Why I Don't Recommend the 5:2 Method of Intermittent Fasting

  • Published on Apr 15, 2019
  • Overview of Healthy Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent Fasting:

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    In this video, Dr. Berg explains why you should NOT do the 5:2 intermittent fasting program. 5:2 means for 5 days, you are eating regularly with no restrictions to what you eat, and for 2 days, you lowered your calories by 75%. First of all, the 5:2 diet is not even intermittent fasting because you are just lowering your calories.
    Here are two reasons why this is not recommended:
    1. You are not going to adapt to a full state of ketosis.
    2. No standard of what to eat.
    Recommendation: Do intermittent fasting every single day and do it correctly - start with 16:8 daily, then if you are comfortable with the ratio, start shortening the eating window a little bit to notice better results.
    Eric Berg, DC Bio:
    Dr. Berg, 53 years of age, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of "The New Body Type Guide" and other books published by KB Publishing. He has taught students nutrition as an adjunct professor at Howard University. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.
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Comments • 389

  • Phil De Punter
    Phil De Punter 3 hours ago

    I'm doing the 5:2 fast, and I mean a two day fast with ONLY water then flipping back to the Keto diet for five days. Surely you cannot be critical of that?

  • Watch Me
    Watch Me 12 hours ago

    I’ve heard that it’s not safe because you can get a stroke and die from it. Is this true? I tried it for 1 month and lost 4 kg
    And how much do I need to do&burn fat off completely?
    And do you have video to explain beginners diet

  • Mobius Trip
    Mobius Trip 10 days ago

    Two meals a day in a six hour window. Plus you can eat carbs

  • Tasha Monique
    Tasha Monique 24 days ago +1

    What if you do keto and IF for five days and water fast for two days? Is that safe and okay?

  • Atalay Ant
    Atalay Ant 26 days ago

    started with 18-6 2 years ago. I lost 30 lbs and it stopped. Then 20-4, and 24 hrs kicked in, the best is 22-2 for me, I lost few more lbs, and I feel great.

  • Bjólan Tanní
    Bjólan Tanní 29 days ago

    5:2 is just lazy.

  • Judith J. Gil
    Judith J. Gil Month ago

    Hello Dr. Berg. In the intermittent fasting, can you drink coffee or tea in the fasting period?

    • Peter Eichinger
      Peter Eichinger Month ago

      Coffee and tea are fine. However, don't add sugar or milk to the beverages. Some sweeteners (eg erythritol - as long as you don't get bloating) are OK but milk has lactose (ie milk sugar) which may not taste very sweet but it does boost insulin by a huge amount. Some companies add the "permeate" back into milk ((half and half) so they don't have to dispose of the waste, and that is loaded with lactose and lifts milk sugar from about 7-13% up to over 30%.

  • Autumn
    Autumn Month ago

    I hadn’t heard of this yet, but I do keep seeing on magazines and on IG about “carbing” one day a week so you “don’t slow your metabolism”. Ppl are saying it accelerates keto. Can you address please? It seems to be getting more and more popular but I can’t help but think it’s wrong.

  • Meatnveggies Curesall 20/4

    18-6 Mon--Fri..and no food on the weekend...max fat burning, ketones, Autophagy, hgh, testosterone and Stem cell production.

  • treasurechest51 L
    treasurechest51 L Month ago +1

    Why did I get the notifcation a few seconds ago when I see comments from four days ago? Lol but I liked the video thx Dr.Berg

  • Andrew Schwapp
    Andrew Schwapp Month ago

    Is it ok to expand eating windows, per day normally 4-6hr windows then on weekend, 8-10hr windows?

  • NHL Games Comparisons

    Well what if I completely fast? And eat a little over maintenance 5 days a week with high carb? I wouldn’t need to do keto, since I’m forcing ketosis by fasting for 24+ hours, so did I just hack the system? Ahah

  • twish1999
    twish1999 Month ago +4

    I agree with you totally, i have done I.F for over a year now, along with a keto lifestyle and have lost over 70 pounds..... and now i am so used to it i couldn't eat before 1 pm anyway as my hunger levels have decreased enormously... i love keto!

