70s and i know at least 90% of the songs.

  • Mani polamalu
    Mani polamalu Год назад +2

    I knew all of these songs and I'm 21 😂😍

  • donald stone
    donald stone Год назад

    How about Kids react to Meatloaf

  • brostenen
    brostenen Год назад

    Do an Amiga computer episode...

  • brostenen
    brostenen Год назад +2

    Is it just me, or is imagine not from 1980?

    • Red Mouse Tv.
      Red Mouse Tv. Год назад

      brostenen just you

    • lukeyluke444
      lukeyluke444 Год назад +1

      brostenen Everyone’s wrong sometimes

    • brostenen
      brostenen Год назад +1

      CLAYMORE: Lukeyluke444 Ahhh... There we go. Thrn it is just me that are wrong on it.

    • lukeyluke444
      lukeyluke444 Год назад +3

      :) No it was 1971, you might just getting it confused that John Lennon got shot in December of 1980.

    • L L.v2
      L L.v2 Год назад +3 said in the video, it's from 1971...That's why it's in a "Do They Know 70's music" video.... no one said anything about the 80's tf you talking about?

  • Briana LeMaire
    Briana LeMaire Год назад +5

    im into beau's shirt

  • Timothy Raths
    Timothy Raths Год назад +1

    Lol, that Brandon dude looks like Silent Bob.

  • vcorr2288
    vcorr2288 Год назад

    70s-early 2000s music were the best

  • It's Lily
    It's Lily Год назад +2


  • David Ness
    David Ness Год назад +4

    John Lennon’s Imagine is my all time favorite song, period.

  • Giant
    Giant Год назад +18

    I'm simple. I see John Lennon, I click.

  • Marcus Johnson
    Marcus Johnson Год назад +5

    How about “I Wanna Be Your Lover” by Prince?

  • Therese Sundberg
    Therese Sundberg Год назад

    You should hear our winner from the tv show Idol, he sang Imagine by John Lennon and it was awesome! Check it out!видео.html

  • Christy S
    Christy S Год назад

    im so vidicated they finally included play that funky music i love that song its a one hit wonder but i still know the artist

  • Zaria Wade
    Zaria Wade Год назад +1

    React to Flavor of Love

  • Jennifer Long
    Jennifer Long Год назад +2

    I love all of these songs. Omg

  • Sclzbot92
    Sclzbot92 Год назад +2

    Imagine is overrated!

  • Heart beat
    Heart beat Год назад

    who is morgans sis?

  • Maymuna Kabir
    Maymuna Kabir Год назад +4

    Adults/ teens react to The Cranberries!

  • Domenic Evans
    Domenic Evans Год назад +4

    react to Sunn O)))

  • Evan
    Evan Год назад +1

    Hopelessly devoted to you really got to me! I said Dolly Parton too lol. Awesome episode, would like to see a 60s episode with dion & the belmonts.

  • Wolf Ill
    Wolf Ill Год назад +1

    Elders react to Black Metal(Satyricon, Immortal, Emperor, Mayhem)

  • Stephen Arnold
    Stephen Arnold Год назад +9

    More 70's

  • adru78
    adru78 Год назад +5

    What about ZZ Top?

  • Γεώργιος
    Γεώργιος Год назад +11

    Just do 60's already!

  • Debra Schreier
    Debra Schreier Год назад +3

    Just to judge from those little snippets, Jade has a beautiful voice. How about a duet with her and Eric?

  • FireCloud42
    FireCloud42 Год назад +1

    love that seen in Con Air with Steve Buscemi about the irony of them singing Sweet Alabama in a plain...

  • FireCloud42
    FireCloud42 Год назад +1

    react to Matchbox twenty

  • Неко Тамо
    Неко Тамо Год назад +3

    Like i know all songs.And I'm 14

  • Josh
    Josh Год назад +4

    After seeing how many knew Olivia Newton John and ACDC I thought you should do a Do they know Australian music. I bet the college kids and/or adults would be surprised how many songs they recognize.
    Or even challenge them to pick the country of origin of songs/artists would be a good challenge

  • HealeyC
    HealeyC Год назад +2

    Y.M.C.A and Brick House for the 70's!

  • Armando Castellanos
    Armando Castellanos Год назад +3

    In the next college kids react put some Black Sabbath

  • gabby bove
    gabby bove Год назад +1

    I love that everyone was getting down to the second to last song, aka play that funky music lol

  • Burrito Sama
    Burrito Sama Год назад +2

    There’s no way in hell “superstitious” ties with “highway to hell”.

    • Burrito Sama
      Burrito Sama Год назад

      Nothing, I just find it funny how those 2 tied

    • Lisa Kazmier
      Lisa Kazmier Год назад

      What's the problem? I thought it cool they knew both (mostly).

  • Victor Garcia
    Victor Garcia Год назад +2

    Jimi Hendrix

  • tony
    tony Год назад


  • Blair Kluting
    Blair Kluting Год назад


  • Salad
    Salad Год назад +8

    Don't Fear The Reaper by Blue Öyster Cult in the next one, please. That's a toughie

    • R0DisG0D
      R0DisG0D Год назад +4

      Second this. These episodes definitely need more cow bell!

