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  • Published on Sep 11, 2017
  • Watch ALL the BEST Magicians on Britain's Got Talent 2017. Who do you think performs the best magic tricks? Let us know in the comments below..
    Magician auditions featuring Issy Simpson, DNA, Josephine Lee, Matt Edwards all from Britain's Got Talent 2017 AND MORE!
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Comments • 10 817

  • Sky Palmis
    Sky Palmis 4 hours ago

    I think that's is gum

  • Exile _Show
    Exile _Show Day ago

    The magician/comedian was my fav:
    magician/comedian: spills salt all over stage
    Custodian: u kidding me
    The two guys: this deserve golden button
    Custodian: left the chat

  • Ruby [OMG]
    Ruby [OMG] Day ago

    This guy can swallow A BALLOON A VERY SHARP BLADE AND PAPER AND CARDS AND whatever that green stuff is AND PINK STRING

  • Thanakrit Uthum
    Thanakrit Uthum 5 days ago

    o m g

  • Gabe's Games
    Gabe's Games 5 days ago +1

    That man must spend most of his life on the toilet

  • epical plushies
    epical plushies 5 days ago


  • Alexis Zaragoza
    Alexis Zaragoza 5 days ago


  • Charlie the Champion

    Razer Blades

  • shaafici xasan
    shaafici xasan 7 days ago +1

    I need like❤

  • Ghenwah Naseerن
    Ghenwah Naseerن 8 days ago


  • Ghenwah Naseerن
    Ghenwah Naseerن 8 days ago

    “. 9

  • Susana Cabrera
    Susana Cabrera 9 days ago

    Matt's trick was simple but he's sooo cuteeeee

  • Chabuddy G
    Chabuddy G 10 days ago

    They have camera contacts in

  • Cupcake Cupcake
    Cupcake Cupcake 10 days ago


  • Not_Real Gee Gee
    Not_Real Gee Gee 10 days ago

    19:26 the man behind simon pulls the black shirt on him

  • Rui Batista Silva
    Rui Batista Silva 11 days ago

    Porque o papel já estava cortado e as lâminas (falsas) eram feitas de comida eu acho👍

  • Rui Batista Silva
    Rui Batista Silva 11 days ago +1

    O primeiro é mentira

  • Heather Waithera
    Heather Waithera 13 days ago +1

    This person can swallow a balloon and possibly blades and I can't even swallow a pill 💊

  • Always Anna
    Always Anna 14 days ago +1

    That Guy whit the salt. I cry’d. So cute

  • Nagelasansor
    Nagelasansor 17 days ago

    Dear Amanda in my you can say they are wizardz or something.
    But in my country we call it :

  • xiomara flores
    xiomara flores 17 days ago


  • Star Techan
    Star Techan 18 days ago

    Oi gente vai no meu canal

  • Lucas Molina
    Lucas Molina 18 days ago +1

    el primero no l es un mago es un come todo y vomita todo XD

  • Amalia's World
    Amalia's World 20 days ago


  • 1 Hour Thunder Music
    1 Hour Thunder Music 21 day ago +1

    Guy with salt:*Pooring salt on the ground*
    Next audition:ahhh sh** here we go again
    Janitor:F*** JUST STOP THE SALT ALREADY *Raging*
    Ant and dec:*Walks to judges*
    Next audition:This will take time ;-;
    Janitor:Excuse me i wanna quit my job

    Edit:Sorry i didn't see the golden buzzer part until now

  • Zachary Anderson
    Zachary Anderson 27 days ago +6

    The little girl’s act actually makes sense when you realize that the GT franchise is very scripted and planned out ahead of time, her act was obviously rehearsed with the judges.

  • Wati Suparno
    Wati Suparno Month ago

    Kok bisa tadi anak kecil sulap

  • NUMBER 2
    NUMBER 2 Month ago

    You go to school now its lunch you ask your friends “what do you have?” Your friend “RaSERs” you slowly back away in fear

  • Adam Abdelhamid
    Adam Abdelhamid Month ago

    OMG When I was on the grown up mind readers one, I was thinking of *turquoise* and then I picked red!

