Conan O'Brien 'The Rock 3/3/05

  • Published on May 7, 2018
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  • Matthew McWane
    Matthew McWane 2 days ago +2

    Wait! He’s always had that tattoo on the left side of his chest?

  • lucky strike
    lucky strike 5 days ago

    Yea "the Rock is experienced in fighting"

  • Moon Man
    Moon Man 10 days ago

    I can't wait for Be Cool to come out!! Anyone know the release date????

  • Maître Renard
    Maître Renard 18 days ago +1

    I love the way Conan says: "I want my Rock sippy cup" at 2:38.

  • Bob Brainard
    Bob Brainard 25 days ago

    Rock's starting to get that Tiger Woods hairline.

  • 666ofdoom
    666ofdoom Month ago

    Rock considering kissing a guy on the lips, what is the world coming to.

    • DrFlexenstein
      DrFlexenstein 27 days ago

      666ofdoom Don’t watch him in Get Smart then

  • john cena bigwwefan781

    The rock known as Dwayne Johnson is so funny and so hilarious on the Conan o brine late night tv show it just crack me up totally !! :D

  • Brock Albert
    Brock Albert Month ago

    The Rock drew inspiration for this role from John Travolta

  • rowingman
    rowingman 2 months ago

    The Rock look much whiter these days.

  • Siddharth Bhandari
    Siddharth Bhandari 2 months ago

    that ball incident.. is that the same story that triple H shared with conan??

  • aotp36
    aotp36 2 months ago

    Damn he is on some hella steroids nowadays. His head is like twice the size today

  • Dark Knight 77
    Dark Knight 77 3 months ago +1

    Do You Smell??

  • Andy Flint
    Andy Flint 3 months ago

    Back when the rock was a stone

  • Manu Ardzenadze
    Manu Ardzenadze 3 months ago +2

    anyone 2019?

  • Elliott H
    Elliott H 3 months ago

    My reall name is Elliott so does that make me gay

  • Morgan Foley
    Morgan Foley 3 months ago +2

    Is that considered a gay joke ,,,,no hosting the oscars for the rock

  • steroidsR4losers
    steroidsR4losers 3 months ago +1


  • J. Hinson
    J. Hinson 4 months ago

    Conan genuinely finds The Rock funny, lol

    • J. Hinson
      J. Hinson 2 months ago

      well ok, probably and genuinely

    • Bas Pronk
      Bas Pronk 4 months ago

      I genuinely think they have hardly anything in common.

  • citi24
    citi24 4 months ago

    No roids or hgh rock look crap. Hes on the testosterone motherload now woooo lol

  • Itxel Fletes
    Itxel Fletes 4 months ago +11

    Skinny rock with receding hair.

  • Dan Maler
    Dan Maler 4 months ago

    This was JUST AFTER Conan had plastic surgery on his jawbone, chin and cheek bones. Earlier in that same year, he literally had a square face and then he came back after a break and had this new chiselled face.

  • Tahar Besri
    Tahar Besri 5 months ago


  • Frank 5.7
    Frank 5.7 5 months ago

    Super funny😂😂😂😂

  • luis mejia
    luis mejia 5 months ago


  • Max MJ
    Max MJ 5 months ago

    I'm not good in English but I think he referred the Rock to a dog. Am a right?

  • birdonawire
    birdonawire 5 months ago

    Back when he had hair

  • jjdippzX
    jjdippzX 5 months ago

    the rock is drunk!!!!!!

  • Richard Snowden
    Richard Snowden 5 months ago +25

    Bruh...I had one of those Rock sippy cups in elementary school..I got roasted by everyone lol.

  • Mckinley Balito Jr
    Mckinley Balito Jr 6 months ago

    burning conan all night long... hahaha

  • Ecstatic All day
    Ecstatic All day 6 months ago +19

    back when conan could afford having the rock :(

  • kuratr
    kuratr 6 months ago +1

    Back when The Boulder was called The Rock

  • CLuv
    CLuv 6 months ago +3


  • viking mode
    viking mode 6 months ago +2

    Cant believe conan sucked the rock on tv.

  • miamimagicians magician miami

    I think the rock is much more attractive when he's off the Roitz

  • abhishek kumar
    abhishek kumar 6 months ago +1

    The Rock and his boulder

  • pratiip
    pratiip 6 months ago


  • Bahaa Maher
    Bahaa Maher 6 months ago

    2:39 filthy frank

  • Ahmed Saleem
    Ahmed Saleem 6 months ago +90

    When nobody cared about being politically correct. Good ole days.