  • Kierstin Flickinger
    Kierstin Flickinger Год назад +3

    react to Broadway songs?

  • Lorena Gomez
    Lorena Gomez Год назад +2

    College kids react to the Turtles Happy Together

  • Brooke Brown
    Brooke Brown Год назад +4

    I meannnn is Tom single??👀👀👀

  • Danjimaru
    Danjimaru Год назад

    Knew all songs and artists and I was born in 1982. Was very much into oldies disco 15 years ago.
    Gloria Gaynor, Wild Cherry and Stevie Wonder's Sir Duke would play every single night.

  • alexpark11
    alexpark11 Год назад +4

    Make elders, kids, teens, adults, college kids, everyone react to SLAYER!!!! Since they are retiring RIP

  • LuckyLlama Plays
    LuckyLlama Plays Год назад +8


  • Tawny Carter
    Tawny Carter Год назад +163

    Still no Fleetwood Mac or Led Zeppelin?....okay....

    • R0DisG0D
      R0DisG0D Год назад +9

      Everybody appreciates Fleetwood Mac. Everybody. Also Led Zep are deceptively popular among younger audiences.

    • Jenny Gavin-Wear
      Jenny Gavin-Wear Год назад +3

      Tawny Carter don't think they would have appreciated it lol

  • Being Me
    Being Me Год назад +1

    when you think your not going to get any right but you end up knowing all of the songs :)

  • Sujoy Kumar Shinde
    Sujoy Kumar Shinde Год назад +1

    Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 (Full Soundtrack)видео.html

  • DarthWolf
    DarthWolf Год назад +6

    Do they kno 70s punk

    • Lisa Kazmier
      Lisa Kazmier Год назад

      No one knew the one time they used "God Save the Queen" which I'm guessing is because corporate radio won't touch 70s punk.

  • Captainpigraven
    Captainpigraven Год назад +3

    I’d love to see a Creedence Clearwater Revival song included in the next one, preferably one that was about the Vietnam war. It would be cool to see if anyone could make the connection.

    • greg mckeaver
      greg mckeaver Год назад +1

      Up Around The Bend is a good choice

    • Captainpigraven
      Captainpigraven Год назад

      Davin Schmidt It’s a great song but was released in 1969. Run Through The Jungle could work. And I think it was in Forest Gump, so there might be a chance at some familiarity.

    • Davin Schmidt
      Davin Schmidt Год назад +1

      Captainpigraven fortunate son would be nice

  • Sujoy Kumar Shinde
    Sujoy Kumar Shinde Год назадвидео.html 70s Greatest Hits - Best Oldies Songs Of 1970s - Greatest 70s Music - Oldies But Goodies

  • Vicky Nickerson
    Vicky Nickerson Год назад +5

    Do they know it Heavy Metal or Punk.

  • Mila Habarek
    Mila Habarek Год назад +14

    drinking game: take a shot every time they call a song “classic”

    • laszlo
      laszlo Год назад +1

      You’d get hammered

    • snowie
      snowie Год назад +5

      they weren't wrong though

  • Stefanus Pramudita
    Stefanus Pramudita Год назад +12

    wait?!! no Led Zep?!! cmon man...

  • Sebastian Kelar
    Sebastian Kelar Год назад

    Han Solo movie!

  • MrNerdadventures
    MrNerdadventures Год назад +1

    Tarot Woman - Rainbow

    • greg mckeaver
      greg mckeaver Год назад

      MrNerdadventures Nobody would get that one lol

  • Mr Brightside
    Mr Brightside Год назад

    Hi Jade! Is this her first appearance in some time?

  • Aaron Ward
    Aaron Ward Год назад +1

    College kids and elders react to Murder She Wrote.

  • Chris
    Chris Год назад +1

    The lyrics to Imagine by John Lennon are about the New World Order haha they probably don't even know what that is

  • 1000cleverboy
    1000cleverboy Год назад +1

    Suggested 70s hit: Jackie Blue - Ozark Mountain Daredevils

    • Lisa Kazmier
      Lisa Kazmier Год назад +1

      I like it. I wanted "25 or 6 till 4" by Chicago.

  • Superfetus77
    Superfetus77 Год назад +7

    Wow, no zeppelin?

  • Stephen P
    Stephen P Год назад

    Throw them for a loop next time, work in Kraftwerk's Das Model (The Model) in English. It was actually recorded in 1978.

    • R0DisG0D
      R0DisG0D Год назад +2

      Kraftwerk needs more attention!

  • Mikael Ångman
    Mikael Ångman Год назад +24

    AC/DC is dad rock? Well listen here young lady! I... oh... right... I'm in my 40s, so that might be true :(

  • Holipigicowi on the internet
    Holipigicowi on the internet Год назад +1

    Joy division

  • fatNano
    fatNano Год назад +6

    John Lennon 💖

  • ActionOverWordz
    ActionOverWordz Год назад +13

    F E M I N I S T P U M P U P J A M

  • Frank Masselli
    Frank Masselli Год назад +5

    1:50 someone’s gonna be alone for the rest of their lives

  • Kayle Strich
    Kayle Strich Год назад +4

    This video reminds me of the episode with elders react where someone is going against against Eminem on the Trump video, because "artists should stay out of politics". Artists have always, and will always, have a strong opinion on politics. They reach a wide audience, so it only makes sense.