  • Morfin
    Morfin Month ago

    I do 16:8 for 5days and 2 days water fast only- I think that is a perfect mix of two aproches 🙌🏻

    • Carnivore Crusader
      Carnivore Crusader Month ago

      16:8 is truly not enough for todays undisciplined obese society. Low carb omad with only 1 hour eating window and 2 days water fasting will yield the best results. An 8hr eating window is just a ridiculously big window and the majority of people with zero will power will stuff their faces in such a huge eating window.

  • TejAmeline Wenham
    TejAmeline Wenham Month ago

    I've read that intermittent fasting past 16 hours for women can cause reproductive problems and thyroid issues. Is that true?

  • bluize
    bluize Month ago

    I admire your work and even use two of your products. But I'm very disappointed in this video. Disparaging any diet that reverses type Ii diabetes comes off as not only mean spirited but just plain wrong to do.Not everyone has a desire or need to be ketogenic - keto is a lifestyle choice and while I believe it is ancestral - it isn't for everyone. I don't do 5:2 but from what iv read and watched, it is not designed with ketosis as a goal, it uses calorie reduction by drastically varying caloric intake. I don't think our community should be critical of any diet/lifestyle choice that helps people live happier and healthier lives.

  • Chase Potter
    Chase Potter Month ago

    So what if you DO do keto and you eat the “500 calories” as one meal in the evening, and it’s mainly just fats? 🤔

  • Darsan Ramasamy
    Darsan Ramasamy Month ago

    Hi Dr. In that 16 hours fasting time can eat water or juice or milk ?

  • Free Will
    Free Will Month ago

    Makes sense

  • Jack Utudzhyan
    Jack Utudzhyan Month ago

    During the 16 hour fast, can you drink jucies such as Apple or carrot juice?

  • Estéfano Cerqueira

    Dr. Berg, please, talk about if is allowed to do aerobic exercises (run, swiming, biking etc.) in the period of jejum. Thanks.

  • Hidden Kitten
    Hidden Kitten Month ago

    goodness. 5:2 sounds sooo uh...modern!

  • popothebright
    popothebright Month ago +1

    You keep conflating IF with keto. They're completely different things. IF (without keto) still reduces insulin.

  • Bearrazorhead
    Bearrazorhead Month ago

    Will drinking a vegetable smoothie (with your potassium and wheat grass in it) stop fasting? Can or have you made a video on broccoli sprouts?

  • Richard Patterson
    Richard Patterson Month ago +9

    "Icing on the cake"
    Not happy with that analogy.
    That's the
    "Salt on the rim of your green smoothie"
    "Extra holes you had to punch in your belt to make it snug"
    "Avocado in your big salad"
    Hope that helps

  • Mary-Ann Roy
    Mary-Ann Roy Month ago

    Another utube IF “expert” said lemon water would break the fast. Her reasoning was that lemons were food. How could a small wedge of lemon jiuce or even pulp be enough to break a fast? people say coffee wouldnt break it, so how could lemon jiuce?

  • Amigo500
    Amigo500 Month ago

    Its not fasting.

  • MIKO
    MIKO Month ago

    Subtitles ?

  • Sandra Frederick
    Sandra Frederick Month ago

    Why does drinking apple juice actually cause chest and shoulder pain for about ten minutes? It is not heartburn acid. It is a heavy ache across the chest, neck and shoulders, that dissipates after a while. I have seen others ask this question on line, with unsatisfying replies. I know you have recommended that we not drink fruit juices, and I don't much anymore, but I am curious about what would cause this bodily response. Thank you.

  • Cee-Lina foster
    Cee-Lina foster Month ago

    I was just telling a co worker that yesterday. Thanks

  • boncoon
    boncoon Month ago

    Thank you, Dr Berg, for practicing what you preach. I love your mini lectures on single aspects of disease/health. They are a brilliant idea.
    (I also love your success-story interviews and look forward to those as well.) God bless you and yours, Bonnie

  • priyanka mandal
    priyanka mandal Month ago

    Hello dr if you could make video on warts and how to get rid of them by immunity

  • Elijah
    Elijah Month ago

    What do you think of resistant carbs such as potato starch for Keto?
    Butyrate is the concern!
    I would love if you made a video about this.