  • Ceyda
    Ceyda Month ago

    ip vardır ip

  • Lottiska
    Lottiska Month ago

    I reeeeaaally DON'T like Niels Harder...I mean isn't he the "magic fantasy guy" or he looks like that, I've seen the clip where Decky goes to help them with the trick in semi-finals or finals or sommat and after the trick he just pushes Decky off the stage so that he can "carry on in time with the music" also when Decky goes on stage he's so rude kinda to him, that's just my opinion of course, it's just how I feel like..........but he's good still...

  • Queen of Cheese
    Queen of Cheese Month ago

    Hire that first guy to be a decorator

  • kaj van beek
    kaj van beek Month ago

    WoW I love it

  • Wojciech Lasecki
    Wojciech Lasecki Month ago

    Ktoś tu z Polski wogle jest?

  • Kahlen Durin
    Kahlen Durin Month ago

    Isn't it obvious???? These people went to Hogwarts! Duh.....

  • No me gustan los lunes Por la mañana

    What is that makes you a different magician?
    His tie 😂😂

  • Kaneki Ken
    Kaneki Ken Month ago +1

    And in my state talent show... Is this your card?:O

  • A R T I C U Sッ
    A R T I C U Sッ Month ago +2

    What name this Guy?
    I'm Brazilian,not speak english very good
    Haha Sorry :)

  • BriannaTheWispiesGirl

    the one with the shirt switching really got me

  • MĪYU Chan
    MĪYU Chan Month ago

    Congrats to the best magicians

  • Mustafa Khedapa
    Mustafa Khedapa Month ago +1

    If he eats the blades then the balloon in his stomach will pop 😞

  • DrOgOn_ DiEz
    DrOgOn_ DiEz Month ago

    Like si te estas buscando a alguien que able español por los comentarios xd

  • Sophia Cain-Betton
    Sophia Cain-Betton Month ago

    I like you're vidios.

  • Jansen Miora
    Jansen Miora Month ago

    version francaise :2:03 cet homme n est pas le gaspillage endirer!

  • Muffinz
    Muffinz Month ago

    puts e na hr que a lamina tiver q sair k

  • Manuela Mejia
    Manuela Mejia Month ago +2

    16:00 she is so bossy ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Like Hermione. I love her 😁❤️

  • Manuela Mejia
    Manuela Mejia Month ago +1

    Because of Mat, Simons says there are more intelligent acts in America.
    Pd: it was a stupid act. But I loved him. It was quite interesting.

  • felipe bennnett
    felipe bennnett Month ago +1

    Ese weon que caga

  • Sr. Jabon
    Sr. Jabon 2 months ago

    WTF estubo buenísimo

  • Dokter Pokemon
    Dokter Pokemon 2 months ago +1

    When u ask for mc but he says there’s food at home food at home be like 1:24

  • Simreen Bath
    Simreen Bath 2 months ago


  • Kunyaphad Poopurk
    Kunyaphad Poopurk 2 months ago +1

    Matt: And I IsnKwhewqkjncdfhjbcaendklsd. Aveiduhqkqeiogdjdqowpjdoiqwgeioqwjoigqi
    Me: *closes fridge in till I see the lights turn off*
    Matt: *starts to sound like a minion*
    Me: *starts making sounds*
    Matt: *puts soap on his eyes*
    Me: I aINT doInG THaT!

  • Srinivas Nalla
    Srinivas Nalla 2 months ago

    When somebody gets golden buzzer
    Everybody: OMG OMG OMG
    Janitor: WTF
    Me: doesn’t even care

  • Milly Wedgwood
    Milly Wedgwood 2 months ago +1

    How does that 8 yr old and the mind readers do that like this comment is you agree

  • Kevin Vicente
    Kevin Vicente 2 months ago

    When he try the cut thing to me it’s like chocolate

  • Alyssa Ng
    Alyssa Ng 2 months ago

    The blade it's chocolate