  • SvemirZeka
    SvemirZeka Год назад +7

    Not knowing Gloria Gaynor or thinking she's Diana Ross is straight culture

    • Lisa Kazmier
      Lisa Kazmier Год назад

      And yet I don't think every Reactor is straight.

  • Andrei Hrin
    Andrei Hrin Год назад +31

    You guys need to show them some more Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin

  • Valentin Lopez
    Valentin Lopez Год назад

    Do teens know theatre musicals!

  • Dana F
    Dana F Год назад

    I'm so good at this lmao

  • Benuryu
    Benuryu Год назад +8

    Best decade in the history of mankind.

    • Major woody
      Major woody Год назад

      It sure was man. I'm simply mad about the Punk music from that time.

  • Eliza Ring
    Eliza Ring Год назад +8

    do they know 60's music, please

  • Milan De Smet
    Milan De Smet Год назад

    developer gentle harsh remain grip drawing available between long.

  • Kya Nichelle🌸🌝
    Kya Nichelle🌸🌝 Год назад

    Teens react to hamilton!!

  • Toma Pipiraitė
    Toma Pipiraitė Год назад +1

    React to NF!

  • Pernille Søndergaard Jensen
    Pernille Søndergaard Jensen Год назад +5

    Riders on the Storm by The Doors

  • I Fly High
    I Fly High Год назад +1

    I knew all of them but hopelessly devoted to you. 70s songs are the best

    • Danjimaru
      Danjimaru Год назад

      It took me a while but I imediately knew it was Olivia something something, that had also sung "Xanadu" and "Have You Ever Been Mellow" like Brandon said those are all songs from Dance Dance Revolution and the rockier songs from Lynyrd Skynyrd and AC/DC are in Rock Band so gamers should know.

  • Makayla VanEvery
    Makayla VanEvery Год назад +3

    Dude... I'm 14 and I knew all these songs. 😂

    • Makayla VanEvery
      Makayla VanEvery Год назад +1

      rick Kennedy well my mom was born in the 80s so not really just I know A lot of music.

    • rick Kennedy
      rick Kennedy Год назад +2

      Apparently your parents introduced you to some good music. And you listened :)

  • Candace Nelson
    Candace Nelson Год назад +4

    React to Amy Winehouse

  • Carolyn N
    Carolyn N Год назад +14

    React to ABBA

    • nia berk
      nia berk Год назад

      Carolyn N yess

  • Ben Severance
    Ben Severance Год назад +4

    I should be on this challenge. I’ll school anyone on 70’s music. I’ll even school teenagers who grew up in the 70’s that’s how much I love 70’s music.

  • Nightdominia
    Nightdominia Год назад

    It would be interesting if they tried to guess stuff like Three Dog Night and Alice Cooper, I am not going to suggest a specific song from their catalogs since there's so many good ones.

  • Cafe Kwizeen
    Cafe Kwizeen Год назад +5

    React to Jimi hendrix

  • Nick S
    Nick S Год назад

    Why in the world would someone sing about highway to hell...

    • Rebel Panther
      Rebel Panther Год назад

      Just Rock 'N' Roll.🤘

    • Arrynek01
      Arrynek01 Год назад +3

      Because that's where all the fun people are.

  • Manoel Rodrigues
    Manoel Rodrigues Год назад +8

    More suggestions for Do They Know It:
    The Who - Baba O'Riley
    Snap - Rhythm is a Dancer
    C&C Music Factory - Everybody Dance Now
    Crash Test Dummies - Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
    Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song
    Beastie Boys - Sabotage
    Rage Against The Machine - Testify
    Cypress Hill - Insane In The Brain
    Audioslave - Like a Stone
    Deee-Lite - Groove Is In The Heart
    Silverchair - Ana's Song
    Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence
    INXS - New Sensation
    Tears For Fears - Shout
    Yes - Owner Of A Lonely Heart
    Limp Bizkit - Take a Look Around
    Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out
    Cake - Never There
    Joy Division - Love Tear Us Apart

    • R0DisG0D
      R0DisG0D Год назад +1

      If they're going to play Yes I'd prefer Roundabout.

  • Phoenix Himmel
    Phoenix Himmel Год назад +47

    One word :

  • Giovanni Piccione
    Giovanni Piccione Год назад

    I love AC/DC so much!!!

  • nubs1032
    nubs1032 Год назад +8

    Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water
    Steve Miller Band - Fly Like an Eagle
    Styx - Come Sail Away
    Kansas - Dust in the Wind
    Ted Nugent - Cat Scratch Fever
    3 Dog Night - Joy to the World

  • TheRandom Channel
    TheRandom Channel Год назад +1

    I knew all but one song and I am probably the only kid in my school that knew these songs. I’m 13. This generation smh