  • Papa Smurf
    Papa Smurf 6 months ago

    the rocks hair looks like Carlos boozer here

  • Koti M
    Koti M 6 months ago


  • HilarityBribo
    HilarityBribo 7 months ago +1

    Conan > All late night hosts

  • Waylon Jones
    Waylon Jones 7 months ago +4

    Good old days

  • Micheal Ram
    Micheal Ram 7 months ago +3

    Irish guys are so easy going.

  • Nivedan Bhardwaj
    Nivedan Bhardwaj 7 months ago

    irritating host! if i were Rock i would have given him people's elbow

    • The Duke
      The Duke 5 months ago

      It's Conan O'Brien bruh....😂😂😂

  • sajco ooopa
    sajco ooopa 7 months ago

    dwayne looks so thin and small here like where did the big guy go xD

    • Green Crocidile
      Green Crocidile 4 months ago

      This was after his prime wrestling days he was still big just no way near as big as he is today

  • Meta Man
    Meta Man 7 months ago

    You know it’s the mid naughties when the rock has bald patches and he’s wearing clothes from the 70s.

    • Melodie
      Melodie 6 months ago +1

      +guess 66 Lol I have *never* heard that before so thanks!

    • guess 66
      guess 66 6 months ago

      +Melodie naughties is what they use for 2000-2009 in England I Beleive. I just call them the Zeros short and simple

    • Melodie
      Melodie 6 months ago

      +Brock Albert Haha you may be onto something!

    • Melodie
      Melodie 6 months ago

      Lol except this wasn't in the mid *nineties, it was in '05.


    These two had perfect chemistry. This was PRIME Conan.

  • Ranganathan T R
    Ranganathan T R 7 months ago +16

    Conan, Andy, Ice Cube, Kevin Hart and Rock should star in a movie together. It would be an awesome movie !

    • Ranganathan T R
      Ranganathan T R 4 months ago

      +Isiac Artison lol have you seen central intelligence?!

    • McLovinDaBooty
      McLovinDaBooty 4 months ago +1

      Need to have jack black too..

    • Isiac Artison
      Isiac Artison 5 months ago +1

      Ranganathan Thiruventhipuram Ramarajan there would be ALOT of blank stares

  • nikhil thomas
    nikhil thomas 7 months ago +3

    Why can't he just say no to such roles?I thought he was a Man's Man.

  • nikhil thomas
    nikhil thomas 7 months ago

    I didn't find Conan funny at all.Dwayne is okay,this is before he got his big break in Hollywood.

    • Bas Pronk
      Bas Pronk 4 months ago

      That's because there's no real chemistry going on. It's mechanically going through the motions as far as Conan is concerned, knowing these interviews are also part of the job.

  • Jess E
    Jess E 7 months ago

    Conan in new york was the best

  • Jared Baca
    Jared Baca 7 months ago

    Back when the rock was looking skinny

  • freedoms2010
    freedoms2010 7 months ago +9

    I don't care what anybody says, Conan is one of the funniest when it comes to late shows. Second, Craig Ferguson for his "weirdness" comedy.

  • FreakMagic
    FreakMagic 7 months ago +5

    I'm pretty sure The Rock is actually gay.

    • Melodie
      Melodie 6 months ago +2

      +FreakMagic LMFAO!! I honestly expected a completely different answer to the stupid commenter!

    • FreakMagic
      FreakMagic 7 months ago +10

      +Don Makaveli Pfft. I wish.

    • Don Makaveli
      Don Makaveli 7 months ago +11

      ya he fcked u

  • anime fan
    anime fan 7 months ago +19

    The Rock was kinda shy back then

    • anime fan
      anime fan 7 months ago +10

      He is still humble dude. He is clearly shy. Someone can be very humble and still be an extrovert. Two different concepts.

    • World War 2 Veteran
      World War 2 Veteran 7 months ago +3

      Humble not shy

  • selfie kroos
    selfie kroos 7 months ago +43

    Back when men didn't wear tight clothes.

    • Isiac Artison
      Isiac Artison 5 months ago

      That’s what was on your mind?

    • Jon Jones
      Jon Jones 5 months ago

      The Duke I wear slim.

    • The Duke
      The Duke 5 months ago +2

      +Jon Jones
      Found the skinny jeans guy! Lol

    • The Duke
      The Duke 5 months ago

      +You see what i did there
      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Sausages!!!!

    • Jon Jones
      Jon Jones 6 months ago +14

      selfie kroos Back when men didn’t gossip like women about what a man is wearing.

  • Ahmed Mahmoud
    Ahmed Mahmoud 7 months ago

    lmao that was great rock is soo good lol

  • Mel & Dustin Huette Surprises

    Doom the Video game and Doom the Movie Yes.