  • Lily Stonne
    Lily Stonne Month ago

    Did 5/2 after watching Dr. Mosely 3 years ago. Lost some weight but became pre-diabetic anyway. Now on LCHF, 2 meals per day no snacking. Lost more weight and improved blood sugar levels. You are right. Thank you for the video.

  • Laylla Willow
    Laylla Willow Month ago

    If my first meal is at 11 am, can I drink lemonade before (just lemon and water)?

    • HawkeyedSentinel
      HawkeyedSentinel Month ago

      Sure. I'd say add that with Apple Cider vinegar. Lemon is mainly there to prevent kidney stones when you eat cruciferous vegetables. ACV + lemon make a good tag team to help clean the liver.

  • Mark Hooper
    Mark Hooper Month ago

    Doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t eat at all on my two fasting days. Just water and unsweetened tea. Sometimes I do the 2 days together, sometimes seperate. I’ve lost 7kg (15lb) in eight weeks and feel great.

  • 7MonarC
    7MonarC Month ago

    I'm fine with 16:8. I won't go longer than that unless required by a medical condition.

  • Jabborani Jim
    Jabborani Jim Month ago

    People if your wife leave you do intermittent fasting.

  • Jabborani Jim
    Jabborani Jim Month ago

    Stupid wannabe idiot more on

  • Jabborani Jim
    Jabborani Jim Month ago

    Fake doctor

  • No Garden
    No Garden Month ago

    Do most people really do the 8:1 Diet ??? 🤔
    The one where you eat everything you can all day (and night) long for 8 days a week and use just one day to tell yourself "Does it really matter🤷🏻‍♂️" "but anyways I cant help it, and its just a bad habbit after all" - "and besides I cant find any veggies in the store"
    Do I belive in "diets" vs change of life style - well start grow your own 🥕🥕 👍

  • Jari Haukilahti
    Jari Haukilahti Month ago

    5:2 for means for me , dont eat at all during 2 days and has always been ok for me - did that when i was young for 35 years ago , 3 days was ok also . done that a couple of ears ago when i was 54 , I have low body energyconsumtion- I guess i could eat a wodden stick and live on that

  • purple rain
    purple rain Month ago

    I've dropped 11 kgs 3 in months following keto and intermittent fasting... eat once a day everyday.... doing TB work just before breaking fast and i feel sensational! Thank you Dr Berg!👍🇦🇺

  • Paul Andarzgar
    Paul Andarzgar Month ago

    18-6 is easier than 16-8. I eat 2 meals a day, 8 hours apart. Your stomach needs 8 hours to fully digest releatively large foods. So I don't load it when it is still digesting the previous food. I either do 16-8 or 23-1.

  • Chimera 88
    Chimera 88 Month ago

    This doctor needs more subs and views

    HUSSAM ALI Month ago

    Dr. Berg
    You are a life saver.
    Thank you

  • Maryam Khan
    Maryam Khan Month ago

    I was watching your old videos , you looked very fresh and fit but in your latest videos you look weak and I can see wrinkles on your face n specially on your neck . I love your videos and I learned a lot from you . Thank you Dr ! You are a great human being

  • EpicMeme Productions

    Thank you, Dr.
    I on a 23:1 Omad lifestyle. Started out with 16:8. Im 25 years old, 5,11 162lbs want to get leaner and maintain my muscle mass, or gain mass but I want to get a little more healthy in the mid section. Im a cyclist in the summer, gym 4-5 days a week working entire body.

  • Maranatha!
    Maranatha! Month ago

    I do 5:2 - 2 days a week pure water fast. It works very nice.

  • Indo American
    Indo American Month ago

    Dr Berg was right I ate 5 raw almonds and I got headache on my right side

  • carl de wet
    carl de wet Month ago +1

    When you Say, "Icing on the Cake' - well, that's just Cruel!

  • Foxy Campbell
    Foxy Campbell Month ago

    Omg I been doing this for last 3 years! I need to be a doctor Berg Junnior! And found it has healed my diverticulitis. Less food the better the body heals! I eat from 9:30 and finish at 4pm and weekends and weekends I don’t seem that hungry unless I’m going to be extra busy and having a night out!

  • Doc
    Doc Month ago +1

    Right now im at about 15-9 on average. I used to eat 3 meals with 3 snacks during a 15hr window! Horrible. Ive been gradually transitioning into IF. Started keto in january, down 30lbs. Hoping to see more with IF. This is a complete paradigm shift because i used to love to eat/snack frequently!