  • Bin Ali fitness
    Bin Ali fitness 7 months ago +6

    Back in the days when rock was natty

    • Green Crocidile
      Green Crocidile 4 months ago

      He was probably still juicing but not as much

    • Bill Nye
      Bill Nye 7 months ago +1

      And back when gay jokes didint offend anyone

  • David Flanagan
    David Flanagan 7 months ago +26

    Back when the rock was skinny

    • Aerochalklate
      Aerochalklate 23 hours ago

      yea he took roids, obviously stopped in the middle to late 2000’s and he’s been on it ever since like 2010

    • Sean Strange
      Sean Strange 9 days ago

      Of he's skinny then I'm literally just skin

    • the mad clown
      the mad clown 7 months ago +10

      Ow he was still buff just not as much as today

  • FromSouthForkTexas
    FromSouthForkTexas 7 months ago +47

    Slimmer rock looks more like obama

    • Derek
      Derek 13 days ago

      This is the Rock when he's natty

    • gallantmon afro
      gallantmon afro Month ago +1

      They have similar genetics make up both have somoan blood on african blood

    • Q man
      Q man Month ago +1

      +Cactus Jack The BaRock Obama!

    • Cactus Jack
      Cactus Jack 5 months ago +6

      The Rock Obama.

    • Darshan Raj
      Darshan Raj 7 months ago +2

      *slimmer Rock looks more like Barack

  • G L
    G L 7 months ago +25

    5:05 That was savage !😂

  • met182
    met182 7 months ago +26

    Seems funny seeing this in 2018 and you know he wouldn't make that gay joke now since the punchline is "haha Conan's gay"

    • James
      James 27 days ago

      Michelle Smith it might be in 5 years time

    • Michelle Smith
      Michelle Smith 3 months ago +1

      Except none of this is offensive to the gay community

    • Harley Keiner
      Harley Keiner 4 months ago

      i hope this doesn't cause a kevin hart...

  • Chris 1992
    Chris 1992 7 months ago +11

    Amazing to see how much his movies have evolved since the early days.

  • Kimmo Laine
    Kimmo Laine 7 months ago +17

    You can just tell that Conan loves wrestling. :)

    II APPLE II 7 months ago +31

    when the rock officially started to lose his hair :D

    • DickBurns
      DickBurns 6 months ago +2

      Roids kill your hair. 😋

    • Chris 1992
      Chris 1992 7 months ago +1

      Just google Dwayne Johnson 2006 and see for yourself

    • pvsweetypie
      pvsweetypie 7 months ago +8

      +Chris 1992 brah......

    • Chris 1992
      Chris 1992 7 months ago +2

      Not really, he can still grow a full head of hair, his hairline has just always been high up on his head. He grew his hair out quite long at one point after this

  • joe haley
    joe haley 7 months ago +27

    Whatever happened to Dwayne Johnson? I swear we don't ever see him anymore...

    • rbc21
      rbc21 6 months ago

      Are you trolling the rock body physique changes

    • Wehateus
      Wehateus 7 months ago +4

      No that won't explain it bro. None of his recent movies are low budget independent movies, they're huge with enormous budgets.

    • joe haley
      joe haley 7 months ago +1

      Evan Aellos Really? I guess I don't see that many low budget independent movies; that'd explain why I didn't notice.

    • Evan Aellos
      Evan Aellos 7 months ago +1

      he released 2 movies this year

    • Lesean93
      Lesean93 7 months ago +1

      +Badar Ismail lol he was on Conan in march this year 😂

  • Ashwin Raj
    Ashwin Raj 7 months ago +3

    This is Obama

  • Dranzer Jetli
    Dranzer Jetli 7 months ago +18

    The rock is really burning Conan lol

  • darealleelee
    darealleelee 7 months ago +3


  • the notorious
    the notorious 7 months ago +2

    What is he saying his grandfather was gay??

    • the notorious
      the notorious 7 months ago +1

      +stormlord121 haan

    • stormlord121
      stormlord121 7 months ago +3

      No mate. A friend of his grandfather is/was gay.

  • Vasily Krushev
    Vasily Krushev 7 months ago +155

    You know Conan is really tall when he can look the rock in the eyes standing.

    • 1998gst4611
      1998gst4611 2 months ago

      Conan is the same height as the Rock at 6' 4"

    • Abdur Razzak Khan
      Abdur Razzak Khan 4 months ago +1

      +Alastair Cook you haven't seen celebheights then... The man in question wouldn't know about his own height as much as hundreds of people on that site do

    • Abdur Razzak Khan
      Abdur Razzak Khan 4 months ago

      He's an inch taller actually

    • Alastair Cook
      Alastair Cook 5 months ago +3

      Lol people have to much free time they can fight over some one's height? Hahahah its a life saving thing??