  • Ann D.H.
    Ann D.H. Month ago

    I do the 16, 8

  • Crystal Mitchell
    Crystal Mitchell Month ago

    I totally agree.

  • Kendall A
    Kendall A Month ago

    I can't believe you only eat like 80 grams of protein! But, Thomas Delaure only has about 90. Wow! I loved that combined team video a little while ago. I learned the entire story and have cut from around 190 to between 90 and 110. :-)

  • Simone
    Simone Month ago

    You are a credit to dieting !

  • tubularbill
    tubularbill Month ago

    Jimmy Kimmel does the 5:2 and he lost over 40 lbs. I heard him say he still follows that regime and is keeping the weight off real easy.

  • Max Mad
    Max Mad Month ago

    What if I really don't want 16 hours fasting, but I do 12-14 hours?

  • 53A17 E
    53A17 E Month ago

    I always was skeptical about 5:2. It never made sense to me. I’m glad you confirmed my suspicions.

  • Total Body Fitness
    Total Body Fitness Month ago +1

    If your body sees the intermittent fasting as stress, then T4 will convert to rT3 and thyroid function will decrease due to a decrease in T3! Like Dr. Berg, I followed this way of eating for at least 2 decades and I even recommended this to thousands of my clients over the last 30 years and come to find out NOT everyone is a good candidate for it. Check your TSH, Free T4, Free T3, and Reverse T3 levels before starting to get a baseline and then after a few weeks check it again just to be safe. I go by my own solid research not only with myself, but with all my clients so proof is in the pudding! Do it wrong and your thyroid will pay the price I PROMISE you that!
    Just remember this, ANY TIME the body is under stress whether it be because you are restricting your calories, starting out too fast on an intermittent fast, over exercise, lack of sleep, emotional stress, illness, etc. your body will convert T4 into rT3. Much more to this and that is why it's SO important to seek help on an individual basis with a competent professional with expertise regarding the human body or you just might regret it long term. Get extensive blood work done to get a baseline and NEVER assume it will be fine, ESPECIALLY if you are over the age of 40 and/or if you have medical issues!

    • Dr. James Davis Sr
      Dr. James Davis Sr Month ago +1

      @ Total Body Fitness - As a physician I must say you hit the nail on the head. The average person has no clue when it comes to this and your explanation sums it up very well.

  • James Bradley
    James Bradley Month ago +1

    The short vids are so awesome. Great info and I can make time for them. thank you sir 😎👍

  • fire7side
    fire7side Month ago

    I found a 24 hour water fast really dropped the pounds. One day a week. The other days I eat 3 meals a day. I'm at bmi normal so now I just eat 3 meals a day. I weigh myself once per week. If I'm over my limit, I just eat lunch that day. Hardly ever have to do it.

  • Tomsey Bitago
    Tomsey Bitago Month ago

    Please don't say "icing on the cake".

  • Annie H
    Annie H Month ago

    Been on keto 9 weeks ,lost 9 kilo ,no more fibromyalgia pain ,brain fog ect ! Still having erratic heart beat two or three times a week which can last for an hour or more ! Will this be dangerous for my heart long term ?

  • Raymond
    Raymond Month ago

    Can u make a video about the best diet and program for mma fighters and athletes?

  • Jane Smith
    Jane Smith Month ago

    I have always thought that the Michael Mosley 5:2 diet was nonsense and this video proves it.

  • Mick Markwick
    Mick Markwick Month ago +4

    Well I do know that Dr. Berg is trying to say here but I have something to say I have tried both diets and I know everybody is different but I lose more weight on the 5:2 diet

  • Jenna Karpe
    Jenna Karpe Month ago

    I want to meet someone at my best

  • Olivier Bert
    Olivier Bert Month ago +1

    He's neither a nutrition nor an MD, how can he recommand anything ?

    • Yaacov
      Yaacov Month ago +1

      *Because he's smart and knows more than most MDs and nutritionists ;)*

  • Dr Mero
    Dr Mero Month ago

    Dr. Berg should I do intermittent fasting every day without any brake? Some people believe that we must do intermittent fasting 4 to 5 days only because our body used to it and fat burning down and so metabolism. What's your opinion about this? To gain the maximum benefits, and pullet proof coffee can I do it with MCT only and by this way I can get the same benefits as with pullet proof with butter & MCT? thanks alot for the precious information 🙏🙏

  • Barbara V. Collins
    Barbara V. Collins Month ago

    I do 16:8 but I eat at 8-9 am and then at 2-3 pm. Sometimes I eat something in between the two meals like a a piece of cheese and some peanut/almond butter.

  • James Pawson
    James Pawson Month ago +1

    "5:2"...?? Who came up with that foolishness?

    SYDNEYIL TAMIL Month ago

    Me and my husband are going to follow IF 16:8 diet from today. Tried many diet plans and I reduced but I gained it back after few days. So I was looking for a permanent weight loss and a method that I can follow for the rest of my life and I come across ur channel and I checked almost all ur videos about IF and it was inspiring. I felt it was made for me. We recorded our start weight today morning and will record the foods we eat and will post a video every month. A big thanks 🙏 for all the videos and keep motivating us 🙌

    EYE OF GOD Month ago

    Hi Doc, I’m back 👐🏻 Played around with the Carnivore OMAD for 8 months and got bored with it. Have started doing Keto again as my Folate was very low and I decided I need diversity. Any hints on increasing Folate please apart from pills? I think my Folate was low as I’m Celiac and had been eating GF for about 10 years. Everything else was perfect, Cholesterol was only 5 👍🏻😘

  • Sandy Sunrise
    Sandy Sunrise Month ago

    How about the UNDERWEIGHT folks? I'm 5'3" at 103lbs. I want the health but not the "lost-weight" .. HELP!!!

  • angelamargaret1
    angelamargaret1 Month ago

    Before I had ever heard about Keto, I did the 5-2 diet and lost 35lb. I only had an evening meal on my 2 days. As I was used to not eating for almost 24 hours I feel it really helped me to adapted to intermittent fasting and Keto.

  • aisha shamaki
    aisha shamaki Month ago

    My biggest problem is excise.I don't like it. Can I still be on ketosis without the daily workout

  • Meruem
    Meruem Month ago

    Dr. Berg what do you think about 5:2 whereas you do a 16:8 IF in those 5 days and fast completely on the remaining 2 days (goal weight loss).

  • Michael Putnam
    Michael Putnam Month ago +1

    Nice 👍. !

  • Jonathan Raper
    Jonathan Raper Month ago

    I hope this question finds you. I have went on keto and I'm on month 4. My Triglycerides were 220 and now 4 months later I'm 2,000. I have not cheated, no alcohol. I drink bulletproof coffee, unsweetened tea and water only. I dont do anything but eggs, beef. Pork and lettuce and other keto friendly whole foods. What could I be doing wrong? My blood pressure has lowered from high to 120s/70s, I've went from 260lbs to 206lbs. I feel great. My doctor wants me to stop keto and take medication for cholesterol.

  • Theresa King
    Theresa King Month ago

    What happen to the captions? Disappointing...

    NATURAL BEAUTY Month ago

    I have hashimotos and IBS. What diet is the best? Is IBS connected to hadimotos? I am wondering why they appeared both the same time

  • AnimeMusician52295
    AnimeMusician52295 Month ago

    After using your electrolyte powder I have been having more heart palpitations why is this I have been adding some extra salt and sodium to the drink I don't know if that is why

  • Null Null
    Null Null Month ago

    im doing OMAD and keto i lost 12kg for 4 weeks and my sugar is 90 without meds.. im DM2

    • Glynn Oster
      Glynn Oster Month ago

      I am type 1.5 and have also gravitated toward OMAD in the last few weeks. Keto only got my blood sugar down into the 120-180 range consistently (I was 200-400), added different IF regiments got me into the 100-140 range, now OMAD for about three weeks I am in the 80-120, mostly 90-110. I am still on meds though. Hopefully that will be the next step.

  • DAVID M.
    DAVID M. Month ago +3

    Been doing IF and Keto for about 3 weeks. I lost so much weight around my waist it's unbelievable. I completely cut out carbs and sugar. This is the first time in my life I'm not dieting and still losing weight
    While retaining my muscle mass. I'm fitting into shirts and pants I haven't worn in about a year. I never feel hungry and always have energy. I do 16:8 for 6 days and 20:4 for 1 day. I just wish I knew about this year's ago. Dr. Berg was the inspiration after watching his videos and really wanna say thank you.