    • Andrej Nikolov
      Andrej Nikolov 6 months ago +1

      Rocks about 6'3.

  • Grove Street Few
    Grove Street Few 7 months ago +1

    The rock gay point blank .. check what he saying kissing another man . And Conan gay and they are serious but the crowd think they joking

    • rxp56
      rxp56 7 months ago +3

      Oh I get it, you're dumb as shit right? Tell me I'm on the right track

    • Ryan Sievert
      Ryan Sievert 7 months ago +1

      Wow dude you can't be serious.

  • Mike Bastoni
    Mike Bastoni 7 months ago +6

    Rock 20/20 walking tall 1 of my favorite movie

  • Shiva Ashutosh
    Shiva Ashutosh 7 months ago +99

    The rock looks so Indian in here

    • Shasha Sri
      Shasha Sri 2 months ago

      +Lone Star family guy..

    • That's What's Up
      That's What's Up 4 months ago

      +Sushant Chaudhari go play in mud

    • cyan
      cyan 5 months ago

      Jhoshua Wolfox he grew up in Hawaii but he is actually half Black and half Samoan, not Hawaiian.

    • Spartan 04
      Spartan 04 6 months ago

      Shiva Ashutosh no he doesn’t to bad for you Elizabeth warren

    • Jhoshua Wolfox
      Jhoshua Wolfox 6 months ago

      Hawaian* is what you people meant
      You're welcome

  • Asbjørn Nielsen
    Asbjørn Nielsen 7 months ago +5

    is it just me, or does dwayne johnson not look that big in that interview

    • Asbjørn Nielsen
      Asbjørn Nielsen 7 months ago

      +vincentrich i was thinking the same, cause he looked bigger in wrestling

    • Diav Nasx
      Diav Nasx 7 months ago

      The rock is about 6'2" actually, now at least and he has never been anything above 6'3", he always looks tiny with people who are actually very tall.

    • Dan Joe
      Dan Joe 7 months ago +1

      It was 13 years ago he is much bigger now

    • Matthew Colvin
      Matthew Colvin 7 months ago +1

      Compared to what he is now sure

    • Asbjørn Nielsen
      Asbjørn Nielsen 7 months ago +4

      the rock actually is 6'4. Plus, i was talking about that he dosen't look as muscular as he normally does

  • BerzerK
    BerzerK 7 months ago +3

    0:55 😂😂😂😂😂 he's such a goof

  • Kyle Bardin
    Kyle Bardin 7 months ago +163

    I love that Conan respects pro wrestling

    • awakeness
      awakeness 4 months ago +1

      Scripted entities respect each-other.........

  • KaneRobot
    KaneRobot 7 months ago +83

    The first gay dude he's taking about has to be Pat Patterson.

    • J. Hinson
      J. Hinson 2 months ago

      +Ricky Thomas god no

    • ElV Vlogs
      ElV Vlogs 6 months ago

      Ricky Thomas that is awful lol

    • Ricky Thomas
      Ricky Thomas 6 months ago +2

      Rikishi, you'll never see the stink face the same again. lol

    • Lord Nuclear
      Lord Nuclear 7 months ago +1

      KaneRobot lolol

    • popeye697
      popeye697 7 months ago +1

      It's his tribal uncle actually

  • Matt Co
    Matt Co 7 months ago +86

    Amazing chemistry, great interview. Thanks for uploading this.

  • Steve Brown
    Steve Brown 9 months ago

    Jeff Ross is funny

  • EmpyreanLightASMR
    EmpyreanLightASMR 11 months ago +168

    Dwayne makes Conan laugh genuinely, that's awesome

  • robert davis
    robert davis 11 months ago +23

    I knew Dwayne would be a fun interview and ive proven myself a possesser of stout intuition on matters of what pleases my humor organ as it is mine, so it just makes sense I would hold the answers to such questions, of mineth ownst makeded

    • pvsweetypie
      pvsweetypie 7 months ago +1

      This comment gets funnier the more I read it.

    • Jarvbs Jones
      Jarvbs Jones 7 months ago +1


    • World War 2 Veteran
      World War 2 Veteran 8 months ago +2


    • robert davis
      robert davis 8 months ago +14

      oh wow I mustve been hitting the crack pipe pretty hard the night I wrote that gem lol

    • World War 2 Veteran
      World War 2 Veteran 8 months ago +5

      "possesser of stout intuition"" 😂😂😂😂😂