  • Bladi Maghreb
    Bladi Maghreb Month ago

    How about a video over the fact that keto is the new norm for Your body when You do keto and if for more then 2 years. When your thyroid hornones levels increase. From 0.4 to over 1.

  • L Randa
    L Randa Month ago

    5:2 worked for me if you make it a low carb meal like meat & veggies...& it’s truly under 500 cal. On the regular days I did OMAD though, not “regular” eating.

  • Love, God & Tattoos

    ANSWER THIS QUESTION PLEASE: If I can have 20-50 g of carbs per day, why can't i eat a banana or apple or a plum which is only 26 g of carbs? What harm can minimal fruit do if I keep my carbs under 30g?

  • Monty Datta
    Monty Datta Month ago

    Doc what about 15:9 or 14:10? Are are lot less benefit than 16:8 or 18:6? I am trying to bulk up actually since I am already pretty skinny. And a little longer eating window would fit better within my schedule

  • Bob Tyree
    Bob Tyree Month ago +1

    Someone on another site commented that it's okay to go in and out of ketosis (intermittent ketosis?). I didnt think so but??? What's your take?

  • Saheli Chakraborty
    Saheli Chakraborty Month ago

    Dear sir greetings from india followed your healthy keto and if plan 2 weeks dropped 4.pound feeling more energetic

  • CD PM
    CD PM Month ago

    Great Great stuff... Question ?? I am confused about Net veg carbs .... and being told we can eat as many as you want on keto or don't count the very carbs on keto etc etc?? I have been on strict keto for 3 to 6 months but my sugars are still high and i tried omad ..... i think the veg carbs are to much because of my insulin resistance?? i love brussel sprouts though !!! LOL. Suggestions?? Thoughts. Chuck D in Carmel CA

  • sylvainster30
    sylvainster30 Month ago

    Start with Breakfast, Lunch and Diner with no snacks. Then switch to lunch and diner skip breakfast. Then go lunch and skip Breakfast and diner! Voila enjoy!

  • NYGiants Champs
    NYGiants Champs Month ago

    Love ya Dr Berg ! Got 1 question though....doing IF EVERY DAY ... Doesn't that lower ur basal metabolic rate over time? Love ur vids 👍

  • Drew Juszkiewicz
    Drew Juszkiewicz Month ago +1

    Been doing keto and 16:8 IF for 2.5 months now. Down 25lbs so far. Thanks Doc!

  • Amy Atkinson
    Amy Atkinson Month ago

    Thanks, infact it's true, the 5:2 isn't really fasting at all! I have been doing the daily 16 hour for a year and a half..but losing muscle, skin is saggy on my thighs ..why? What can I do to avoid it? I am 59 years old, and weigh 55 kg .. thanks

  • belinda hawkins
    belinda hawkins Month ago

    I’ve been doing the keto raw Omad for 16:8 IF
    What I’m noticing for myself is increased mems of the bad
    Depression insomnia
    If u could address the increased cognitive functions that go to depression and bad mems
    What supplements to take bc the antidepressants don’t really work well for me

  • Alex A
    Alex A Month ago

    Dr. Berg it's off topic from this video but for good some of time I have been doing a diet in which I were eating 650 calorie diet (by eating one meal a day) my balance is 5-10% carbohydrates, protein 45%, fat 45-50%. I have been doing it for a 40 day period now, went from 205lb to 179lb. In case I screwed my thyroid (slow metabolism) activity, how do I fix it? I am going to fallow my weight lose progress and determine my position throughout this upcoming month

    • Alex A
      Alex A Month ago

      The thing is I am really energetic so I wasn't thinking about slowing my metabolism

  • The Roaming Gnome...Glenn Munro! VRCM/SkyWarn

    20 and 4
    Sometimes one a day.
    Sometimes once every other day.
    Mostly its once a day....around 5...then i go to bed at 7.
    Trying to get my hair to grow back and clean up my eyesight problem with floaters.
    Running is easier...now.
    I can breathe....and feel better.